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  1. Retek
    February 25th, 2022 8:18 AM
    Hi, hope you're feeling better now! <3
  2. Retek
    February 21st, 2022 11:37 AM
    Please take care amiga! I hope you get well soon! <3

    Sending tons of hugs!
    -Bully Amigo <3
  3. ZeoStar
    February 20th, 2022 4:12 PM
    I've been going through the old WWE pay per views because my family subscribed to Peacock.

    Never knew much about benoit. I was very young when he committed his crimes. Hard to admit, but he was really good at the in ring stuff. Every time it reaches one of his matches, it's always high quality. It's such a shame with what occurred.

    Summerslam 2002 was good. Wrestlemania 23 was good. I've never seen a Bret Hart match, so that's probably next.

    The 2007 shows aren't that good though. I noticed a drop in quality. Kurt Angle was good...Shawn was amazing...Eddie was great.

    If you ever have any pay per view recommendations, let me know and I'll certainly check them out.
  4. ReKoil
    February 20th, 2022 11:41 AM
    I love having multiple mons out at the same time in Legends Arceus. I got my current 3 shinies (literally caught my 3rd like 5-10 minutes ago by now) sitting with me =3

    The Bidoof is hard to tell tbh xD

    I do like how all 3 of them + me are yellow-ish and orange :coolcat:
  5. Retek
    February 19th, 2022 3:27 PM
    I'm good, studies are well, also aww, hope you get well soon too!! 😄
  6. ReKoil
    February 19th, 2022 11:37 AM
    (apparently I didn't reply.... oops 😅)

    I am definitely enjoying it.
    Shinies feel too easy in this game though lol
    Earlier I was just going around fainting mons in order to level up a research task where I need to use a certain move on Umbreon.
    While walking around I see a sparkly effect in the distance.... that indicates a shiny. I didn't see it last time with Shinx since it spawned behind me lol
    I was just like 'Wait? AGAIN?!'

    So uh... I got a shiny Bidoof now lol
    Not the most exciting shiny, ngl. Shinx's bright orange pops way more =D
    But a shiny is a shiny ^.^

    Also for foreign Ditto's... I played Sword & Shield in French and German on my child account for foreign dittos... and then never did anything with them rofl
  7. Retek
    February 19th, 2022 5:13 AM
    Hola Bully Ketchup, hope you're well! ;)
  8. Eleanor
    February 15th, 2022 1:58 PM
    How is that even possible, you're literally named Star Light! And, you are a bright presence in here, that's undeniable ♡
  9. Eleanor
    February 15th, 2022 12:22 PM
    I lowkey love those deleted VMs in your profile and the reasons why they're gone... that's surely interesting to see :3
  10. Eleanor
    February 13th, 2022 12:47 PM
    May I still interest in joining the valentine's day challenge here on PC? It's even more important now because apparently we have an odd amount of players 😅
  11. ZeoStar
    February 12th, 2022 4:45 AM
    I'm fine now. It seemed to just be a brief thing.

    It should be evident, but I'm not actually that social. Pokecommunity is the only website I'm using actively, aside from Facebook for family. I never touch the discord, and I get nervous from the chit chatting threads (especially forum games because it's a bigger community) and tend to avoid them.

    Pokecomminity is still a low maintenance place, so I have no problem coming here for the most part.
  12. Eleanor
    February 11th, 2022 7:48 AM
    Thanks for all the likes sis :fufu:
  13. Megan
    February 7th, 2022 7:34 AM
    Hello!!! :D

  14. ReKoil
    February 7th, 2022 6:06 AM
    Yeah I'm gonna wait till I can use my foreign ditto lol It's like roughly 4 times better in terms of odds lol

    It really didn't take that long to breed though. I got my Magmortar with Flame Body to speed things up =3
    And leveling up is pretty easy with switch training in the Gran Underground.

    On a different note (bit of a brag I suppose), but I got this little one yesterday on my first day of playing Legends, only a couple hours in:

    I was battling Shinxes for a research task, turn around and saw that orange little Shinx. I was totally not prepared for a shiny yet lol
    Luckily I still had some balls and caught it =D
  15. ZeoStar
    February 5th, 2022 10:35 PM
    Thank you for the letter. Waiting isn't really much of an issue for me. I guess it's because I don't always focus on getting messages.

    My posting activity will probably decline slightly. Anxiety is killing me. It was gone, but returned with a grip on my throat.

    Take care, have a blessed Valentine's Day.

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