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  1. noa
    1 Week Ago 7:30 PM
    thank you!! ^^
  2. VisionofMilotic
    1 Week Ago 5:09 PM
    That is really good news. I got wind of this on Pimpnite's channel yesterday. He's such a goofy, fun guy, reminds me of Marriland. Do you know if there is an end to the pokebank giveaway event anywhere in sight? Been under the weather lately, and haven't redeemed my ha starters or played much pokemon.

    Anyway I think the starters are one of the brighter points to Alola. All three are very cute in their first stage, but my favorite has to be Primarina for her mermaid-like final form. You are going to breed one of those beautiful shiny Primarinas with the California beach blonde hair aren't you?

    Argh I hate it went that happens-- when you get *that* close. Bouffant is such a monster even without the grass immunity, there is no shame here. Without team preview to know its coming and a fighting move left it can really be heartbreaking to see appear. This is the Pokemon that led me to make best buddies with Mienshao.

    i see XY as almost anti BW. There was no more story-heavy region than Unova before that point. I loved Unova, but I know plenty did not share my enthusiasm, finding yhe story and pokemon were pretentious. I think in light of response to the original black white games GF probably wanted to go the opposite way, keep the games very short, sweet and genki so as not to alienate anyone, tell the story simply, bring lots of classic pokemon back with buffs and focus more on design to appease critics. But ultimately that invited criticism from the other end of the spectrum because its a thinner game than gen 5. While I would have liked XY to be longer, and see more of Lysander and AZ I think Oras was a really was a good counterbalance to it since Hoenn is a very intimidate region. I think it took the best parts of XY its visual flair, its mechanics and married it to the character development and the more traditional Japanese ambiance of Hoenn. When I look at them together I am overall happy very with gen 6. As for Xerneas, I had funny feeling he would be your favorite Kalos legendary considering your eye for beauty. I like the whole Yggdrasil trio in truth.

    You did right to assign me Mega Sceptile! It is my second favorite dragon after Dragonite and my favorite mega. I actually like Gyarados in its base form to makeup the team's core with mega sceptile. Go away electric moves! It has its counters of course freeze dry, mega aerodactyl, but either one of them can sweep if you predict correctly.

    The colors you describe for the fabric sound beautiful. Venomoth does have a lovely color scheme, the Lilligant flower will make you fit for Erika's gym, and I approve of the Meganium-esque bracelet too. I really wish this was an outfit-either in game or to purchase in real-life for cosplay. So you are going to provide us a cleric? Awesome! And we'll use our Johto starters. Speaking of cleric and Johto what do you think of Celebi in Crystal? I recall that you have your Suicune but was wondering if you had gone on the Celebi hunt yet? She'll be pretty in pink. :D
  3. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 5:18 AM
    VisionofMilotic will find you there! Fortunately though we may not need to make an emergency exit. Reading this news update this morning was music to my ears. Pokecommunity stays open.

    I feel like Xy has interesting characters in both Lysander and AZ and I liked what I saw of them, but we were just getting started. i do like xy because its so glamorous-looking and I enjoy using megas, but no denying that there was more they could have done. Platinum hit a milestone from Diamond and Pearl with the distortion world, alternate forms, return of the battle frontier etc, and I think had there been a Z game Kalos had the potential to do even more. Zygarde, who was always my favorite legendary of the Yggdrasil trio-- he is the dragon one of course, didn't get his day until Sun and Moon.

    I almost died when I saw a totem Togedamaru pop out in battle. It was so big and with its round shape it was like the sun coming up, wow I thought.

    Oh that would be so cute! Your Lilligant with a parasol. Did you ever her into a musical? I'm picturing her dancing in the elegant soirée.

    You have got my number! That would be my team totally, these Mons I adore. Somehow Gyarados would come on too sometimes. My snivy would strut around beside me, sitting in his basket keeping his Cyrano Debergerac-like nose in the air, looking down on everyone. I'd have pink hair pins in my hair as a Dragon tamer like Milotic's antennae. I will dress like Clair with knee high boots, and a charm bracelet like a Milotic's scales. I will fly on Dragonite and surf the sea on Milotic.

    And we can battle side by side as sisters!
  4. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 5:21 PM
    Have you heard of another Pokemon forum called While I would rather be here, I just made an account there as a safety net in case anything happens to the pokecommunity. I kept the name VisionofMilotic so that I can be found easily. think it probably won't come to this, but I'm glad to have another forum similar in structure to this one even if it is not quite as large or advanced. I'm also thinking about bulbagarden.

    You remembered it right, there wasn't a bonus boss in XY. They shouldn't have skipped Pokemon Z as a game, this was the chance to really complete Kalos.

    Now the totems I have seen on the battlefield. Its kinda cool, but at the same time kinda scary. Reminds me of the Island of the Giant Pokemon episode-- but I don't want to digress to the television too much.

    Did you say Vileplume? Now she is one of my favorites. Was on my very first Pokemon team ever. I named her Jane because the big bloom on her head made me think of a grand old hat like a merry widow. So I gave her a proper Edwardian name.

    You would have a very enchanting team with Lilligant and Laurantis, Vileplume, Tsareena, Venomoth, all of these magically-looking Pokemon, feminine and softly colored and dressed. And of course Lilligant walking side by side with you. You would totally be an aroma lady. I could also see parasol lady for you.

    All of my favorite Pokemon are several feet long and serpentine. It would be a bit awkward trying to let them slither beside me, but maybe Milotic or Dratini can coil up in the basket of my bike as I go riding by.

  5. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 9:49 AM
    In light of recent events we may need more than cake. **brings up Oran berry vintage from the cellar and pours you a glass*" I don't understand why the whole community has been compromised because of something that one person was accused of. If this is true, then I think the course of action should simply be a new leader.

    I plan on staying here until I am thrown out. Its become a home to me. But if the forum ceases to operate then would you like to stay in touch through another outlet?

    On a lighter note. Yup, that's cartoon characters for ya, oblivious to the weather. Why Colress you've bundled up in an even longer trench coat for the tropical island climate?

    Speaking of Colress, I love that countdown too-- my shoulders and hips start to swing when I hear the numbers. And the techno sound fits him well as a man of science. Oh and yes I would have loved it if he had been involved in the mega evolution plot for xy. Another thing that I would have liked is having more interactions with AZ. I think his redemption could have been a plotline that extended through post game and concluded with a dungeon battle like Red or Steven with a full team of 6 at higher levels than the champion.

    The criticism of Team Rainbow Rocket being cut short is definitely one I have heard before. Thanks for a good analysis. I guess, there is the Alolan photo club I can try too. I'll probably be able to make something out of that since I like things like Cameron the photographer, fashion case and contests.

    The Johto games have more of a level jump than others, but I guess the bright side is that it will gimme plenty of time to find Entei as I grind in the wilds of Johto-- he's still on the loose. Alternatively, when I feel like living dangerously I battle with the level gap, one of my more reckless victories was countering Red's level 88 Pikachu with a lvl 57 Quagsire in Soul Silver.

    I love Pokemon-Scentsation, (the episode with Erika) it was one of the first Pokemon episodes I watched as a tot and I find Erika so pretty, graceful and a dignified protector of Pokemon. I think Pokemon presents very good female characters. I was also enamored with Ash's Charmander in that episode, he's still my fav starter. And Ash made a pretty girl as Ashley, he should do it more often! The Charizard vs Magmar episode is also pretty memorable. Have you see the St. Anne episode on where James buys Magikarp and the ship sinks? That's one I like quite a bit too.

    Sorry if my last message and this one are a bit long. I guess I have loads to say, who knows which day could be the last. *raises glass* A toast to you Lilygardy. Oh! And here is a sweetheart candy for Lilligant :)
  6. noa
    2 Weeks Ago 11:32 PM
    Cool, let me know when you do ^_^ if somehow PC is gone by the time you do, my username is Dr. Noa#8066
    Just copy paste that when you go to add me
  7. noa
    2 Weeks Ago 11:22 PM
    Indeed. It is very sad... Are you on discord or twitter? It would be a shame to lose contact
  8. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 12:31 PM
    Hi Lilygardy!

    Sorry this reply is so long overdue, especially since you deserve congratulations for you victory in USUM! **tosses confetti and presents cake** Seeing everyone mega evolving at once is like a scene out of one of the movies :D

    Alola as a region I'm still kinda meh about, but I have not played the sequels so they may yet grow on me. I was always intrigued by the idea of Team Rainbow Rocket. Overall do you recommend Ultra Sun /Ultra Moon?

    My Crystal quest is unfinished too as of yet. I stopped at Blaine. The odd thing is that I was enjoying myself, but it seemed too soon to say goodbye to gen 2 so I stopped progress like the sentimental girl I am-- trying to draw out the end as long as I can, stalling with mystery dungeon. Crystal has been so nostalgic.

    I haven't watched the television series in awhile either, though the movies I watch obsessively. Still I try to catch some episodes from every region, and I love how dark the original series was. The whole trilogy dealing with Sabrina and the Ghost of Maiden's Peak episode are among my favorites. I have always been interested in the occult and mysterious. Do you have any favorite Pokemon episodes or movie?

    Speaking of dark...Ghetsis. I love this guy. He just seems like the most dominant personality of all of the villains and he's extremely talented, he masterminded the resurrection of ancient legendaries and the evil genius who fused Kyurem and controlled it. I also like the angst-- there's just so much going on in his emotionally abusive relationship with N. His Pokemon all suit his personality well and his team is good. He also really knows how to make an entrance with that ominous battle theme. Its actually my favorite battle theme in Pokemon.

    Speaking of music I just love the OST of Unova and glad that you do to. There are so many treasures.

    Colress is another character I like a lot too. He's well-designed, ambiable and a unique personality. He truly is neutral in the D&D sense. His theme isn't shabby either.

    You should nominate the Elite Four music for best theme in the 5th gen music award thread. We need more people like you there.
  9. noa
    2 Weeks Ago 2:25 PM
    I didn't know either. I actually have never used Venomoth in a Pokemon playthrough. Maybe I'll use one in my next playthrough of Soul Silver.
    In my opinion Gen 6 is the worst Pokemon game. Like, I don't think I'd ever play it again. It just seemed unmemorable to me. I did like gen 7, though USUM was disappointing. Moon was fun to play.
    There is a rom hack of Crystal called Pokemon Prism that is really good. It feels like a real Pokemon game. Sadly Nintendo targeted him and made him take his rom offline for good (though it is still possible to obtain it through people who still have the file). It was a shame because I think he should have been offered a job instead lol
  10. noa
    3 Weeks Ago 2:28 PM
    92 and 60 eggs not bad! Venomoth is cool and really underrated in my opinion.
    To be completely honest I am not very into gen 7 recently. I am enjoying gens 2-4 the most. I guess I'm really nostalgic lately. Have you played any rom hacks?
  11. noa
    3 Weeks Ago 12:53 PM
    Nice! You're killin' it in Pokemon! Congrats on the Totodile, how many eggs? I should get back to my shiny Shinx/Pachirisu hunt in platinum but I still need to beat Crystal. There's a lot I want to do. I actually have laryngitis at the moment. I can't even speak... I'm going to the doctor today, it's frustrating. At least I can do things online to pass the time while I recover!
  12. noa
    3 Weeks Ago 12:35 PM
    Hi Lily, it's been a while. I got disinterested in PC for a little bit. How are you?
  13. VisionofMilotic
    3 Weeks Ago 5:50 PM
    Wonderful news! A shiny Totodile. That is funny, I go by Sam- as in Samantha. Well he will be cute when you see him in Poke Refresh before you begin your training. I think Totodile's cheerfulness makes him the most fun of the first stage Johto starters, though Chikorita's line is the loveliest to look at overall. In Oras post game when I got my Johto starter I went with Totodile, gave it an everstone to keep it adorable and then it exchanged stone for scarf and embarked on a contest career. It gets some really good tough, cool and cute contest movesets.

    On Sabrina I'm happy with her appearance basically in gen 1, I like that she looks brooding and stern, but what I don't like is that she carries a whip in the original Red Blue games. So I would definitely pick her more recent sprites. The 1st season episodes with her are some of my all time favs though. I love how they paid homage to the Twilight Zone with her dollhouse. As a doll collector myself it makes Sabrina that much more interesting to me.

    Now Ghetsis, he is something. I think he is actually the best final boss fight of the main series games, even though I can't count him as a champion. I wish they hadn't nerfed him in BW2, that was sad for me as his fan.

    For some reason I always do very well against Marshall. I was proud of my Serperior in my last run of White 2 for sweeping Marshall's whole team by himself. The fighting type that is hardest for me to counter is Machamp, which thankfully Matshall only has in rematch on challenge more. Grimsley is the e4 member who tends to delay more often because his attacks are so sneaky!
  14. VisionofMilotic
    3 Weeks Ago 7:57 AM
    Feraligatr is a beauty in his shiny form! I'm trying to think of the right words for the color scheme, maybe turquoise with an indigo fringe? The sheer force HA (and the desire to teach her offspring dragon dance) was actually the reason I went with Totadile this time around. When i first played Gold as a kid I picked Cyndaquil, who is also good. But I am beginning to think that Totodile is the most efficient choice, especially if you take into the Kanto gyms alongside Johto. Speaking of Kanto you look very tough with your Sabrina avvie. She is probably my favorite of the original Kanto leaders.

    Leafeon is super cute with the fawn brown earth tones. I have trouble picking a favorite eeveelution. I pick different ones on different days.

    I also am with you about N as champion (bless his darling heart) I actually had a closer match with the elite four, but alas he's a lover not a fighter at heart.
  15. VisionofMilotic
    4 Weeks Ago 5:50 PM
    I was meaning to drop you a message and congratulate you about your striking new blue Venomoth! I heard the good news when browsing the shiny hunters thread! This is cause for celebration indeed.

    Since Chikorita's line is your favorite of the Johto starters maybe you will be happiest with its shiny form? It has a lovely golden shiny and you are a grass pokemon trainer after all.

    I'm going to have to start from scratch as a breeder in GSC. I don't have RBY (outside of my emulator) so I can't use the ditto trick but I will still have some fun. I decided to let shiny Gyarados breed with my Arbok to try for a shiny Ekans. I consider it a cool-looking gold cobra fit for a pharoah, it will also give me a few more options because ekans can breed with dragons or the field egg group.

    Any other adventures in Pokemon I should know of?

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