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Merry of all traits ;P

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  1. virtualboy2558
    April 22nd, 2017 1:13 PM
    Hi, Merry! ^o^ I'm on the forum now! And thank you for the amazing avatar! '#u#' <3

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  • About M.E.R.255
    Quick Self-Introduction
    I'm a Germerican who loves doing Pixel Art, thinking deeply, helping out, editing, using smilies, and is Virty's best pal. =3
    I was born and raised in Germany until the age of 18. (so yes, I speak both languages ;D)

    Moved due to having had a bad past/childhood thanks to my German family and me wanting to be near my dad and grandma.

    Am quite the loner, because I'm afraid to get close... (got my heart broken many times)

    I once had a Nintendo clan and was admin for about 3 years! =D But when I moved... my users were asleep by the time I got off work, and the site just fell apart without me. ._. I suppose it was for the best we split up (even though I miss them every day)...

    I've been dealing with depressions for many years, but never took any pills or asked for help. I just don't believe in shortcuts... You have to figure out what's wrong and fix it! =O But uh... not easy when the causes are mental scars that prevent you from fixing it. ._.

    I hate the line:
    "Forget the past, don't worry about the future, just live your life!"

    Here, let me make it better:
    "Learn the past, plan the future, and live the present!"

    Non-Pokémon Info:
    • I love darkblue! =D
    • also black + blue combos (the Jupiter theme looks AWESOME! OuO)
    • Can't get enough french fries! >=3
    • am a perfectionist (I spend more time improving than creating sprites, even if Nintendo made them .#.)

    Pokémon Info:
    • made some Fakémon in MS Paint (only some as sprites)! =D
    • am a um... "Gen 2er" ;P I love Pokémon Crystal the most. ^^
    • been wanting to hack Pokémon ROMs with my best friend (I wonder if that's how I found this site... ;D)
    • been editing Pokémon sprites (some animated) for fun ^^
    Pixelart, website programming, playing video games (Nintendo), and doing stuff (drawings, projects, discussing) with virtualboy2558 =)
    Ilex Forest, Johto (if only...)
    Male ♂
    to help out, hopefully ^^
    Also Known As
    Favorite Pokémon
    #¹⁵⁰ Mewtwo
    #¹⁵¹ Mew
    #¹⁵² Chikorita
    #¹⁵² Pichu
    #²⁰⁰ Misdreavus
    #²⁴⁸ Larvitar
    #²⁵⁰ Tyrantitar
    #²⁵¹ Celebi
    #³⁰⁶ Aggron
    #³⁵¹ Castform
    #³⁸⁵ Jirachi
    #³⁸⁶ Deoxys
    #⁴⁹¹ Darkrai
    #⁵³¹ Audino
    #⁵⁴⁹ Lilligant
    #⁷⁶³ Tsareena
    Go Team
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