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  1. VisionofMilotic
    April 2nd, 2020 3:21 AM
    Hi DragonKing48!

    I see that you are a new user and a dragon affecianado. Dragon Pokemon are my favorite type. If you love dragons then while you're exploring the forum then think about paying us a visit over at Dragon Ascent, the club for Dragon lovers over at The Clubhouse.

    I hope you have fun here at PokéCommunity. If you need any help let me know! As staff I'm always happy to give a hand.

  2. Soaring Sid
    April 1st, 2020 7:55 PM
    Soaring Sid
    Oh hi! I wasn't here for long yesterday. I'll try my best to explain...
    There's this tab that has your name and avatar(Pic) on the top right.

    Click it and go to settings. In settings, click Signature.
    Copy the URL of the pic you want as the signature, and select the mountain like icon on the top of the place where you can paste it to get the signature.

    Alternatively, you can copy the image URL and paste it between [img]and[/img], like: [img]Imageurl[/img]
    Anyway, these spoilers have how I put in images in this message. Same thing everywhere and on most forums:
  3. Soaring Sid
    March 31st, 2020 10:55 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Wow! Sounds fun!!!! I'd love to try it out one day! I know it will require patience though. Haha, I know, once you select won flute through shortcuts, you don't even get the option to confirm your choice XD Mega Sceptile is awesome, but is delicate against Ice. Dialga is resistant against ice too, tough beast. I'm sorry but where I am it's night :p
    It's sleep time, and I'll update you tomorrow.
  4. Soaring Sid
    March 31st, 2020 10:37 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Oh, wonderful! I wonder how you manage to keep up with multiple Pokémon games at the same time XD It gets me confused if I do that.
    I liked the mirage spots, I found soaring on Latias more fun than riding Lunala/Solgaleo. You love Dragons I see? What's your favourite dragon? And how are you planning a full Dragon team in Sinnoh and Unova?
  5. Soaring Sid
    March 31st, 2020 9:59 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Aha! I see! I'm still a small guy :p
    How is your Pokémon spree! Enjoying it? I'm trying a nuzlocke for the first time.
  6. Soaring Sid
    March 31st, 2020 9:46 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Hi! Hope you and your family are safe! So, you said you didn't figure out how to quote. It's simple, you just click the "Respond" button resent on every post's down-right side, and a pencil appears with 1 (or number of people you're quoting). You can multi-quote here too.
    When you click the pencil, it takes you to the answer thing (where we type our stuff), and you can reply to people. Hope it helps! If not, let me know!

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