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  1. Soapie❤
    3 Days Ago 11:23 AM
    Fat dragon Pokémon plushies! Everyone wins.
    Serena was far less aggressive than Chikorita
    Well, thats the second shiny I ever bred... Too bad I'm not a Gible fan hahaha
    Really??? I didn't find a shiny in the wild in Gen 7 yet. What was it?
  2. Soapie❤
    3 Days Ago 10:45 AM
    Well it's a Fairy Kitten lol, I hope it's girly!
    I don't think any existing Pokémon would fit Dragonite either...but a fat baby dragon would be awesome hahaha
    Hahaha dancing Totodile is cute, but Ash's clingy Chikorita is kinda creepy
    I love Cutiefly and Steenee <3 Wishiwashi is kinda cute, he looks like he's crying :'( I only used new Pokémon to beat the game, I had a Lyncanroc as well x3
    ALSO I was doing a Gible for someone and I got one Shiny! It's almost 6IV (missing sp atk, it's 30) I was not expecting that :o
  3. Soapie❤
    4 Days Ago 4:24 PM
    Sylveon is so cute tho <3
    That's why I think Dragonite should have been in another evolution group hahaha
    All Gen 2 starters are amazing, and I love most of that Gen's Pokémon.
    Did you get to play Sun today? How is Rockruff? Which Pokémon do you have on your team right now?
  4. Soapie❤
    4 Days Ago 11:30 AM
    I hope we see a Ghost or Dragon type Eeveelution one day! I like Dragonite's design but I don't think it suits Dratini and Dragonair :/ it's wasted potential in my opinion, with the fluffy wings and weird orb on Dragonair ^-^;
    Also, the first even starter I chose was Chikorita in Silver, since it's the first Pokémon game I had. Still love that Pokémon, it holds a special place in my heart <3
  5. Soapie❤
    4 Days Ago 10:49 AM
    I actually fell in love with Eevee because of Espeon! I like Growlithe because he is a cute puppy...but before GEN 6 my favourite type was Dragon...I loooooved the Dratini line and Kingdra! But Fairy Types got anounced and a lot of cute Grass Pokémon got designed, so now I'm in love with Fairy and Grass types heehee
    And the creepiness gets worse, I'm not sure if you have seen different Formes yet, but thy have different Pokédex sure to check them out
  6. Soapie❤
    4 Days Ago 9:28 AM
    Yeah I'm just a baby coder, I just want to understand my team's work better. Seems weird that I know nothing about coding, yet I work in a small team of very experienced programmers lol
    I always loved Growlithe, it was one of my first favourite Pokémon, along with Eevee ^-^
    Did you get your Rockruff? :D
  7. otha
    5 Days Ago 3:09 PM
    Thanks alot
  8. otha
    5 Days Ago 3:01 PM
  9. otha
    5 Days Ago 2:23 PM
    Hear anything from her
  10. otha
    5 Days Ago 1:07 PM
    OK let me know
  11. otha
    5 Days Ago 1:00 PM
    OK thank
  12. otha
    5 Days Ago 1:00 PM
    Check to see if I'm on now. If we have to wait for cakesu then ok
  13. otha
    5 Days Ago 12:56 PM
    Im updating the game now I'm sorry
  14. otha
    5 Days Ago 12:51 PM
    Try it now
  15. otha
    5 Days Ago 12:45 PM
    I'm on

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