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  1. Starlight
    3 Weeks Ago 5:29 PM
    I don't know if you've had your appointment yet, but I do hope everything went well! :)

    I have definitely stopped with WWE it seems. Like you, life has got in the way, and as I said, for the first time in forever, I just have no urge to catch back up this time. The same happened with formula 1 too. I was a die hard fan, I mean I watched every second. Practices, tests, I had watched all the footage I could find / trade for races going back to the first one in 1950. Then... I just stopped last year when I got really ill. It was no longer the sport I fell in love with you know?

    Chess is very cool, but I haven't got the brain processing speed to play it right now. I will definitely look at getting back into it though if I get a bit better :)

    How long have you been playing?

    Loki is excellent, very approachable. It heavily references Infinity War and Endgame.

    I still haven't seen What If? myself yet! I must get on it!
  2. VisionofMilotic
    4 Weeks Ago 7:22 AM
    That is so sweet! He sounds like a very warm soul, still remembering to give a hug, even in times like these, where we have become accustomed to maintaining such reserve with one another to be extra safe, but it's still important not to close off our hearts and still find ways of showing spontaneous affection like that sometimes. I like what you have to say about him.

    I should congratulate you too on your driver's permit, that is good news indeed. Did you two meet when you were getting your vaccine and get to know each other on that fateful day, or where you two already close, and decided to take the journey together because both of you disliked needles to support one another. Either way it's cool that both of you, even though neither of you like needles, got vaccinated anyway. I knew you had gotten the shot, but didn't know that needles were something that rubbed you the wrong way, so that was brave I think to go anyway.

    That's also a wonderful and thoughtful thing for him to say to your mother, and I think he's right, offering to make him a plate of food is a considerate thing to do. I would appreciate it if someone did that for me.

    I agree that it's probably best to not be overly familiar with your doctor and give a Facebook friend request, at least at this point, but just dropping them a simple message saying something like, thank you for all your help, you made my doctor's visit a lot easier, would I think be fine, and appreciated if they get to see it. If they they don't catch it, then you still made the effort, but I think they very well might see it :) who knows?

    Yes, I have heard before death described as not seeming real sometimes, especially when it happens unexpectedly like this, sometimes I can even feel numb, and some part of me even feels like they haven't truly left. It definitely isn't fair. I was wondering if you had bought a present for him and never got to give it to him what do you think he might like you do with it if he could see you know? Is there someone else close to him that he might enjoy having his gift? Maybe he would even want you to keep it because of your closeness and to remind you of him? Also there could be a good cause that may be able to use the Christmas present like maybe donating it to program for people like him dealing with alcoholism? Just a few ideas.

    Well I appreciate your willingness to have an intimate conversation like this one with this me, and your openness on this forum. Not everyone would be comfortable talking about a subject this sensitive online, and think it takes courage to express your feelings and share your mind. I'm posting pictures of all your favorite pokémon to stand in solidarity with you.
  3. VisionofMilotic
    4 Weeks Ago 11:59 AM
    It's human to feel such sadness right now to lose someone you loved so suddenly, it's okay to grieve and let all the pain out. Remember also that it isn't your fault, the emotions you feel right now are testament to how much you do care about him. I'm so sorry to hear thay he felt unloved, especially hearing how much you tried to make him feel valued and supported. If it's uncomfortable you don't have to answer this, but it might be nice right to think of some of the wonderful things about your loved one. What are some of the best memories you have of him?

    Your doctor sounds very good, sensitive, helpful, nice and like a pro who knows how to handle difficult situations. Maybe they could continue to be someone you could confide in? I don't think there's a special way to say thank you to a doctor, other than just simply letting them know how much appreciated them, and saying thanks for being there.

    If there's any way that I can help you feel a little better just let me know okay. I'm here now. Sending love your way.

  4. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 5:15 AM
    Omg, I'm so sorry ;__; Ugh. Life just isn't fair sometimes. All the best to you and his friends and loved ones.. I'm so sorry again. :( Here for you.

    And awesome, thank you for letting me know! I would rather play the 3DS version since it's more modern and looks better, that makes the decision much easier. I think my husband might have a copy so I will ask him and see. Would be nice to finally experience that classic.

    And nice! Who are some of your fav villagers you have? :3 Glad you had fun! I am actually typing this right before going to try out the new update ~
  5. VisionofMilotic
    4 Weeks Ago 4:27 AM
    Hi there Zeostar,

    I was saddened to read what a difficult time it is right now for you and your family, and that someone dear to you lost their battle with alcohol addiction. I am really sorry, you're in my thoughts and prayers friend. I hope you will accept a Teddiursa hug from me.

  6. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 4:24 AM
    Happy late Halloween!!!

    And I'm the same. If something stresses me out I'll be thinking about it constantly until it's time for it, which just makes me more worried about it. Totally get you there >< Living life like this can be so stressful..

    OoT seems fun! Some people are really trying to get me to play it lol, I should one day. Never really played most of these classic N64 games either, but ones like OoT are very tempting cause of all the good feedback on it ~

    A lot of stuff is in the DLC, off the top of my head it's farming, cooking, a new area to travel to with a lot of shops (some that are from New Leaf will exist in NH with that too), villagers can visit you or invite you over, and more. It's pretty big and I'm excited for it. Just a few more days!! I'm really looking forward to AC but also BDSP and Legends to a somewhat smaller extent, though I'm still excited. Hoenn was my most played region too and I spent so much time on it as a kid, so I get that, but it's cool to know I can try out DP remakes in 2021. Didn't think it would happen when they came out in 2006 :D
  7. Sheep
    October 28th, 2021 5:10 AM
    Ahh I'd be so nervous if I typically took meds but didn't have enough.. but if you think you'll be okay, it's good to hear <3 Panic attacks suck. I had them at random moments too and god it just sucks when they happen without a trigger. But when they were triggered by a ton of customers at work is the worst because then my face will turn red and it'll become so obvious I'm anxious. Just thinking of those moments makes me cringe...

    omg! That's so nice of you. T_T I hope he has fun with it when he plays! I probably would've done that too if I had someone over often enough that wanted to use it. Luckily my husband's friend pays for a family plan and keeps us all on it lol. When you break it down to a family plan ($80 a year, up to 8 people) it comes down to around $6.6 per year for each person which is a lot more affordable. We'll just buy him a lunch or something when we see him next. I'm a bit torn on this expansion pass in general cause it's soo expensive but at least we're not paying for it tbh..

    Looking forward to the AC DLC honestly, so many people are! The new Pokémon games too. I hope you can get it soon ^^ Are you looking forward to Legends or BDSP, or both?
  8. Sheep
    October 25th, 2021 10:01 PM
    I love your avatar so sooo much

    And that looks awesome! I love Medieval-like festivals, they're always a lot of fun. We went to a Medieval show once with my little brother who was like, maybe 6 at the time, and it was one of the best times ever. So much respect to those actors. Wish I could've been there with you too! Glad you enjoyed it!! :D

    I'm glad you're not getting panic attacks as much. I used to get them years ago, was triggered by waking up not able to breathe (probably was just sleeping and breathing weirdly), and that lasted for like half a year without any treatment because I thought I could just get over it. Wish I took medication, would have made it so much less hellish.

    It wasn't just some sort of meme about the milkshake machine never working. It was always down for some odd reason.
    lol I know the feel. I feel like it was down 80% of the time when I went there. I remember getting it one time and the milkshake was icky and sour so they must have used spoiled milk <_<
  9. Sheep
    October 22nd, 2021 3:19 AM
    I actually heard it's not as good in Japan, or according to someone I know from the UK who lives there ahaha. We have them here too, though I've never been yet! gotta try sometime so I can compare it to what I know in the US lol. White Castle is......god I heard like 10+ years ago the food was awful, I never see anyone talk about it either. wonder if they're doing okay financially honestly. We had one not too far from where I lived in the US and there was almost no one going in/out each time I passed by @[email protected]

    my metabolism is strong too! we're similar there. it's important to eat enough though, fainting from malnutrition would be the last thing anyone would want for you tbh <3

    And wow... that's a bit scary he reacted that way. I wonder if he had any mental health struggles and if he had gotten some assistance with that in the time you've not talked. Even if not, hopefully as he got older he at least realized that behavior was wrong. I'd be startled being around someone so angry. My friend's dad used to have such serious anger issues he'd throw chairs and it was just terrifying. Eventually he took anger management classes and got much better.
  10. Starlight
    October 21st, 2021 5:55 PM
    Sorry for taking so long to reply, I haven't been particularly well lately, and I'm wayyyyy behind on messages!

    I'm still glad you got the help either way, hopefully that will stand you in good stead for the future. No one should have to go through that.

    When I was still watching WWE, women were clearly becoming an afterthought once more. I think it coincided with the re-hiring of people from previous eras. Women's matches are poorly booked, almost as though they are a "token" add on. They also have too many people on the books with questionable pasts regarding female wrestlers. I think I'm done with WWE tbth. I've never gone this long without catching up before, but I can't see it happening this time, which feels like a shame, but at the same time liberating, if that makes sense :)

    I love UP! The first 8 or 9 minutes are emotional to say the least!
  11. Sheep
    October 18th, 2021 7:57 AM
    (I changed my username and avatar to fit Halloween, sorry if it confuses you at first! lool)

    And yeah xmas is pretty huge in Australia. Quite commercialized too. It would seem weird to me if it wasn't!! even in places like Japan it's a growing trend, they love having KFC there for it actually. They sell so much around xmas time that people need to reserve fried chicken in advance aha.

    and omg. T_T I hope you can eat more and not lose too much more weight. Honestly it's better to eat something than nothing at all, and just oatmeal is going to make you sick in the future since you're not getting enough nutrients. Do you think you can talk to a doctor about how to work out a plan to eat properly, and what to eat? Doing this for too long is going to cause health issues and I don't want you to damage your body too much. :(

    oof @ your friend, I'd be so hurt by that tbh. I mean, I also wouldn't want my friends to lie about what's being said about me, but hearing that kind of truth hurts. I was bullied in various grades too and it was never fun. My friends would even bully each other sometimes in grades 6-8 lol, but when we got older we all got over that behavior. People do change and get better generally. But if he made all that stuff about you up I hope he apologizes at some point. Maybe he's too embarrassed by his behavior and hopes you forgot, but still!
  12. Sheep
    October 16th, 2021 10:39 PM
    I actually get used to it fast but having Christmas when it's so hot out... it's the weirdest thing ever!! it should be cold on xmas or the holiday feels weird lol
    And you're lucky not to have massive issues with acne, I'm still struggling with some and going to the doctor on Wednesday to get some meds for it. Mine isn't awful but I want clear skin x_x

    And ahh you should eat! There are many great things out there that I hope you'll be able to have. Do your parents not cook much? Or do you not like what they make?

    I definitely value you, and I 100% know you're valued here :3 So definitely don't think about that here at the very least. Everyone is valuable even if they feel they're 'different' from everyone else, it's totally okay to be that way. I felt left out for the longest time but only more recently I've just grown to accept that it's okay to behave how I do and no single person is the same or 'normal', even if they seem like they're normal on the exterior. Everyone always has some kind of troubles and flaws etc. I've spoken with someone before who said I seemed totally normal to them, but that couldn't be further from the truth to me. So it's probably a similar case to many others - some are just good at hiding it in public.

    that's so pretty!! I just love sunsets ^^ Here's one I took a couple of days ago when we were on our walk!
  13. Sheep
    October 14th, 2021 9:35 PM
    Hmm.. not going to get the flu shot for a while probably, I live in Australia now so summer is coming up. But maybe later on when it's winter here starting from late June or so. I have to check how often flu happens here and if the flu shot is as common as back in the US! Cases are low here, we can go anywhere without masks (even buses and trains) except when going to the doctor/hospital (which makes sense). It's super nice being able to shop without putting a mask on. Especially cause my face is sensitive and the mask makes me get acne ;_; But yeah.. I guess I'm not surprised people stopped caring. It's been 1.5 years now and everyone just wants to go back to their every day lives. Hopefully more people will get vaccinated so we can get closer to doing that ><

    and there are a few organ harvesting scenes which show bodies completely cut open and parts ripped out.
    omg I'm never gonna watch then AHHH this is too dark for me

    I tend to just accept any friend requests here, but on social media like Facebook I will definitely be picky.. I don't get as many messages anywhere anymore either, but that's also because I'm introverted and don't reply too quick. Oops. A lot of people I knew on various sites just ended up disappearing too, hope they're doing well. and don't worry about being slow, as you can see it took me 6 days before I checked that I had this message @[email protected];

    aaah yeah a $50 game is something I'd want to finish at some point too, even if I didn't like it much. What did you not like about it?

    also AWWW that baby is precious!!!
  14. Sheep
    October 8th, 2021 4:50 AM
    Nope we didn't, partner got his second dose of vaccine on the same day so we didn't want to commit to an event when we didn't know how he would react. fortunately it was okay :D

    And ooff is Squid Game violent? I dunno much about it but it's been trending a lot. All I can think of is Splatoon when people bring it up xD; I'll consider it cause of how many people talk about it, even if my acquaintance watched recently and said she didn't like it lol.

    No worries at all! :3 That's totally okay, I'm slow replying too. I currently have 9 I haven't checked either. Forgetfulness + sometimes being lazy = tough combination.

    And ahh thank you!! That's so sweet of you to say. Yeah, some people here write so well and I dunno if I can ever write on the same level as them. It's a lot of fun when I have the drive to do it, but finding that drive is tough. I wish I could describe things as well as others can!
  15. Starlight
    September 27th, 2021 7:03 AM
    I ended up with PTSD because I done exactly that, I thought I could just brush it off. I'm so glad you got help though, you are far wiser than I was.

    I'm not really too worried about their women's division being huge, I completely understand why men's wrestling is a bigger draw, I mean most fans are male in the wrestling world. It's just more that WWE has started treating women as little more than objects, or the toilet break match again. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Vince brought back lingerie pillow fights at this stage :(

    Your threads are always fun wherever you make them Zeo!

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