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  1. Starlight
    11 Hours Ago 3:34 AM
    Hi Sam <3

    I read your post in the clubhouse, and I thought it would be better replying here since Christianity isn't my faith, so I don't want to keep intruding on your space 😊

    I am thinking of you, and your whole family, during these testing times. My "prayers" are a little different to yours, but I can assure you that they are full of positive energy for each and every one of you. Stay strong my friend.

    If you need anyone to talk to, you always know where to find me ❤
  2. ZeoStar
    1 Day Ago 3:35 PM
    Anne Frank is a story I have trouble getting through. Maybe it's something to do with children, but I haven't been able to finish the diary. It's also knowing that her story ends in a concentration camp. I don't even need to describe those places. Even worse knowing that it took place in the 1940's. That's not even ancient history.

    I don't know much about the Salem Witch trials. It could be something to read up on. I have some WW2 movies I could recommend, but maybe you've seen them.

    History is interesting. I take extra non credit courses related to history just because it's fun to learn. Although my interests come and go. I get into many things for a short period of time and lose my fascination abruptly. Even with forums and websites, pokecommunity is one of the very few that has held my interest for over a year.
  3. Tsutarja
    5 Days Ago 7:05 PM
    I see that! Thanks Sam!
  4. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 1:55 PM
    I found this very interesting piece of news.

    I'll share it personally, but I don't feel like making a thread over it.
  5. Ninetales
    1 Week Ago 1:24 PM
    Thank you so much, love! I had a tremendous Christmas and my winter season has been lovely thus far! I hope yours is just as wonderful! <3 Sending you love!! I hope 2022 has been kind to you so far!
  6. Ninetales
    2 Weeks Ago 1:52 AM
    Merry Christmas and happy new year my dear sister <3 I hope your new year is full of an abundance of wonderful opportunities and endless blessings! Thinking of you!
  7. ReKoil
    3 Weeks Ago 2:28 AM
    Janp earned the badge on the last day =3
    Did a box for every club ^.^
  8. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 6:12 PM
    I returned from New York.

    It was a good trip. A mix of amazing things and a negative experience.

    Overall a nice trip. I came home and surprised my mother with a minnie mouse pillow.
  9. ReKoil
    4 Weeks Ago 9:54 AM
    oh right, I keep forgetting lol
    I at one point bred myself a shiny Heavy Ball Duraludon, which I'm using on my Sword team.
    At some point several months later, the game randomly gave me a Shiny Level Ball Duraludon while doing some HA breeding.

    Which has been sitting in my boxes unused ever since =p
    Was wondering, mind if I give it away in the Dragon Club?
    Dunno how many people would be interested, but if there's multiple I'd maybe need to poke someone who knows how to clone in gen8.
  10. Eleanor
    4 Weeks Ago 8:55 AM
    Aw, that Breloom is lovely! I'm sorry I reply so late, I just don't really know what to reply to such a lovely message other that... Merry Christmas and thank you so much ♥
  11. Firebolt
    4 Weeks Ago 2:18 AM
    Thank you Sam, the holidays has been amazing so far and I only wish you are enjoying them just as much as I am!

    It is no worries at all. And I LOVE that Celebi OMG AAAAA the light bulbs lit up in my brain Clemont reference! Really I haven't seen this one before, going right into my Celebi album.

    It's awesome to hear 2021 hasn't put you down, and I hope 2022 is only filled with happiness! Happy holidays ^_^
  12. Megan
    4 Weeks Ago 1:11 AM
    Hello Sam! Hope you're having a merry Christmas, as well! Have a wonderful time and a wonderful new year! :)
  13. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 7:28 PM
    Merry xmas sam! we love you too, thank you!!! ;w;
  14. ReKoil
    4 Weeks Ago 10:35 AM
    cute =o

    Happy holidays =3

    Link now: (image was way too huge rofl)
  15. Janp
    4 Weeks Ago 9:07 AM
    Thanks Sam and happy holidays. That Audino with a birthday cake is perfect, I had no idea this card exists.

    Do you have any big plans for 2022?

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