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  1. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 7:18 PM
    Where'd ya go? :P
  2. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 7:06 PM
    I'd have to clone them. They're not my OT as I haven't caught mine in Emerald yet.
  3. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 6:33 PM
    That might be of interest. I was looking for a code for that one in HG/SS once, don't recall ever finding a good one. What else do you need? I can come back in.
  4. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 6:27 PM
    FYI, waiting for you to end trade. :)
  5. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 6:24 PM
    I just realized I forgot the PP Max. I presume that's not an issue since you can clone, thus create more of the Keldeo one? :)
  6. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 6:20 PM
    Already there. :)
  7. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 6:13 PM
    Also, already swapped games, was waiting to figure out the trade before starting game. Going to start it now and add to Pal Pad, as I may have removed you during a cleanup.
  8. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 6:12 PM
    I'd love that Rayquaza. The one I already have is an in-game catch from what I can tell. The Event one would be excellent. :)
  9. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 6:00 PM
    I'm assuming you've cloned whatever you want to keep already?

    What Shaymin do you have? I think the one I have is Oblivia. I'm curious which Rayquaza you have as well as there was a nice Event one out with V-create learned (cannot be learned except via Events, and so far Rayquaza and Victini each have one). Also wondering about Deoxys; again, I have an Oblivia one. I have two Jirachi now, and Celebi is considerable because mine's been used in the Castelia City bit (making it useless for trades as it can't be used).
  10. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 5:40 PM
    Ah. I guess I ask you. What do you have available for trade? I have cloned Meloetta a couple of times, so I have it ready.
  11. Cyclone
    January 2nd, 2013 5:38 PM
    Let me see if my game is nearby...surprised it's not next to me ATM. Also have to review convo. and make sure I have the right thing ready. :)
  12. Cyclone
    January 1st, 2013 8:22 PM
    I was already gone when you sent that, sorry. I was en route to watch a hockey game (and boy, that ending was sweet this evening, it's the top article at TSN right now).

    I'm home now, so let's plan around tomorrow if you're already gone for the evening.
  13. Cyclone
    December 31st, 2012 6:57 PM
    Since I have 649/649, yeah...but I'll accept other natures of legendaries as well. :)
  14. Cyclone
    December 18th, 2012 7:07 PM
    Since we last spoke, I've "caught 'em all". Meloetta was last after a long search, and the Japanese one since North America's isn't available yet.

    My question is what Event Pokémon - legendary or otherwise - do you have? Details, please. I can clone and return the original if need be. :)
  15. Cyclone
    November 28th, 2012 7:02 PM
    Action Replay. Cloning code. Basically I take the original (in the box), hold R, and move it to a blank spot in the box (not swapping with another Poké, effectively "killing" it and with the same end result of cloning), releasing R after finishing the move.

    You don't see it at first, but if you leave the box and return, you find the second (or third, or fourth, or...) Jirachi (or Arceus, or Darkrai, or...) in your box where the original was, or in the case of multiples, at every PC location that it touched. You can put it in one empty PC box and quickly clone 29 more to go with it. I'm doing this with Emerald imports into SoulSilver; I have one staying in SS, and one in Unova. Usually the clones move to Unova. I'll breed these with Ditto eventually to make stronger versions of them for my breeding shop (open someday); since my Ditto is flawless, it should sooner or later create the perfect specimen of any species if I inbreed.

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