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  1. Pudding
    44 Minutes Ago 7:49 AM
    I love purple but I don't wear it often ): what I wear is black and white clothes usually. Shirts are what are usually colorful tho. Yourself? Do you wear pink?

    Okie dokie we can do that hahaha ;)

    Awwww I hope Simba lives a long and happy life with you. Pets are precious and they know how to cheer us up <3

    I love flowers yes ^-^ although I am actually hoping I can grow my own fruits and veggies.
  2. Pudding
    13 Hours Ago 7:12 PM
    Ah I see! I agree in that she's definitely the most cheerful, and I just love her personality all together. I like pink, but my favorite color has to be purple :3 more specifically pastel purple and pastel blue. Basically pastel colors.

    And I don't mind you being a girly girl so don't mind being one with me ^-^ I may not be one, since I'm more of a... well I don't know what I am hahahahaha. Never stopped to think about it really.

    And Oh? That's quite alright! I do love the Equestria girl designs, so I don't see how people don't fall head over heels for them hehehe. I like how they still have their pony colors on them and not the regular human skin colors we have.

    And hmmmm. Pets pets. I grew up with different pets throughout my childhood. For example I had a turtle once. We let it free though. We had a rabbit too, but it escaped. The first dog we had was a chihuahua-poodle mix that we ended up giving to the shelter. And right now we have a chihuahua-rat terrier mix we grew up with for nearly the past decade. Cookie is his name <3 We adore him! However I want to actually own a big aquarium one day and raise unique fish hehehe.

    Your mom seems like a strong person. (:
  3. apokemoncoordinator
    18 Hours Ago 2:20 PM
    You misspelled Acerola
  4. Loki's Army Girl
    22 Hours Ago 9:35 AM
    Loki's Army Girl

    There you go~ :3 I set it up as much as I could.
  5. Loki's Army Girl
    23 Hours Ago 9:00 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    I'm on so many already. >< I made the new one, but I have to set up later because my mom needs help with her lawn sale. So, I'll talk to you later! <3
  6. Loki's Army Girl
    23 Hours Ago 8:42 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    Yeah... I might have to. The email used... and that account? I don't think it's even mine. It used to be, but... I don't remember changing any of those things. I'll have to make a new set of forums anyway as a "fresh start".
  7. Loki's Army Girl
    23 Hours Ago 8:36 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    I don't know the password to it... and I doubt I have access to the email associated with it. D:
  8. Loki's Army Girl
    1 Day Ago 8:27 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    Hm... do you know what my username is for the forums? O___o Or do you want me to make a new one? Nooo. Tom Hiddleston. He plays Loki in the Marvel franchise! XD
  9. Loki's Army Girl
    1 Day Ago 8:22 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    Don't worry. I get like that with Tom Hiddleston. :P Wait.. that place is still alive? I don't even remember the info or anything to that place tbh. O___O I'm asexual, but I still get those thoughts with Tom because omfg... girl, don't get me started on that man. XD I don't have as many as I used to myself. I've actually matured a lot to! I was such a n00b back then that it wasn't even funny. D: A lot of it was the fact that I had also been very emotionally/mentally unstable. I dealt with a lot of stuff in my life around that time that I honestly regret. ;o; I'm a much better person now because I've stabilized a lot more now that I'm older and what not!
  10. Loki's Army Girl
    1 Day Ago 8:13 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    Yep, that's one of them! <3 Not much. :D I found out I have mildish autism and also really severe anxiety (which is being managed by meds). It turns out, I was actually diagnosed with autism around 12, but I didn't find out about it until like... my junior year in high school. It actually depends a lot on my mood whenever it pops up. Yeah, I also found I was bisexual/aromantic/aseuxual not long ago.
  11. Loki's Army Girl
    1 Day Ago 8:07 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    Honestly, I don't remember. D: Some of the usernames I had back then were ashs_grrl or Kimi Kaizer. It's been so long, and my mind is so fuzzy. ><
  12. Loki's Army Girl
    1 Day Ago 8:03 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    Yes, we were! <3
  13. Loki's Army Girl
    1 Day Ago 8:01 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    I remember you. :O I went by a lot of usernames in the past, but... I know you and I were friends! We actually got into this big fight and went separate ways... but it was so long ago that I forgot what the fight was about.
  14. KaratGaming
    1 Day Ago 6:50 AM
    Korrina is special also.
  15. VisionofMilotic
    1 Day Ago 6:17 AM
    Awww, I'm glad that I did something to boost your mood :)
    Sorry for my late reply delivered by a mail truck driven by a Slowbro, Shuckle and Torkoal. I slowed down because I wanted to be extra careful with this reply, and think it over before sending if to you. I didn't want to write anything that might bring up a memory not as pleasant, so let me start by saying thank you! Yes, Milotic is so pretty. She is also my favorite shiny of all time.

    When making a pokemon top ten list just based on beautiful designs Milotic would always be my #1. Xerneas would get my #2 spot, then Gardevoir at #3. Cresselia has to be on there too. Dragonair would be next. After that Diancie, especially the mega. Next I've got Volcarona, Suicune, Alolan Ninetales, and last but not least Serperior. It was really a tough between Roselia or Serperior for the last spot, and part of me would have liked to have gone to top 15 or 20 to include Roselia and some other nice ones, but my messages are long enough as it is, teehee so I had to stop.

    I think you have said something very wise. You are right, Pokemon tend not to fight each other as enemies. There are competitons, but nothing is personally. We as Pokemon fans can learn from the pokemon we train , and can all get along.

    Yes, since I have known some great dogs in real life, its only natural that I should like some dog Pokemon too. Sometimes I name dog-inspired pokemon I raised after real pets of mine.. Both my Lucario and Arcanine were named after my German Shepherd and Pyrenee respectively. I'm about to start a new Pokemon Black play through and will probably catch a Lillipup this time and name it after the family Chow. I've never raised Stoutland before, but I will give it a try.

    My favorite dog pokemon is the legendary dog Suicune. I really like how it is used in the story of Crystal, and this pokemon will always hold a special place in my heart sincesince it followed you all across Johto and Kanto. I named my first Suicune North Wind, inspired by the Suicune in the 4th pokemon movie Voice of the Forest. Smeargle is another one who is super cute.

    Jirachi Wishmaker is a good one. I Don't think I am up to 10 views just yet, but I think I've seen it at least 4 times.

    I have plenty of Pichu to share. Tell me whether you want a boy or girl and what nature, and if there is anything special you want me to nickname them. My friend code is 2939-2127-7148. Once I have yours to enter in my 3ds we will be officially registered. My friend Safari is water. Also do you want Volt Tackle, the signature move on Pichu? I can manage that! Also let me know whether you want me to trade with you on a gen 6 game like XY, Oras or gen 7 I.e SM/USUM because it affects which game I need to use. I will also bring some extra Milotic if you are still interested, just let me know the gender, name and ability you want, I can do any, marvel scale, competitive or cute charm. My personal favorite choice is marvel scale.

    I went rollerblading before when I was 8 years old. I did it on the Santa Monica, California pier, which is a beach area with a board walk, ferris wheel and other sides, snack stands, arcades etc. I was HORRIBLE at it, even though it looked like so much fun! I kept falling flat on my face, grabbing onto tables and people to keep from tumbling to ground. Its way harder than it looks.

    Sometimes girls from my church would visit rollerskating rings and invite me. Even though I was never good at rollerblading, I still think its cool to watch a master of it like Korrina at work, even if I am bad. I also always loved to see Sakura from Card Captor Sakura go by on her skates!

    All of my anime crushes have been guys I think, but there are certainly many beautiful women in the Pokemon franchise. I tend to admire poised dark-haired and mature like Sabrina, Valerie and Erika. I genuinely believe that all women are beautiful, not just pokemon characters or other anime characters or famous movie stars and models, every girl out there, you, me, all of us are special like it says in the Little Princess.

    Have a lovely rest of your weekend!


About Me

  • About LadyJirachu
    Quick Self-Introduction
    I'm a very feminine woman with a crush on korrina from x and y, a major obsession with pokemon and cute things, and i support pearlshipping
    I have a lot to say. I hope people will willingly read it, or at least the parts about my low tollerence to drama. It would mean a lot to me. :)

    Kissing Korrina and lovin' it.

    I also have Autism.

    I also am trying to accept more and more that i love girly things everyday :) My crush on Korrina is comforting when its still hard for me to believe in myself. Though sometimes I just like thinking about her anyways cuz she's just beautiful to me overall ^///^

    I really dislike drama and have very low tollerence of it. I may even avoid making friends with a lot of serena fans (and probably amour shippers as a whole) because I have heard of the drama they can start with people more and more as time goes on. I admit what I probably mostly liked about her overall was her pokemon too (sylveon, who actually is a pokemon i personally like a lot, braixen, and pancham are all pretty neat pokemon IMO). Oh and if anyone here tries to start drama with me, I WILL report them. You've been warned. I want to enjoy this forum and talking about all my favorite pokemon characters in peace without bullies and jerks breathing down my back.....argumentalness has always made me feel rather ill (even when i've been prone to getting dramatic myself due to my sensitiveness).

    I may write a fanfict explaining my own fan theories involving the fighting type sometime. May make for an interesting read :P Things I think i'll add is fighting types like to fight fair, they actually really dislike arguments, they love to compete in pokemon battles in general, and they can have 'fatherly' type personalities.

    In real life, i'm known to draw lots of fan art of korrina. About 90% of all drawings i do in general are pokemon related, even outside all my many drawings of korrina (i tend to draw cuter pokemon too although lucario, blaziken, and classic raichu are also pokemon i find i draw pretty often). Sadly, I still have no way of getting real life artwork online to show my friends and others who wish to see it right now. I hope one day we'll get a scanner; Cuz I do really enjoy drawing fanart. Especially of my crush <3333

    I tend to not draw pictures of pokemon that existed past gen 4 though. (i only have a pokemon drawing guide that goes up to the sinnoh pokemon and i can find a lot of pokemon in general hard to draw; unless they've been ones i've typically draw a lot in general and learned to memorize the designs of :P Pikachu, Pichu, Skitty, and Lucario are some of those pokemon. oh and i've memorized korrina's design to a T.)

    If Korrina was a real person i'd date her in a heart beat, she's just so special to me. If homophobes give us a hard time, ehhh, i think i could blow them off sensitive as i am just cuz i know i really want to be with korrina :3 hopefully if i was with another girl irl and loved her a lot like i love korrina now i'd know how to blow off hateful jerks in that relationship too. Everyday i'm trying to improve my emotional strength. But I still don't want to get in emotional battles with anyone on the internet! So please leave me alone if you like drama or picking on other people >_>; I MEAN IT.

    If you want to join my korrina forum sometime (i don't know when i'll post there again myself though although my friend jackster is trying really hard to make it as drama free as possible now), just pm me. But please be nice if I invite you there (you need a join code e-mailed to you to get in) because i can get easily frightened if bad things happen on there, due to just how much korrina means to me....(and also i get scared by people being generally unhappy around me in general)
    I disided to shorten this. I love Korrina (of course<3), cute things, the color pink, feminine things in general (and no longer think they're 'bad' to like...regardless of what others say o.o), and of course i'm also a really really big pokemon fan :P

    I also really dislike drama and won't put up with it from ANYONE.

    I also play video games sometimes, mainly pokemon ones. I like pokemon showdown, too, and am interested in building more 'girly' teams on there now xD Already, i have an all cute pokemon team on there that kicks butt^^

    And of course as I said before: I'm SUPER into Korrina. She's my crush and the love of my life and even though she's a tomboy, i'd like to think she respects girly things a lot and even enjoys them when she's hanging out with me :3 <3

    Some cute franchises I really like are:
    My Little Pony
    Littlest Pet Shop
    Care Bears
    The Powerpuff Girls

    I also full heartedly support being kind to other people ^_^ I won't let anyone take advantage of me, though :P And I would hope no one would ever try to...
    Female ♀
    Super huge Pokemon fanatic (and korrina fangirl too <3)
    Also Known As
    KorrinasPrincess (pokemon showdown)
    Favorite Pokémon
    Lucario and Pikachu are my two most fav pokemon :3 (i'm also a major fan of a lot of other cutesy pokemon in general xD)
    In-Game Name
    Trainer Shiny Value
    Whats that?
    Go Team
    Do not display
    Discord Nickname
  • Online Accounts
    You know what this is.
    TCG Online Username
    I deleted my account...(i had a first and last name combo i despise on there :x and the site wouldn't let me change them, so i deleted myself and will make a new account one day)
  • Signature
    ~Number One Korrina Fan Girl~

    I didn't make this but its wonderful and beautiful :3 x3

    Hiyo, i'm Jirachu~<3 Kawaii Pikachu and Jirachi cross, though now my favorite Pokemon character is Korrina; and I crush HARD on her lemme tell ya lol :3
    Jackster is a good friend of mine on this forum so be nice to him please.
    I wanna make other good friends here too ^_^
    Being girly is wonderful!!!!! :D

    And Pokemon is forever special to me :)


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