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  1. Bakken31
    1 Week Ago 5:48 AM

    -I resqueted MezmerKaiser to make Looker theme in RSE soundfont, so he made one and posted the MIDI file in the description:
    -Do Gen 1-3 Pokemon in your Emerald hack have different animations (like in Gen IV) or the same as in the original Emerald even?
  2. Bakken31
    2 Weeks Ago 3:45 AM
    -Do you often come back to some of sprite threads in Art Studio/Resources for some new updates? because you can't believe what MrDollSteak uploaded in his Sugimori palettes thread, hopefully Leparagon will give us some second frames by his own too in the same thread...
  3. Bakken31
    2 Weeks Ago 3:52 AM

    -I guess your test playthrough is at Fortree City.
    -What are some QoL stuffs that are not in your Emerald hack yet, but want to add?
    -What's your favorite Drayano60's hack? To me, I can't decide, because I only played Blaze Black (Classic) from Nuvema to N's Castle, and I never completely played Renegade, Blaze 2, & Storm (because i was busy playing other non-Pokemon games, and doing things other than playing video games, but I'll play these hacks (Classic) later)
    I'll wait for V2 to play Hard Doubles 493 (Classic), but 649 will be a good bonus if there's right moves, abilities implemented...etc it's weird that I change my mind sometimes

    -Do you usually plan the team before playing a Pokemon game/romhack?
    Personally, I do it most of the time, by reading Pokemon stats and movepools, wild encounters, trainer rosters...etc so I would create a balanced team (sort of) near before post-game, but still use some others to fight against some hard Gym/Boss battles (Lv15 Sudowoodo against some Viola's pokemon for example).
  4. Bakken31
    2 Weeks Ago 8:07 AM
    Thanks for the answer

    -About the unreleased Platinum hack, will you work on it after the Emerald hack (Does it have more QoL stuffs), or you won't do it because your Emerald will be enough for you?
  5. Bakken31
    2 Weeks Ago 3:12 AM
    -Will the Item finder in your Emerald hack will be as effective and useful as in Gen 5 and Gen 6?

    Drayano60 will maybe add a "No EV gain" patch when he releases Sacred Gold & Storm Silver V.2, well I understand some people say that'll make it fairer because trainers's pokemon can' t have EVs in gen 4-6, but the thing is, most bosses in SGSS V.2 will have perfect IVs, and pokemon that I want to use can't have all perfect IVs, so for me personally, I prefer to play Hard Mode Doubles without "No EV" patch, same ruleset, random EVs, why? because I preferably want to have the same experience as other Drayano's hacks, and EXWY as well, even EV training in Solaceon Town was a thing in Renegade Platinum haha
  6. Bakken31
    3 Weeks Ago 3:12 PM
    My Slowbro never mega-evolved in my Prismatic Moon run, but I will give Slowbronite to him once I will get a Mega-Evolution key item in the post game.
    But my Blastoise in Eternal X mega evolved, i like his Mega Launcher and the bulkness.


    Ah, I forgot to tell you, here are my other pokemon of my EX & PM that I used them before I put them on my PCs:
    Eternal X:
    Prismatic Moon:
    Toucannon, Floatzel, Alakazam, Mudsdale, Golisopod
  7. Bakken31
    3 Weeks Ago 3:00 AM
    I forgot some questions:
    -In your hack, are Gale Wings & Parental Bond abilities the same as in Gen 6 or Gen 7?
    -Can the Trainer rosters in Classic version (No type changes, No Stat buffs...etc) be different than in Rebalanced version?
    -I hope you don't get burned out by the RSE soundtrack when you were working on your Emerald hack.
    -MrDollsteak also uploaded last month a HGSS 64x64 Blastoise sprite if you want to replace a DPPt one.

    Some people play their favorite difficulty romhacks with their EV trained Pokemon (255 Att or Spe... etc) and perfect nature, and some others play with not fully EV trained (less than 200 for each stat most of the time) and random natures like I did.
    Well I already gave you my ruleset, and my team information from Eternal X and Prismatic Moon runs, but I forgot to give you some about their EVs and IVs, so here's from my save datas by using PKHeX:
    (Respectfully HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe)
    Eternal X Legal:
    Delphox Lv81 Calm:
    EVs: 111/118/70/59/69/83
    IVs: 5/25/31/25/13/22
    Blastoise Lv81 Relaxed:
    EVs: 118/107/55/60/70/100
    IVs: 17/0/18/21/29/22
    Leavanny Lv81 Relaxed:
    EVs: 104/125/62/59/64/96
    IVs: 13/15/12/8/25/25
    Slurpuff Lv81 Lax:
    EVs: 108/144/63/58/60/77
    IVs: 17/12/7/19/3/11
    Aurorus Lv82 Bold:
    EVs: 120/98/73/64/75/80
    IVs: 22/10/15/20/21/6
    Hawlucha Lv82 Lonely:
    EVs: 136/129/51/56/64/74
    IVs: 31/7/21/24/17/24

    Prismatic Moon Standard:
    Decidueye Lv98 Quiet:
    EVs: 54/125/92/0/67/172
    IVs: 29/21/10/12/8/7
    Alolan Muk Lv100 Quirky:
    EVs: 79/120/98/0/69/144
    IVs: 29/17/15/23/19/1
    Ribombee Lv100 Bold:
    EVs: 72/0/107/82/64/185
    IVs: 4/0/25/2/31/21
    Salazzle Lv100 Timid:
    EVs: 58/0/142/105/62/143
    IVs: 31/19/3/23/31/28
    Mimikyu Lv100 Relaxed:
    EVs: 38/218/99/0/82/73
    IVs: 0/24/19/10/23/31
    Slowbro Lv100 Bold:
    EVs: 61/0/126/204/119/0
    IVs: 2/23/26/31/20/1

    Some of their EVs are zero thanks to berries.
  8. Bakken31
    3 Weeks Ago 1:55 PM
    -I imagine two scenarios about your emerald hack releases:
    Initial version -> Gen 8 Pokemon in the next release -> Insanity (& maybe casual) difficulties in the next release -> and so on...
    or 2-
    Initial version -> Gen 8 Pokemon & Insanity at the same time in the next release -> and so on...
    Which will be?
    -Will the EV training & Grinding like in Solaceon Town (Renegade Platinum) be in your hack?
  9. Bakken31
    4 Weeks Ago 5:20 AM
    Thanks for the answer, and I know you were kinda cringed by my long text, so I apologise again.

    -I remembered I asked you about Looker, and you answered that you'll find his theme first, so I found one:
    But too bad there isn't a MIDI download..... I wonder if Pixel Platinum's one will be a bit similar...
    -I read the conversation between you & Outwiller about Mauville Game corner, so my guess is: some regional forms have low prices, Starters & Porygon have high prices, and do shinies can be sold like in Radical Red, or keep out of it so we can create shiny pokemon from game corner by breeding? I prefer the latter.
    -It would be cool if there's something to customize by choosing songs for each place, battle, encounter... etc (I didn't remember well when I showed you something like that), I found some youtubers that made great GBA demixes:
    MezmerKaiser & UberTuberBackPacker..... Well the former have MIDI download links BTW, and I listened to all of their DPPt demixes and Imagined how it will sound like in Pixel Platinum.
    -And yes, I love listening to musics, whether in video games or not, and Pokemon is no exception, even fans have different reasonings to like and listen to their favorites, so here's my own OST ranking:
    Personally, I don't like how it sounds compared to R/B/Y, but some are not bad like Champion battle theme, some Sevii island songs.

    I prefer R/S/E, but there are some that I like more than the originals (Sootopolis & Deoxys...), and Zinnia's themes are great as well, even Primal & Rayquaza battles.

    Trainer battle, Pokemon Center, Cerulean, Gym battle, Vermilion, Celadon, Route 11, Champion battle

    Even though I never played it (and won't), We can't deny it has some bangers.
    Slumbering Wield, Motostoke, Gym battle, North wild area, Stow-on-Side, Ballonlea, Circhester, Piers battle, Marnie battle, Eternatus Phase 1, Zacian/Zamazenta Battle, Freezington, some legendary battles in Crown Tundra

    Home, School, Team Skull grunt, Trial, Kahuna battle, Mantine Surf, Akala routes, Ultra Recon Battle, Konikoni night, Malie, Guzma, Guzma battle, Po Town, Lusamine battle, Seafolk, Poniponi routes, Tapu battle, Legendary battle, Ultra Beasts battle, Ultra Necrozma Battle, Mount Lanakila, Title Defense battle (Kukui), Staff Roll (USUM), some battle themes in Rainbow Rocket episode

    Wild battle, Trainer battle, Violet, Gym battle, Rival battle, Azalea, Goldenrod, Game corner, Dark cave, Ecruteak, Dance Theater, Route 38, Team Rocket grunt, Buena's Password, Eusine, Lake of Rage, Legendary beast battle, Route 26, Lance & Red, Staff Roll, High-speed ship, Kanto Trainer battle, Kanto Gym battle, Route 2/Viridian Forest

    Rowan's theme, Lake areas, Wild battle, Pokemon Lab, Pokemon Center day, Market, Trainer battle, Oreburgh, Oreburgh gate, Gym battle, Team Galactic grunt, Eterna Forest, Eterna Day, Hearthone Day, Hard contest dance, Route 209 Day, Route 210 Day, Game Corner, Route 213, Canalave Day, Route 216 Day, Snowpoint, Mt. Coronet, Distortion World, Cyrus battle, Giratina battle, Sunnyshore Day, Pokemon League outside day, Pokemon League inside, Cynthia piano theme, Cynthia battle, Battle Frontier, Route 225, Route 228, Battle Arcade, Battle Factory, Frontier Brain battle
    Well, most day versions, I prefer them more than the night ones.

    Route 29, Wild battle, Market, Trainer battle, Violet, Gym, Gym battle, Rival battle, Azalea, Team Rocket grunt, Buena's Password, National Park, Game Corner, Pokeathlon Finale, Route 38, Eusine, Lake of Rage, Route 47, Ho-oh battle, Route 26, Lance & Red, Staff Roll, High-speed ship, Viridian, Viridian Forest, Route 3, Cerulean, Kanto Wild battle, Kanto Trainer battle, Kanto Gym battle, Hoenn Legendary battles, some Battle frontier themes

    Welcome to the adventure, Aquacorde, Santalune forest, Santalune, Gym battle, Route 4, Lumiose, Pokemon Lab, Sycamore, Couriway, Route 8, Team Flare grunt, Cyllage, Bicycle, Geosenge, Shalour, Tower of Mastery, Surf, Power Plant, Laverre, Route 15, Dendemille, Anistar, Lysandre battle, Legendary battle, Route 18, Snowbelle, Victory Road, Diantha battle, Staff Roll (Kiseki)

    Welcome to the adventure, Littleroot, Pokemon Lab, Route 101, Wild battle, Oldale, Rival battle, Trainer battle, Petalburg, Route 104, Team Magma & Aqua grunt, Rustboro, Gym battle, Dewford, Slateport, Game Corner, Bicycle, Verdanturf, Route 113, Mt. Chimney, Surf, Route 119, Fortree, Route 120, Lilycove, Pokemon Contest, Mt Pyre outside, Magma & Aqua Hideout, Dive, Maxie & Archie battles, Legendary battle, Sootopolis, Ever Grande, Victory Road, Elite 4 battle, Champion battle, Battle Frontier, Battle Factory, Battle Dome, Battle Pike, Frontier Brain battle, Deoxys battle

    Title, Let's go together, Rival battle (BW), Nuvema, Juniper, Pokemon Lab, Route 1, Wild battle, Accumula, Plasma's Maneuvers, N, Route 2, Trainer battle, Bianca, Cheren, Gym battle, Gym leader's last Pokemon (especially B2W2), Dreamyard, Team Plasma grunt, Nacrene, Skyarrow Bridge, Castelia, Route 4, Relic Castle, Nimbasa, Bicycle, Musical Hall, Lostlorn Forest, Alder, Driftveil Drawbridge, Driftveil, Cold Storage, Route 6, Mistralton, Surf, Icirrus, Dragonspiral Tower, Legendary/Roaming battle, Opelucid (B&W), Route 10, Victory Road, League, Elite 4 battle, N's bridge, N's castle, Decisive N battle, Ghetsis battle, Farewell, Staff Roll (BW), Entralink, Aspertia, Rival battle (B2W2), Floccesy (Town), Virbank, Virbank Complex, Virbank Gym, Pokestar Studio, Neo Plasma battle, Corless, Join Avenue, Nimbasa Gym, Pokemon World Tournament hall, PWT finals, Mistralton Gym, Reversal Mountain, Undella (Autumn, Winter & Spring), Route 12, Lacunosa, Village bridge, Shadow Triad, Marine Tube, Humilau, Route 22, Infiltrating the Plasma Frigate, Corless battle, Insane Ghetsis battle, Route 23, Iris Champion battle, Cynthia battle (PWT), White Treehollow, Staff Roll (B2W2)
    My god, so many songs that I can't forget, Gamefreak really managed to do some epic soundtrack in its time.

    Never heard too much about LGPE ost so that's why it's not in it.
    So, what's yours?

    -What's your Favorite Generation? Mine is 5, I like both Black & Black 2, the story is very interesting, Unova is my favorite region, and it has my favorites:
    Serperior, Samurott, Gigalith, Leavanny, Whimsicott, Scrafty, Sigilyph, Archeops, Gothitelle, Galvantula, Eelektross, Chandelure, Haxorus, Mienshao, Braviary.
    In this roster, there are some Pokemon that can't please everyone (Garbodor, Vanilluxe, Stunfisk...etc), but also some that look cool (Excadrill, Scolipede, Krookodile, Accelgor, Bisharp...etc)

    And of course, the nostalgic soundtrack (In my opinion).
  10. Bakken31
    April 6th, 2021 8:24 AM
    Hey, how's it going?

    -What's your favorite and least favorite thing about your Emerald Hack work?

    OK, time for a long text wall:
    Remember the rules I wrote about my previous playthroughs of your hacks?
    -No overlevelling above Gym Leader/Boss/Champion's ace.
    -Set style.
    -5 healing items per battle (Trainers, Rivals, Leaders, Grunts... etc), better than Item-spamming.

    I know that most people who playthrough their favorite games (Official or Hacks) tend to play with No-Item in battle rule (in regular play or nuzlocke), because it would be too easy otherwise, and that's understanble, because it makes them learn some strategies, but also some people want to use same amount of items as oppenent's, and they won't heal until an adversary does, so that's fair. But the thing is, when I play Drayano hacks, your hacks, and maybe some of difficulty hacks, I always use the (5 items per battle) rule, because there are some battle that block my way (and losing like 4 or 5 times or more maybe) like Burgh's gym battle in BBVV, Calem/Serena battles with Protean Greninja on their teams, 1 after 1 Team flare battles in Lumiose City, Guzma in Æther Foundation, 2 last trainers (Veteran & Ace) in Mount Lanakila (Victory Road)... etc (Although these battles should not be nerfed, so they should stay as they are even though I'm not veery veery good), and I use items like potions, full heals, revives..... yep, that's right, revives, but I used few/some of them in battle that are very difficult to me, so I don't want to waste so much time and repeat too much before I win some battles, even though I know it's a cheap strategy, it's just that I don't have too much patience when I play difficulty rom hacks (I know you may disagree with me, so let me know, but don't worry, I used sacred ashes only OUTSIDE of battles), but there are some fans (or more than some) that can clear these difficulty hacks without items in battle, Regulars or Nuzlockes, I'm a bit ashamed of myself, but I respect their efforts, congratulations champs.....
    I'm not the best with battle strategies, even though I know the typing, the stats...etc, but I don't use legendaries, and I rarely use Pseudo-legendaries.
    The funny thing is, I played Pokemon since 2001 (my first game was Red), and till now, I always used items in battles, but I played with item restrictions (per battle) last years (5 or 6 years), If I want to play with no items, I prefer to do in Battle facilities (Frontier, PWT, Tree... etc).
    Well I don't consider myself a real gamer, I'm just an individual who likes playing video games even though I like some challenges to spice up a bit and I enjoyed playing hard games like Classic Megaman games (without savestates, thankfully they have passwords), Bayonetta, Castlevania Rondo of Blood, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Viewtiful Joe, some fighting games and shmups... etc, and doing some 1cc runs (No continue) of some of my favorite arcade games in MAME (but it takes practice), and I also enjoyed games that I can relax like Mario games, Spyro & Crash from PS1, Classic Sonic games, Tetris...etc

    Sorry for this long test, and I know, I'm overthinking too much.
    In summer, maybe I will do a regular playthrough of Renegade Platinum (Classic Mode), same rule-set, but 3 healing items per battle to spice up a bit, and when the gen 8 version of your Emerald hack is released, I'll play it in Hard mode with the same rules.

    If you disagree with some of my points, let me know.

    Oh, in Pokemonhalloffame subreddit (even though i don't have a reddit account), I found two guys reviewing your Prismatic Moon game, and they enjoyed it:
  11. Bakken31
    March 28th, 2021 5:13 AM

    -What are things that make you prefer Decomp Pokeemerald more than Binary CFRU?
    -When you said Hard haves EVs and Normal doesn't, do you mean only 2 stats have 252 EVs or all stats have 252 EVs in Hard?
    -In this playlist:
    There are some custom Mega cries if you want to take some of these by recording and give them credits, but too bad I can't find the Milotic one for you :(

    I know I'm gonna sound crazy but, there are three romhacks that I look forward to play them:
    -Drayano's Sacred Gold & Storm Silver v2 (I'll play in Hard mode - Doubles), but I'll wait until Mikelan98 updates by adding proper gen V moves & abilities so maybe I'll play Storm Silver 649 patch.
    -Pixel Platinum (the one that I gave you a YouTube link), not only the video amazed me, but also I read some cool content infos in the comment section, but first I'll play Renegade Platinum before the release.
    -And of course, your Emerald hack, you already know how I'm exited to play it, but I'll wait until the version with Gen 8 Pokemon is released, and I'll play it on Hard Mode.

    But hey, take your time, take care, and enjoy your life. ;)
  12. KunaltheDonut
    March 25th, 2021 12:04 PM
    Hey:). Just wanted to ask if we can SOS chain for shinies for the pokemon not originally in the alola dex. I know the chains work, but wasn't able to find a shiny with them yet, so I'm kinda confused or maybe just unlucky.
    P.S. Your hack is an absolute dream. I enjoyed it a lot and love all the changes you made, along with the flexibility you provided. Thanks!
  13. Bakken31
    March 16th, 2021 9:20 AM

    -Does it play Rayquaza cry when we press a button in the title screen?
    -I found some video about Poke Radar in Pokeemerald if you want to check it out: https://youtu.be/CjOt0v-1ADk
    -Someone posted a video about its early project of Pixel Platinum using Pokeemerald, check it if you want to support it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4miBaMQ3Qug
    -I'm playing my favorite GBA games on my android with MyBoy!, but will your Emerald hack will work in this emulator (MyBoy!) without problems? If not, what would you recommend (I think there's not an android version of Mgba).
  14. Bakken31
    March 11th, 2021 3:09 AM
    Hey, How's it going?

    -I guess the rematches in your Emerald romhack are almost finished.
    -Will you add maybe some new pokemon (maybe) and formes from 4th gen remakes & Legend of Arceus in your romhack when these games are released?
    -Do you keep your romhacks (Emerald & 3DS ones) safe in your external hard drive? just in case if your PC is affected by Viruses or something like that.
    -Mrdollsteak updated with more Gen V 2nd frame sprites in Sugimori Palettes if you want to check them out (I know I annoyed you with 2nd frames haha).
    -What emulators do you play your favorite games (PC or Android)? I really enjoyed playing Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, and Bayonetta 2 on Cemu (Wii U Emulator), and I'm playing this week or month Viewtiful Joe & F-Zero GX on Dolphin (Gamecube & Wii Emulator)...... but sometimes I need to do some important things aside of playing video games ^_^'
  15. Bakken31
    February 23rd, 2021 2:29 AM

    -How's your Emerald hack going?
    -I imagine for the difficulty settings in your Emerald Hack:
    . Normal: same as Gaia, Dark Violet, or GS Chronicles...
    . Hard: Drayano hacks and Unbound Expert...
    . Insanity: Radical Red and Unbound Insane...
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
    -Can we change the difficulty during walkthrough like in Unbound (Lower the difficulty but not going back to higher one before post-game), or we only choose in the beginning of the game?
    -What do you think of New Pokemon Snap? I would like to play it on Yuzu/Ryujinx (If I have better PC settings) since I did some photography in my hikings.
    -Check Drayano's twitter, well he didn't finish his SGSS update, but the news he brought us are surprising..... although he should take his time so he won't stress himself.

    I'm sure that your Emerald Hack will be loved by most Pokemon fans (especially when they burnt out from official games), but like other romhacks, I imagine there'll be some who'll dislike it for some reasons, but we can't please everyone, but still, your game has the potential to be one of the best romhacks.

    But just take your time while I'm playing Bayonetta 2 on Cemu (Wii U Emulator), so take care.

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