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  1. the Alolan naturalist
    5 Hours Ago 3:50 AM
    the Alolan naturalist
    hey! I know it's been a total puzzle finding a time that works for both of us, but just wanted to let you know that i can make it anytime this morning (it seemed like you were free around 8 earlier this week). Otherwise, let me know what time works for you tomorrow and I'll make sure to be there :)
  2. Dragon
    3 Days Ago 8:09 AM
    Thanks <33

    Don’t let the looks fool you though, she’s incredibly strong and scary - the strongest in Japan before she was defeated by her brother. She also has a black and purple checkered kimono too.
  3. Roni
    3 Days Ago 7:53 AM
    hey ho! i wouldn't even consider it a change; more like a shortening hehe. i figured a lot of people are already calling me this, so why not just simplify my profile name to be it y'know :p

    the design changes came from pure impulse tho
  4. the Alolan naturalist
    3 Days Ago 3:21 PM
    the Alolan naturalist
    whoops I was already gone, sorry. I'm only really free in the evening as I go early to work... What time are you free during the evenings typically?
  5. the Alolan naturalist
    4 Days Ago 3:23 AM
    the Alolan naturalist
    Hey! I thought I had replied to this but I guess it never went through! and I kept checking this forum for an answer back all weekend lol! Sorry about that. I can get online to trade today between 6 and 8:30 eastern, if that works for you. I can nickname the quilladin, no problem.
    You're totally right about the B to cancel evolution thing loool, I completely forgot about that!
  6. LadyJirachu
    4 Days Ago 2:43 AM
    Hi :) I left this forum for awhile cos I was bullied for being too obsessed with korrina by one of the staff (not sure if said staff has power anymore)...I am a lot less into korrina now though and have a boyfriend now, so both me and my boyfriend felt it was safe I return today and post as a more casual Pokémon fan. I tend to generally be into cute Pokémon and the sinnoh region nowadays. I restarted my pearl file yesterday too :)
  7. Sydian
    5 Days Ago 10:55 AM
    thank u !!
  8. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 8:50 PM
    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope yours was nice.

    I appreciate the message, sort of needed it at the moment and it means way more than you know.
  9. DragonKing48
    1 Week Ago 8:30 AM
    True Kings persevere and continue on no matter what is front of them or behind them....endlessly.

    I'm still going with the weightlifting, new area has a small gym offered for no extra costs and I've upgraded to doing even more sets than ever and the results have followed. I've met no one because...*honor and glory approach you...*

    You're the first one the king has spoken to in a while around here...

    Yeah...I loved Duruladon throughout the main story, he was probably the Main most useful one without a doubt, seeing as no Ice, Fairy, or other Dragons can withstand his high Special Attack.

    Dracovish is definitely another who was quite helpful...he gets bad talk because of the "oh got dang that guy is just too ridiculous with his power levels!", but when you're just doing single stuff...he's extremely useful. Dracozolt was another favorite, because he also has some extremely useful coverage moves.

    Love Dragapult, been a bit since I've used him and Duruladon because I've been making sure to use all the newer returnees again, but I'm now to the point where I'm switching in and out freely, so he's coming.

    Yeah...That's pretty much essentially Regidrago. Definitely built definitely than the others, not too fast, and he's not gonna be able to last long enough to deal much, but can hit with either Draco Meteor or Outrage equally strong, and his health is...higher than Complete Form 100 percent Zygarde...who is probably legitimately above that's a ridiculous amount of stamina.

    Sooo yeah, Regidrago is not like other Dragons...he can't Surf, can't Flamethrower, Can't Thunderbolt, no Ice Beam, no Earthquake even and he's the biggest of his own legendary unit at around 7 feet and over Close Combat, no Fly or anything else coverage wise Dragons are known for in their deep broad sets...pretty much only Bite moves since, as you said, he's pretty much a Dragon's mouth...Crunch, Fire and Thunder Fang, and he can do Hammer Arm...but I wanna say that slows him down...BUT he can set Screens so maybe he's meant to just be a somewhat assist player, he's got the health for it and can get off a shot or two in the meantime.

    Oh yeah, the following stuff in the expansions are quite entertaining lol...Garchomp zooms through the air behind you, he actually flies like the jet plane the DeX always has said he is lol, and 10 percent Zygarde literally just bounds behind you sooo takes like 10 or 15 steps in 3 leaps lmao...(also as you know, quite possibly my favorite Dragon shiny ever...he is soooo awe-inspiring on the big screen.), and Dragalge and Kingdra actually swim through water. Shiny Green Dragonite looks a bit better in this newer style actually, and of course he flies. Also definitely been great to have Naganadel and Dragalge back on the same team again, definitely missed Naganadel.

    Latias and Latios are also just...true to form...deceptively quick fliers...they somehow cover several feet by barely even moving at all lol.

    The King has missed you as well, it's good to be here and I look forward to these royal discussions once more...and it is known and acknowledged you never lost faith in The King's eventual return...the Fairy one is another I have not spoke to in ages now...
  10. the Alolan naturalist
    1 Week Ago 6:23 PM
    the Alolan naturalist
    Hey, I'm guessing you didnt check this forum today, so just so you know I will also be around friday at 6:15 pm also (and tomorrow too but if you're celebrating thanksgiving you might not be online, which is why i mention friday).
  11. DragonKing48
    1 Week Ago 10:01 AM
    Awh yes. Forgive your King's absence, and yes I'm doing well, just the new job has taken things into a shift and I don't have the time like j used to, but I'm adding onto the Kingdom nonetheless.

    Been playing The Crown Tundra expansion though, which is definitely more about the returns then the expansion, at least to me personally. With that said, we have EVERYONE back in the Royal Army in SWSD, except Megas, but I guess at this point IF that was to occur, it would have to be within another possible future expansion, as well as the other pokemon that are strangely....just...

    Still not there or available lol. At this point the Ampharos line is the ONLY Dragon/ Dragon form not included/available in these games, so no shiny Mareep.

    I do apologize again, but I notice and thank you for the fact that your faith and support of your King never online presence has absolutely gone down. Not here at all, but so much of the same old out there on the internet kind of added to my sovereign sabbatical.

    This community can feel VERY repetitive and annoying at times, and I again mean the Pokemon online thing, not here.

    I also have the new Regi Dragon, Regidrago!....

    He's cool, and a very unique addition who, last year or so I would have never saw coming, but as for Dragon movesets, he's kind of definitely lacking in comparison to his contemporaries.
  12. the Alolan naturalist
    1 Week Ago 6:16 PM
    the Alolan naturalist
    Hi! I would love a shiny pumpkaboo! I never did get one. But I feel like you shouldnt trade me one for free, because I bet you can get some great Friend safari shinies in exchange for it. it's awesome and crazy generous of you to offer though!
    Tell you what, how about you give me one spearow (could you call it "Cantaloupe"? cause the colors fit) and one pumpkaboo (I can't think of a good nickname, how about Sombra which is spanish for shadow? i guess it would need an everstone since if he doesnt have a good nature, i'd probably keep it as is) and I'll give you larvesta and quilladin (i'll have one of them hold an everstone too so you can get one back). Let me know if you want any nicknames. I think I had called the larvesta Hestia (after the greek goddess of the hearth) but I can change it. If you see this by then, I will be able to log in tomorrow (wednesday) at around 6:30 pm eastern, so if you could do the trade then that would be awesome. If I get other spare friend safari shinies I will trade you for another spearow and maybe another pumpkaboo, too!
    Thanks, and have a great night!
  13. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 3:08 PM
    I finally got 4 gold for my post flair. Thank you for gifting it.
  14. Dragon
    1 Week Ago 5:41 AM
    Thank you so much, beautiful! And thank you very much for the gift; I love it!


    Oooh I love this song so much; I used to listen it here and there, but it's a song I really grown to adore. <33
    Love you Sam~ hugs your way
  15. Hyzenthlay
    1 Week Ago 12:00 AM
    Hello, Sam! I hope you're doing okay and staying strong. I saw your message in the DCC and I greatly sympathise with you, having gone through a similar scare a few years ago with my own mother. Do keep up your strength and your hope, you have many friends sending their best wishes! I know you're doing your best, being there for her when she needs you. Just wanted to send my love and prayers!

    Hopefully your mum will soon be in the comfort of her home and you can share a beautiful Christmas together!

    Love, Annie

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