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  1. Aisaka
    17 Hours Ago 8:04 PM
    I didn't realize there were so many movies. I've known pretty much nothing about them my whole life, but I didn't think there'd be over 20 of them.

    Link to the Past is one of those games I keep reminding myself I have to play at some point. I loved A Link Between Worlds and I believe the two of them are very similar.
    Yeah, I think that knowing a lot of what's in Platinum definitely diminishes the difficulty. Often if you see people talk during speedruns or challenge runs or whatever there might be parts where they'll say "There's this hard part coming up, so we have to do this to prepare for it", or something like that. A great example is how I used a Bronzong with Toxic to beat the elite four in Platinum while being something like 10 levels lower than them. That's the kind of thing I can just do sometimes because I know the game so well, but it definitely makes it easier.

    Honestly I forgot blowing up the Drill Bomb was something you could even do. I believe 5 is the last game to not tell you how a weapon works when you obtain it, but as far as I can remember the weapons are a lot simpler and you'll pretty much understand how they work right when you use them, or when you see the boss themselves use it on you. There's a couple cool things to know about once you get into 5. The first isn't ever stated in-game, but it's said that after Mega Man 4, Dr. Cossack apologized for his actions by upgrading the Mega Buster (the shots are taller now and deal more damage so it's easier to hit things and deal more damage) and creating something new you'll see in 5 that I won't spoil. The second is that a couple of the robot master stages have hidden pathways, keep an eye out for that.

    In the second half of the game, you're given new weapons that allow you to damage Mechon without Enchant but they'll do less damage than the weapons you already have when you reach Sword Valley. And from that point forwards, it's just more anti-Mechon weapons. It feels like you get weaker and the weapons aren't very worthwhile, so it feels like you have to pick your poison of either doing less damage but not needing Enchant, or doing more but requiring Enchant for basically every fight from that point on.
    I honestly don't remember Xord doing a lot of damage, but it was really frustrating how you were forced to topple him to do any damage, and you could only topple him in a chain attack. It felt like you'd just spend 5 minutes doing 1 damage until you could finally use a chain attack, and then the fight progressed like normal. Going through the Ether Mine I actually forgot how harsh Otharon was, and I didn't really enjoy seeing him be so harsh.

    Sometimes I've been in an off mood like that. There was a period before XY came out where I was just thinking "Wow, I've lost interest in Pokemon" and while that wasn't actually correct, I was just paying a lot less attention to it and just didn't feel like playing one of the games for a while. Sometimes you just feel like other things. I've pretty much played all of the metroidvania games, and I know a decent amount about big plot events in Symphony of the Night, but I just want to keep things like what the gameplay is like or any plot details I don't know about secret. Basically it's only SotN where I'll worry about spoilers.
    It's incredibly frustrating playing a plot-heavy game and finding spoilers for it online, like I've seen videos where they have the final boss in the thumbnail, things like that. I remember a trailer for Xenoblade when the 3DS version came out that just included the first death of the game. God that frustrated me.

    I'm glad I haven't been confusing with it. Take as much time as you need to go through it as long as you're still interested, and if you stop, there's nothing wrong with that. I played the first chapter of Deltarune the day after I finished Undertale because I actually didn't know it wasn't complete, I just knew it had released a while before I played it. Honestly at this point, I've kinda just forgotten about the entire rest of the game and I'm like "Oh yeah, that was something I played when it was out. I guess it's not done yet is it?"

    In a situation like that, I'd personally prefer to be taught by someone who isn't very competitive, and if Magnus is considered the greatest in history, that's a really high standard. Being the best in the world or holding any kind of title like that would come with a huge amount of pressure, I'd imagine.
    I'm sure the game is really different now from how it was back then. Pokemon TCG at this point just seems to be "how can we make these new cards bigger and better" to the point where nothing that isn't from the past year can be considered a good card anymore. The power creep is... kinda disgusting, honestly.
  2. Aisaka
    1 Day Ago 10:31 PM
    Staying up late and watching movies like that sounds nice.~

    That's really surprising, not knowing about the sail. Doesn't the game not let you leave Windfall Island before you get the sail? Wind Waker being more accessible would be wonderful, I'd love the opportunity to play it again.
    I don't remember actively using the Goron ability, it's a shield that gives you damage immunity for two attacks I believe? It really just never mattered because you have to lock onto something to use it, and you'll just automatically pull out your shield when you do that.
    For a while, pretty much right before I joined this forum, I considered learning to speedrun Pokemon Platinum because it's a game I know really well and wouldn't mind playing it over and over. I often hear speedrunners during GDQ runs say that they end up playing the games for hours a day every day to practice so I thought that was something I'd need to consider. I decided against it because I don't want to learn how to manipulate the game's randomness, I think it'd make the game less enjoyable if I just knew how to manipulate it like that.

    I'm glad Dr. Cossack isn't the final boss of the game with how simple his fight is, and it's nice that they extend the length for the game by giving you another castle to go through.
    Oh, I meant placement of traps, as in where the fire traps are placed throughout the stage, it makes them awkward or difficult to get past. I remember a lot of them being placed in spots next to pits so you could just get knocked back into the pits and die.
    I wouldn't say 8 is very similar to 7, they've got a few similarities in design but I'd say that 8 is the most experimental and possibly the most different from the rest of the series, so it'll be interesting to play when you're used to the rest of the series.

    That's a lot of times, but that might be around the amount of times I've finished Platinum, which I consider my favourite game.
    I consider the halfway point Sword Valley since it's the transition between the Bionis and the Mechonis, and I'd probably say I like the first half. There's way more variety in enemies than just lots of Mechon, and the game feels like it's still introducing all of its new areas or interesting plot points to you throughout it. There's a lot more questions being asked in the first half, because the second half spends time answering those questions.

    The online runs really well surprisingly, I can't remember any times I've had lag issues now that you mention it. I've only ever played battle mode with friends, which isn't too often, but I remember liking Bob-omb Blast and Shine Thief a lot.
    The New Pokemon Snap looks gorgeous. I can't say I have much interest in playing it but man is it pretty, I'd love to see them continue in that kind of direction for the main-series games but I'm not sure it'll happen.
    I'm pretty broad with spoilers so I pretty much consider everything spoilers since I like to experience it all myself (unless it's something negative, like if someone's like "there's a glitch here, avoid doing this"), good question though.

    It completely slipped my mind how good of a comparison the whole books vs movies thing is to how people see manga and anime.
    There are definitely a lot of well-known mainstream anime. If you mention things like Dragon Ball or Naruto people are very likely to have heard of it. Then there are a lot of shows that people who watch anime will recognize by name, things like One Piece, and then seasonal anime that people who watch a lot of anime recently will likely have heard of.
    I'm glad it can be interesting, I'm just not sure how easy it is to understand this kind of thing when I talk about them. Glad it doesn't seem to be too confusing though.

    Talking about blunders and putting your opponent in check reminds me of what it was like playing the Pokemon TCG a lot. A lot of winning games was knowing how to be a step ahead of your opponent and knowing what they'd do next so it relied on thinking ahead often which I was never very good. But misplaying and making blunders is part of the experience and how you get better. The game taught me to consider the order in which I do things a lot more for example.
    It's still really cool to feel fond of it while you talk about it and know openers like that, I know a couple people who have played puzzle games and study openers and can teach people, it's really cool.

    Don't have to apologize for it, I just hope you're doing alright, since I think I can relate to those kinds of feelings often.
  3. Aisaka
    2 Days Ago 12:41 AM
    Sorry about being late getting back to you, had a few hiccups (nothing major, yesterday just wasn't the greatest day) so I hope the short wait's been alright. I'll get this in before going to bed, trying to keep an early bedtime and gonna see how long that lasts.

    The normal sail was the standard speed everyone was used to, and the faster sail was only in the Wii U version, so I remember people saying it was this huge thing that made the game way better when it's really just a little quality of life change. It's a little surprising to me to hear that it was such a big thing that stood out to people.
    Being pushed to encounter Zora first is something I've heard a couple people say, and while I could be like "Nah I did it on purpose, I love Mipha and the power you get is really helpful" it totally was just by game design that I found it first, probably. The speedruns are super fascinating, I love watching people launch off whatever they can find with the Stasis power, there was a while where I kept watching videos of people trying to skip through shrines using bombs or stasis, and that's just really neat to me. I don't think I ever got the Hylian Shield, but if it just breaks from durability, that kinda gives me no reason to go after it besides like... looking nice?

    To be fair I don't think the Leaf Shield was that great because you couldn't move with it around you, it'd just fly off as soon as you pressed a button. There were some screens in the... second Wily castle stage I believe where I used it, because you'd be going along the moving platform with respawning enemies, so I'd just let them touch the Leaf Shield and die instead of trying to aim a metal blade. Air Man is weak to Leaf Shield, so it's a common strategy to try and get behind him and just keep firing the shield next to him until he can die, but I don't even think you can do it in one go, you still have to dodge quite a bit of tornados.
    I definitely won't talk negatively about 7, but it definitely takes a bit to get used to, I think both 7 and 8 are like that. I'll say I don't dislike any of the games outright, but 1 is probably the toughest for me to go back to, yeah. Playing it kinda always reminds me that it seems like they weren't quite certain of the formula, with things like the boss rush at the end being structured different, and a lot of placement of traps, especially like in Fire Man's stage. Feeling a little bit slippery doesn't help there. There's just a lot of small things that seem so strange to me when I go back and play it. Fun fact, the Ice Slasher does no damage to anything except for Fire Man. Just freezes them.

    If you go for a 3 heart challenge, best of luck. I'd definitely say start with the game you know the best since it'll feel the most comfortable and you're less likely to get frustrated if that's the kind of thing that happens to you. I never really found wallmasters annoying, since they're pretty easily dealt with, once you hear the sound of them swooping down you just move out of the way of the shadow and hit them when they come down. I remember being scared of floormasters in Wind Waker when I was really little though, haha. I definitely think Master Quest should've been unlocked from the start with Ocarina of Time 3D, because the game was basically released as a nostalgia trip for people. It'd give old players a new reason to come back to it since I'm sure there are tons of people who have played the original but not Master Quest.
    I'm about a third of the way through the Central Factory right now, so I'm coming up to Agniratha. You remembered correctly, it's the city at the top of the Mechonis and it's one of the last areas you visit on Mechonis I believe.

    It's so nice to have online multiplayer because it's given me a lot of opportunities to play something like Mario Kart 8 with friends. If it weren't for that I'd probably have played it way less. I have a friend who said they wanted to play Mario Kart with me for a while and we just couldn't make scheduling work, but we got to play it one night and we've played a few more times since then, I'm thankful for him getting me to sit down and play with friends.
    Gates to Infinity is more or less the same, just with a couple small changes as far as I remember. I believe Super Mystery Dungeon has both move levelling and Team Attacks? Those are the first things I think of, but there's this one mechanic where every new day in-game, a certain type will get boosts like... I think some of them are like, they do more damage or don't lose PP as fast? Something like that. I don't remember the specific buffs but I think you get what I mean.
    The vania games from that era are all 2d action platformers with exploration, that's pretty much what you get. I wouldn't call the maps giant, but they are a pretty good size. Some of them will have several different maps you warp between, and some of them (like Symphony of the Night) have a single large map with different areas. I hope you enjoy it! I've yet to play it for very long so I'll be avoiding spoilers on it, but I hope you have a good time with it. Symphony of the Night is probably THE Castlevania game people think about when the name is mentioned. If they don't think of Super Castlevania IV.

    I don't remember much of Death Note but I can definitely say it's one of those classic anime a lot of people will know about. From my memory (I haven't seen much, and even when I did it was maybe 10 years ago) it is pretty edgy, since the whole concept is, well, about a book you can kill people with by writing their name. I think you'll always hear people say reading the manga is better because there are just people like that. I'll prefer anime over manga because I like seeing everything visualized and my mind can have a harder time going between pictures rather than seeing everything happen. Manga is a little quirky because in Japanese it's typical to read from the right to the left, instead of here where it's left to right. If you've read Pokemon Adventures you'll probably know that if you open the book from the wrong side, there's that page that tells you you're reading the wrong way and to read it from right to left. You basically start from the back and work your way backwards. Gets a little confusing going back and forth between manga and traditional books in English. I would know, I did that a lot in elementary school. Besides that, it's just like reading a graphic novel.
    Japan being an island means tsunamis and earthquakes and storms and oh god I would not wanna live there. I hear a lot of people who are interested in anime and manga like I am talk about wanting to live in Japan, but as someone who's barely experienced an earthquake and nothing more, having to deal with storms and such regularly sounds pretty scary. Every so often I'll hear about a large storm or something that messes up a city or an area of the country and it makes me want to live there even less. I'd still gladly enjoy going, but my boyfriend says he'd want to live in Japan and I'm definitely uncertain.

    As someone who doesn't really take time to think things through playing games, blitz chess kinda sounds fun, but I definitely think I'd be bad at it. Being better against bots seems like it'd make sense, maybe a person under your ranking is really good and just new to the site, or something like that?
    It's good to know what you can and I'm happy if my answers to those questions can help you out. But as someone who's gone through years of it, saying it's not a big deal and it just happens fills me with concern.
  4. Roni
    3 Days Ago 12:32 AM
    ah yeah my college environment was sort of like that before senior year. during down times it was one of the chillest places in the world, people would literally just open a classroom to sleep somewhere lmao. sucks about the closing of the campus, but hey what're you gonna do :(

    just finished the video too. jeez iDubzz tore Leafy a new one in 2016. no doubt in my mind Leafy was ultra insecure about his chin, and for iDubbz to dedicate entire segments just to roast it was beautiful. perfect example of karma. and that part where he was literally so awkward during the irl meetup, makes me feel comfortable knowing that his bullying prowess ends online, on a platform where he doesn't ever have to meet anyone face to face. and again, super glad he's gone.

    i sort of peek into his streams every now and then when i catch him online. it's pretty much just video games or card openings mixed with his humor, which is aight but i'm sorta growing out of it slowly. i visit twitch once or twice a week if i have time. i've donated a bit to some of my fave streamers just to have them read some random dono messages i got for them, and that's about it lol.

    now that sounds like quite the fun game to play with friends! Angry Videogame Nerd is basically Cinemassacre right? i think i've watched a few videos of him yeaars ago (he's like a Youtube dinosaur right?? guy's been uploading stuff since I was 8 years old lol) but i never got too into his style; sorta corny for me altogether lol. did he make a review about this?

    yooo that collab with the real voice actors is dopeee. ofc they can't truly replicate the nuances that made the deliveries of the original so great, but hey it's immortalized now as a piece of history. well, for the meantime while this meme lasts lmao.
  5. Aisaka
    4 Days Ago 7:54 PM
    I think the reason people said sailing was bad was because it felt like there was nothing to do or the boat travelled too slow? I'm not sure if there are exploration limits, but that's something to be curious about next time I play. Like if you go the opposite direction of where you're supposed to when you first get the boat. I went with Zora, Gerudo, Rito, and then Goron. I kinda just ended up stumbling across the Zora dungeon quests and everything first and ended up doing those. I thought the moving dungeons were interesting the first time, but after that it kind of felt like "Why do I have to do this", like the puzzle for all the dungeons ended up just being the same thing. The Master Sword definitely feels the most awkward in Breath of the Wild. Like you have to earn it and once you get it, the only big reason to use it is that it doesn't really break on you.

    Thankfully barrier weapons are pretty much a series staple but only limited to one per games, things like the Leaf Shield count for that. I definitely know what you mean by the satisfaction of seeing a boss door, haha. It's probably the lack of familiarity for me, but 7 has always kinda just felt awkward to play for me. Something about the shift from NES to SNES makes it feel somewhat different to play, it's a little hard to really understand, myself.
    There's been some pretty massive gaps in release dates so people have thought mega man as a series has been dead so many times, haha. 12 years between 8 and 9, and then 8 years between 10 and 11, I believe. I remember Mega Man being announced for Smash 3DS/Wii U being a big deal because everyone thought Mega Man was completely dead after 10. Personally I prefer the NES style, since it's what's always felt the most comfortable for me to play, and I'm used to it being like that, especially with 9 being a favourite and playing the NES games a lot, but I doubt it's likely for them to go back to that again.

    I do remember having difficulty with it, a lot of deaths were taken to the part at the end with the boat (I believe?) where you have to fight a bunch of Stalfos back to back. I spent a while on that part alone trying to work out a strategy for fighting them without dying, since I believe they hit pretty hard. I'm pretty sure blue potions are the super excessive ones that heal your health and magic fully, I remember using them during the late-game in Master Quest. The traps the dungeon had weren't too big of a pain for me, because I think I either took things slow with the Lens of Truth, or had the Hover Boots at that point. I think there was one room with fans that gave me trouble though? The analogy totally makes sense, I can see what you mean.
    Jade Face is the boss of Mechonis Field, which is right before Central Factory. If memory serves, you go through the Central Factory to Agniratha, and then confront Egil after Agniratha. But that may not be correct. Alvis was always the most interesting character to me ever since he first appears, so I was always really excited to see more of him when I played.

    Couch multiplayer is something I've always thought seemed really fun, but I've honestly never really had the friends or people to experience it with, haha. I did have a friend who I got to play Mario Party 7 with sometimes though, and even if it was just the two of us it was pretty enjoyable. That actually sounds really interesting, the school thing was a pretty interesting way to start. Personally I'm a huge fan of Gates for the gameplay, even though I think Explorers has a way better story, the one I'd say is the best in the series.
    An idle game with an ending is interesting, that's cool. A week is still a while, I turn my computer off every night so it still seems strange to me, but it might just be a me thing.

    The "Metroidvania" era Castlevania games are basically like that. Like in Metroid you explore a large map and find different abilities to help you progress. Things like being able to double jump to reach higher places. One of the abilities in one of the games is a spell that lets you turn into a toad so you can hop through small passages. Symphony of the Night will be like this.
    The horror side scrolling platformer description sounds like classic Castlevania. This is the kind of games the first Castlevania, and games like Super Castlevania IV and Rondo of Blood will be like. The series has gone through some changes so the older games and the newer games are completely different genres. They're just tied together by the name Castlevania and sometimes some characters appear in multiple games.

    I was actually told by someone while I was watching that the places in the show are real places, and did some research after that. Later I recognized a couple spots in one episode and thought "Hey, maybe this is a real place too?" and looked it up. I'm not sure about anime, but there was a really great story on Siliconera about a shrine in Japan that inspired a location in Ghost of Tsushima. The gate of the shrine was destroyed by a typhoon and people helped fund to repair it, including a lot of Ghost of Tsushima fans. It's the kind of thing I love to see and is super interesting to me. https://www.siliconera.com/tsushimas-watatsumi-shrine-crowdfunding-ended-at-over-500

    I get what you mean about chess being mentally exhausting, when I play a lot of games I don't like to have to think things through a lot and will usually just do what feels right or natural. If I have to stop and think for a while it makes it feel like I can't keep playing and have to sit there for a while, sometimes while other people have to wait for me. It's really not fun.
    Take care of yourself, the lack of finding things interesting or sleep being an easy answer sounds like how my depression would affect me.
  6. Aisaka
    5 Days Ago 1:58 AM
    Oh wow, usually I hear the opposite from people, that the sailing is the worst part about Wind Waker. But honestly I loved going around and salvaging treasure with the grappling hook. I thought the idea of getting charts and hauling them up from the ocean was a super cool idea.
    Honestly, as someone who was gifted it and went through all of it (I think?) I really don't remember much about it besides the motorbike. That was just my favourite part.

    13 hours sounds great. I wanna sleep that long.~
    Usually I'll just start to use boss weapons if I can just run through something buster only, but some situations I got in just kinda got me used to thinking "I can probably use the barrier to block this thing". I think Mega Man 9 got me to do that a bunch.
    Nah, Dr. Cossack is the guy who invented the robots you fight in 4, I think it gets explained in the intro, haha. That's why there has been a different logo for things like the boss doors.
    A lot of people seem to agree that 7 has the hardest final boss in the series, and I'd probably agree with that. Mega Man 9 came out 12 years after 8 did, so they decided to go back to the NES style for 9 and 10 because it was what the series was known for, and I think it was a great change. A big thing they did with Mega Man 9 was try to get you to feel like you were playing Mega Man 2 again, they tapped into the nostalgia pretty hard, but thankfully I don't think they went overkill on it to the point where it feels like you're playing an old game, or just playing it for the nostalgia.

    It definitely isn't something you'd wanna skip in a 3 heart run. I think Biggoron's does double damage to either some or all enemies, and I pretty often learned to either take out enemies from a distance if I could, or how to dodge attacks. (Stalfos were always a big pain, but Biggoron's meant I was fighting them for half the time I would with the Master Sword.)
    A lot of it did end up being about bottling fairies, but you could definitely keep yourself from bottling too many. And even with 4 fairies, you'll have way less health with 3 hearts than you would with the normal amount. A funny thing is that you never end up using something like blue potions, because even red potions heal more than double of what you have. I thought the Shadow Temple was pretty unsettling, but it didn't stand out too much to me because of the Bottom of the Well before it. I think if anyone talks about something scary in a kids game, it's the well from Ocarina of Time.
    You're thinking of the right boss, that's Jade Face. I guess his name doesn't come up too often, since he's referred to as another name through the game, and only as Jade Face during his boss fight. A lot of the Mechonis is "activate this lift to go up a floor to proceed" so I'm not sure exactly what area you're thinking of, but it might be Central Factory? That's the one I kinda think of when I think of a long Mechonis area.

    I didn't even think of immersion honestly. If I'm playing a story heavy game for the first time, I'd probably just want to experience it myself, that's a good point. I wanted to wait to get Mystery Dungeon DX because I kinda... didn't wanna pay the full price of it myself for it. I figured if I was given a gift card, that'd cover part of it and I could spend the rest of it.
    I played Super Mystery Dungeon before I lost my old N3DS, and there was just something really... offputting about it. Like I had to force myself to play more of it and I was never enjoying it. I felt like I wasn't interested in the story at all and didn't agree with the heavy amount of new mechanics, which is surprising because I loved Gates to Infinity. I remember playing it for what felt like several hours and talking to a friend about it, and he responded "You're still in the tutorial". It really lost my interest.

    That sounds like a really awkward problem for an idle game to have. Like, you wouldn't be able to pick it back up if you turn your computer off for the night or something.
    Love Live was an anime first, then the mobile games came out later. There's another similar game I've spent time on named BanG Dream, and I'm pretty sure that was a mobile game before it was an anime. It probably doesn't happen very often, that's the only instance I can think of where it happens.

    Go for it, start from Season 1 and feel free to ask if you have any questions at all.~
    If you find Rondo of Blood, it's the main game where you play as Richter. Symphony of the Night and Portrait of Ruin have him as an unlockable character after beating the game, and Harmony of Despair is a spinoff game that has him as a playable character. Just so you know what you're lookin for.

    They're very heavily inspired, pretty much like being just like the real thing, here's a good example of an inn that appears in Love Live Sunshine, compared to its real life counterpart. https://img1.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire1/640af6603af29809747ef4f5c82936db1472851939_full.png
    Don't worry about the length of the messages, it's good to still get to talk to you. The length of these usually fluctuates anyways, I'm cool with that.
  7. Aisaka
    5 Days Ago 8:31 PM
    Hahaha, I forgot what the first Cossack stage was like. You can get by the skeletons while they're down if you don't like charging the buster to take them out, they're like dry bones in Mario. Skull Barrier usually keeps you safe from the pit enemies I believe?

    It was definitely amusing, haha. Do your best out there.~
  8. Roni
    5 Days Ago 7:06 PM
    totally understand that. woudn't have been as active as i am now either back in college thanks to the hundreds of things we had to do on a daily basis, on top of my extra curricular commitments.

    i think he's been doing that for so long now lol. i watched him several years ago when he did plain gaming videos on youtube and he literally hasn't changed personality or style at all. i respect the consistency. and thanks for the links, i've added the uncensored version to my watch later playlist because i'm still at work right now. it's about time i got updated with this stuff lol.

    ahh so they're a glitch fest? lmaoo aight i'll bite then. i think i may have remembered actually watching Nerdcubed do a Let's Play of this, the glitches seem familiar now that i've looked at that tweet.

    i do like short games too, so Until Dawn's gonna be in my "to try" list for this year hehe. thanks!
  9. Aisaka
    5 Days Ago 4:29 PM
    A Cave Story app would be pretty cool, I imagine that would make it more accessible, which is always great. Dragon Roost Cavern was second, and Forbidden Woods was the next dungeon after. I don't remember much about it, just that I learned it only has one small key for the whole dungeon, which is interesting. I'm not really sure what the stealth quest was, but I'm pretty sure it took place somewhere in the Lost Woods. Maybe it was part of the DLC or something? I honestly can't remember.

    Hope you're doing alright.
    I don't think the games tell you how the weapons you obtain work until 6, which is pretty awkward. You get the opportunity to test them out for yourself, but there's nothing the game ever tells you to let you know you can do things like charge or angle shots. Mega Man 1 being the most replayable does sound a bit strange, but your reasoning makes perfect sense. I'd say 5 is the most replayable just because of how often I've played it. A lot of the robots have purposes they were created for before being reprogrammed for world domination, like Fire Man was made for burning garbage and Cut Man was made to cut trees, I believe. Most of them make sense, and then there's things like Top Man, who was built to explore outer space. Funny you mention, 8 and 9 might have the most interesting stage design in the whole series in my opinion, and I'm sure you'll find them cool if you already think the NES stages are impressive. I don't remember if I mentioned this when I said 9 was my favourite, but I think the music for it is my favourite in the series. As for the fan submissions, I think there's some truth to that, I believe there have been some bosses designed by fans in the series, the only one I can think of being Knight Man, but I don't remember it being too common of a thing. 9 is the one with Splash Woman, yeah. That was really neat to see when the game came out cause everyone was talking about how cool it was to have a female robot master, and she's one of my favourites.

    Getting stuck on the first dungeon when you've never played a Zelda game makes a lot of sense to me, you're fine. If I remember correctly you can have Biggoron's Sword by the end of the Fire Temple, but I'm not sure. I wish I could answer how I beat Dark Link on 3 hearts, but it's been so long that I can't remember. Maybe sometime I'll give the run another shot now that I'm older, and I'll let you know how that goes? I'll probably only use Din's Fire if I'm doing a normal playthrough and getting frustrated with fighting him. Bottle Tennis is such a silly thing I love, I'm glad it's something you can do. I think you can even do it in Twilight Princess too?
    That's pretty much how it goes, but Prison Island is before Valak Mountain, then you go from the Mountain to Sword Valley, then to Fallen Arm and start climbing the Mechonis. I can definitely relate with having worse memory the longer it goes, there's a couple points recently in my playthrough where I've been like "Oh, what? That's what happens?", like especially everything with Jade Face.

    Oh, that's really interesting. Usually if someone's over at my house it's typically family I won't wanna talk to, so I'll use playing video games as something to help me focus on during the conversation. Maybe it's just because I'm a really talkative person but I enjoy having a conversation on the side while I'm doing something, especially playing a game.
    Mystery Dungeon is absolutely wonderful, I was considering getting Rescue Team DX instead of Xenoblade last month, cause it's been years since I've really played Mystery Dungeon and gotten into it, but it feels like one of those games I can spend a lot of time on and still get carried away with despite not being able to do that with a lot of things. There's just something about it. I think using save states in a situation like that where all it does is save you from having to grind for the items you lost and everything again, because that's always a pain. With Explorers specifically, I found out there's a site where you can generate whatever Wonder Mail you want to basically give you any item you want as a reward, and I played through the game to see how easy that would make it. It... gets really easy when you realize you can just mail in golden seeds and reviver seeds whenever you want, haha. The whole game is pretty luck based honestly with how dungeons generate, so if you ask me, the use of save states is fine as long as you're not outright cheating. That's also not my decision to make, though, haha.

    No worries, I can see where the confusion came from.~
    I looked up Candy Box real quick, and this sounds so cute, I feel like I'd really enjoy this if I was aware of it when it came out. Maybe I'll see what it's like sometime.
    I feel like if you're not already into idol stuff already, there's probably not a whole lot about it in general you'd know of. Love Live has two mobile games, which I typically refer to when I say "idol games" (because saying that is just a lot easier) but I feel like they're not really that popular outside of people who are fans of the anime or other content from the series. There's definitely gotta be some hidden gems on the app store, I think I actually saw a GDQ speedrun of a game I had on my phone for a couple days. I never watched it, but definitely noticed it when it came up.

    Anime definitely feels like that kind of thing where either you're really into it or you aren't at all, haha. When my friends think of me as "the weeb friend" they think I've watched way more anime than I actually have and I know all this stuff, but really I'm just passionate about the series I have watched. It's like if people who don't play games think you know about all these mainstream games even if you're a fan of just a couple series. It gets really awkward when people think I watch all this mainstream action anime and I have to tell them "no, I just like shows with cute girls in them", haha.
    The struggle to keep up might just because of not being familiar with anime. I can't really say there's a definitive "you should watch this anime first" but the more someone watches it the easier it might be to understand. But in terms of the confusion, I think it's just because of not having seen season 1 first. I'm in the process of rewatching season 1 currently, so thankfully everything's fresh in my mind.

    Nah, no worries for bringing it up. It's just not something I'll go looking for, I won't often think "I wonder what's happening in US politics today", it's way more often someone will just tell me something's happening and I'll just learn that way. I guess I kinda just stay (somewhat?) informed that way.
    There are a lot of places I've seen in videos mainly that I'd love to visit. My dad's family is also from one part of Japan, so him and I want to visit and see what it's like. I'm not sure if he knows any of his family still living there, but I think it would be cool. A big thing for me is seeing the real-life locations in anime I watch, like maybe there will be a scene of the characters at a certain building or store, and I really want to go. There's this one place called the Numazu Harbour Gate, and I want to visit it and take pictures in it because it's where one of my favourite scenes in all of Love Live took place. A bunch of stuff like that.
  10. Roni
    6 Days Ago 7:26 AM
    ah that's unfortunate. was staff duties getting too in the way of your life, which made you have to decide to leave? i sincerely hope i'll be able to power through when that eventually happens to me.

    that's...really awful actually. basically lying to a bunch of people about who you are, solely for the sake of image. imo the guy's trying too hard to be cool. it's great that scum like him no longer get to be in the limelight (although somehow Jake and Logan Paul are still around...). someone like Moist Charlie is way more suited for the role. he actually has a good personality and doesn't go out of his way randomly bullying strangers and other channels.

    ok i can understand it from an editing pov you got me there. it'd be a nightmare to try and sync up chat lmaoo you'd have to go alll the way back to the start of the stream, christ.

    haven't touched any WWE stuff from 2K but NBA's pretty coolio. still don't know the controls but a close friend let me play once and it was pretty fun. if i don't have to watch a single WWE ep to have fun with the game tho i might just give it a dabble! i can also understand content creation equipment being a bit of an investment, but if you already have a mic on your headset or something, that's more than ok to start out! you could even use your phone's mic, but then yea that'd need editing and syncing and it'll be a total nightmare. not a good choice for a first experience with streaming/video making.

    huh, Until Dawn was apparently released in 2015 but it's gone completely under my radar. will research hehe.

    tbh i may not show it or anything, but i legit feel like users like DJ Allen and Killer Red Skull really bring a lot of spice and pizzazz to these forums haha. something... new, or something. it's hard to explain. all i can say is, they're integral in their own way.
  11. Aisaka
    1 Week Ago 8:28 PM
    Glad you're doing alright.

    Ouch, the Windows compatibility kinda sucks. I wouldn't know a single thing about that, but I hope you can get it running through Linux? I've never had anything but a Windows computer.
    The first dungeon was the Forsaken Fortress, yeah. You'd go there to try and rescue your sister after being launched off the pirate ship. I'm glad stealth sections aren't too common in the franchise, since I really don't enjoy them either. I think there were a couple stealth quests in Breath of the Wild and I hated them...

    It's still a good improvement. His weakness is the Pharaoh Shot and the only advice I can think of giving is something they do in speedruns, where you charge the Pharaoh Shot above your head and have that hit him, then release the button later to fire another full charge at him. I'm not sure if the game even tells you that you can charge the shot or that you can angle it up or down when you fire, so maybe that'll help? Autofire was added in the Legacy Collection, I don't remember playing any of the games outside the collection with Autofire.
    I watched a few of the episodes from the Mega Man cartoon years ago because I just heard about it from YouTube videos I watched at the time, and honestly I don't remember any of it. It seemed like just your typical 90s video game cartoon.
    5 was my favourite before I started to put a lot of time into 9 and 10, at that point whatever my favourite was just ended up being the game I spent the most time on, but 9's music and weapons make it the most fun to play for me. When I first beat it I kept playing it over and over to try and get strategies into my head on how to get through the stages. It's been a lot of fun, and I felt it was quite challenging.
    I love a lot of the ideas for boss designs in the series (There's Centaur Man in 6 as well) but I guess it does get really strange when you have like 5 different "Fire bosses", I could immediately think of 5 off the top of my head that all counted for that.

    I did play the 3DS version, yeah. It was just what was most accessible to me, but I really think it was the best choice. Things like being able to aim the bow and hookshot with motion controls made the game feel easier to play and while I don't think I'd have felt frustrated with the N64 controls, they'd probably feel more awkward. I actually never knew about using Din's Fire on Dark Link, that's really cool.
    I'm not sure how much my memory could carry me through a Zelda game, but I think if I had to place a bet, I could probably get through most if not all of Twilight Princess off of memory, just because I've played it several times and it always kinda stuck out to me. I mainly remember bits and pieces of games and they all kinda connect together. Like with Xenoblade, I know everything that happens up to Fallen Arm, then my mind blanks until the encounter with Egil.

    Speaking of Xenoblade, I made some progress this morning and got up to Mechonis Field, which I'm really excited for because of the music.~
    That seems like a really cool way to experience a horror game, as long as you're willing to add to the atmosphere like that, haha. Persona 5 is that game I hear everyone talking about, but I don't really have any interest in playing it. The only reason I would is because my boyfriend is a big fan of it, and it's a game I'd want to play together with him, so I'm sort of holding out on being able to play it for a while. When Persona 4 Golden got released on Steam my friends tried to push me to buy it which just made me less interested to try it. Gen 3 is the one I see having romhacks so often, so I sort of just associate romhacks with being a Gen 3 thing. I never found the pace of Gen 4 to be a problem myself, but I can totally understand how people feel and I think an emulator is a great way to deal with that. Defeating enemies and recruiting them kinda reminds me of a bunch of games I've played, like some of the Metroidvanias or even Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, so that sounds really cool. The developers not finishing Dragon Quest 2 reminds me of how I played Metroid Prime 2 earlier last year, since it was one of those games on my list and I knew someone who couldn't beat it, and I heard one of the developers couldn't beat it. It made me interested in how I'd do at it, and it was pretty satisfying to finish it. One of those things, I guess.

    Come to think of it, I barely ever talk about how I was in a drama class or the planned trip to New York. It just never comes up in conversation, since said drama class was something I was pretty eager to get out of, haha. I'm pretty sure that school had quite a few planned trips outside the country, but I don't remember any myself.
    "Presentation Interruption" sounds like a hilarious way to get a good grade. Sounds like a mess though.
    I feel like stuff like that is really only as big of a deal as people make it. It doesn't really have to be a big deal if someone doesn't want it to be, and I like that.
    Bonding over any kind of game honestly has just felt like such a great way to make friends. Like you'll always have a conversation topic you can fall back on and you don't have to keep trying to find things you have in common. Haha, you're thinking of idle games, those are ones you kinda just leave on like cookie clicker. They're pronounced the same. What I mean is closer to a gacha game where you obtain different idol girls. I guess it's a little awkward to explain but they're basically just rhythm games where you get idol girls, hence why I just call them idol games.

    I'd definitely say to watch Season 1 first. Things like Honoka being the student council president and how the girls feel about Love Live, the big idol competition, are directly related to the first season. A-Rise is a rival group that gets introduced in the first season as well. Love Live is still fairly story-driven so there's a lot you probably won't have context for if you start with Season 2. As you watch Season 1 you'll probably be able to decide if it's the kind of show you'll enjoy watching or not, and then decide to watch Season 2 and the movie afterwards if it's something you want to continue with. There's a lot more, but I'd say just try to watch it in numbered order. Love Live is sort of divided into multiple "series" so it can be a little awkward to know what to start with.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it, I like Setsuna's music a lot. The amount of variety in the music means I think a lot of people can find something they enjoy in it.

    It's funny, as I'm typing this apparently he got banned from Twitter? That's interesting. I'm mainly focusing on hoping people are alright, I tend to stay away from all of that news.
    I'm glad it's interesting for you, I hope you'll continue to enjoy it! And your words of reassurance really help, thank you.~
  12. DJ Allen
    1 Week Ago 8:05 PM
    DJ Allen
  13. DJ Allen
    1 Week Ago 7:47 PM
    DJ Allen
    Hey zeo star can i become your friend? Plz!
  14. VisionofMilotic
    1 Week Ago 12:24 AM
    Swanna and I will be just fine, it's a nice lilac color, and I have this inspiring Xerneas Hercine too.

    I'm so glad that you like your shiny. It suits you as our resident Whimsicott.

    I wanted to ask how you are doing right now? It's been an intense time, and I know that you aren't far from the Capitol, so I wanted to make sure that you were alright. Are you and all of your loved ones safe and well? You're in my thoughts and prayers friend. <3
  15. Roni
    1 Week Ago 11:42 PM
    lmao at least no one can see it unless they stalk your profile :p and i really appreciate the kind words! <3 staff forums right now are pretty dope ngl, but only when they're active lmao

    ugh that era of youtube sucked. h3h3 was somewhat the saving grace for the time, but they've gone wayy downhill ever since. i actually sorta watched leafy for a bit, but didn't even really pay too much attention to what he was saying bcs the csgo surfing in the background was mad relaxing to look at. ashamed to admit that i didn't realize it was cyberbullying until much later in life. i'm sincerely glad he got terminated, makes it clear that he wasn't willing to change his ways whatsoever. i haven't been updated with him recently tho, why'd he disappear in the first place?

    true, i watch streamers during down times as a way to relax. i do wonder tho, why do some streamers overlay their chat on screen when chat is literally to the side anyway? i kinda wanna just remove chat from view completely but they disallow that.

    really appreciate the compliments Zeo thank you <3 i will say, despite being stressful, youtube really did help me train my commentating skills. in my first few videos i was eating up my own words and had several moments of awkward silences and slurred lines because i was always second guessing what to say, or completely blank out. happy that i got to improve on that for a bit, but i've barely found a use for the skill in my real life anyway, so it's whatevs. and totally yes you get what i mean. there's games that work best when played alone, and there's games that are the most fun when with a bunch of people. i've found pokemon to be in the former category. that's probably why it's never really taken off as a streamer game aside from those who do ridiculous challenges with them like SmallAnt.

    sucks to have a teacher like that, but i guess we all gotta go through it one way or another. it's annoying and unnerving, but by golly does it get people studying. well, those who care anyway (it was common for some classmates of mine back in college to not even bother showing up for our index card teacher's class unless there were exams going on lmao).

    P.S. still haven't watched that video DJ Allen linked with that Morbius stuff lmao literally came out of left field for me

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