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  1. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 29th, 2017 1:45 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    The controllers are expensive. One of the reasons people are looking forward to the Switch is the more stronger third party support. I hope the Switch improves upon what the Wii U failed to do.
  2. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 29th, 2017 11:45 AM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    What accessories does the Switch have? I don't know what they are. I'm not holding my breath on the console, as I still need to see if more third party games will actually make it on the Switch. Online is definitely on a skeptic line to me, as they are supposedly charging for online gameplay and from what I was told, the Wii U's online service wasn't that good. Perhaps we'll find out when the Switch releases.
    Also, it seems like we may not need a smartphone for chatting with Switch players, but that's just me. Ultimately, I'm skeptical too, but not as skeptical as I am with the Scorpio. The Scorpio made these very bold claims that shouldn't be taken as truth. At least not right away.
  3. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 28th, 2017 5:19 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    I'm hyped for Sonic Mania and Mario Odyssey but that's about it. I'm still skeptical about the Scorpio so I'm more interested in the Switch.
  4. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 27th, 2017 10:13 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    Hi mareep. Just like I mentioned on YouTube, I will be making different videos, but it'll be a while before I actually upload them.

    Are you excited for the Nintendo Switch?! :)
  5. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 23rd, 2017 2:14 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    Thank you so much! I'll tell you when I upload my video.
  6. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 23rd, 2017 1:57 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    Well my youtube channel is still called Snarky J. Pichuzilla. I'm planning to change it once I upload my first official entry in the video series.
  7. Mareep123
    January 23rd, 2017 8:48 AM
    Thanks what's your channel, let me sub to you! My views are starting to come through!
  8. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 23rd, 2017 5:36 AM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    Congrats on the 10 subs! I got 16 subs on my main channel, which is the one I subbed to you with.
    I have another YouTube channel dedicated to throwaway videos ( I will explain that eventually).
  9. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 22nd, 2017 7:45 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    How are you doing today/tonight? I'm fine. I finally discovered what YouTube videos I want to make. It will be ROM Hacking videos.
  10. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 21st, 2017 6:21 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    Hi Mareep. I did subscribe to your youtube channel
  11. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 16th, 2017 5:57 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    Hello. I'm Pichuzilla, but my full name is Desmond J. Pichuzilla! Hahaha :D
  12. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 15th, 2017 4:03 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    Hey I want to say thank you for inspiring me to change my name to Snarky J. Pichuzilla! I already posted the request.
  13. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 14th, 2017 2:18 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    I'm fine right now. I'm gonna clean my room today while listening to music.
  14. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 14th, 2017 2:00 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    Nintendo fans are upset that Nintendo is charging for the online subscription. We don't know the price yet, but I saw some outraged comments. I never played any of the Lego games but a lot of people seems to love it especially Lego Dimensions. I assume you're on Playstation since you mentioned The Last Of Us? In the past before I turned 12, I was always playing Nintendo 64 and Playstation 2.
  15. Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    January 13th, 2017 1:07 PM
    Desmond J. Pichuzilla
    I mainly play Skyrim and Halo 5 on Xbox One, but I also have Battlefield 1, Black Ops 3, Minecraft(I own it so my sisters can play it but I'm getting the achievements), Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4, GTA V(just got it for my sisters for Christmas), Elder Scrolls Online, Borderlands series(except Tales From..), Bejeweled 3, and Binding Of Issac Rebirth(haven't played it much lately). I also played Sonic The Hedgehog and Pokemon growing up. I'm planning to get the Switch for the new Mario and Sonic games. Sonic Mania looks so cool!

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