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  1. Roni
    3 Days Ago 6:07 AM
    i love the idea of Fairy and Dark type being super effective against each other. Game Freak should add matchups like that as it could really liven up the meta. and thanks for removing fighting super effectivity, Fairy had basically just become a second Psychic type at that point lol. overall awesome job! cool that you found out about the trainer flags too. i don't know enough about that area to comment, but i wish you luck on your icon editing endeavors!

    for the journey thread, you can pretty much lay it out however you want so long as it's clear what you're raising and what you've raised so far. it's ideal to mention what Challenge you're using the Pokemon for and what Legendary they'll be used for as well, to better track things overtime when they start piling up (like mine lol). if you wanna make it clean like me and just have the sprite visible + hover over them for details, tell me and i can hook you up with the bbcode :) your birthday mons and any that you collect as rewards for completing challenges or Master VPPs or whatnot are already maxed and you just need to add them to your hall of fame. you're free to use them for requirements straight away.
  2. Roni
    3 Days Ago 11:13 PM
    awesome to hear! let's go collecting our fave mons :D you'll need 2 more Fire types before you can get to Entei, but that shouldn't be a problem hehe. let me know if you got questions :)

    also, apologies that i wasn't able to reply to your previous message. i think it got buried in the notifications overtime oof. but that's great to hear that you were able to code in the whole new type! can i ask what relationships changed with it so far? (please tell me poison is still super-effective lol).
  3. Roni
    1 Week Ago 3:16 AM
    Yoo just wanna say belated happy birthday! Didn't know you celebrated yours at the literal start of the year daamn. Good choice for bday VPP as well hehe. Hopefully you understand Caite not being able to give us our pokemon right away, bcs they surely got some life stuff going on.

    Anywho, I'll make a long reply to your previous message soon. Haven't been at my PC yet so I can't type out essays like normally huehue
  4. Anthroyd
    1 Week Ago 12:09 AM
    You're welcome, glad I could help!
  5. Roni
    1 Week Ago 4:55 AM
    i see. i actively avoid those sites as well, but it's been pretty chill for the last couple months or so since PC, reddit, FB, twitter, and youtube are really the only sites i ever frequently visit anymore. i got peace of mind knowing that my ad blocking and anti tracking extensions don't ever let me see any ads anywhere.

    firefox i believe is one of the last few browsers that still isn't using chromium as a base. i stick with them for their push towards a privacy-based internet experience, but if they do go under soon like many are saying, i may just switch to ungoogled chromium or something. hopefully it won't be a hassle transferring all my saved pages and bookmarks from one browser to the other ugh. it makes me curious though as to what browser you're currently using? or are you even on windows?

    ooh yea i'm a professional lurker on reddit. i can't even count how many subs i'm in but my time's mostly spent binging memes and browsing smaller communities. the latter i feel is where reddit truly shines. the huge subs are garbage.

    there's no escaping bad eggs in the internet sadly. we even have some here, it's just that there's way more nice people than bad so it isn't noticed all that much lol. it's what makes me stay. unfortunate on that other forum though with the over-censorship. i believe it's a good balance here.

    blaze black's still a good hack to take inspiration from! anything from drayano really, since he knows how to make hard hacks correctly and consistently. have you played all the stuff he's released?

    good to hear too that you're working on optimizations to make your work flow go faster and smoother! along with the other things, it's these small progresses that accumulate overtime and lead to the big things. if you stay consistent with this drive for the next couple months or so, that project might reach completion a lot faster than you'd expect :D btw, are you the type to be more motivated by setting personal deadlines, or would you rather just go with the flow and do things on your own time?
  6. BluVortex
    1 Week Ago 1:19 AM
    duh yes I need a break I can't get my mind around this :|
    maybe I should try learning how to insert titlescreen or smth :(
  7. BluVortex
    1 Week Ago 12:38 AM
    #raw 0x10 'Step Down (Normal)
    #raw 0x13 'Step Right (Normal)
    #raw 0x13 'Step Right (Normal)
    #raw 0x11 'Step Up (Normal)
    waitmovement 0x0
    what am I actually supposed to do with this?
    and where to paste the whole original script?

    ngl, maybe im gonna give up on this. :(
  8. BluVortex
    1 Week Ago 11:50 PM
    i dont really get anything after step 6... can you, like explain more...? Do you have discord you i can share my screen? Mine is: BluVulture#5715
  9. BluVortex
    1 Week Ago 11:27 PM
    I've watched some of those vids, and I knew that :P Thanks for telling me how to do that lol. The thing seems super big and i might not understand some stuff, gonna try it now tho. I hope you answer more o' my questions lol.
  10. BluVortex
    1 Week Ago 10:38 PM
    oh my frickin god thanks soooo much altho i dont understand a lot of this ill try to read this big boi. how do i add xse in a-map btw? might be silly lol.
  11. Skeli
    1 Week Ago 2:50 PM
    Do you mean the EV cap for stat-boosting items? Iirc there were a whole bunch of changes necessary for that and they're probably in both the CFRU's special_inserts.asm file and bytereplacement file. If you're wondering how to set offsets manually, open the game up in a hex editor and go to the offset like 439E0 and set C0 for instance.

    I probably could have handled it better, but I hooked into the function responsible for starting a new game (called CB2_NewGame at 0x12EB54), copied any data I wanted to keep available in the new save, then wiped the save memory like normal, and finally afterwards copied the important NG+ memory back into the game. If the player decided not to do NG+, then the script would clear any flags and items that were ready transferred over in preparation. Hope that helps!
  12. Roni
    1 Week Ago 2:55 AM
    if you're talking about social media, those and forums are two entirely different things altogether imo. forums are more about discussions whereas social media is just a place to connect with people and vibe or something. for the latter it makes sense to get information from you since that's how people on there can get to know you. but ofc the guys who ran them realized they could make a killing off of selling this data to advertisers and that's how we ended to where we are today. capitalism wins again. i agree that you're much safer on a site like this than Facebook or Twitter, if privacy is something you value deeply. are you using firefox and privacy-centric extensions rn? it's what i'm doing. just as a safety net of sorts.

    forums also tend to be hit or miss in terms of niceness of the community. i think it all stems from how good the mods are (another thing social media will never have), and lemme just say that from first hand stories of other folks on here who've been active in other places, Pokecommunity's apparently one of the better governed sites by a long shot. that makes me proud to be an active goer here, especially now that i'm part of that body that overlooks the place :) aiming to reach the same level of competence!

    don't worry about sounding sappy, i'm pretty same myself at times too huehue

    ooh so you're goal is to make something akin to radical red? that's a pretty good thing to start out with! at least you won't be stressed out about character creation and map making too much. i do agree that, with how advanced the rom hacking community has gotten the past years, it's almost a necessity to add some new stuff, even if it's just feature updates, to get people playing. just remember though, at the end of the day the important thing isn't how it's gonna be received by the community, but how proud you are of your work. if you're happy with it, it's done :)

    and yes. it'd be a nightmare if you were someone who made one of those Forum Game threads from 2016 that's still active because of how many people post on it regularly (me included lmao).
  13. Roni
    1 Week Ago 12:07 AM
    yup it comes from experience from using this site is all hehe. took me a bit to get used to it too, but not having notifications on for your thread by default is pretty useful especially for those who make romhack threads and get like 50 messages per day from people asking the same exact stuff lol. might even apply to you in the future :p

    also good to hear the progress! just make sure that you already have a concept for the story, region, and what the world will look like so you'll have a concrete roadmap to follow. it'll be much less likely to get burned out when you have proper direction and don't over exert yourself. i'm not a romhacker, but i figured it's sorta just like one big project (being a graphic designer, i got plenty of experience with those), and i'd recommend tackling one aspect at a time. go from easiest to hardest or vice versa depending on which one suits your work flow better.

    it's also really great that you're really getting into the community :D i'm glad that you've stuck around, and that we're able to support you. truth be told, you're one of a very few set of users i've greeted on this site that actually stayed active. granted i've only really been here for about 9 months (yes my account's 8 years old but i was completely inactive until March last year lmao), but i just wanna say i'm thankful :) best of luck to your project once again!
  14. Roni
    1 Week Ago 7:08 PM
    hey so i just talked to someone, and unfortunately we don't have the feature to view all your liked posts yet. they did however recommend you to make a folder on your browser's bookmarks bar and collate all the posts there. if you don't know yet how to link individual posts, you can go to the upper right hand corner of each one and you'll see there's numbers right? something that looks like #260. you can right click > Copy Link Location and paste that into the bookmarks so it goes straight to that specific post when you visit the thread again. hope this helps!
  15. Roni
    1 Week Ago 5:52 PM
    aaah i just looked back on your introduction post and realized you did quote me but without my name and ID number in there, so yeah i didn't get notified about it. i'll have to get back to you on the likes question, need to ask an admin first bcs i don't know myself.

    it's always sort of been the norm for us to respond quote someone, then if the original message is too long, either trim it down to just the part you wanna quote, or take it all off & replace everything with a period or something to save page space. here's a recent post of that happening, with the VPP convo between me and Caite. you'll notice i don't actually say lalala lol. i believe no one's ever really found that too difficult to do, but i will bring this up sooner or later if we ever have a suggestions meeting or something. thanks for the input!

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