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  1. The Foogle
    2 Days Ago 1:52 PM
    The Foogle
    Indeed we do, but some favorites turn into overrated pokemon very quicky, especially Game Freak's totally not biased Charizard and Pikachu fetishes.

    Seriously, ENOUGH ALREADY! It's getting really old, fellas!
  2. The Foogle
    2 Days Ago 7:52 AM
    The Foogle
    Yeah, it's nice to see that. As for me, i have mixed feelings about the Ralts line. Gardevior is good and all, but i'm not rushing to use it anytime soon. It's a bit too frail for my liking. Great coverage, though, and Gallade is always worth a shot if psy/fighting power is what you need.
  3. The Foogle
    2 Days Ago 5:59 AM
    The Foogle
    Yeah, i guess it is!

    Bringing it back to Gardevoir, i feel like that pokemon has a... somwehat bad rep among the fans/community. Mainly because of the, let's call it "questionable" artwork that's been made over the years. It kind of paints Gardevior in a bad spot, kind of the same way Lopunny has it bad. Doesn't mean i don't hate those pokemon, but they've had it rough.
  4. The Foogle
    3 Days Ago 2:29 PM
    The Foogle
    (WHEEZE) It's fine, that happens sometimes. Although funnily enough Aggron actually DOES get Surf and Ice Beam, so it's not too much of a stretch. On the subject of Swampert, i always liked it the best of the 3 Hoenn starters. Sceptile was originally my favorite, but it feels outclassed by the other grass starters. (And other fast glass cannons, let's be honest) Blaziken was...fine, although i consider it pretty overrated. Not to mention, it started the whole fire/fighting type starter trend for 3 generations straight.
  5. The Foogle
    3 Days Ago 8:16 AM
    The Foogle
    That's hilarious considering Aggron's not very good Sp.Atk stat XD
    But then again the physical/special split didn't exist yet which is why i had a hard time figuring out why everyone seems to love Emerald. I just couldn't get invested. Pokemon got so much better with said split which is why i much prefer ORAS if i want a good gen 3 experience.
  6. The Foogle
    3 Days Ago 6:46 AM
    The Foogle
    Don't you worry, i already know how good Leaf Storm is on Contrary Serperior. I play this ROM hack called Blaze Black 2 Redux, which is a mod of Black 2 where battles are a bit harder, pokemon get types/moves/stats changed, all pokemon are catchable, etc. Serperior got a GREAT buff in that game. They made it Grass/Dragon with access to Draco Meteor. That plus Leaf Storm and a boost to some of its stats turned it into a sweeping monster with incredible firepower.

    In terms of picking Pokemon, i usually go by how good they are and what they can offer. I don't like 'mons with shallow movepools since i LOVE having a ton of coverage. If you have an answer for everything, nothing can stop you!
  7. The Foogle
    3 Days Ago 5:23 AM
    The Foogle
    You got that right, B2W2 was a cinematic masterpiece! I never really took notice of Serperior's defensive qualities mainly because of Contrary's immense power potential. Liking Mew is understandable, i think, but i never really found it to be too spectacular with 100 in every stat. (Even though it's all balanced so you can pick and choose which stats to focus on) Learning almost every move is no joke, though. As for Salamence, i used to not like it all that much, but then i tried it out and i found myself liking it somewhat. When compared to other dragons like Dragonite, Hydreigon, or even Flygon, Salamence didn't feel distinctive to me. Something that made it stand out, you know? But having Intimidate is a great tool up its sleeve, not to mention Moxie. Salamence definitely kicked it into high gear come ORAS when it got a Mega. It was so good that they had to nerf Aerilate!
  8. The Foogle
    4 Days Ago 11:37 AM
    The Foogle
    I have a few, but i'd say my No. 1 is Serperior. It was my first true pokemon i ever got in White 2 and even though it SUCKS without Contrary, i still like it and its shiny form. Garchomp and Mewtwo are my two other favorites. In Mewtwo's case, it was always a symbol of raw power and status to me. How could anyone NOT use it? I like Garchomp for similar reasons, but mainly because it's such a good dragon/ground type. I seek it out any time it's available. NO, it's NOT because of Cynthia, either.
  9. Sami
    4 Days Ago 4:04 AM
    hmmm I suppose we're mortal enemies then if you pledge allegiance to the Vanu Soverignity... I side with NC lmao
  10. The Foogle
    5 Days Ago 1:14 PM
    The Foogle
    Thanks for the post on the returning members thread! Nice to meet you too, for sure! Gardevoir is pretty epic if i do say so myself.
  11. Fairy
    5 Days Ago 8:51 PM
    d'aww you!! you are the most precious gardevoir in the universe!
  12. Fairy
    6 Days Ago 4:44 PM
    hey you! this have been a little chaotic not gonna lie! but, going in a positive direction overall. n_n; thank you for being so diligent and taking such good care of M&G while I've been busy!!
  13. Last Thursday
    2 Weeks Ago 2:19 PM
    Last Thursday
    Heyy, congrats to the mod spot :) M&G is a lovely place, and you seem like a nice person so it seems like it's in good hands. Good luck and enjoy the job! Sincerely, an oldie
  14. Roni
    2 Weeks Ago 7:34 AM
    Been sorta wanting to try that game out for a while now, but it's just too heavy for me haha. Perhaps when I eventually go back to a full on desktop where I can fully control how many hard drives I can have~

    For the meantime though I might just actually tackle the missions for once. There hasn't been a single GTA game where I actually finished everything needed in the main storyline lmao.
  15. Roni
    2 Weeks Ago 8:35 AM
    Ohh I forgot about that feature. I don't think I've ever used it because yeah the stock music they have are bangers on their own. Insane just how many radio stations they have. I've discovered some cool songs from the OST and are now in my personal playlists heh.

    4-6 hours travel by foot? Sounds like a relaxing weekend activity for you then eh? :3

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    Hello! I am Fact Checking Gardevoir. Pleased to meet you!
    I hatched at Lilycove City.
    My parents were battlers in their trainer's team but I followed a different path.
    Wanting to socialize with pokémon and humans alike, I worked hard to master telepathy from my young years.

    After evolving into a Kirlia when I was ten years old, I saw on TV a reporter investigating to find the truth about two organizations of wrongdoers, Team Aqua and Team Magma.
    I realized this was where I wanted to be : I had found my calling!
    The news organization happily welcomed me as they appreciated my telepathic skills and my drive to work hard.

    At that time, they had a few pokémon working with them but none had a role with a microphone.
    With a wise Alakazam, we developped a new kind of microphone able to receive psychic pokémon's telepathy and convert it to human speech, for all audiences to understand it!

    I have since participated in many investigations to find out the truth, and more and more pokémon have joined us, behind and in front of the camera!
    I evolved into a Gardevoir last year, for my 29th birthday, which is the 15th of may. As I grew used to lead investigations, my colleagues decided to nickname me "Fact Checking Gardevoir", a nickname I gladly accepted!

    I have spent a while fact-checking the pokédex's entries, an activity who has shown to be somewhat risky. But fortune favours the brave! ... I think.

    I have taken a liking in being active on PokéCommunity's forums, which counts a friend of mine, Fairy, as one of its administrators! First, I became community supporter, as I enjoy spending time greeting new members and exchanging with all the friends I make here!
    I have recently been gifted the rank of moderator for the Meet and Greet section. I will do my best to help the staff in maintaining the forums as a warm and welcoming place for all!

    I also have started working on interviews of humans and pokémon alike, PokéCommunity's staff members - the first was Fairy! -, but also artists, fan game creators, ... I look forward for the next interview!
    Hobbies : - Exploring the world and chasing rumors and sayings, to find out the truth, with YOU!
    - Interview people and pokémon alike!
    Favourite things : Learning what pokémon truly can (or cannot) do, making new friends, and Oran Berry Juice!
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    Know that it's a fact!
    And make it exact!
    To protect the world from manipulation !
    To unite all peoples and pokémon with verified information!
    To denounce the evils of rumors and lies!
    To extend our reach to all regions and skies!
    Fact Checking Gardevoir!
    The truth blasts off at the speed of light!
    Open up your eyes now, or prepare to fight!
    On the road!
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