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    Infj-a / Italian ~ I'll see you on an adventure!

    "Somewhere on your journey... don't forget to turn around and enjoy the view."
    I'm an Italian boy from a small town and I've always wanted to see other places. When I was a child, I travelled thanks to videogames and thanks to Pokémon! Everytime I departed to go on an adventure in the Pokémon World, I was so excited! I loved the starter choise, I loved to imagine my characters adventures based on the personalities I gave them, I loved to win every battle and to see the next city.
    Years have passed and the same passion still remains, so I can't stop to love Pokémon with every fiber of my being.

    I have a very vivid imaginations and I often lose myself in my thoughts. There are moments in which I create OCs just by simply thinking about a funny idea that my brain begins to expand and process. This Is why my nickname Is "Lost". In my mind, I'm never lost, because I'm thinking about something I like, but on the outside people would say that I'm lost in my thoughts.

    One last thing: since I'm Italian, my english Is very limited. I'm good at comprehending what I read, but my writing Is not that good. I hope that at least my grammar Is correct and that It's not hard to get what I try to say.

    I think that I've said enough about me. Thank you for reading! <3
    - Reading. Every kind of books Is fine to me! I also love fanfictions and manga.
    - Writing. Even If I'm not good at It
    - Playing Videogames. I always have been a Nintendo fanboy, but recently I'm over overfixating on Soulsborne games.
    - Anime. I'm currently watching One Piece and I think It's my favourite one so far, even If i watched hundreds of them.
    - Travelling. It's probably the thing I like the most, because I'm very curious and I like to widen my horizons.

    And, above all... Pokémon! You would have never guess, right? I like almost everything about the brand, but mostly the story and the worldbuilding. Because of this, I have many headcanons that I use to expand the Pokémon World, both In my mind and In my fanfictions.
    In my opinion Pokémon In the games has not a fully expressed potential, but I love It nonetheless
    Nimbasa City
    Male ♂
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    Favorite Pokémon
    #190 - Aipom
    #206 - Dunsparce
    #233 - Porygon2
    #253 - Grovyle
    #302 - Sableye
    #327 - Spinda
    #385 - Jirachi
    #393 - Piplup
    #428 - Lopunny
    #495 - Snivy
    #501 - Oshawott
    #559 - Scraggy
    #579 - Reuniclus
    #587 - Emolga
    #637 - Volcarona
    #670 - Floette
    #674 - Pancham
    #700 - Sylveon
    #708 - Phantump
    #715 - Noiver
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    Go Team
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    "Somehwere on your journey... don't forget to turn around and enjoy the view."

    "You always see new sides of people when you travel together."


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