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    I like Garbodor because a)it's a trash bag from a big city and b)emotional connection-more in bio.
    The emotional connection I have with garbodor is that I discovered it was a real pokemon when i was in a real deep pit of despair and actually felt like ending myself, but when i found garbodor I went 'oh I'm not the biggest piece of trash in the entire multiverse huh?' and thus was able to justify that there are people or things out there that have it worse than me and was able to keep on living despite my anxiety over how people view me as an individual and how 'qualified' or 'capable' as a person I am, in essence I am saying do NOT insult me in the regard that you are insulting the person behind the screen. Just don't unless you want me to go after you specifically and ignore everyone else due to rage fueled by anxiety.
    Pokemon lore, Pokemon Trivia(trivia in general to be honest), mythology from various cultures both alive and dead, science(biotechnology major in college actually), love poison type pokemon, occasionally i draw pokemon teams for non-pokemon characters(will of course take suggestions for that, just a few limits-no pokemon characters like said before, no naruto I don't watch naruto, no one piece again I don't watch one piece, no MHA I don't watch that either, wait on black butler I still need to read the manga fully and haven't even started on volume 1 yet, my local barnes and nobles had the manga series for black butler, internet exclusive characters allowed, limit UT characters/UT fan characters, SCP foundation characters allowed, if needed to contact off of here use my tumblr(catermander), or privately on my twitter(PokeFuser or @Futaba_fan321(a former twitch name of mine when persona 5 was a thing i still watched on twitch), also yes persona 3/4/5 characters allowed for suggestions, ace attorney yes, danganronpa yes, deltarune yes.) For more info, tumblr and twitter are open. Don't expect quick responses though
    Greenville, North Carolina
    Female ♀
    Go Team
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