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  1. Aquacorde
    1 Day Ago 5:24 AM
    haha yeah that I don't mind so much! starting on beautifying my island so a lot of... moving plants around. my house still looks terrible but that's just fine; i dont do much in there anyway
  2. MysticalNinetales
    1 Day Ago 3:14 PM
    No worries! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have for me! Life is good, I haven't been working (due to my place of work being shut down as a result of COVID-19). My province has declared a state of emergency and all non-essential businesses have been ordered to temporarily shut down by the provincial government as of Monday.

    My profile/signature is Ren from Konohana Kitan! It's a lovely, lighthearted Slice of Life anime about a bunch of foxes who run a hot spring hotel called Konohanatei. I started reading the manga quite some time ago and when I learned that there was an anime adaption, well, I simply had to watch it! I'm thinking of changing my theme to Mine from AkameGaKill, though.

    Anyways, is Bagon your favourite pokemon? Your profile picture does stand out to me, it's quaint. Also, how have you been? Are you self-isolating? If so, how are you keeping yourself entertained?
  3. ZeoStar
    2 Days Ago 3:28 AM
    We will be okay. I hope you stay safe as well.

    In response to the other message, it feels fine. Itched for a while but that's because it's a cut in the process of healing. The procedure wasn't bad either. They numbed me with a needle so most of it I didn't feel at all.

    And I'm happy to hear that about your finals. All of my classes moved online which I'm not that fond of. I find online classes harder to keep up with and way less engaging.
  4. Aquacorde
    2 Days Ago 7:13 PM
    Well, not really... I'm lazy... and also I don't like to clean/do chores when other people are in the house? But now they're all in the house all the time :/
  5. Uragirimono
    3 Days Ago 1:37 AM
    Remember to stay safe and keep up with proper procedures to protect yourself.
    Also enjoy the anime ^^
  6. CiCi
    3 Days Ago 12:39 AM
    I'm on a huge Shadow the Edgehog fangirling spree ♥ He's my favorite Snok character (second is Knuckles :3).

    Thank you! I really enjoy drawing animals, especially the doggos. :D

    What've you been up to, my good man?
  7. Cherrim
    3 Days Ago 9:13 PM

    Crisis Core is a prequel. It takes place almost directly before FF7 (and actually spoils the plot of FF7 so it's better played afterwards). It has a different main character, too—Cloud is just kind of a side character in it.
  8. Aquacorde
    3 Days Ago 1:43 PM
    Finally got my living room put back together! And started Animal Crossing... so that's where my time is going now ahaha. Even though I turn it off once in a while to get other things done.
  9. Uragirimono
    3 Days Ago 12:14 PM
    Thank you, we're doing better! What about you?
    The anime/manga is AKIRA, I'd recommend it.
  10. Sheep
    4 Days Ago 8:38 AM
    hi! we're okay right now, thank you <3 how are things there??
  11. shut your what
    4 Days Ago 6:56 AM
    shut your what
    oh god... my inner fangirl screamed bloody murder. Yet, he was such a psyducking sweetheart that I think I literally melted internally. He's pretty much like my hero and stuff. He's been helping me through my stress with COVID19 and dealing with isolation (don't have it, just avoiding it as much as possible).
  12. CiCi
    5 Days Ago 4:55 PM
    Oh jeez, your place is getting locked down, too? Things are super bad atm. Can't blame places for shutting down, though. If it'll stop the spread, then do it. But some places only wanna shut down for a few weeks which isn't gonna be enough to neutralize the virus anyway. Who knows what we'll do.

    Ahaha, yes, my skeletal Krampus will protect me and my mom's dog, Lily, will be sure to bark at the virus if it gets close enough. She barks at literally everything else, so it doesn't seem very farfetched.
  13. Aquacorde
    6 Days Ago 8:34 AM
    Yeah, we're pretty locked down. We're painting and then deep-cleaning the living room, then... I'm gonna plant a bunch of things, then finish building the table I meant to do last year...

    I'm glad you have time to do some stuff now! I assume you're on lockdown too?
  14. Loriania
    6 Days Ago 7:28 AM
    I am a Golden Sun fan. Have been since the first game.
  15. Meadow
    1 Week Ago 5:37 PM
    Oh my gosh, I can't believe I never responded to this??? O_O I'm so sorry, aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    At any rate! Thank you so much, Sid—that's really nice of you! I hope your year turns out amazing, too! Also, I saw that you had exams this month! Best of luck with them! =)

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    As for what we're all on Pokécommunity for, I've been playing Pokemon games since 2008. Pokémon Pearl was my introduction to Pokémon and I've not stopped playing ever since then, covering all main series games till 2018. Also, a member of the Pokécommunity Daily, and working hard to do something good.
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Eiscue, the 'Penguin Pokemon'. This Pokemon keeps its heat-sensitive head cool with ice. It fishes for its food, dangling its single hair into the sea to lure in prey.

An ice cube on a penguin. Nice. Wow. This is one of, if not the dumbest designs ever made in the history of fiction, at least in my opinion. The Ice King from Adventure Time looks better, in my opinion. If he ever needs an assistant, Eiscue will be ready, I guess. What's...