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    Quick Self-Introduction
    (He's a Phantump)
    Pokemon fangame developer/leader of 3 ongoing projects:

    1) Pokemon Ultra Crystal, a HGSS remake in RMXP/Essentials with modern mechanics such as Mega Evolution, Z-moves, and Gen 5-8 mechanics/Pokemon, and a full Team Rainbow Rocket/Ultra Wormhole plotline for the Kanto half of the game.

    2) Pokemon Ultra Red: A prequel to Ultra Crystal, it's a re-telling of FireRed/LeafGreen with Gen IV graphics/tiles & modern mechanics as listed above. Includes Johto & the Sevii Islands as optional side-quests areas to catch exclusive Pokemon & items.

    - Takes some inspiration from the ROM hacks Dark Violet and Radical Red - check out those dope games :)

    3) Pokemon Colosseum Remix: Pokemon Colosseum remake using Essentials & Luka S.J.'s Elite Battle DX, with the second half of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness's plotline. Has Pokemon from up to Gen 5, mechanics up to Gen 8.

    - This project is recruiting!

    Features common to all 3:

    - 3 difficulty modes: Competitive (medium), Casual (easy), and Critical (hard, name is a s/o to Kingdom Hearts <3)

    - Drayano60 inspired stat/moveset buffs to weaker Pokemon (purity mode alternatives exist too, consistent with the mainline games)

    - emphasis on Smogon/competitive movesets for Competitive & Critical modes

    - boss battles with full teams of 6 (except Casual mode)

    - Speed-up button 'ALT' and Quicksave button 'D' (credit: Marin)

    - Battle move animations from Pokemon Reborn & Rejuvenation (full credits to them listed upon release)

    - Repels only cost $1

    - HM Items so you don't have to waste precious moveslots on your team

    - Nuzlocke mode

    - Randomizer mode

    - NPC that acts as a Name Rater + Move Deleter + Move releaner in each Pokemon Center

    - Ability to optimize EV's, IV's, and Nature by completing sidequests

    - Higher shiny Pokemon rate (1/512, with a sidequest that rewards a foreign Ditto for Masuda Method)
    Astronomy, Basketball, Literature, Traveling, anime/manga
    Male ♂
    Favorite Pokémon
    Volcarona, Swampert, [email protected], Metagross, Suicune, Hydreigon
    Go Team
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