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  1. PsychoticMoonlight
    4 Hours Ago 1:00 PM
    Okay, thank you!
  2. PsychoticMoonlight
    4 Hours Ago 12:45 PM
    Oh wow, thank you so much! To be specific we'll both need 89 Pokemon, (after checking I realized I put males in a different box so that's why I though there were four.) That's totally fine! Again, thank you!
  3. PsychoticMoonlight
    5 Hours Ago 12:17 PM
    I actually know for a fact I have Starly~ I wasn't asking you to transfer them for me, but if you're willing that would be amazing. Though I have like, four boxes, so I'm completely fine if you don't want too.
  4. PsychoticMoonlight
    7 Hours Ago 9:39 AM
    Hello Soapie~

    Sorry to bother, but I was wondering if you have PokeBank? Because I have a load of ha Pokemon I can trade you from AS, since I can't transfer them to my game I was wondering if I could offer you some? If you tell me which ones you need I can most certainly check and see what I have. Thank you!
  5. RoadMart
    19 Hours Ago 9:42 PM
    Ahh I see, that IS really cool! I think of Latin American Spanish speakers, Cubans tend to speak the loudest and with the most emphasis maybe? Mexican speakers are fast (though they think we are faster haha), but I'm not sure about people from Puerto Rico, Argentina or other places; I don't know a lot of them since most of the Latin American Spanish speakers are from Mexico. Dialects are my favorite thing in language, I love it!!
    Sweet, sweet blankets. <3 I also sleep with a ton and have a ton in my house. Course in summer they're not needed, since it's like 30 C outside and no insulation also means we can't keep the heat out. >w>
    All good, I was just curious! In that case, I was thinking maybe Delphine? It's dolphin but there's no good female names for shark haha (except forFuka from Japanese, but I try to steer away from Japanese words/names like that unless it can actually be nicknamed in Japanese).
    Oh for sure! I mean if all goes well I'll be around my Sunday all day, I'm sure I could catch you in that time!
    Ah you noticed? I'm working on a new layout; I've got a friend on another site I'm gonna ask to make me some new graphics for the titles. Should be cool! Ooo, TSV hatching seems pretty nice, I'll look forward to that. :0
  6. RoadMart
    1 Day Ago 5:05 PM
    Ohh how interesting!! I know little to nothing about French grammar tbh, and pronunciation...nah. I mean I do think French sounds romantic regardless of what you say haha. Just like Spanish sound suave or German sounds angry. >w>
    Yeah nah. Cold gives me serious dehydration, and it's bad enough in this country. @w@
    I feel that! My comfortable temperature is like 25 C if I'm moving around, or 30 C if I'm just sitting and chilling. I spend a lot of time with the heater on at home...but luckily it runs on kerosene which is super cheap.
    I mean, you can clone it and nickname the clone? That's what I always ask people to do, that way you don't have to do the extra step of renaming the original. Although I forgot to ask, did you breed it on your French game? It might be fun to just have the French species name. :0 Oh cool! As usual no pressure, just if you want. c:
    Absolutely!! Actually I was planning to just send you all my competitive Shinies sometime, then if trade times aren't working out with my people I can easily send them to you. I just uh, keep not having as much time on the weekends as I expected. @@
  7. RoadMart
    1 Day Ago 8:29 PM
    IT'S NOT??? I mean I shouldn't be surprised because Internet...I always thought it was kinda funny though...
    Mmm, no thanks. I have enough trouble dealing with average lows of -5. (Though I will note that Japanese buildings have no insulation, while I'm thinking Canada does, may only be -5 but that's the temperature outside AND inside. @w@)
    Aww, I wanna be next to a window...Alas I never will, since my desk doesn't change. Hahah, I also hate being cold! But I have a blanket / shawl at my desk just in case, and they keep the teacher's room pretty warm in the winter.
    I see! I actually have a few of my own too, but nothing competitive. Well, I would like to try a sand team sometime, so maybe she's fine after all! I'll think on a nickname, let me know what you might want for her. c: (Not sure what else to say on trading her, it's really up to you!)
  8. Taro Tanaka
    2 Days Ago 3:06 PM
    Taro Tanaka
    Good news: You can check your ban even without your internet. Bad news: I didn't get the ban lifted until 2:00 AM last night. XDDDDD
  9. RoadMart
    2 Days Ago 9:41 PM
    Cool! I'd rather you not have to work so hard, so that'll make me feel better haha.
    That's about the level I expect for people who say they know a little. As for any other language besides the three I know...I don't know jack. For French I know like, stereotypical lines. >w>
    Holy crap, that's nuts. @@ My family isn't particularly multilingual (or multicultural even), but everyone has some Spanish under their belts. That's the ideal for people in the US as well, since we have a lot of Spanish speakers. (Really all languages would be good what with the hundreds of cultures that all mingle there, but, well, America.) I think the easiest way to learn a language is to go somewhere where it's spoken and practice, so I can see why it'd be hard to get use out of more!
    For real! Not enough security for me, and both at home and here in Japan it's often too cold to warrant it.
    Hahah what a pain! Actually i'm the only teacher at my school that doesn't change desks so I don't have the problem as much, but I do display stuff and it gets knocked over so I have to reorganize it.
    Ohh is that the case? I hadn't realized that, will need to keep your stuff off my lists if I get any (which I don't think I have yet right??). Ahh, I would have liked it for LC or even MC, but sadly the ability of choice is Rough Skin. Though I've been thinking about doing a sand team and obviously it would fit well on there...Idk, let me think it over. I think most people do follow non-redis, at least on the site, and I've seen people change their mind if they realize something is non-redis so you may not even have to worry about it. It's up to you tho!
  10. PsychoticMoonlight
    2 Days Ago 6:19 PM
    No, it's fine. c: Thank you so much!
  11. PsychoticMoonlight
    2 Days Ago 6:16 PM
    Oh, never mind.
  12. PsychoticMoonlight
    2 Days Ago 6:16 PM
    For some reason I can't invite you?
  13. PsychoticMoonlight
    2 Days Ago 6:04 PM
    That would be great! I'll be online shortly. My IGN is Sayumi
  14. PsychoticMoonlight
    3 Days Ago 4:49 PM
    And all done~ Just message me whenever you're available to trade~
  15. RoadMart
    3 Days Ago 4:47 PM
    Yeeeesh, I figured that was the case but I wanted to offer anyway. @@ Nahh, you don't have to do crazy times for me, that's a pain! I'm fine with waiting, I'm not hurting for them or anything haha. (Plus yeah, might as well do it all together?)
    Jesus, that's amazing! I mean, I speak Spanish because my family is from Cuba, and Japanese because I love Japan. The US isn't super big on learning many languages, so without those influences I'm not sure I'd even have learned those. @@
    Ahh I see, then I definitely see the benefit! I personally really like our girl's uniform, but I wouldn't want to wear it myself (I'm married to pants and girls can only wear skirts).
    Not many people move to the other side of the world from their home! I'm also the kind of person who buys/collects a lot of things, so that makes it extra hard. xP
    Same! Road was one of my first real nicknames, so it's also the longest lasting.
    WOAHHHH that's awesome!! People would DEFINITELY take that I think so you got super lucky indeed! Congrats!! c:

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