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  1. Amy May
    October 23rd, 2018 6:30 PM
    Amy May
    All tested!
  2. Amy May
    October 12th, 2018 8:08 PM
    Amy May
    I've been real wrapped up between my thread and beta testing & didn't get around to fully test Advanced Adventure disappearing TM glitch till today. Even though you still might not be able to fix it, I ran into a ROM hack TM glitch exactly of this same kind a couple times before & figured I should give you the info.

    TM Case (disappearing TM glitch):
    Triggered after obtaining HM#2- Fly, regardless if there's any moves currently in TM Case.. thus glitching the TM Case itself.

    - After that point, w/ Fly always being at top of move list, if the last TM used or removed wasn't from the bottom most part of list.. then any move(s) below it will disappear from TM Case. I also tested using walking through walls code to avoid collecting Fly, in order to test Surf only. HM#3 Surf will force itself to top of move list, glitching TM Case, if it's the 1st HM obtained as well. I also tested without TMs in case while collecting Fly & Surf (having both on top of list in order) & the glitch is still present. Under regular circumstances, the 1st HM collected will force itself to top of move list & the 2nd HM collected will be at the bottom of the list until more TM are obtained (which further complicates the glitch).

    - Glitch occurs when action involves the opened TM Case to be removed from current screen, even if temporarily. Game then forgets everything below the move removed from list.

    * Examples, if move selected wasn't from bottom of list:
    1) Using a TM on a Pokemon.
    2) Giving a TM to a Pokemon as hold item (in party or through "move items" from PC menu option).
    ...... glitch doesn't take place when selling TMs (in any order), due to opened TM Case never being removed from current view screen during the selling process.

    I also updated my post with the way to completely avoid the disappearing TM glitch Here.

    Also, I ran into 1 tiling issue this time around that is game breaking.

    *Route 20, Path To Darkness*
    Game Breaking: While using Surf in one area of Route 20's southern section, directly East of stairs (with 1 grass patch directly below it & Biker on rock tiling).. your character can Surf over part of the rock tile barrier (most likely non solid tile by mistake) then Surf on the grass tile directly on the Right of it. At that point, the game will only allow character to move 1 tile South.. forcing you to in standing position (as if just hitting land). Standing on this grass tile will cause a game breaking freeze.

    I PM'd you my email address regarding screenshots (won't allow direct png upload through VM or PM). I have 2 screenshots at this time. 1st one is the map location & 2nd one is my character standing directly on the grass tile which causes game breaking freeze.

    Please let me know if you require screenshots of the direct surf path which leads to this. I believe this is the only area in the entire map that's affected this way after checking.
  3. Amy May
    September 12th, 2018 6:36 PM
    Amy May
    oh good.. i was afraid that would tick you off. xD

    Oh no problem at all. :)
    .. it's obviously something the creator already knew about. He had a mart attendant in there after getting both HM for when it came to them "losing them" selling them for nothing, plus the mart prior tho E4 has every TM on sale from the game. He had to have done a lot of maniputating around in it just to get rid of HM 1 Cut all together, making it an HM 1 Fly & HM 2 Surf anyway.

    ... i'd rather have disapearing TM's in every run then the other stuff that used to happen. :)

    Thank You again for doing all you did for Advanced Adventure, the game is so much better now. :)
  4. Amy May
    August 26th, 2018 4:05 PM
    Amy May
    I hope you don't mind...

    I provided your update ips "fixed" link in Advanced Adventure thread and posted there as well.
    ... let me know if you have a problem with that though.
  5. Amy May
    August 24th, 2018 9:02 PM
    Amy May
    I completed entire game and postgame content... would have been much quicker if i used cheats during it. :p

    Anyways.. nothing game breaking occured during game's entirety and it ran very smooth and stable.

    Idk what the deal is with glitched TM Case or if what I mentioned earlier with bicycle & good rod has anything to do with it... might load up my save next week (prior to entering Village of Fire) & check, see if it's avoidable somehow, jumbled move order along with HM Fly & Surf as they are seems to have a lot to do with it though.

    Btw thank you so much for doing what you did with Advanced Adventure, it's so much better now! ... it means a lot to me!!! :)
  6. Amy May
    August 24th, 2018 10:52 AM
    Amy May
    Cause of disappearing TM glitch, Advanced Adventure:
    Had to retrace my steps some, then try again to confirm it.
    ... it happened the very second I placed a pokemon in PC holding an item. In this case, newly hatched Jirachi holding an extra ex share (Darkness Creek). I tested again, this time in Normal Village, placing a different poke holding TM Giga Drain in PC instead & lost almost lost every other move I had including HM Surf.
    I also checked.. teaching TM's from move case, the glitch appears the same way from that aswell.
    ... Any TM removed from TM Case, in it's jumbled move order after HM Surf, you end up losing TM moves that come after HM Surf only.. by the looks of it.
    ... Any TM removed from TM Case between HM Fly (forced to top of list after obtaining it) and HM Surf, you lose the majority TM's in there including HM Surf. It also depends how far up the jumbled up move list you remove a TM as to which other TM's you lose.

    I know you wouldn't wanna touch this one with a 20 foot pole, just letting you know. :)
    ... just wanted to check it before completing test run. I wasn't sure if it had to do with hexing and certain key items, like bicycle (which has no in game function) & good rod (from entering building which seems to initially trigger tile glitch) in Village of Fire, or maybe something else. Normally, i skip collecting both key items during a run & this time chose to take them.

    Full test run will be completed today.
  7. Amy May
    August 23rd, 2018 11:53 PM
    Amy May
    At the point of heavy level grinding before heading to HQ (E4) . Appears between exiting Village of Dragons & Darkness Creek, over a half dozen TM's dissapeared on me, all the highest power moves received from NPC's in Village of Dragons & some I picked up from the Dragon Lair... but otherwise it's running really good and smooth. xD
    .... Ehh they were all moves I didn't know what to do with anyway and already used the TM's I wanted. xD
  8. Amy May
    August 23rd, 2018 12:11 AM
    Amy May
    Eh, this game is running beautifully. Didn't accomplish as much as i hoped today though, felt very under the weather. Just fully cleared Village of Ghost's a little while ago. The odd hesitating lag I used to notice sometimes when entering battle scene almost never happens now, even in fast forward x3. Village of Fire was usually where my tm's would start dissapearing on me (if I didn't touch PC variables), nothing has disappeared on me yet. Village of Ghost, where freeze used happen (when variables weren't touch), has no freeze at all now. This game is running so smoothly now it's unbelieveable, even smoother than it did after i would apply cheat fixes to it in the past. Village of Fire still has wierd tiling glitch when entering and exiting different buildings (the corner tiles), but it has no affect on the game itself.
    ... I'll continue test run tomorrow.
  9. Amy May
    August 22nd, 2018 12:47 AM
    Amy May
    Completely stable from begining to Normal Village's PokeCenter & absolutely nothing in the PC when I checked that one. :)

    ... I'll fully test it tomorrow.
  10. Amy May
    August 21st, 2018 11:55 PM
    Amy May
    Ok, I just downloaded that patch right now I'll apply and check it before going back to bed, I'll let you know.
  11. Amy May
    August 21st, 2018 6:52 PM
    Amy May
    Ok, you might think this is over kill.. but this is how I test for repetition. I tested both Misty & Ash character 5 times each (10 times total), it appears invisible's amount is always 2 now & in set locations aswell.

    PC boxes/slots are as follows for bad egg & invisibles:
    - Bad EGG: BOX2 Slot 29
    - Invisible #1: BOX2 Slot 28
    - Invisible #2: BOX3 Slot 2
    ...because they seem to be ringing up the same everytime, I'll proceed with my original "Misty" run & just leave them in PC as is, see what happens. I'll continue test run tomorrow.
  12. Amy May
    August 21st, 2018 3:16 PM
    Amy May
    When i got to the point of Normal Village to check PC, there's still BOX2 Slot 29 Bad EGG plus 1 invisible in BOX2 & 1 in BOX3 (didn't check invisibles slot #). I chose Misty character in this run.
    ... I'm gonna check invisibles slot #'s then put this test run aside for a bit and check PC itself, see if invisibles still vary between boxes and slots or are now set. I'll test both Ash & Misty character when doing it.

    Otherwise, from start to that point.. everything functioned as it should (like original final version) and was stable.

    I'll let you know my findings regarding PC when I have them.
  13. Amy May
    August 21st, 2018 11:39 AM
    Amy May
    i know somewhere in my archive i still have rom patcher, i'll do this later today.

    I'll fully test it for you, without using cheat testing though.. it's the only way to really ensure stability. I back up everything so even if something goes wrong with EMU, not a problem.

    I just gotta PM Nah quick, give her head's up that tutorials over there will be delayed.
  14. Amy May
    August 20th, 2018 12:34 AM
    Amy May
    Yeah I understand completely. Tbh I myself, do prefer Advanced Adventure remaining how it is as a game, personally like the way it's rough around the edges. I often find gamers in general are too hard on creators and often expect way too much, sometimes even miracles.
    ... I didn't even know there was such a patch that could do that in Fire Red. 0___0
    Tbh, you are talking to an extremely stubborn bastard who doesn't give up easy. xD
    .. I still might consider doing it in the future though, but more because of the kind of complaints it gets and as a challenge for myself. It's weird, after playing a certain game so many times, how your mind can fill in the gaps of the story without it being in the actual game.
    .. Yeah, I do realize final release was an improvement update, with mapping and many of the pokemon mutations among other things redone.

    I appreciate the time and effort you are gonna take to look into this, when you do have the time... even if it doesn't pan out. :)
  15. Amy May
    August 19th, 2018 10:40 PM
    Amy May
    The odd thing is, most of the game glitches.. including dissapearing TM's, Ghost Town freeze, and other little things.. seem to all directly tie in with the flag/var issue.
    .. I stopped counting how many times i played this game, while testing, after hitting 30. There's a "flag" bad egg in BOX2 slot 29 every time of upon a new game. Also 2-3 invisble variables which changes box/slot locations at the start of a new game.. usually within BOX3, but also had one in BOX2 (with box 2 slot 29 flag bad egg) and also in BOX3. It's really wierd how the flag and variables pan out in this games, i wish i had my old notes to give you. The set flag and variables (amount and slot location) combo creates the senerio of exactly where and when the player will be blocked. From my testing, the variable combo itself accounts for both tm glitch and ghost town freeze, among other little things. One combination of flag with variables which occured didn't trigger my character being blocked at all. I was playing the most up to date version every time also.
    .. I know it's due to the mapper he used, which uses wierd flags, also vars that overlap and shouldn't be touched. I don't know the name of mapper he used though but DrFuji probably does (,maybe even Logan idk). When I first joined and spoke to Drfuji, he offered to walk me through exactly how to fix var/flag issue, after finding out the extent i tested it... but i know nothing about game developement itself and don't even own a computer or laptop that would currently support the programming needed.

    Oh I'm not asking you to fix it, I can still apply cheats to every run if I have to. :)
    Besides, I slowly start to wonder now if I'm the only one who actually has a liking towards this hack after viewing the complaints that have nothing to do with the flag/vars issue. xD

    But one thing I would like to ask you, if I could...
    - Hypothetically, if I was to create an improvment version of this hack (with creator's blessing) using LG base.. how much from that original hack would be safe and salvageable to use as the base for improving on?

    ... If I was to invest the money needed on computer that supports the appropriate programming, I have my doubts the type of linux in my dad's laptop would support it.. plus the time to learn game development, I would do it with the goal in mind for Advanced Adventure only.
    ... Taking consideration when it comes to complaints regarding battle sprites (which can improved upon, using original as base to still keep it's manga flair), adding NPC scripting where same lines are used too many times, adding nuances to storyline when it's comes to Hero's status and villans as well to fill gaps in story, maybe add other little twists to game itself (due to it being an improvement remake).
    ... But hope to keep same map layout (i like how routes were done like a maze, also like simple town namings used), still with pokecenter PC with only poke storage option available (acts as odd diffilculty factor) but if possible make other PC options available later in the story, and try to keep most the mechanics about it the same as well.
    ... I know you probably think I'm nuts for even thinking about this or that I'm seriously considering all the time and effort needed to do such a thing... but I played though this hack so many times, I believe it's worth having a second chance.

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