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  1. Starlight
    August 20th, 2021 11:55 AM
    Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day 😊
  2. VisionofMilotic
    August 20th, 2021 6:09 AM
    Hi there Gardy!

    Before I say another word I have to say Happy Birthday to you! I know that today is a special day, and brought cakes for our favorite birthday aroma lady.

    Each cake I picked out is a different Pokemon who made an appearance in your story The Rose of Team Magma. I hope this brightens your day! Say hi to Sarah for me.

    I hope you have a beautiful day my friend. I am long overdue to drop you a message. How's the shiny hunting going? Have you had time to play much these days? If I get a BDSP game then it would be shining Pearl too, everyone loves Dialga, but Palkia could use some love too. I have kept a copy of he original Pearl as well. My hope is that the remakes will contain elements of Platinum too like HGSS did with Crystal, namely the distortion world, the battle frontier, more fire types and Cynthia's increased role. I like the regions that come before and after Sinnoh more (Hoenn and Unova) but Sinnoh is still an interesting region, it's neither my favorite not my least favorite. It's got a lot of Pokemon I like Roserade, Togekiss, Munchlax, Torterra, Gastrodon, Staraptor, Luxray, Spiritomb, Lucario, but Team Galactic could use a little more development, and it's not the fastest pace game in the series, the mythology in-game was pretty cool though and has a good champion fight--but Steven is still my boy.

    Is work and your adjustment to vegetarianism going well? I know that you were interested in healthful dietary options, so may good health and karma come your way on your journey.

    I remember you saying that chicken is something you miss. That is a particularly hard texture to replace, tis true. I do eat chickpea patties in sandwiches sometimes and grind them up in salads, but you can tell it's not chicken. I can enjoy it for what it is though, another food that when flavored well can taste fine in it's own right, but pork and beef are much easier to reproduce in a plant-based versions of, and I think some deli slice turkey too work. I'm glad to hear you like black bean burgers. Black beans are quite a versatile food to cook with, a very easy to make vegetarian dish I recommend are black bean and cheese quesadillas if you haven't already tried them. All you need is a can of beans, tortilla bread and some shredded cheese. It's a simple, economical and filling way to go. Though I hear tale of a white bean and kale quesadilla that is also good.

    I looked into the theory about Erika originally being a ghost trainer, and an positively intrigued! It was fascinating to see an earlier design has her yukata worn right over left, and that this is a traditional way of dressing corpses. Wow. Something I noticed about the beta as well as the updated sprite is how her pokeball appears to be floating in the air, it does look supernatural indeed. I like it! Thank you for teaching me something cool sensei <3

    Again have a splendid birthday with all sorts of fun headed your way.
  3. VisionofMilotic
    March 5th, 2021 11:15 AM
    Hi there LilyGardy!

    I'm doing well thank you! How about yourself old friend? It's splendid to catch up with you.

    I am excited to hear about your new lifestyle of vegetarianism. I was a vegetarian for many years, and last year I took the plunge and went full out vegan. I'm enjoying the plant-based diet. If you need any suggestions for good food brands that are vegetarian or vegan then, you I'm your gal. Ever try burgers from Beyond meat, Lightlife or Impossible? They are really good substitutes for ground beef, they do taste like the real thing to me whereas a lot of soy or black bean burgers aren't quite there yet. Beyond has some nice sausages too. Marie Callender has a deliciously-flavored chicken pot pie with gardein chick'n. Sorry to be a jabberjaw, but talk of food always gets me in a happy mood!

    Congratulations on your shiny Roselia. You know that's one of my favorite shinies. The black and purple roses are subtle, but elegant. I don't have Pokemon go, but I do have shiny Roselia and Roserade on my ds, and am grateful for these handsome fellas. That's a great idea to send one to Pokemon Shield, will be a fine companion to Her Queenly Majesty. Tsareena is another Pokemon I think is super cool. And the flower trinity wouldn't be complete without Lilligant Beech.

    This weekend I should have a chance to read up on the Rose of Team Magma. I'm really looking forward to settling in, and finding out what mischief Rose and Sarah are up to next, at the end of a long work week.

    Are you excited about Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? What about Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

    That's a really interesting theory about Erika. I like it. I could actually see her as a Lavender Town gym leader There are channelers in the Pokemon Tower, and these ghost pokemon adopt a more traditional Japanese style dresses like priestesses, it complements Erika and her attire well. They could have been the gym trainers in an alternate storyline where she is the leader of a ghost pokemon gym. The sleepiness does indeed sound sinister, like she's under a magic spell or perhaps undead even! I'd love to read a creepy pasta about this. If you know where I could find that fan theory, point me the right direction. I want to know more. Cheers!

  4. LadyJirachu
    February 9th, 2021 12:20 PM
    Helping people is awesome :) oh yeah....kinda forgot i was on the forum since november xD

    I did pick scorbunny :)
  5. LadyJirachu
    February 9th, 2021 12:15 PM
    Hi :) I have a boyfriend named Jack now. So i kinda lost interest in my forum and korrina over time but they do hold nostalgia for me.

    Its been so long! Whats up? :)
  6. OtakuGamerN64
    October 24th, 2020 4:36 AM
    Hey thanks for accepting, much apprecated :)
  7. VisionofMilotic
    October 17th, 2020 2:42 PM
    I just saw this post.

    I had to say, yes! You are exactly right! The Meowth Returns would indeed be about about a talking Meowth, just as The Cat Returns features talking cats. If you are a cat lover then I would highly recommend that animated film. The Baron Humbert von Gikkingen is your kind of fellow I think, elegant and gracious. He is one of my all-time favorite anime characters.

    Got any pet cats?
  8. VisionofMilotic
    September 10th, 2020 6:12 PM
    You're very welcome my friend! I'm doing not too bad, et vous? I'm thrilled to be back in touch!

    I think a violin is an instrument that fits Lilligant too. Since this pokemon is almost like a fairy princess she therefore should have as her instrument something elegant and classical. Also how gracefully it manages with such slight arms is adorable. She indeed has a peaceful personality that I think could be mother to other pokemon.

    By the way, I finally have a shiny Petilil of my own. Did I mention? She was traded to me by my friend Jo, and will become a lovely Lilligant like yours one day. I couldn't help but think of you when I received it.

    That island sounds enchanting! Combee being there is a nice touch. I love me some Vespiquen. The Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra are game changers for me, and once Tundra is out I'll probably finally bite the bullet and get Pokemon Shield + a Nintendo Switch lite, with the expansion pass, though it'll all cost a pretty penny. Still I'm looking forward to exploring Galar now that I know more of my pokemon friends will be there. Dragonite forever!

    I have kept safe during the tumultuous time of the pandemic. My work situation has changed so that I am home now. I'm making crafts to sell. I'm a doll maker. I'm also starting a glassmaking class this winter.

    Working in tech sounded cool, yet being a receptionist seems like a good fit for you, you seem articulate based on your comments here. Maybe it is because of your avatars and refined taste in pokemon but you scross as organized, and like someone who would have the social graces if that makes sense.

    Wherever you are I'm hoping that your are always safe and sound, you are a lovely person and meeting you in one of the blessings Pokecommunity has brought me.

    Your shiny Clefairy in Pokemon Go sounds like the perfect touch for the birthday girl. I remember Lillicake now! I have seen some Let's Plays of that Rom Hack, and think it's one of the sweetest things I have ever seen- no pun intended. I love the idea, when I get around to it I'm picking Brownisaur as my starter.
  9. VisionofMilotic
    August 20th, 2020 7:11 AM
    Hello there LilyGardy!

    How are you my dear old friend? I hope that you are doing well, and that you are somewhere nice and safe during this crazy year. It's been a long time since we've chatted, and I'd love to get back in touch. I'm long overdue to write. Something tells me that today is a special day. Could it be your birthday today? <3

    I'm decorating the walls of your profile with all sorts of honeysuckle, ivy, lavender, lilies, roses and delights befitting PC's aroma lady. Sending love and fantastic things your way! Happy big day! Lily Gardy! All good things your way,


  10. VisionofMilotic
    December 11th, 2019 4:20 AM
    Good morning LilyGardy! I'm feeling pretty good right now, what about yourself?

    I wanted to invite you to a Clubhouse event. The Clubhouse End of Year Festival officially kicks off today. I know you are a long-time member of the Shiny Hunters Club. They are nominated for a Club of the Year award to win prizes. I thought I'd let you know just in case you want to cast a vote for your club here.

    Now that you have your invitation nice and proper let's get back to The Rose of Team Magma. I love Sarah too as a character, and would like to have her as a friend. I'll look out for the new chapter if there is one, I didn't realize that you had updated. That's great! Every time I read a new chapter by you I feel more and more emboldened to post Archie's Daughter here some day. I have been having some serious computer issues so I haven't been writing as much, but my cousin--who's a genius, more or less took my old computer apart piece by piece and rebuilt it in to something new, so she turned my defective Dell into a gorgeous new HP that I adore. So I'll be able to write all I'd like now ^_^

    I am looking forward to playing with all the new Pokemon shield Pokemon too, I really like what I am seeing of Appletun and just adore Dragapault. I didn't buy the game last month like I had planned though, I had to be sedated when I realized how many of my beloved serpents like Dratini and Serperior would not be in the region to join Milotic, but I do still want to play through Galar. I'm just trying to hold out and see if there will be a third game version now, a Pokemon Crown or Mace that will be more complete. But yes, I still want to experience gen 8. I am set on the Sobble line too now that I have seen all 3 of the starters and their evos, and when I get my game I am going to soft reset for a shiny Sobble on my first play through if the starters aren't shiny-locked. I really like the periwinkle color scheme it and it's evos get in the shiny form.

    Tsareena is a really cool pokemon. It's one of my favorites from gen 7. I am glad that I did go ahead and take your advice to play Ultra Sun and Moon because I did end up enjoying the changes, especially Rainbow Rocket! That's very interesting to learn that Lilligant had another stage evolution. I'd like to see it someday, maybe in a future game. That's one of the coolest things about Unova though, it's an abundant garden of great grass mons!

    I'd love to hear more about your adventures in Galar, and if you recommend Sword and Shield or not? Much love sis!

  11. LadyJirachu
    November 22nd, 2019 5:24 AM
    Hi Lady Lily :) I don't like talking on pc much in general (i'm thinking of maybe mostly talking on pms here more now, when i do login, too. reasons), but I wanted to message you to let you know that I didn't respond to your pm until today on my forum because i was in a awful mood when i first read it :( I'm in a happy state of mind now though :) Please feel free to answer back to my new message to you sometime later today, I said some really fun and upbeat stuff ^_^ Also, I hope you're having a wonderful time with your new gen 8 pokemon game! :D Can't wait till i get one of my own as well. I adore collecting new pokemon titles <3
  12. VisionofMilotic
    October 25th, 2019 6:04 PM
    Yup, been too long so I had to fix that ^_^

    I think you have brought together quite a few characters that are alive and colorful. I might be a bit of a slowpoke reader, but I'll be reading this one till the end! I'll stay on the look out for chapter 10. indeed, it is interesting how characters and situations can evolve differently from what we originally plan. Has your favorite character appeared yet?

    Same hear, busy work season. I haven't bought a Nintendo Switch just yet, but I expect I will next month. I was going to wait until Sword/Shield is released and maybe check out a few minutes of a Let's Play to make sure I want this game, and if it still looks good I will buy a Nintendo Switch lite (Zacian Zamazenta edition) and Pokemon Shield. I'm 99% sure that you can count me in on gen 8 though, I really love what I have seen of the Galar region so far. I am glad that gyms are back, but also glad for the continuation of regional forms, the world looks beautiful, I am psyched for the starters, I want to try Gigantamaxing, I love England and it's history and look forward to a region based on it, and I need that long, slinky event meowth that is coming. In general I adore the gen 8 pokemon, and the fairy Alcremie is my next favorite after Galarian Ponyta. I hope the speculation is true that Galarian Rapidash will be a Pegasus. Good luck to you on your shiny hunt. Rapidash is my second favorite shiny after Milotic, so game freak had better get it right with shiny Galarian Rapidash! :)

    Congrats on your Vileplume, Fearow and Charizard, especially Charizard since he is another of my all time favorite shinies. Black is a dragon's color!

    I do want to play Let's Go when I get my switch lite too. Shiny hunting looks nerve-racking though, I can't imagine being timed when I am trying to hunt a Pokemon, and also having to try to feed pokemon berries like you would in the safari zone. I don't know if I am made of strong enough stuff to shiny hunt in Let's Go, but I want to at least play the game once. It looks super cute.

    Lovely hearing from you, I hope you have a splendid weekend.

  13. VisionofMilotic
    October 24th, 2019 3:15 AM
    Hey girl!

    How's it going? I had a blast reading The Rose of Team Magma, and wanted to catch up with you. So I thought it was time for a scribble on your profile. Are you having a nice autumn? Looking forward to pokemon sun and shield. I sure am excited about that Galarian Ponyta. I hope you are doing well my friend.

  14. LadyJirachu
    August 4th, 2019 1:11 PM
    Awwww thank you :3 You're a great friend too for saying that to me! ^_^ It put a huge smile on my face.

    By the way, I made an all pink team on showdown today! I figured, since pink is my comfort thing today, i might as well have an all pink showdown team finally. Shiny Liligant is one of the pokemon on the team, by the way ;) It also has a Palkia.
  15. LadyJirachu
    August 4th, 2019 11:05 AM
    Thanks. I'm glad for the apology *hug's you* I've been through a lot of hurt over my girlyness over the years, so i get freaked out easily, i'm afraid... :( I hope one day i can just move completely past all of it.

    All those pokemon sound really cute ^_^ Maybe i'll make a showdown team using those 3 shinies sometime! <3 I bet it would be mega strong :D Thanks for telling me about them x3; *huge hug* Pink pokemon are the best.

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