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    Quick Self-Introduction
    I'm not cutesy. I hate cats. If you can forgive that in me, you're probably in love.
    Do you like life, sweetheart? I do. Except, to be honest, Beethoven does tend to get a little fucking boring sometimes.

    You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you. And I should not be swearing but whatever.

    Hello, my name is Amsin. Whether that is a lie or truth unadulterated is up to you to decide. I'm sort of an equivocal, muddled, contradictory person, and any belief or interest I confess will surely be replaced within the next ten seconds. So I may THINK that I despise murderers, but the thought will lose all credibility because I thought it, therefor it cannot be true.

    I'm a writer, as if you couldn't guess. I do a medley of fanfiction and original works, with my own characters in every instalment. Science fiction is a preference, as well as pushing all sorts of boundaries which are extreme for me but lukewarm to everyone else. For example, what if I were to put someone in my story who likes somebody else... of the same gender?!! It's revolutionary. It's mad! It's inspired!

    I've had good reviews, but they were spurred mostly out of shock - people are usually mindflayed to find out that I am decent at anything. Element of surprise, Batman.

    I'm a Star Wars basket case and I've got the tins to prove it. Like, at least four. Also a devotee of Stranger Things and Peter Pan, knowing a fair amount about the latter. Did you know, for example, that Hook... is a man? Wow.

    I like to gross people out. For example, when I wrote this thing, I had a huge nosebleed some hours prior. Blood went everywhere. I cleaned up most of it, and I say 'most' on purpose. I wanted people to see the flecks. Just so you know, as I type this up, my nostril feels horrible. Trivia.

    I want to be an actor. Play a bunch of psychotics. Redefine every role. That kind of thing. I'm going to be flipping excellent if my Inspector Javert impersonation is anything to go by. I'm also an optimist, however unreasonably!

    Leon: The Professional is my favourite movie, and I've got an obsession for actors. Tom Holland, Eddie Redmayne and Ben Mendelsohn are at the apex. From there, its the Star Wars cast.

    My first Pokemon file was on Pokemon Black, but I think that the best game was Omega Ruby. It was a masterpiece. My favourite Pokemon changes day to day, but my top Gens are easy. They're 1st and 5th, decidedly.

    I grew up with it, as well as Crash Bandicoot, Beyond Good and Evil, Mischief Makers, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mario Party and a slew of games you've never heard of. I was always the observer, really. I used to hurl my remote at the television whenever I lost. I lost a lot. They stopped asking me to play.

    I want to live on Clancer, and if you don't know what that is then I pity you to the roots of my teeth, man.

    I watch way too much British comedy, and it's not by choice. Red Dwarf is the best, and I actually understand Yes Minister.

    Going to be a musician, philanthropist and liberator. I saw Martin Luther King Jr. in person and I generally want to make friends with everyone. Except Bradley Cooper. I can't even download a picture without him being in the fucking background. Insane. I accidentally have, like, fifty bloody pictures of him.

    It's a flipping coincidence, alright?

    Oh yeah, increase the text size on every website - eye strain could be your undoing. Just because most site creators are in cahoots with the optical industry, it doesn't mean you have to indulge them and make them rich. Even if it messes with the site design, just do it. You'll thank me when you aren't squinting to see your feet.

    Not that I am. Jesus, everything sounds so personal.

    Muse is my favourite band, by the way, and Sia is my favourite musician. Grace VanderWaal is excellent.

    I suffer from anxiety, small hands and anger. They're all related. But really, I'm sort of empathetic. That being said, don't bombard me with your problems. A few, yeah, but I mean come on. I'll recommend you some music instead. How about that?

    I just described them all in the above column! Sheezus.

    Okay, fine. I'm interested in wu shu. I wanted to do track when I was a kid. Then I took a golf club to the head.
    But that's not the reason.
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