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  1. Sheep
    June 15th, 2021 10:42 AM
    I'm always so heartbroken when I don't get the card I want.. but at least it's not as bad as before, where I'd throw $100 or something in hopes of getting it, and then still not get it... ;_; stinks you didn't get it I know the feel

    I haven't touched JP SIF in a couple of years so I'm not sure, but it will take some time to get used to these new features we got as a result of the merge. And I feel bad for the WW players who religiously participate in events or wanted specific cards we would've been slated to get before the merge. Some missed event cards I hope players would at least be able to get through the sticker shop or something.. x_X sucks that we miss out on those events
  2. ZeoStar
    June 14th, 2021 6:59 PM
    I started watching Attack on Titan. I'm having so much fun with it, and I think the animation is beautiful. I'm currently using an English dub. And god i'm so sorry, i skimmed the last message and realized I might have spoiled something with Xenoblade. I got caught up in the excitement of speaking about it. A wave of guilt hit me.

    Looks like there's a games done quick event coming up on July 4th if your interested in the stream. and here's the schedule if you want to look at it. I immediately saw Mega Man X which is neat. Hopefully this isn't a weird question, but how was the behavior at these conventions? I've heard stories I've found unsettling and it turns me off from ever going to a larger one. Not a fan of large gatherings anyways. If I notice a lack of security I immediately get really bad anxiety. There was a shooting at my school in 2018 (bringing this up so you get where I'm coming from, and so I don't sound crazy). Hope you had fun at the TGC convention. How was it?

    How would you feel about Legends of Arceus taking inspiration from Breath of the Wild? If I remember correctly, your opinion on breath of the wild wasn't high. However I think it could be super cool having ideas put into practice with Pokemon. I wasn't a huge fan of the side quests in Breath of the Wild. Like, comparing them to New Vegas, they felt so dull. Yeah I pretty much only truly cared about Dragon Quest and that had its own presentation before E3. There wasn't much about Mega Man beside some sort of mobile game. I think it would be fun if they did something crazy, like if Mega Man 12 Wily and Light switched roles and you had to fight Mega Man at the end. That...will probably never happen, but fun to think about. Is Mega Man 7 going to be painfully difficult if I skip item collecting? I don't even want to turn the game on anymore because I'm dreading hunting everything. Part of me wants to get it over with so I can experience the other entries in the series.

    We were doing a family thing this weekend, and a family friend decided to tell me "I think you should eat more meat". I let loose with how I thought about this. I wouldn't go up to somebody and tell them "I think you should eat less". Nothing good comes out of making comments like this, all you do is make the other person self conscious about something they likely are already aware of. Also it's insensitive to make a comment on someone else's body in the first place. It wasn't much of an argument because he quickly changed the subject. I've done tons of volunteer work. It's something I feel somewhat proud of (some of it anyways, some stuff I just wasn't good at).

    I have mixed feelings about that. I can't imagine being motivated in a game where there's no dialogue or story incentive to push me forward. Even Pokemon has something, with the rival always being prevalent. I loved Metal Gear and The Last Of Us because they had 30-40 minute cutscenes frequently. Sometimes I hear "If you like cutscenes so much, why not just watch a movie". It's a simple answer. Movies aren't interactive.

    Random question, but how have you been doing, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for logging on and keeping up with these messages.
  3. Sheep
    June 11th, 2021 5:10 AM
    I blasted through a lot of the story I hadn't done yet so that was a lot of gems! But I gotta admit I did try pulling on the recent banner with angel Riko a few 10-sets, didn't get her though... T_T So there went quite a bit of gems ;_;

    And cool! I wasn't sure honestly, I'm getting back into it now myself with the merge! Lots is different now that we're not 6 months behind JP anymore. I think it's worth trying again to see how you like the changes <3
  4. ZeoStar
    June 10th, 2021 5:37 PM
    If you are interested in soundtracks, Attack on Titan and Xenoblade X have the same composer. If I were to watch an anime, it would be Attack on Titan. (Maybe very soon). I've heard good things about it. I appreciate that you threw the recommendation for Love Live. I wouldn't totally write that off either, but it was...kind of rough considering I had almost never seen Japanese animation. Also I don't know if Love Live had an english dub, but I'm not accustomed to relying on subtitles either. You can recruit Shulk if you have the expansion pass, but...I'm kind of glad I didn't. There's a rather big fan service spot in Chapter 10 and I don't know how it would play out if you have Shulk in your party. It might be removed entirely, or it might be confusing. (basically your supposed to be listening to his fight with zanza through a portal, and it would be really, really goofy if he was standing there in your party).

    Thank you for the link. I'll check it out. "The Completionist" YouTube channel just did a Cave Story video, if you follow him you might be interested. (But it's a 25 minute video, so I won't link it). I see the speedrun you linked is under an hour, I know Cave Story isn't a long game, but I find that incredible. I guess maybe there's a way to skip certain areas. Also have you gotten to attend any events such as Games Done Quick in person? I always felt like it would be a neat experience, yet not one I could foresee myself ever doing. The only thing I've ever attended was a small comic con. I don't remember much about it, other than liking the food. How would you feel about a game incorporating all the regions? I don't see this ever happening, especially with every passing generation adding more and more regions. We also haven't had multiple regions since Gen 2/4. Yet it's still something I see in discussion fairly often. Also I didn't know you were a fan of the Sun/Moon art style. My favorite style is GSC because it sort of reminds me of a coloring book scheme.

    Are you going to watch E3? Looks like I'll miss this one, since i'll be doing something with my family around that time. I'm not sure how they go about announcing the Mega Man titles (if they use E3 or if it's out of the blue), but it would be cool to see something regarding Mega Man 12. Took a slight pause from Mega Man because I've continued my never ending cycle of starting and not finishing Fallout: New Vegas. I started a new file again because it's been 7 months. I'm thinking about just using guns and explosives and trying to brute force my way through. If you ever get into Skyrim, which I remember you mentioning having on a backlog, the sneak stat completely destroys that entire game. Once it hits a certain number, you can crouch right in front of enemies and they won't see you.

    More than any job (or anything in the world for that matter), I wish I could learn self acceptance. I keep it private so I probably don't come off that way, but I'm constantly picking traits of myself that I wish could be different. (Personality wise and physically). As a small example, looking at myself and instantly feeling discomfort because I feel my arms are too skinny. It sucks, and seeps into things like trying to fill out these job applications. Because I gut myself with self disdain.

    That's interesting that's it's not plot heavy. I remember turning on Super Metroid and seeing a long intro. But thanks for the warning. I'm not going to totally turn something away because it doesn't have a plot. (I mean I still like Pokemon). Not sure if your into the subject of history at all? But that's sort of why I find Fallout appealing. And I guess it's different learning it here. The U.S as an independent nation is less than 250 years old. I took a single college semester of history and learned our entire story in a few months...We had to take a course on getting warmed up and introduced to college, and my professor was a much older man, turns out he was an American Sniper who fought in Vietnam during the 1970's. He was the nicest and most encouraging person I had ever met. Sometimes he would even ask to meet with me privately to make sure my other classes were going okay, sometimes he would even open up and tell stories. (although they were really brutal).
  5. Sheep
    June 9th, 2021 1:58 AM
    ahahaha I know! Maki was my original best girl too! Kanan meanwhile, while I love her and all the girls, was never really in my favorites list... wish I could trade my URs of her with someone who has a bunch of Rikos they don't care about ;w;

    LLSIF Global is merging with JP, do you think you'd be curious in checking things out again once the maintenance ends?
  6. Sheep
    June 7th, 2021 2:55 AM
    Sweet! I got a cute Kanan UR from the membership pass pull not long ago and now I have more of her URs than any other girl. 4 or 5 or something?? wish I had that many Riko T_T and yay! Will accept soon :D
  7. Sheep
    June 5th, 2021 11:08 AM
    Meanwhile I'm here not shipping anyone and just liking the girls by themselves, ahahaha ;o; but oof! Glad that was the minority for you!

    and awww well autoplay can at least keep your account growing and gaining gems, even if you're not actively playing. I hope you'll find yourself trying it a bit more soon. <3 I managed to get a few more URs in the game, hopefully I'll learn what's best soon!

    and ooh nice, even if it's an initial. the rainbow pattern when you pull URs is never not satisfying

    my D4Dj code is Vxd5GpKY for whenever you have time to add o/
  8. ZeoStar
    June 4th, 2021 12:26 PM
    I found out about the Operation Rainfall stuff through YouTube. It's easy to end up down a rabbit hole on YouTube to learn new things. The Wii U is a sad story, knowing that it did so poorly Nintendo had to ditch it and port some of the games over towards the new more successful system. Would you be interested in Xenoblade X if it were to come over to Switch? I would probably end up skipping because I heard it's by far the weakest plot wise. I have almost no interest in a Xenoblade almost solely focused on exploration. Also as a comment to what you mentioned about Kirby...I don't know if I would trust Nintendo to make an online focused game. They did fine with Mario Kart 8, but Mario Maker 2 multiplayer is a stuttering mess. (So is Smash Brothers online, but it's a bit more playable). Some of the stuff isn't explicit. Like, you won't see a physical appearance from Alvis, but if you piece things together in Chapter 10 you would understand his full origin story.

    Are there any speedrunners you would recommend for Cave Story? Some speedrunners are not skilled in commentary, and while I understand commentary isn't meant to be the appeal, I find this stuff much more watchable if the person is interesting to listen to. Also Speedruns can get outdated so quickly, like someone I watched regularly did a speedrun for the PS2 game "Bully", he was a former world record holder. It was his first stream in a year and a half, and apparently his strategies had already become obsolete. How would you feel about a marge of all the mechanics? Say if Legends of Arceus were big enough to incorporate Z moves, Megas, Dynamax, etc. I appreciate how life like everything is in Pokemon Snap, instead of moving around robotically the pokemon directly interact. I hope that becomes part of the main games going forward. Also how do you feel regarding the art style of the new Sinnoh games? I imagine the idea of remakes must be exciting since you mentioned Platinum being your favorite game.

    Got it thanks. I'll use this for reference. My strategy in these previous games has been never using my E-tanks after collecting them, so even when I die I keep stacking them up. Resulted in funny moments like this. (I may have shared this already a while back): I keep meaning to ask but forgetting, but are you into any of the sonic games? One of those just went free on psnow subscription service (some sort of sonic racing game). It was the first Sonic game I played in 10 years. It was colorful to say the least. The voice lines kept making me chuckle. I'm not into collectables in platformers. I understand it's meant as a bonus for exploring the level, but I usually just like seeing if I can reach the finish. In open world games I'm way more into doing collectables. So the stuff you mentioned does sound a bit overbearing.

    Actually it's quite well thanks. My clothes are sorted for the first time in 8 months and it's nice not scrambling for something, and honestly it's great just changing into new things. I've been looking into local summer jobs. I haven't done an application yet, I'm hoping to find something that lets me spend more time outdoors. Like, maybe working in a park or something. I am feeling more energized and adventurous again right now, so I need the outlet.

    What's the gist of metroid as a series? Like...isn't it something to do with samus being an alien bounty hunter? (Only parroting what I saw about samus in smash brothers). Being a fan of Rockstar's smaller franchises kind of sucks now. They had a bunch of smaller franchises, but they are also the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5. When that game came out, almost everything else went out of existence for them. Ah sorry if I'm repeating myself. It's a bad habit, I've been called on it both offline and online. I try my best though.
  9. Sheep
    June 3rd, 2021 12:11 PM
    Yeah I think the LL community is generally pretty good, not too sure how people are on the pairing side of things but overall my experiences with fans have been positive. I'm happy just collecting cards and it's nice that I can still tier enough to get URs even without hardcore grinding! I don't need top 100/10 medals, just getting cool cards is enough <3

    ahahah yeahh I've been autoplaying everything almost so far. If I played hard/expert myself I'd probably make a ton of mistakes and do even worse at the auto at this point. x'D it's sooo nice to have the option and if bandori added it, I'd become active again in a heartbeat

    And yes the art is nice! Have you managed to pull any more cool URs yet? :3c I'll get my code so we can add each other!
  10. Starlight
    June 1st, 2021 4:16 PM
    I can definitely understand that!

    It's very easy to get overwhelmed and burn out on the internet, and taking a break to be easier on yourself was absolutely the right thing to do!

    Don't feel like you need to tell me anything, I don't want to contribute to your stress, unless you want to of course, then I'll be more than happy to listen. If you need to talk about anything, then my VMs (or PMs) are always open :)

    It's lovely to hear from you btw, I've really missed your presence around the forum :)
  11. ZeoStar
    May 31st, 2021 4:34 PM
    I thought it was interesting that this is the reason Xenoblade saw a release outside of Japan: Are there any other games you would like to see get a remaster? Speaking of trouble understanding, Xenoblade 2 has a complicated battle system. There are guides online dedicated to teaching it, but you run the risk of spoilers. This is a mostly spoiler free diagram (shows the first two party members) I would recommend saving it in case you feel stuck. But yeah the luck based elements didn't bother me in the slightest, honestly it just made it all the more better when I pulled a rare blade. So yeah it does build strongly on the first story, without spoilers I'll just say the main elements it builds on are the Monado, Alvis, and Zanza.

    That's more I didn't know about. I hadn't heard anything about the Wind Fortress. But yeah I see why I didn't unlock Curly Mode, I don't remember finding that. Makes me wonder how much I missed and don't know about. At some point I might check at a speedrun. I guess the difference between Pokemon and Dragon Quest is that the fanbase has entirely embraced Dragon Quest never changing. If you go into a Dragon Quest forum or something and tell them the games feel the same, it's almost guaranteed most of the responses will be "That's the point". The series is a direct counterpart to Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy is always trying new things and changing the formula, Dragon Quest is the conservative series that never changes. Final Fantasy tells serious stories, while Dragon Quest is usually being cliche on purpose, and doesn't go far off from "chosen one defeats big bad evil monster". As a question, would you prefer Pokemon to keep the same formula or try something different? (say you were given a choice).

    I don't mind you mentioning the locations of the letters. I actually *almost* found the one in Cloud Man's stage, but didn't make the jump. Interestingly, I can't recall a time I've given up on a boss. I usually just win because of persitiance, but you mentioning only being able to finish the game recently makes me put that into consideration. If I try for a few days and can't win, I'll move onto Mega Man 8. I would have given up on Yellow Devil in Mega Man 1, but it has the pause glitch. Being able to buy Energy Tanks is an amazing feeling, I guess that might help for the final boss. many collectables are in Mega Man 7? Is it just the letters?

    I spent like 2 hours writing a list of goals I want to do. Uhhh my hand writing isn't elegant or anything and the lighting isn't great. It's just an entire page full of stuff like "Get laundry sorted" to "Write a resume". I got started with laundry after writing it so I would have something to check off. I'll try to hit one thing per day on the list. Some of it is kicking bad habits like "No junk food for a week". Some of it is stuff to make me uncomfortable, like finding a new place to volunteer. I haven't done any volunteering in a while, and I have some social anxiety. So it won't be the easiest thing.

    Oh neat I didn't know you had played Link's Awakening. I recall mentioning it before but I don't remember the conversation. I was never able to finish it because I got stuck at collecting golden leaves. Is Metroid still getting anything new or is the series at a standstill? If I'm not mistaken I recall hearing about a hiatus. Oh okay thanks for the link. Is she a favorite character of yours? I use Whimsicott as my avatar sometimes, but it's not necessarily my favorite Pokemon. I remember you mentioning another avatar you used as being someone relatable.
  12. Sami
    May 31st, 2021 12:49 PM
    I still lose it every time I hear it... OH MY GOD WHAT hahahaha
  13. Sheep
    May 31st, 2021 4:25 AM
    Yeah I'm more about collecting cards I like, and cards of my best girls, so I'm glad I don't care as much about the most OP cards and don't whale. Seems like a stressful situation if that were the case. ;o;

    Yes it does! On the page where you choose the stamina amount and click to start there should be a box with your mode on it, if you change it to audience mode it autoplays. The convenience is just great. I can only grind the same songs over and over and over again so many times before my mind (and hands) need a break lol.

    and oops!! weird I'll send links

    muni is sooo cute ;__;
  14. Sami
    May 30th, 2021 10:01 PM
    So... a mate of mine is called Bolt and at that time a group of us played C&C Remastered ranked. Given how easy it was to meet each other on the ladder I renamed myself to that to "steal" his points (puntos)

    and it actually happened on camera
  15. Sami
    May 30th, 2021 9:47 PM
    And all of them have a story behind them lmao

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