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    March 10th, 2012 4:00 PM
    ChAriZard 9
    I'm in the process of making a ROM hack of FR. The story is basically based on the character Jimmy from the Chronicles. So the games going to be in the Johto region with all the Johto gym leaders (Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, Chuck, Jasmine, Pryce, and Claire). The pokemon the leaders have will be different than the games, I'm not giving out the pokemon they will have its going to be a surprise. The story is more of a mind trick game. The mind tricks can't be avoided until a certain point. But the plot of the game is Jimmy (player) gets to choose his pokemon from Prof. Elm after Elm's pokemon were stolen by a mysterious character he finally gets them back and the player is the first to pick one. The pokemon the player can choose is either a Chikorita, Totodile, or a Cyndiquil. Jimmy's rivals will be Marina as everyone who watched the Chronicles with Jimmy should be familiar with. His other rivals are 2 of the main leaders in Team Rocket. Team Rocket will not be in the game except for those 2. I have not came up with names for them yet. Jimmy's last rival will be (you the players get to choose) and he is actually an undercover evil team leader (still thinking of a name) and tricks you into thinking hes on your side when all he wants to do is betray you. So as you progress through the game the team rocket leaders will show up at special and very interesting and on the edge of your seat moments along with the undercover and Marina only battles you at random moments. The undercover dude finally shows his true colors and I don't wanna spoil the surprise, so will the player stop the mad man from taking over all the pokemon and everything Jimmy accomplished or will you keep falling for his traps? Play and find out!

    This hack is nowhere near done yet and would like experienced hackers to PM me if you would like to help for it would make it so much easier to finish and quicker not to mention look more professional.

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    Names Tim. What else do you guys wanna know?
    Play guitar, pokemon, PS3/PSN, working on hacking FR, weed, working, and chillin with friends.
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    My theory is; If Ash evolved his pokemon then, maybe, he would win the championships.

    What legendary would win? Don't wanna get involved in that fight, it would be more like a suicide mission.


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