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Pokémon Infinite Fusion dev

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  1. erik destler
    June 10th, 2019 8:50 AM
    erik destler
    Hey there! I just wanted to let you know I removed the poll from your thread. Sorry for the delayed response!! :)
  2. vapoeve
    April 6th, 2018 5:02 AM
    thank you, it worked. Now I have another issue... How can I play 4.0 ith my save file?
  3. vapoeve
    March 5th, 2018 8:24 AM
    I have an issue with the game. I download 3.1 and now the speed up bottom doesnt function
  4. bferreira1f
    December 28th, 2017 12:30 PM
    Hello Schrroms, I ran into a bug in the Red version where the game freezes and quits when you speak to the second bug catcher in Viridian Forest. An error message appears in the game. Something like "Script is running too slow." Latest version 3.1. Let me know if you need any other info.

    I have really cool fusions and would love to keep going with my current team.
  5. vapoeve
    November 18th, 2017 10:27 AM
    sorry for disturbing. I tried to add more sprites to the google drive and I cant.
  6. benicioneto
    November 2nd, 2017 5:51 PM
    Hi, im new to this rom hacking/pokemon editing. Could you send me the PBS file of Pokemon Infinity Fusion please?
  7. Shadowsteal2
    April 12th, 2017 5:27 AM
    Hi. I'm very interessed on your project and i'd like to work on it. I think pokemon infinite fusion is a very good game and i'll be very proud of taking part on the creation. I've made some backsprites and so and i'm trying to translate it into spanish, because I think it would be a good way to expand more the game. I think your ideas and my expectatives are very close each other and i also have had other posible ideas to improve the game. If you think i colud help send me a message in my adress:

    P.D.: I do this like a hobby so I think I will effort me even more. ;P
  8. PKMN Gamer Retro
    June 3rd, 2016 11:55 AM
    PKMN Gamer Retro
    I have been playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion ever since seeing MunchingOrange play it. I have completed DEMO 2.0 and am awaiting the next installment.

    As I have played it, I have come across some sprites that made me want to go and edit them to make them better. I think my work on them has been pretty well done.

    If you want to see them and possibly use them, follow the link below:
  9. MagmaGamingFTW
    April 23rd, 2016 4:23 PM
    Hey I have found a graphical bug in your game "Pokémon Infinite Fusion", it's not that much to do with the actual game more like how the game is presented because when I do alt+enter to change it to fullscreen it puts the game in the upper left corner and everything else is black so I hope you have a fix for this or to make the bigger window option available(btw i'm playing on a windows 10 Toshiba)
  10. LiamsPRO!vids!
    April 21st, 2016 5:43 PM
    You have a super awesome fan game and you live in Canada (like me)? Looks like everything about you is pretty cool :)
  11. Al3x
    April 18th, 2016 9:19 AM
    That gengar/snorlax is awesome but I liked that venusaur you had more.
  12. Token5678
    March 14th, 2016 9:14 PM
  13. carmaniac
    March 14th, 2016 6:19 PM
    carmaniac Would be great-full if linked when using. Thanks.
  14. Token5678
    March 14th, 2016 2:28 PM
    Dammit I Live I BC
  15. Token5678
    March 13th, 2016 11:47 PM
    I Just Noticed You Live In Canada Like Me :D What Part?

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