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  1. Bradevitica
    4 Hours Ago 9:57 PM
    Finneon has a funny cry xD And Lumineon - the only fish (+ Finneon) to be able to learn Silver Wind. Hope to see them both soon in the DP remakes :)
    Actually I probably encountered one or two...but I "made them disappear somewhere in the den" since I believed that its HA was Drizzle and nothing else :'D If it didn't start to rain at the beginning, then well...goodbye Pelipper xD

    Watch me getting another one via Suprise Trade xD Any bets in which apriball it will be next? lol

    The latter one. I still have to decide what I want for them...actually, since I bred and have all of the pokemon from the list ready, I'm gonna do that now.
    Here's the list - "MEGA TRADE 2" (14 Pkmn in total), containing the onces you prepared for me a few days ago + the 4 new ones I added (highlighte with 3 stars).
    I added the 3 stars next to certain pokemon so you can see easier which ones you still have to breed - unless you have them in stock :P

    Barboach (Hydration) --- HA Fast Ball Emolga ***
    Drillbur (Mold Breaker) --- HA Fast Ball Helioptile
    Heatmor (White Smoke) --- non-HA Fast Ball Turtonator
    Roggenrola (Sand Force) --- HA Sport Ball Heracross
    Sandygast (Sand Veil) --- HA Love Ball Spritzee
    Sigilyph (Tinted Lens) --- HA Dream Ball Munna
    Swoobat (Simple) --- HA Level Ball Passimian
    Tauros (Sheer Force) --- HA Fast Ball Growlithe
    Yamper (Rattled) --- HA Fast Ball Elekid ***
    Japanese Ditto --- HA Dream Ball Magby ***
    Dream Ball Mimikyu --- HA Lure Ball East Shellos
    Lure Ball Eiscue --- HA Lure Ball West Shellos (got one w/o HA)
    Heavy Ball Gabite (Rough Skin) --- HA Love Ball Togepi
    Lure Ball Gabite (Rough Skin) --- HA Moon Ball Oranguru ***
  2. Bradevitica
    18 Hours Ago 8:23 AM
    Tho i picked Totodile back when I played Gold, I always wondered what the "white belt thing" was on Fearligatr xD I think it kinda was like a thorn in my eye, but without it, Totodile and Fearligatr would look weird. There are these blank spots that they have to fill out somehow design-wise :O However, I like all three starter lines.
    That's cool :D Same with the DS games - you can get all of the starters up to that point (Gen 5) with just the DS games.

    Haha xD More like "I misplaced it or someone stole it from me" lost. Altough I think it was the former one, even tho I was convinced with the latter one when I was a kid.

    Wow xD That sounds painful. Ngl, I even can't remember how long trading took way back in DP :O But we were used to it back then, there was no "It can be faster" subconsciously in the back of our minds.

    Oh yeah, I will try to breed your Pkmn until tomorrow. Also I got a Lure Ball Gabite (I think it has HA, have to check). Need this 3rd Gabite too? xD
    And I got these three, I will send what I want fore these + the rest of the big lit once I finished breeding (I put stars so you can easily find what other three pkmn you have to breed in the final list):
    *** Japanese Ditto --- ???
    *** Yamper --- ???
    *** Whiscash --- ???
  3. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 2:47 PM
    Thanks for the trades :) Yeah, should've maybe mentioned it but you did the right thing.
    Still have to lock its final moveset tho...Defog and Bullet Punch are two of them. Other two moves will probably be U-turn/Bug Bite and Assurance.

    Really? How slow was one trade? xD

    Also I was so glad to see Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile in the Route 101 page you sent me :D
    Gold was a big part of my childhood after all (Silver not so much since it was my sisters game before she gifted it to me and Crystal...yeah, I lost that one early xD ... Dx)
  4. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 2:40 PM
    That was my second guess. I also think this Buzzwole has a move that can't be used in SwSh.
    I know I have a Shiny Pheromosa(?) that has a move "Me First" which can't be used.
  5. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 2:34 PM
    I see...hmmm. Not sure either. I guess we have to look this up in Serebii.
    Maybe it's an icon that shows that the pkmn is from Alola?
  6. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 2:32 PM
    Okay, this time the code is 3690 0963.
  7. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 2:29 PM
    You mean the sad smiley? This is when a Pkmn had Pokerus. It is a "virus" that doubles the amount of EVs a pokemon can get when battling wild pokemon. Pokerus can transfer to other pkmn too. This was introduced way back in Gen 3, but it is very hard to get one with it there. No worries, it won't harm your save file.
  8. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 2:27 PM
    Funny how you ended it with a Diggersby xD Kinda fitting.
    I was wondering why you had so many lol. day if I need one, I'll let you know.

    Ikr? I may like the shiny version a little bit more, just because it looks more freaky, which UBs are supposed to be.
    Anyway, transfering the Bunnelby army via Home to Sword, then we'll trade them back + the one Scyther tradevolution.
  9. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 2:21 PM
    Oh wait, I just remembered :O There's an 8th one - a Regieleki that I want to have in Sword too.
  10. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 2:14 PM
    You're probably's kinda stupid that they didn't allocate the Fast ball to one of the ball guys imo.
    Otherwise you can miss it easily.

    But I don't need that one now. I'll go online now. 6 Claydols will have an item, plus one...that "buff mosquito Ultra Beast" and finally the Scizor (last one is a traveloution which we'll do in Sword) :) Code will be 9630 0369.
  11. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 2:07 PM
    I see. Pretty nice that you can obtain all of them.
    Wow, didn't know that it the ones you transfer from Crystal VC can have an ability, even a hidden one :O

    I just noticed that I'm missing a Fast Ball for the transfer. Seems I forgot to talk to one ball guy somewhere.
    Anyway, I'll check the gyms out quickly, will be ready in about 5-10 mins. Hope that's okay.
  12. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 1:27 PM
    I'll have dinner now, after that (around 11 PM) I should go online and we can do those trades.
    I'll add the Ditto and the other HA Pokemon I caught on the big trade list for this week, so we can do them all at once - if you don't need the Ditto right now?

    Wow, now that went full circle :O Since I was never into the 3DS games and am lazy to do research (lol) - what are the other region starters that you can get in X & Y besides Kalos ones?

    Oh boy, yeah. That one island sucked back in Ruby & Sapphire, can't imagine that it's much better in ORAS xD
  13. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 6:36 AM
    Oh damn, I forgot xD Especially since you have Pkmn that look more female than male, but still have a higher male gender ratio.
    Sadly no :( Also managed to catch a HA Audino (Klutz) and got a Japanese Ditto via Suprise Trade :D This one's for you btw (if you still need one)

    Btw, do you have time tonight to help me transfer some pkmn holding items from Shield to Sword + one or two Tradevolutions? (If not today, maybe tomorrow or soon).
    I would really appreciate that. Also, you could use this chance to transfer your items aswell.
  14. Bradevitica
    5 Days Ago 1:20 PM
    I see :) Btw, you can (soon) add HA Boltund/Yamper to your list too, caught one. I will add it in the trade list + what I want for it. There are a few I want after you processed them, e.g. HA Safari Ball Tauros.
  15. Bradevitica
    6 Days Ago 1:42 PM
    Didn't need to rush them but I accept them anyway xD
    I should get mine ready until Friday (hopefully). I will be busy tomorrow and probably Wednesday, but I'll let you know when I got mine ready asap.

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