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    Hello, I'm just a lady who likes to play games and draw in my past times while listening to music. I have a huge sweet tooth.(^_^)
    My favorite season of the year is fall. My favorite color is orange. My favorite game is "Okami." I played it as a teen back in the ps2 times and I cried a lot It was a wonderful game and still is Won so many awards. It has this style of art and paint within it...that isn't like nothing else and the people and characters you will always remember. I must've played it six times as a teen. It's a really sad and funny and happy game I guess you can call it a slice of life game. It also help that you play as a dog which is my favorite pet.<3 When it comes to Pokemon I love any that is a dog or base off a dog...<3As for Pokemon games:
    I haven't played anything pass sliver and watched anything after ash defeated Gary.First fan made game I play is empyrean. I'm also playing Jade,phoenix rising and haven't finish any yet. I do like fakemon as well and stoy driven games so I hope to find and beat story driven games the one I'm playing now is Pokemon Red Chapter it has a lot of sad and scary and rated 18+ stories within and have some nice music. So far it's not done yet. I hope I can beat many games and get over my artist block and find my own way in drawing Pokemon.Just got back into older smaller games since I Can't Keep Up With Tech Upgrades on my Computer.These are small games that run well. I liked Pokemon back in the day and stopped watching it after gen 3 ,but lost interest when Ash never grew up with me and after he defeated Gary. Then I realize it was gonna be one of those shows that last 50 years because it's over twenty years now. I am new to this ..rom game stuff and new to this in general. The first game I ever played is called Pokemon empyrean. Haven't beaten it yet and I actually started watching sun and moon with my cousins forcefully if I might add. Since that's all they watch so I gotten into it and I don't know any Pokemon from the other generation or even sun and moon generation so their all new Pokemon to me.Lol.
    I love to garden, My favorite flowers to grow is sunflowers and I grow many different kinds every yard. They always make me happy just by seeing them. I grow veggies and fruit. Watermelon is my favorite summer fruit to eat. I can't do summer without eating a watermelon at-least once. I love to skate it's the only way I can dance good. Ha ha, rollerblading is fun. As a child I remember so many people at the park or walkways off the streets was always rollerblading. Times have chance and the places to go are becoming little and little but when a big event or fourth of July happens I take my skates and Rollerblade on the bridges with my friends and watch the fireworks.I also like to watch Netflix and anime and TV-series like the walking dead,game of thrones,Locke and key,the circle,the last kingdom,the witcher etc etc. I also like to lay in the sun and sun bathe. I love tea...ehhh not the gossip"tea" teens are saying but real tea..(^_^); cocoa oh a cold day...making homemade root beer floats and Wendy's Frosties. I also like to look up diy videos and food shows, I like to discover new things on games,news,etc-etc drawing tips and good reads.I love webtoons! It's my closet secret, I hide from people and reading manga because I'm getting older finding people my age that do the same things are hard or look down upon. I love book stores...buying drinks and reading and smelling that fresh paper smell within the building. Buying candles is my hobby. I collect them as well as bottles of drinks I drank. I think that enough about me..oh yeah I like to draw ,but not very good and love animated movies by the maker of "Sprited Away".
    Female ♀
    Student/security guard
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    I like haunter,cubone,rapidash,arcanine,bewear,arbok,muk,snorlax,sandshrew,muddale,goomy,flygon,hoondoom,steelix
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Posted inUncategorized first blog on this site I actually love writing blogs.<3 I'm all over blog websites. I can't keep up with all of them ,but I always try. Anyways..I'm new to hack games of pokemon...I wish there was more funny more adult themed base one though. Today I made it pass the crazy mutant monster in space in pokemon empyreon. If you don't know pokemon empyreon you should give it a try it has over 40+ gameplay hours with a very strange back to the future vibe and blast from...

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