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  1. RoadMart
    6 Hours Ago 6:36 PM
    Thank you a ton too!! Take good care of my shiny babies~ ;3
  2. RoadMart
    7 Hours Ago 6:13 PM
    Hmm, having WiFi issues I guess, gonna dis- and re-connect.
  3. RoadMart
    7 Hours Ago 6:02 PM
    Awesome! I'll add them on to the end of the Shinies. (Forgot I had a Nest Kabuto on my AS that I'll move up for you as well?) Gimme just a sec to get everything together and then I'll be on!
  4. RoadMart
    7 Hours Ago 5:53 PM
    OH also! I have the following rareballs I caught from my Island Scans if you are interested:
    Love Gothita, Lure Eelektross, Fast Chikorita, Love Vigoroth, Moon Samurott
    (I also have a Kabuto in Luxury, not a rareball but is DW only so I thought I'd offer!)
  5. RoadMart
    7 Hours Ago 5:51 PM
    Yes i am! Need a couple minutes still to clone (systems are acting up and I'm doing 700 things as usual lol).
  6. Tyranitar06
    7 Hours Ago 5:40 PM
    Oh that's so sad Hope you'll still reopen. Will still do shiny hunting, if you'd want I can still offer you what I can get, will just send you pm or vm if something comes up
  7. RoadMart
    8 Hours Ago 5:23 PM
    Hiya Soaps! Wanted to let you know I'm around in case you wanted to trade, but no pressure! I know you have a lot to do (and I still ahve to finish cloning). @w@
  8. Tyranitar06
    17 Hours Ago 7:57 AM
    Thank you soo much Good thing the error didn't destroy our trade... might I ask why you're trading lot of shinies? :D
  9. Tyranitar06
    17 Hours Ago 7:53 AM
    Okay I'll send you the request
  10. Tyranitar06
    17 Hours Ago 7:51 AM
    Okay I'll take lumineon, how about that pyukumuku?
  11. Tyranitar06
    17 Hours Ago 7:50 AM
    Is the lure ball lumineon and heavy ball jangmo-o still available?
  12. Tyranitar06
    17 Hours Ago 7:48 AM
    Oh okay wait a sec
  13. Tyranitar06
    17 Hours Ago 7:38 AM
    Having net issues again... please wait for me I'll just reset the router. Thank u and sorry for this delay
  14. Tyranitar06
    17 Hours Ago 7:35 AM
    Okay wait a sec
  15. Tyranitar06
    17 Hours Ago 7:33 AM
    Oh okay, just tell me when we can trade and please reserve the 3 for me: Entei, Kingler, and Tentacruel... Thanks


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