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  1. Ray Maverick
    13 Hours Ago 5:21 PM
    Ray Maverick
    And do they pay you overtime for those hours?

    I'm interested in design and writing, and I can make my own concept art. I'm interested in things like player abilities, game balance and level design (which is one of my favorite things ever); I'm not sure if it helps, but I'm a min-maxer and kind of a number freak so tweaking the little things that bring balance to gameplay is like a dream for me, unless it's really not like what I'm a describing and it's a logistical nightmare, haha :D You mentioned you're working on game balance, so could you tell me a bit more about that? I imagine things can get pretty hectic in that particular field?

    As a writer, I like thinking of stories and how they would play out as games, for example how the story would be told through the game (since I'm interested in story-oriented games), what kind of powers the main character(s) have and how they relate to the story, things like that. I've watched movies and played video games with a critical eye to dissect their scripts and find out what should be done in a story and what shouldn't, and how/with what pace events should unfold.

    In addition to that, I draw concept art for characters, places in the story, generally to communicate my idea of what those things could look like.

    I'm thinking of going to England and possibly pick a course relevant to my interests when that'll be possible, but I'm also of a mind to just skip right to the chase. I have a dear friend in England, who is a programmer, with whom I want to start a company with.
  2. Taro Tanaka
    13 Hours Ago 4:44 PM
    Taro Tanaka
    New 3DS: Grab a screwdriver, pop the back off, and you'll see the micro SD ready to be ejected.
  3. Ray Maverick
    13 Hours Ago 4:33 PM
    Ray Maverick
    oh, very interesting. I'm inclined to ask if you're doing this for a living. How many hours per day did you put in it when your work was required? Just an average if it wasn't a fixed schedule.

    I'm asking because I'm interested in game development myself and would like to hear from someone who's already been through it
  4. RoadMart
    14 Hours Ago 4:12 PM
    AUGH I feel exactly the same way!! People have asked me "do you have a spreadsheet??" and I don't actually. (I do have docs that I use to keep my lists and coding, but I C/P that into my shops.) Huh, I've had that happen at work too. My friend can't reach Docs at all at work (which SUCKS cuz we do role plays in Docs, so instead we've had to e-mail each other back and forth haha).
    HA, same with my pup! She's notorious for eating socks and the like, or stealing trash and tearing it up, but she has a spot she goes to so we can catch her and stop her. Most of my socks I have from the US have holes or had to be mended cuz of her. @w@
    Bleh. Good about the couch scratches though! We have a torn-up corner of our nice couch that Hana chewed up when she was a pup, not much we can do about it so it's been like that for years.
    I see! I wish my allergies were more mild...but nah. An hour interacting with cats and I look like I'm dying. Dogs aren't so bad but it depends; like I said my pup has hair rather than fur so I'm not allergic to her.
    So I did a Google search (as I do) and discussion has mentioned that the Shinyness of the Gen I Pokemon is determined by IVs when it comes over to SM via Bank. However, since that Mew is locked at 5IV it seems like it's not possible. What you got sounds fine to me tho! (And I mean, while that would be cool, I do have one of the few Shiny Mews in existence that is widely believed to be legit. It's one from the Gen III island event in Japan; I think someone likely got it and then did RNG, as it's also competitive.)
    Well, when I went to check after my last message all the sprites were broken, but then were working after I saved the edit. Super confusing. Decided to just change the sprites to PokeParadiso's sprites, which is probably why they were working for you. xD
    I mean, they released and event for Shiny Tapu Koko, and that's the first in the Dex of all the Shiny Locked Pokemon, so I could see them finishing the Tapus and then going on from there. Then again we have been without a legit way to get Shiny Celebi for 20 years so who knows. @w@
    We~ll, by some miracle I have wrangled enough friends into my cause to MAYBE get all 6 of those Pikachu, so if that does all work out I'll happily send them over to you. c: OH YEAH I was super bummed because I missed the event on my ENG game, but oh well, at least I have my JPN one...
  5. Ray Maverick
    14 Hours Ago 3:46 PM
    Ray Maverick
    hi, mind if I ask how did you contribute to Syndicate & For Honor?
  6. Taro Tanaka
  7. Phanton
    19 Hours Ago 10:42 AM
    I hate pay to win so much, that's one reason that makes me stop playing some free to play MMOs, they make impossible for you to advance or become strong enough to join raid parties unless you spend money to get better gear >.<
    my computers weren't all that great, but to run a simple game boy or super nintendo emulator it was good enough, but with nintendo DS, ps2/ps3 and game cube and more recent video game consoles it is getting tough, my plan was to have a 3DS emulator, but after all these years there is none that can play games well enough like the DS and GBA ones u.u
    And yeah I know what you mean, and not being able to evolve some pokemons like Kadabra and Haunter too u.u
  8. Phanton
    20 Hours Ago 10:01 AM
    Hahaha, but I saw they have a new pokemon game for phone, pokemon duel, but I have no idea how the game works or looks as I've seen absolutely nothing about it (other than the name)
    I always had 1 rule when playing on emulators, only cheat after I beat the game at least once, and some of the cheats were to get stuff you would only normaly get by going online, which was not possible to do so on emulators x.x
    although emulator made it easier to clone pokemons for gen 3 =3
  9. Phanton
    22 Hours Ago 7:39 AM
    Yeah at least that, would be nice if nintendo already provided an extra battery per handheld but oh well x3
    Yeah totally, but same thing happens with phones, the better they get, the less they last with the battery u.u
    Only time I played Game Boy Color was when friends would let me play theirs xD
    they had pokemon gold, and because I played a lot on emulators and stuff I knew a few things they didn't, but they taught me how to clone in that generation =3
  10. Phanton
    1 Day Ago 5:50 PM
    I heard there is a better battery you can buy that lasts 5 hours, but dunno if it's nintendo official or not, but people on other forums were recommending it
    This 2DS is my first handheld, before that I was always either on console or pc x3
  11. Phanton
    1 Day Ago 5:16 PM
    Before it would last a solid 3 hours, now I think it's lasting 2 hours, and I found out the outlet I was using the thingy was a bit loose so the recharging light was turning off earlier than it should u.u
  12. RoadMart
    1 Day Ago 4:37 PM
    That's mostly because outside links to spreadsheets aren't allowed in shops there, you have to actually list everything out. Also why my shop has 10 OPs there rather than the 3 I use here (and I even had the option of only using 1 post here haha).
    Oh how interesting. I guess I can kinda do the same thing with Hana, if I sorta just yell in the right tone, but if I'm calling her across the house I have to actually call her name to get her to come.
    UGH I know right?! Her nails aren't super sharp, but I worry about the floors (we have hardwood and it's pretty old). If anything tho, it's more damaged by pee spots from when she was a pup, cuz she used to pee on our carpets and we wouldn't notice and the acidity would burn the floor. @@
    Aww good pup! Hana has thrown herself full force onto our beds before, that's kinda nuts. She's not quite big enough to knock anyone down haha.
    Oh yeah, makes sense! Gosh that sounds terrible tho, I would have a hard time. My cat allergies are pretty bad. @@
    Mew from RGBY? Yeah that's possible! Though only in Japan. When we bought one of the special RGBY 2DS models, we got a card to be able to redeem a mew in ORAS as well as one in RGBY. I actually don't think I did it...might have to check. If not I'll try to redeem it and I'd be happy to trade it to you as well!
    Weird. I thought I was seeing the sprites cuz my browser had saved the data, but that wouldn't explain why the Shiny Tapu Koko sprite showed up. Since then everything's been working for me across the sites, so Idk. ;/
    Yeah! We got lucky with that. Made SRing for competitive with HP Ice much easier for me. ;w; I can see them doing the thing where they release it as a WiFi event or something; they tend to make international releases of the events much easier to get, which makes me super mad as a person who PAYS to get these events in Japan, but whatever. >> I'm hoping they do the rest of the Tapus this way too, cuz then I can certainly pick them all up! ;3
  13. Phanton
    1 Day Ago 2:35 PM
    I am not sure if mine is on or not now, gotta check it later x3
    Just hope my battery doesn't die on me, 2DS batteries over here cost almost as much as a ps3 game used to cost before ps4 was launched x.x
  14. Phanton
    1 Day Ago 12:59 PM
    Pretty much the same x3
    was hoping to get it this weekend but seems like it will take a bit longer, also I think my battery for the 2DS is draining out quicker than usual, might need to replace it sometime soon u.u
  15. Phanton
    1 Day Ago 12:38 PM
    This is taking a wild turn pretty fast xD
    Any luck yet with the shiny geodude ?

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