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    Decided that I should actually get around to filling this in...

    So... Where do I start? The basics perhaps?
    Right, here we go...
    I'm Shaun, I'm 15 and I live a small town in Englandland (Yeah, I know I put Land twice, but it sounds way better.)

    Now I think I'll do favourites.
    Colour: Blue. (Nice, simple and stereotypical.)
    Food: Yes, I like food.
    Game: Either Brawl, CoD or Forza 3. And Pokemon of course (Particularly Sapphire.)
    TV Show: Family Guy, House and NCIS.
    Music: Uhhm... Linkin Park are pretty damn good, so I'll go with that.
    Book: Guinness Book of World Records. (That's probably the only book I read.)
    Car: 2010 Nissan GT-R SpecV
    Brawl Character: Kirby (2nd would be Meta Knight, although his final smash is pathetic.)
    Pokemon: Chimecho!!!
    Family Guy Character: Cleveland (But he isn't in it anymore.)
    CoD Weapon: RPD with a Grip and FMJ, Akimbo P90s, WA2000 Silenced.

    Below are a few of my favourite quotes too.
    "...In the world." -Jeremy Clarkson on Stuff-
    "I have 12 kids, and some of them have the same daddy." -Some Redneck on Children-
    "Step out of the Vee-hi-cul so I can tay-zer you, sir." -Some cop on Arresting someone-
    "I like men now" -Ralph Wiggum on Men-
    "Class 37s are the best locomotives" -My friend, Frank J Richards on Class 37s-
    "OH SH************!" -Demolition Squid on Banks-
    "James, what've you done!" -Jeremy Clarkson on James May's DIY skills-
    "Now look, you've broken it." -James May on Jeremy Clarkson's DIY skills-
    "For God's Sake! I'm not gay!" -Frank on his sexuality-
    "Want fries wi' that?" -McDonalds worker on your Big Mac-
    "Sure you don't want large fries?" -McDonalds worker on your small fries-
    "Grenade!" -Me on throwing things at people-
    Hmm where to start... I know!
    - Playing Brawl, mainly as Kirby because he Breads! (Breads? Its my new word instead of Owns, 'cuz thats really overused.)
    - Drawing (Doodling actually, and once again mainly Kirby because he's easy to draw.)
    - Writing (Although most things I write are like three paragraphs long then I run out of ideas.)
    - Not watching TV shows from the 80's (I can't think of a bracket for this one.)
    - Pretending to be American (I have a damn good American accent, I've convinced many a substitute teacher with it.)
    - Pretending to be Jeremy Clarkson (Yeah, I do a great impression of him and I know loads about cars.)
    - Playing Forza 3 (But not drifting, I can't drift.)
    - Putting additional information in brackets (Yeah, I do this often.)
    - Mapping. (I re-mapped all the towns in Sapphire just because I disliked them.)
    Trapped in a strange pocket of time, known as 1986.
    Male ♂
    Professional Queuer
    Favorite Pokémon
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    Driving sideways through a tunnel is dangerous and must not be tried by any member of the public. Please remember I am not a trained professional, I am an escaped lunatic.


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