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  • About Alex_Among_Foxes
    Quick Self-Introduction
    An odd person that likes to help others when possible.
    One way I can do that is by helping others with their PokeDex,
    hence why I'm here.
    I went by Dellen in the old days of ORAS trading.
    I wonder if that person who I gave all my leftover legendary pokemon to remembers me...

    I enjoy talking with people, but I'm rarely one to start a conversation unless I'm asking a formal
    question or doing a trade, so if whoever is reading this wants to talk to me, go right ahead.
    I'm not antisocial, I just don't like to bother people.

    Oh BTW, I'm not the type to just dip out for months at a time without saying anything,
    so if whoever is reading this sees that I haven't been on in months without a word,
    I'm probaby with the ghost pokemon and won't be comin' back.
    I like video games, (especially RPGs) 2000s era Transformers, (my favorite being Armada)
    stories, (both hearing them and telling them) watching movies, (especially Star Wars episode 4)
    looking at fanart of things I like, and listening to (way too much) music (especially movie & game soundtracks).
    The Shadow Realm
    Male ♂
    Pokemon Bounty Hunter/Moderator of M&G.
    Also Known As
    'Alex' or 'Dellen'
    Favorite Pokémon
    Absol, Weavile, Meowscarada, Sableye, Mimikyu, Tyrantrum, Zekrom, Perfect Zygarde, Jirachi, Victini & Meloetta.
    Go Team
    Do not display
    Discord Nickname
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    "No. You don't understand. I've been dead for 35 years. Today is the day I live."


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