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  1. Incinermyn
    August 16th, 2014 11:55 AM

    Well, I'll change topics now. You know about the My Little Pony thing that's been going on for a few years now, right? Do you, per chance, watch the new show, or are you one of those guys who absolutely despises it and the obsessiveness of the fans? I'm actually very fond of it myself, but I'm not as devoted to it as I am Pokémon. I have a few things in terms of merch, but it's not like I'm completely decking out my room in MLP stuff.
  2. Incinermyn
    August 16th, 2014 11:33 AM
    I kind of understand that. Most of the time I just idle. When someone wants to chat, we do. Otherwise, I could probably do to say off it a bit. But then, my relatives occasionally ask me stuff on it, so I can't exactly stay off it completely...or maybe I can... Not sure...
  3. Incinermyn
    August 16th, 2014 5:00 AM
    Shoot! Yeah, it was.

    Well, I use FB a lot, but mostly to keep in touch with people I know. Well...PrettySylveon friended me on from PokeBeach, and so have a few others. I use it for chat mostly, aside from just seeing how people are doing.
  4. Incinermyn
    August 15th, 2014 4:00 AM
    Ah, okay. Well, I'm not pushing for you to give me it. I mean, it is just FB... >.>

    Skymin! Ooh, that's one that I don't have, and I actually have Land Shaymin. I was tempted to spring for a better quality one, but it's not that big of deal.
  5. Rukario
    August 15th, 2014 1:55 AM
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
  6. Nakasu
    August 14th, 2014 8:21 PM
    Happy Anniversary! :)
  7. Incinermyn
    August 14th, 2014 9:49 AM
    I have a horrible time finding Pokémon toys in stores, but there's a plethora of them online. Amazon has a lot of the imported toys, but they're just as expensive. I've also found a few other niche sites that specialize in imports, which are slightly cheaper but still pricy. The quality of the toys is definitely a lot better than the western one, so it's worth the trade off. However, I think I may start buying plushies off Poké Actually, I just bought a Charizard mug over the weekend and it just came in today. I'm pretty happy about that. :3

    Mmm, sorry if this sound like prying, but do you have an FB? You don't have to give it to me if you don't want to, but I have friended a couple penpals on FB from other places. Like I said, you don't have to give it out; I respect your privacy. Just know that I have no problem giving out mine, if you're interested.
  8. Incinermyn
    August 14th, 2014 3:45 AM
    Yep, that is the skunk in question. Thanks! I thought it was adorable too when I ordered it. It was only $15 on a site that specializes in wildlife toys.

    I love that Deerling to death! Oh, gosh, I wanted to get the others badly, but the one merch site I got it from only had spring form. I love spring form the best because, well...IT'S PINK! XD (Oh, god, I love pink, but I'm not so open about it in real life. My desktop background is a cutesy picture of Quilava laying on its back blushing with an adorable light-pink circle of hearts behind it. *squeals* I'm not gay or anything, mind you... It has nothing to do with the "real men were pink" fad, either. I've always just found pink to be a very soothing color.) Believe it or not, my Deerling is actually a Japanese one. It was a little pricy, but I love the quality of Japanese plushes over American ones. They /generally/ are better detailed.
  9. Incinermyn
    August 13th, 2014 4:12 PM
    Yes, it is just my father and I. My sister was actually having a bad day yesterday after her boss chewed her out for not doing things the way she wanted. The term "retraining" popped up, I guess, and that set her off for the rest of the day. In my case, I was having a very good day, despite being completely burned out by the end of the day, but she opened her mouth about having too much laundry to do after I mentioned having more that needed to be done and that was all it took to set me off because she generally doesn't do that much at home when I'm usually stuck with dishes, garbage, and occasional handiwork around the house for chores on top of already working a full job.
  10. Incinermyn
    August 13th, 2014 3:24 AM
    Devout was basically going to be Canersia's story. It involved him, Darkrai, and Giratina gathering Nostalgia Crystals embedded in the foreheads of the Lake Trio (Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit). I barely got through the first chapter before I stopped writing, though... It wasn't interesting enough to keep me motivated to finish it.

    Also, yeah, that was a huge roll. Well, I can lift anything up to 12'X 25' without needing help, but most of the time my dad is there to carry it with me. I was trying to hasten our progress yesterday, though, since he had transitions to drill into the basement's concrete and that's very time consuming. Since II had the padding laid out and its seam taped together, I took it upon myself to bring in carpet. Thankfully, it was a straight shot into the basement since I was able to go through the house's garage and then right downstairs through the service entrance. After he momentarily helped me position the rolls, I then unrolled them and got them (approximately) into place by myself too while he finished drilling. I wish other people had more appreciation for the fact that I can AND do anything to make our jobs go quicker, from major stuff like bringing the carpet in on my own to minor things like cleanup. My sister had a bad day yesterday and suddenly chewed my head off for "whining" last night, when in reality I was feeling quite accomplished.
  11. Incinermyn
    August 12th, 2014 3:31 AM
    Well, in a nutshell, they're the same items that are keeping Otulp and his siblings from entering the physical world from the dreamtime world, which they themselves oversee. Beyi-geyi didn't create the crystals with intend of using them to imprison her children, but Arceus (Otulp's rival in the stories) took advantage of their power and used them to do so in ancient times when the Gods of Nostalgia were running rampant throughout the world. For that reason, Otulp created Canersia in order to seek out and destroy the crystals, but there's a catch: different versions of the crystals exist in EVERY reality and timeline, meaning that Canersia has to seek out new ones every time if he wants to destroy them. As a result, the Nostalgia Crystals in Feral Twilight aren't the same ones in Devout or Biohazard, though they do appear in about the same locations. That's just a minor note, though. In Feral Twilight, the crystals exist as part of a series of quest items Jay Christie is supposed to locate in order to reawaken Beyi-geyi's emotions, but that alone is an impossible since one of the other items is Canersia's Odium Mask (meaning he'd have to actually kill Canersia in order to get it, and Canersia's one of the most deadliest villains in the story). The role of the crystals is more orthodox in Biohazard, wherein I actually have Canersia collect the crystals and Seraph's crew are partially out to stop him...or at least that's the premise after he's introduced. I haven't actually written past the part where Canersia appears except up to where Seraph gets an explanation about what he intends to do from an outside source (i.e. a Ninetales named Osiris who, in Biohazard, is heralded as Golbania's messenger).

    Edit: Before I forget, we talked about how I heft heavy carpet rolls for a living, right? Well, here's what I'm talking about: The roll in question is actually one of three 12' X 21.5' pieces that I'd brought into the job all on my own. My dad was busy doing things, so I just decided to bring carpet in by myself knowing that I could handle those rolls without a problem.
  12. Incinermyn
    August 11th, 2014 1:38 PM
    Well, there are other Japanese restaurants around, but I know that they're really pricy. I mean, getting as much sushi as I have been for $20 is pretty reasonable, I guess. It beats McDonalds or China Buffet once a week or so like I was eating for a little while there during my outings. This was never a daily thing, mind you. Just every other weekend or so.

    Leyi-geyi is supposed to be the only one who's a match for Beyi-geyi; however, he's got a serious policy of noninvolvement. Beyi-geyi is sort of deranged in the sense that she's "logically" deemed all who don't worship her as sinners in a sense. By "logically," I mean she's driven purely by intellectual thought without any regards to her emotions because she's actually got rid of them when she birthed her children, who are the purest embodiments of her lust, malice, and pain (symbolized by Arachana, Vaspudem, and Otulp in that order). Additionally, her positive emotions became solidified in legendary relics called the Nostalgia Crystals, each type of which counteracts her children's innate power to evoke the negative emotions they represent just by being near people or other Pokémon. Unlike Beyi-geyi, Leyi-geyi is driven by a balance of emotion and logic, and tries to keep away from his sister as much as he can. (Sorry about the fanfic rant, but you suddenly coaxed it out of me! XD)

    EHEHEHEHEHE! That's the thing. All I did was put it on the step on our inside porch. We just built a ramp for my grandma a few weeks ago, so they walk right up to the door without suspecting a thing, but the moment they open it, they see the toy looking at them on the porch and they scream!
  13. Incinermyn
    August 11th, 2014 11:49 AM
    I was kind of aware that sushi could be pricy before, which was why I was hesitant to try a regular sushi place instead of buffet like I had been to that point. My first time at the restaurant, I only order the Dragon Roll and an avocado roll because I didn't want to go overboard, which I easily could have. All-in-all the restaurant's portion sizes are HUGE, even the individual sushi buns are two to three inches long. Also, the hibachi is to die for. I had their Chicken hibachi the second time we went and, god, was it delicious. I ate everything, even the mushrooms in the stir-fry (which I usually pick out at home when my mom makes it).

    Feral Twilight was meant to be a dark fantasy. Actually, I revised a good chunk of the story since my original draft and refined the roles of certain characters. Otulp (a legendary wolf demon heralded as the death god in Ronac) stands as the primary antagonist and often enforces his will upon others he considers weaker than him (basically, everyone except his mother Beyi-geyi). Beyi-geyi is the ultimate villainess in the series since she's supposedly one of two deities that supersede all other gods (namely, her children Otulp, Vaspudem, and Arachana/Corros, as well as Palkia, Dialga, and Arceus). Her twin Leyi-geyi is opposed to her conquest since he believes that neither of them and none of their children should be worshipped as gods (her ulterior motive being the restoration of the "original hierarchy," in which all lesser gods bowed before her). In order to prove her supremacy, she goes out of her way to make examples of the "evil" humans and Pokémon that have "lost their way." Of course her definition of whom fits into those categories is so broad that it encompasses everyone in existence (I know I just said that, but it's a point I keep having to make since the stories are so long). Doxinox actually isn't involved with Beyi-geyi at all, but Doxisite coerces his mother into joining sides with her so that he himself has a better means of feasting upon a world that has mostly forgotten him (I say it that way because some Pokémon actually remember the legends of a ravenous parasite that once consumed countless victims without rest). In any case, I was going to have Biohazard tie up the loose ends of FT if I ever finished both, ultimately by having Seraph destroy Beyi-geyi (or at the very least imprison Beyi-geyi's body and soul so that she can't move ever again).

    Oh, I also got them both again last night! I wasn't expecting it to work, but they both stopped dead in their tracks and screamed at the top of their lungs!!! XD
  14. Incinermyn
    August 10th, 2014 3:44 PM
    Oh, they did change the roof out and put up a better sign. Otherwise, it still looks like the rundown Wendy's on the outside. It's a shame... I understand just reusing the building, but the red-brick exterior makes it look like it's not that nice, when in reality it's one of the better restaurants I've ever been at. They've got a complete bar too, a wine list, and everything ranged from moderate to expensive prices depending on what you order. Soda is $1.95, but refills are free. Their specialty rolls range from $7.50 to $12, with regular rolls ranging from $2.50 to $6. The most expensive item on their menu is actually a sushi "love boat" meal meant to feed up to four people, and it's $45. The first time I went there, I thought it was really pricy (which I sort of expected), but my sister told me that another place she went to had sushi priced at up to $20 a roll, so I guess that's cheap in comparison.

    Biohazard and Feral Twilight were definitely interesting concepts, but I haven't had the motivation to continue them lately. The whole post-apocalypse thing really spurs a lot intrigue for them both, since Biohazard takes place a few centuries after the events in FT. Ultimately, Feral Twilight's storyline directly leads into Biohazard because Doxinox's creation causes mankind's extinction. However, it's not Doxinox that actually kills off humanity like I sort of hint at in the prologue of Biohazard, but a deity called Beyi-geyi who casts down judgment upon humanity due to our "loss of faith" in the "old gods" as she puts it. In Biohazard, she returns seeking to do the same against all Pokémon who have "lost their way." The only thing there, though, is that her powers don't effect Doxinox or Doxisite (who is the only other surviving member of the Doxi-family in this story). Doxisite plays kind of an intricate role in trying to convince Beyi-geyi not to cause a mass extinction her way, when he could cause one way worse in her stead.

    Transformation is one of those things you actually have to look for if you want to see it in cartoons. There are some that I can rattle off the top of my head: Dexter's Lab, Johnny Test (...EW! Bad example...), The PowerPuff Girls, etc. Really, though, I've found more stuff on art sites than on actual TV. I'm more active on Furaffinity than I am DA, but it's pretty prominent on both.

    Suffice it to say, my sister and mom weren't too appreciative about that prank. My mom was the first to get pranked with it, and then my sister fell for it the following night, even after she already knew about the skunk. I really laughed hard!
  15. Incinermyn
    August 10th, 2014 1:23 PM
    I think it's a leek or something. They have served my sushi on it before too. Like I said, it's mostly a presentation thing. My sister's old boss from several years ago showed her how to do the exact same thing. Oh, my gosh, did I tell the place was originally a dumpy old Wendy's that got shutdown a few years ago. I'm shocked they didn't spend as much money renovating the exterior as they did the inside. I mean, it's been completely refurbished indoors, but they kept the same red-brick exterior and left some of the signs from the old Wendy's alone instead of removing them. Still it's a drastic change over into a REAL restaurant instead of the dumpy fast-food place it originally was.

    I noticed that too. Well, no, I remember that the one in Rescue Team vaguely resembled North America (or perhaps just Greenland), while the one in Explorers looked crudely like Australia or some part of Asia. Whether that's true or not is up for debate, but I thought it was an interesting twist for Biohazard since it takes place in a version of the world(s) where people have actually died off (thanks, in part, due to Doxinox's creation).

    Alright, you're familiar with furries then? That's good. There's a lot of crazy stuff in the fandom and just much (if not more) adult content. I don't mind mild stuff, but when it gets into true adult art, I couldn't care less. The big appeal for me is that it actually plays into some of my childhood loves like cartoons (in the form of regular toons, inflated toons, fat toons, transformating toons, and plushies based on toons). I want to say some of the stuff I'm into is a little disturbing, but I think it's really more just weird.

    To be honest, there was a time where I didn't care about stuffed animals much, but then I slowly found myself getting back into them from college onward. It mostly started with me just collecting old beanie-baby Pokémon and regular Pokémon plushies. I've since reverted back to trying to college realistic animal plushies if I can get them cheap enough, as well as plushies that look EXACTLY like the characters their based on (i.e. Tigger from Winnie the Pooh). I haven't been collecting a lot of animal-character plushies lately, though, but I did get a plushie skunk that looks almost real at first glance. I actually used it to scare my sister and mom last week after I got it. I mean, you can tell it's a plushie, but when you first look at it, it looks like a small skunk.

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