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  1. Sheep
    1 Day Ago 8:42 AM
    Marina is so cute!! <3

    and yeah some people are incredibly talented/patient with decorating. I really want a pretty island like that but doing it one tile at a time is so exhausting and slow. I wish Nintendo made it a little less annoying lol, people have begged for it for almost a year now since the game came out, but they don't tend to ever communicate with their players much. oh well :( and yes Kid Cat is a jock! he is too cute and has been a fav for me since New Leaf ~

    yeah it's summer in South Africa atm. not as hot as australia but can still be hot enough sometimes lol. and we don't have AC in this flat, just a fan. next place I'll definitely make sure we get it because summer can be gross otherwise.. same with winter, all we have for that is an electric blanket for the bed ;_; lol

    good luck!! I admire you for doing stuff like that, I just haven't had much energy still, even for drawing which I used to do weekly x.x
  2. Roni
    1 Day Ago 9:36 PM
    thank you! doing all that legit gave me the itch to draw again. thank you to Kitty for the thread~

    i can definitely relate to the part with being confused as to which piece is best to attack. it's why i can't play blitz or bullet games because thinking about something like that eats up so much of my time. anyway it's you and me with the "when will i hit 1000" question lol. just seems like you're making far better progress than i am. rooting for you still!

    oof, i believe we wouldn't have been friends at all then if we had met at that time lol. i couldn't handle trolls and online arguments bcs i hurt real easily (i still do to a degree, tis why i like this place bcs it seems devoid of that nowadays). i'm glad you matured, you're really great to talk to.

    just watched that John Wolfe video you linked to. lol i wish i had his level of bravery or lack of care thereof towards those kinds of games. at least the first game in that video was really more a slasher game than a horror one, i wouldn't be able to watch the rest of it for sure lol.
  3. Roni
    2 Days Ago 7:53 PM
    wow i didn't even know software that old still existed. you got the spirit of the thread tho! i love the "<--- Crobat" really encapsulates me as a person tbh lmao. i retaliated just now btw!
  4. Hyzenthlay
    3 Days Ago 1:12 AM
    You're welcome Zeo, and thank you for yours! I'm really glad to hear that Trivia has been a positive place for you. ^ ^ We always appreciate our regulars keeping the place going, especially when all three of us mods have so much going on! We're still planning a little way to say thank you to everyone - an event of sorts, along with some small gifts! :)

    I've always seen you as Cyndaquil fan, but out of curiosity, what would you say is the Pokémon that represents you most/is your very favourite?
  5. Roni
    4 Days Ago 6:31 AM
    thanks for waiting for my reply lol. i actually have been typing a couple stuff up the past few days, but i could never get around to finishing it (until now ofc)

    thank you for contributing to keeping that haiku thread i made alive :D really appreciate it. chess really is like that though, one wrong move and, if your opponent is good enough, tides can turn hard. when do you think you'll reach 1000 elo? i've been hovering 950 for a couple weeks now without much success, but it's not like i'm actually actively trying to improve though, so there's also that. someone not opening with D4 almost always throws me off too, but for some reason those are the games i tend to win lol.

    to think i made my account around that time too. i always wonder how i'd be as a community member had i been a regular poster since back when i was 15. i got this gut feeling i would've been banned at some point as a result of my peak teen angst :p and i scrolled back in your account to see if that was real. my goodness it was Her herself who posted that lmao. on any forum i go to i make sure to get a feel of the place and read the rules first before trying to post anything, because it would hurt to get sanctioned/infracted/banned immediately as a new member all because i was unknowingly violating guidelines.

    it's a hit or miss for me regarding long videos (30 mins and above). i'm not above watching them all the way if the topic is super interesting, but if it's something like horror Let's Plays, then i'm pretty sure i'll pass on those. how's John Wolfe like as a commentator? what's his style and comedy per se? anything featuring with monsters/darkness/thrill of the unknown is classified as scary to me. i really just stay away from them for my own sanity's sake (and so i can sleep at night).
  6. Sheep
    5 Days Ago 3:44 AM
    ugh yeah. I think it's so you don't end up buying too many of them that you make insane amounts of money. they probably wanted somewhat of a deterrent so they made you have to drop them on the ground :( grats on 5 stars!! did you do the festivale event? I forgot to

    I currently have Judy, Dom, Kid Cat, Marshal, Rosie, Raymond, Lucky, Midge (she needs to move ahhhh), Stella, and Poppy. love them ;o; I get feeling bad if they leave but we just don't have enough slots, having someone new move in seems so fun.

    well clearly you're doing something right w/ chess! that's cool!!! I need to get back into my hobbies other than gaming, but it's been hot here where I am and that makes my mood a lot more lazy. when it cools down I'll definitely get back into stuff too. kick those people's behinds at chess ~

    Oh I heard they were doing something with avatar. Don't know if it's a new series or something, just that they were expanding the world of it.
  7. Aisaka
    6 Days Ago 5:51 PM
    Congrats! I think that was roughly around my time the first way through, it's been a while so I don't remember.

    I'm glad that isn't stressful for you though, and it's nice to hear you feel that way about the people you've met.

    Freeze is definitely the most impactful status, and it's interesting that it's balanced out by how rare it is, I wouldn't be surprised if someone went through a whole game without ever freezing another Pokemon. Good point with Reflect and Light Screen though too, I guess Brick Break is one those theoreticals that's possible, but you won't see often.

    I never really considered it'd be that strong through the game pretty consistently, usually I never hear any mention of how good a Pokemon like Geodude could be, but that's a good point. I'd seen a few clips from Werster but not very many, though he seems like one of the most notable Pokemon speedrunners.

    Makes sense, at that point you're pretty much done everything and have a lot more freedom, especially being in a class with friends like that. Seems like a lot more fun.
    The funny thing about that is I'm half-Japanese, and have a Japanese last name. And typically in Japan, if you don't know someone you'll introduce yourself with your last name. I worry that I could be seen as a native speaker, and it'd be awkward introducing myself as if I am one, but having to explain I'm not, despite being Japanese myself. I'm sure they'd appreciate the attempt though, yeah.

    I guess it pretty much is, isn't it? Japan is made up of a bunch of different islands, but there are 5 main ones. I guess it kinda does look connected if you look on a map from a distance or something though, the gap between the "mainland" and the northern island doesn't look too big.
    California is a place I've kinda always wanted to go, I was planning to attend the Pokemon World Championships in Anaheim but I was a little short off getting my invitation, and now they can't really hold it again for the time being. I've known a few people from Virginia, which is roughly in the same area I believe? I don't know the US too well but I believe something like that was the case.

    I think stuff like Revenge of the King and Meta Knightmare are where Super Star Ultra starts getting more interesting. Those two and Milky Way Wishes are probably my favourite parts of the game. Sounds like you got through True Arena alright though.~
    Having a fully working copy of Super Mario Bros 3 sounds interesting, that's pretty neat actually. That's another game I need to play, I'm not sure if I've mentioned that or not.

    That progress is wonderful to see and I'm happy for you. That seems like a pretty long while to go without one, and that's great to hear.
  8. Aisaka
    1 Week Ago 4:33 PM
    Hey, like I've said, don't stress yourself to write out a message to me. I can wait a while if it means taking care of yourself or responding to someone else. I'm cool with that.

    You make a good point, Ice Beam and Blizzard are pretty much always seen as offensive threats but Ice just can't pack any defense. The freeze chance seems almost non-existent a lot of the time, but when it actually goes off, that's a fun time. Another thing about Aurora Veil is, can't Brick Break just smash it? Ice types are weak to fighting already, so unless you have an Alolan Ninetales to resist that, you're kinda out of luck and giving them the opportunity to smash a wall.

    I actually didn't realize he started with Scyther. Maybe Stealth Rock could help but I don't think you can actually get anything with Stealth Rock at that point, unless you get the TM from DPPt and trade it over. What do you mean by negating the first half of Johto? Like having strong type matchups against those gym leaders?
    That clip is absolutely wonderful, I'd feel awful being in that position but watching it is just so funny. I remember how cool it was to me learning that you could skip Jasmine and come back later, or that you could even fight Pryce before Chuck. This conversation is making me wanna play HGSS again...

    Not having to speak in a language class sounds great, but I know I also wouldn't get any practice with something important if that's the case. I wouldn't have imagined you to be the loudest person in a class actually, haha. It probably wouldn't, because I don't know a lot of vocabulary. I wouldn't know how to properly say the right thing or how to hold a conversation. But it'd definitely be strange putting it into practice, I've never really attempted to speak Japanese with another person. The most has just been (very minor) translations from reading and listening. Sounds like a nice gym class though, haha.

    Japan is like an entire nation on a small collection of islands, it's really interesting. There's so many people and there's a lot of things that come from there that we hear about, like anime and video games, but it's not the biggest country out there. California itself is huge though, isn't it? I remember hearing there were so many people that it could theoretically be its own country if it wanted to. Cute dog, too! I love her pose in the picture.
    I've only attended the street festival the past couple years I've been able to, since I actually didn't know about it until my dad told me. There's something similar here that happens every summer that I do attend every year I've been able to, though.

    Seems like a tough loss, but you did get close, so congrats on that. This is making me wanna do my own arena run, so I might try one and send it to you depending on how well it goes. Bootleg stuff is always interesting cause of that. I'm curious what Pika Chu would've been, haha.

    I think I know what you mean with leaving stuff as memories sometimes.
    Starting to take medication for something definitely took me a while to get used to. I find having someone around for something like a panic attack helps a lot, I didn't even really know mine were panic attacks before I had one while talking to my boyfriend. It's weird to explain but I thought it was just some "feeling" I got or whatever. It's good to see you're on something that can help at least a little bit with it, and that you're pulling through.
  9. Roni
    1 Week Ago 7:24 AM
    wholeheartedly agree. it's mind games after all. also interesting that you currently have the same amount of ELO as standard haikus have syllables (5-7-5 get it? no? i'll show myself out). i will confirm that i make a bunch of pointless development moves because i don't always have a plan brewing in my head like pros do. just can't constantly see lines that far. i've tried to and i just got a headache lol. it's only when one side starts attacking and all that i start getting serious with looking for good moves.

    oh yeah i hear Adriana being mentioned around every now and then. would've liked to see Off-Topic like it was back in the day heh. and i think there was also Deep Discussion as an extra section? i've heard about that and when it got merged overtime to OT via the "Serious" tag. interesting changes i do say.

    haven't ever heard of John Wolfe til you linked him and i'm amazed he's already nearing 1 mil subs. it's crazy just how many of these "relatively unknown" channels these days have such huge followings on par with famous content creators from 2013-2016. just goes to show you how big Youtube's become. and yo congrats on SH2! not gonna be on my list of to-play games anytime soon lmao.
  10. VisionofMilotic
    1 Week Ago 11:01 AM
    Hey there Zeostar! You deserve a Valentine and more. You make me smile.

    Thanks for asking about my mom, that's so thoughtful! She's doing good. The scar from the operation is disappearing, pain level is low, and she's driving around and says her neck mobility is much improved and closer to the way she felt before surgery. How is your own mom? She's doing important work in the healthcare field. Bless her for her courage. Did the first round of the vaccine go smoothly?

    My dad has gotten the vaccine and some of my relatives who are seniors or have other health conditions have had it, and fortunately no side effects.

    How are your pets doing? Can't forget our furry friends. Is everyone and sound?

    You asked me a random question, and I have wanted to answer it for awhile. Am I dog person or a cat person? That's hard because I love both, they can both be smart, affectionate and funny. I have to answer then I will say a dog because a big one can protect you though.

    I'm glad to hear that you and Dreamsicle are getting along. Marshmallow would be a cute name too though actually! Birdo is a good choice for my Swanna. Just the right color, and everyone loves Mario. <3

    It's been fun hanging out with you in trivia lately btw!
  11. Roni
    1 Week Ago 2:26 AM
    that's awesome to hear! i've been taking a little hiatus from chess-ing for the past few days, haven't been feeling it, but i'll probs play a couple games tonight. it might just be me, but once you get to 900 rating and above, people make very few obvious mistakes and generally all know what they're doing, so i believe it's around that ELO that your strategy will start to break down.

    oh wow how i would've loved to participate in that thread. what changed in the 3 years since that was posted? i haven't been able to think of silly thread ideas yet, so please do keep them coming if you still have some left!

    wow, i can't imagine playing horror games that mirror where you live, and at night to boot. would need to sleep with all the lights on lol. i used to remotely follow yamimash for a really short period back in 2013-2014 or so when he was still active (i think that was when he started collaborating with Markiplier?), but i wouldn't ever watch videos all the way lol. and yes, screaming is basically how Pewdiepie shot up to fame. it's good content for the masses, so everyone's been trying to emulate that ever since.
  12. Aisaka
    1 Week Ago 5:15 PM
    Sorry for the late response, just wanted to wait until I got home so I could focus on writing a reply on a keyboard. Then I started typing a response, and ended up getting halfway through before going to bed.
    There are a bunch of Ice types, but yeah I'll admit they're not very great. The type itself is awful defensively, and that sucks since there's the whole thing about how Ice is fragile and has several weaknesses. It's got hail going for it but... hail hasn't ever been that good until Aurora Veil was introduced, and even then that's kinda gimmicky.

    I imagine it wouldn't be hard to put status on Scyther after you knock out Metapod and Kakuna? Rock types are probably handy to have but I don't remember if you even get anything like that at that point of the game that isn't just a Geodude. Maybe an Onix as well, they're in Union Cave I believe?
    I guess that's too early in the game for gym leaders to really have any kind of answer to things like Sand Attack, right? And once you knock out her Clefairy she pretty much just has to attempt to sweep your team with Miltank. Makes a lot of sense.

    The ability you get is basically the weakness of several of the later bosses in the game, and the easiest thing to use against them, if that helps you decide if you wanna go for it or not. You only keep the letter if you reach a checkpoint before you die. I heard stuff about people in that rough area losing power, hopefully everything's still alright over there.

    I really didn't like language classes since I'd often have to speak out loud or just... do whatever. One of the classes had this thing where every so often we'd have to have a 1-on-1 conversation with the teacher about whatever we were learning and that's how we were tested, that wasn't great for my anxiety and bad speaking skills. I'm at least a little confident in the small amount of Japanese I know but if you made me speak it I'm pretty sure my brain would shut down.
    Gym was one of the classes I skipped a lot of so I know what you mean. Having a french class without a teacher sounds really strange though?

    Akihabara is more like... imagine an entire city district of stores like that. Like a district of the whole city full of video game and anime stores, basically.
    Yeah, it's definitely not a common thing. I love crowds because I can just blend in and be "just another person on the street". Like people would pay way less attention to me if there were 500 people on the street instead of just me. I hate standing out or drawing attention to myself on the street, so people have told me that if someone saw me on the street, I'd just be another stranger they passed by, and that's way easier for me to believe and remember if I'm in a crowd of people. Okonomiyaki is great, I recommend trying it if possible. It's like a kind of savoury pancake you can put anything you like on. A fun fact is that "Okonomi" basically means "however you like it", so there's a lot of different kinds of toppings or way to eat it. If you ever try it and enjoy it, I heavily recommend takoyaki, it's one of my favourites and a lot of the same sauces or savoury toppings are used for both, they're both popular Osaka street food, I believe. I'm pretty fortunate to have lived in an area pretty welcoming to Japanese culture and food, so parts of what I've picked up (and a lot of what I've eaten) has come from that. We'd have a street festival here every year with a Japanese marketplace and everything.
    The snow dogs are super cute (I love the picture, haha.) and yeah, I'd plan to take the trip near the end of fall this year, but it isn't seeming likely. At some point I know I will though.

    Japanese culture, in that aspect, from what I know is a lot more about having a lot of respect? Of course I don't live in the country and by no means claim to be an expert or anything, but from the little I know, there are things such as treating customers very well and having a more respectful way of speaking to people who are older. There are definitely bound to be loud people though, especially in high schools. I don't know how much of a blanket statement the whole respectful culture thing is, and I don't wanna seem culturally insensitive to those people, haha.
    Yeah, that's just ridiculous and not respecting boundaries honestly. I'm not sure how much of a cultural thing, that's just someone being insensitive. Yikes.

    That's one of the things that would stop me from enjoying playing Melee. I don't want to need to know how to wavedash and play like a competitive player to just enjoy a game like that. I've been learning more technical things for an idol game recently, but I still have a couple that I just play for fun and to collect in, I hate the idea of needing to be super good at a game to enjoy it.
    I've heard medication for that kind of thing is like that, and I'm glad it at least makes things easier on you.
  13. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 12:57 AM
    happy to answer!!!

    The way I got money was buying and selling turnips from Daisy Mae who shows up on Sunday morning. She can sometimes sell them for super cheap (90 bells per turnip is her cheapest selling price, so buying from her if she's selling for 100 or less is a good idea) so people would buy a ton of them, then find another island (can use ACTurnips subreddit) where the Nooks are buying them for a lot of money (400+ bells per turnip is considered really good) and visit with a full inventory to sell them. You can make insane money that way. Downside is, since turnips rot after a week, you'll definitely need to look online for people who have Nooks buying them for a lot or get lucky with the buy price on your own island within that week. Can't just keep them around for weeks until you're able to sell them ;o; We had people in our AC group time travel looking for good buy and sell turnip prices, so my group just visited to sell them when they found the Nooks buying them for a ton per.
  14. Roni
    1 Week Ago 6:16 PM
    lmaooo i love how he just gave you his queen for free. looks like you were winning the whole way too, good job on it :D

    ahh right gotcha on the AMA. you're bringing lots of life back into Off-Topic, which i really appreciate tbh. i only ever go there to post on like 4 threads usually (what are you doing right now, emotion 2.0, what made you smile/happy, and maybe the chit-chat thread every once in a while), so new topics are very much a good thing to have. and i often forget that this is a Pokemon forum from time to time lmao i need to go contribute to discussions more.

    have you already played pixel horror games like Faith? i heard those were super creepy. i might also be able to recommend Lisa: The Painful if you haven't heard if it yet, but i think it's more depressing than horror. i'll keep an eye out though!
  15. Aisaka
    1 Week Ago 1:54 PM
    Good taste picking Articuno.~
    Doesn't Bugsy have a Metapod and a Kakuna that don't give much trouble? I figure Scyther is pretty tough for that point in the game, and honestly I never found either too bad, just cause I knew to prepare for Whitney. I think older players from Gen 2 kinda overexaggerate how tough she is because people are newer to the series and less prepared.

    The Charge Kick really doesn't have a lot of useful opportunities, yeah. You really have to be aware where you're standing when you use a lot of the weapons in this game, and some of them like the Charge Kick really aren't that worth it. I remember Wave's stage being really cool to me the first time I played it, because it was something so new.
    I remember 5's castle being somewhere in the middle? I can't say I remember it that much actually, I remember really only the first stage of it, but I remembered thinking it was pretty tough my first time through. As long as you're relying on charge shots for it and get the bonus ability from collecting all the letters, you should be fine?

    I imagine it's different in different places of the country, but I had to take forced French classes from grades 4-8. I continued to take them for a couple years because I still felt I was required to take a language class for a university, but there was a lot of mental stress about taking it, and I knew I'd never care for the language or even want to use at any point in my life, so I dropped taking them in grade 10 after an especially frustrating moment: we had a test on information that was never covered in the class and only 3 or 4 people even passed.
    For sure, there are a lot of places I'd love to visit, though most of them are places featured in anime because that's where I see places like that often. Akihabara is a common answer for people because there are a lot of stores selling things like video games, anime, figures, and manga, which are things people with my interests like to collect and typically have to order online. The idea of seeing dedicated shops for the kinds of things I enjoy seems really cool to me. I'd love to visit Shibuya Crossing, which is this huge intersection that gets so popular people flood the streets. It's like the Times Square of Japan and I've always wanted to go to both Times Square and Shibuya Crossing to just get lost in the crowd. Another cool place would be Toyosu Market, because I wanted to go to this one big fish market that closed in 2018 and was turned into Toyosu. I've seen a bunch of videos about the old fish market and it's always seemed like such a cool place to visit, so I wanna see what it's become since I couldn't visit it before it closed. Those are the big ones in the Tokyo area but there's a couple further away in other parts of the country. It snows a lot in the north, so they have a snow festival in Sapporo where people make these incredible looking ice sculptures that get lit up at night. If you look up Sapporo Snow Festival you can see a bunch of them and they're so expertly made, I'd love to see them in person, especially at night. There's also this one sightseeing spot named Benteniwa, with a shrine to the goddess of the sea, and there are some romantic myths surrounding it, so I'd love to visit it with my boyfriend at some point.

    I didn't necessarily mean you gave me advice, but just that I think doing something like that is fine. I was just responding to you talking about saying something and not following it yourself.
    I think public schools no matter what are just going to have some loud or obnoxious people. They're places filled with hundreds of teenagers, so it's kinda the perfect place for things to go out of control. Bus rides in public school never were a pleasant experience for me either.

    I think the idea that the good memories distort your view is what people go for. It's like if you had a good experience with a game, you'll associate that good experience with the game itself, and say the game is good even if it's bad. I think that's the kind of thing people go for with that.
    Glad to hear you're feeling better though.~

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