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  1. ZeoStar
    1 Day Ago 6:31 PM
    I actually tried downloading cave story...and ran into chromebook issues. I would just refer to this as the "homework" computer because it can't do much else. I might be able to try an emulator on the chrome-book app store and try to run it as a rom.

    You mentioned amazing mirror, and now that I think of it...isn't The Great Cave level in Kirby Superstar a metroidvania? It's a large map with different sanctioned areas. Except I don't think you make progress by getting power-ups, so maybe it doesn't count as one. I did play the original Kirby's Dreamland through the 3DS e-shop, and I don't even think it had powerups. It also made me realize, spring-breeze in Kirby Superstar is like a soft remake of it. (Not sure if soft remake is a term or if I just made something up). I haven't played mega-man much in the past couple days, because lethargy. I wasn't having fun with Crystal Man's stage so not sure who I'll go after next, although it's pretty looking aesthetically. I like the vibe from Link's Awakening. It feels very much like a dreamstate, and from what I've seen the remake captures the feeling even more. It was also one of my first video game ever, so I have that kind of bias.

    That makes sense about protoman. However the fights felt more like a nuisance than anything. The fights were the same, and it's like he existed just to chip my health. I loved the whistle before he appeared. I thought he was actually going to fight me again in Gemini's stage. Isn't there a game where you play as protoman? Or maybe I'm imagining it.

    So how is the progress in xenoblade going? Also is it just me or does xenoblade feel like one of those games that could fit in on any console. Like, I could easily see it being a PS4 or PC title. Well now that you mentioned that about Phoenix Wright I must play it now. I love that kind of stuff. I'll be emulating it on my phone very soon as soon as I find the proper game to start with. I don't care much for action elements. I just want story. Even if it's very slow paced. I'm actually more interested in minecraft now that it has a story mode. When it first released it didn't. Not sure if I mentioned this, but I generally don't like crafting in video games. It usually means learning a tedious system, and falling behind if you don't. Gem Crafting in Xenoblade could have probably been simplified a bit, or given a better explanation. In Dragon Quest 11, crafting is literally just pressing a button until you land on the correct spot.

    I like reading social media but I don't like making posts. on facebook I turned off being tagged, I just don't like seeing random pictures of me coming up either. My mother has a group with nearly 10,000 followers, which is pretty amazing. I remember posting a picture of myself on the staff section of pokecommunity, and of course it makes you wonder if the post will get ignored or if anybody will like it. It didn't get ignored at all, but I admire those who can ignore worrying about such things in the first place.

    I understand the feeling all too familiarly. Do be patient as possible, she doesn't mean it and it really makes you suffer. I was one of those who had to ask constantly, all the time, sometimes multiple times per day. It's paralyzing, so I hope your friend gets through it. Do you have anything in mind for the themeing? Honestly I probably won't change mine. I like the whismicott avatar quite a bit.

    Also...this is unrelated. But does death note have a movie? I saw it posted on social media...speaking of that, do most anime shows turn into movies? (Like love live)
  2. Shun
    3 Days Ago 3:19 PM
    Yeah there actually is. I generally mostly seem to like Machines and Dragons c:

    though my most fun deck is Winged Beast
  3. Shun
    3 Days Ago 2:58 PM
    Well we have dragons, spellcasters, machines, winged beasts, sea serpents, cyberse, insects, EVERYTHING!!!
  4. Shun
    4 Days Ago 2:36 PM
    I have many wares, it depens on what spikes thine interest
  5. Shun
    4 Days Ago 2:15 PM
    shoulda been Roni instead

    I can bribe with trading cards
  6. Shun
    4 Days Ago 1:25 PM
    trying to betray me smfh
  7. ZeoStar
    4 Days Ago 7:35 AM
    Here's a couple screeshots: Shows the disc space it takes, and there's a button to instantly remove it.
    It also creates a spot on file explorer called "Linux files" but it's blank and I've found no use. Everything gets dumped into my regular downloads. So when I want to run steam I just do it through my downloads, not the linux space. (You can see all the steam set-up stuff). There's also something called "Linux Terminal" (however it openly displays my personal email, so i don't want to share). It looks like command prompt. I typically ignore it, I think it's for more advanced stuff you can do with linux.

    Does every kirby game have a true arena? I thought that was just a thing for Super-Star Ultra. But I did watch a couple videos of triple deluxe. It reminded me of superstar ultra, hence the interest. (might have just been the menu's). I actually did play Kirby's Amazing Mirror for a bit. I didn't really get the point, or why there were so many kirby's running around. I'm guessing it's primarily a multiplayer game. One of those things I emulated for a couple minutes out of curiosity. It's nice knowing kirby is still doing so well as a series. Some have just...gone off the grid. I mean look at F-Zero. Dragon Quest stays alive because it's immensely popular in Japan. (The games were so popular over in Japan, the government arranged with the company to release the games on Saturday's instead of Thursday's). So many kids were staying home from school to buy the games. I checked out the link. It's always amazing to see the amount of skill that goes into this stuff, particularly the speed people are thinking at. In return I'll link this. (Just skip to 20:34). It shows what I meant by people building cities. Despite Link's Awakening being one of my favorites, I never finished it either. I got stuck halfway through because i'm not that good at the 2D zelda's.

    I did finish starman. At the end I realized I could abuse the gravity on the stage and hop over all the enemies. He actually wasn't that hard when I remembered to charge the mega buster. Also he was simple enough to just slide under. He even freezes in place, making it really easy to land shots. Also if you don't mind explaining, what exactly is protoman. It displayed him on the intro, but he already confused me back in megaman 3 with how he constantly attacked you then randomly helps you on gemini's stage. It reminds me of metaknight, with how he goes back and fourth from attacking kirby to helping kirby. I haven't tried Napolm or Gravity. I like keeping some of the stages as a surprise. Also running into a specific issue, i'll attempt to explain. I use my star barrier to get through crystal man's stage, but i end up depleting most of the power. I die and start over at the beginning, except with no power left so I have to just get myself killed on purpose. I've had this problem in the other games, but it feels particularly noticeable here.

    I'm fine with low drop rates such as 7%. My issue occurs when the enemies are only available at specific times. (Like you have to find the enemy during a hot day, or a thunderstorm). Also those nebula enemies like to blow up. You can actually save before opening the chest I think? And just reload until you get the item you want. I forget the exact exploit, it might be saving before fighting the enemy. I never played Phoenix Wright. I would probably love it and get addicted because I love mystery stuff. I was looking at the e-shop though, and there's some really weird stuff. (not surprising because it feels more like the indie game shop with nintendo games sprinkled in). I've debating trying among us once on the random lobby after watching videos, but meh. Just ended up not being interested. Minecraft is another game I've almost never played. (kind of want to though). I'm subscribed to switch online since the service is so cheap. Just $3.99 for me. More if your on a family plan.

    Ouch I catch myself doing that way too much. My eyes keep hovering over to the chat-box to see if someone typed a negative comment, then I think "no better to ignore and play". Chess is interesting, because very few could back up acting toxic. There are people who devote entire lifetimes to studying chess, and nobody has perfected it. (bobby fischer is the best example). There's centuries worth of books and advice columns.

    I understand (unfortunately). I was one of those who would have to ask all the time if I was being annoying. It's just an unshakable feeling that takes over. Now that i'm on an anxiety prescription, I don't have the feeling as much. Though I still dwell on things pretty badly. I was gifted the supporter status, which allows user flairs. It took months before I used it because I thought it would be complicated, but it wasn't so bad.

    I'll also link to it anyways: I don't think I've ever posted in it to be honest. The stuff tagged "showcase" is usually featured art.
  8. ZeoStar
    6 Days Ago 7:13 PM
    I'm not entirely sure how linux works myself. It was simple enough to install, and it lets me run windows applications. If your interested I could send a screenshot of the program. Uh also kind of curious about why you mentioned cave story not being worth the price. It's fairly cheap. Also, my mother randomly handed me a $8 visa gift card. She said she had purchased everything she was interested in with it, so I could have the rest.

    I also loved the DS remake and spent so many hours on it. I admit I'm not a huge kirby fan, but I was a huge fan of SuperStar Ultra. My favorite modes were the True Arena and Helper to Hero. I beat the true arena using the power that makes kirby crash down as a stone. I sort of want to play it again, but if I'm going to buy a kirby game I'd rather play a modern one. (maybe triple deluxe). Did you mean that it was tedious to get 100% in planet robobot? Nope, I have not heard of Tetris Attack. I've never been a tetris person, but I did play Tetris 99 on a switch for a bit. Isn't Puzzle de Pon the switch game that's in Japanese? Because I opened something like that and immediately closed it. Have you ever seen competitive fortnite? That's another insane thing. It's like the players are building cities. Also I think they did the same thing for Link's Awakening. I recall the yoshi doll being in that game, and the chain chomp and goombas. If I haven't mentioned it, link's awakening was previously my favorite zelda game.

    Is there a recommended level to start with in 5? I'm not making any progress. I tried Charge Mans stage but kept getting worn down by the chicken enemies. Usually I can pinpoint which boss looks the least threatening (like cut man or top man), but not this time. Also you were right, the charge buster looks way cooler. Are you interested in trying the Mega Man X games at some point?

    How much time did you spend with colony 6? It's probably my favorite part of xenoblade. I really like seeing it turn from rubble into a city. It's not so much of a grind since I try to fill the collectopedia in every area before I leave. Yeah I can only recall one ice section, but I died on it over and over. Also I'm not sure what danganronpa is either, and google isn't being specific. I'm not sure how exactly among us rose in popularity, but random trends seem to just happen. For a while there was fidget spinner toy craze, and like we were talking about, pokemon go. It makes you wonder what the next big thing will be. Some stuff seems to surpass being a trend, for instance fortnite remains popular. Overwatch kind of fizzled out, but I remember that being talked about all the time. Sunken Ship is pretty late into it. I believe it's just monster town after that, then nimbus land, and volcano to end game. Every time we discuss a game or something, I start craving to replay it. I have an actual cartridge of Super Mario RPG, but it has a poor internal battery and deletes save files sometimes. Your subscription is probably way better than crunchy roll. Honestly our family has a bunch of subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Snackle). But it's sort of split. Like, my sister pays for disney+ where she lives, but we all have the account, so it's like a family thing.

    I wonder if it's just a me thing, but when I'm playing something like chess I always mute the other person immediately. I can't concentrate on a game like this and read messages at the same time. Especially because you know, sometimes online people can get a bit toxic. (even on chess websites).

    Do you ever feel like your mind picks out things to dwell on? Sometimes it feels like there could be nothing wrong, but I'll still feel "off" like I did something wrong. I admire how you could deal with this so well, because I feel like there's a mental block. Like it's really hard to get started on anything. And during the rare moments I start doing something it's not instant satisfaction. I'd just rather go back to doing nothing. Also thanks for sharing. I'm sort of the opposite. When I'm done with something I quickly try to find something else. Sometimes you find something so good it feels like the next thing won't be able to compare. I felt this way after finishing xenoblade and trying final fantasy 10. It's relatable what you mentioned about thinking about the scenes during class. I was watching a movie today, and of all things I got zoned out thinking about chess openings. Such a strange thing to zone out about, but it happened. My first avatar on pokecommunity was crobat, since that's one of my favorite pokemon. It makes sense picking your favorite characters and themeing around them.

    I'm always some what late on joining these fandoms. Right now I'm binging these marvel films I never watched, and I was 10 years late to breaking bad. It is always impressive seeing fan-art though. I believe pokecommunity has a forum for it if your interested. I have "art" on my profile but it's hardly art. I literally just scribbled stuff into microsoft paint.
  9. Palamon
    6 Days Ago 6:09 PM
    This is just a passing comment but it's nice to see another Love Live fan on pc.
  10. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 7:46 PM
    I managed to get linux back on my computer, so I can probably get cave story running. I actually had a few dollars in my steam wallet, but I gifted something for my brother. I thought about buying cave story on steam, but no I'd rather just play it for free. Linux is also taking up a lot of GB. My computer is 32gb, and it takes about 8. (kills my battery a bit faster than usual). But yeah 23 avenger movies about the characters, and 4 of those are actually the characters fighting together. After I type this up i'm going to watch iron man 3.

    I actually played Kirby Superstar earlier this year. I made it to the Milky Way Galaxy levels...i think that's what it was called. The place you had to collect power-ups. I never finished. At this point I'd probably just restart. Honestly I think my favorite kirby game is Kirby's Adventure. Occasionally I load that and just run through the game in one sitting. There's some tricky parts, like mr. shine and mr. bright. I actually find these games moderately challenging, so I don't really understand kirby being for beginners. I haven't played any modern kirby games though, so I could be wrong. I've seen Panel de Pon but I have no idea what that is. I'm assuming a puzzle game.

    I started Mega Man 5. My first impression is this game feels perfected. It's amazing to play an NES game that looks like it could be an indie throwback game made today. It's vibrant and I already love the bosses. I immediately jumped into "Starman". Made it to him easily but wasn't doing enough damage. I also tried "Crystal Man" and couldn't get past the falling rocks. I'm assuming the barrier is starman and he's going to be strong agaisnt crystal man. Also is this the game you mentioned has the train level? Oh and I didn't know that about toadman. These tidbits are actually really interesting, so thanks for sharing when you do. I assumed it was just an RNG thing.

    When you mentioned 100k my immediate thought was "really, that's it"? I can't imagine that lasting longer than Prison Island. I'm slightly tempted to pick up my save, but I also bought the digital version so I would have to reinstall. Not sure how long I could play before getting burnt out again. If I haven't mentioned it, I stopped on the ice mountain. I also got tired of those sledding parts, my characters would fall and lose every bit of HP. There's also enemies that float in the air that I can never seem to reach. The area was pretty, but there's parts I wasn't enjoying. Luckily I don't think you ever have to go back.

    You mentioned not finishing stuff after years. If you were to go back, are you someone who would restart, or try to pick up where you left off? It must be amazing to develop a game and have it blow up. For example, the creators of Among Us didn't except the game to become so popular. It was released a while before it's popularity. I never played it myself, but I also turned almost exclusively towards single player stuff. The idea looked cool and I watched some stuff on YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, have you heard of YouTube TV? It's a streaming service similar to Netflix/Hulu. Except it's a ridiculous $65 per month. We were subscribed, but they just keep raising the price. That's actually why we ended up with Disney+ instead. (Which is only $7 per month).

    Thanks for the conversation about chess. I've been playing it again today, and subscribed for a premium trial on (let's you face customized bots, do puzzles, get feedback on your games). My interest has been rekindled, even if this is just temporary. I even won a game with 0 blunders.

    I wish that wasn't so relatable. (With what you mentioned about dwelling on something that happened, or what others said). But yeah it's similar to what I've been doing. Just drowning myself in movies, and chess again. I can't even express how rough it is, so I'm sorry to hear you've dealt with it for so long. I really hope it's just something that passes, since it progressively has gotten worse. Classes start soon but I keep thinking "what's the point". What do you do when you finish a series such as love live? I love these marvel movies, but eventually I'll run out.
  11. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 8:58 PM
    Sorry this won't be a full response (fatigued), but I thought I would log on to mention the conversation we had inspired me to play chess again. (well, just one game to be honest).

    ...I was incredibly sloppy and blundered 6 times. But I actually won. It's nice knowing I haven't completely forgotten everything. And I had fun doing the match.
  12. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 9:58 PM
    I just finished watching Thor. I loved every bit of it. But yeah there's four avengers movies. Each avenger hero has about 3 or 4 of their own movies. Disney+ lists them in timeline order, so i've just been going through them that way. I never read comics, and it's why I wasn't interested in the movies. Turns out these are understandable without the comics.

    Link to the Past is on Nintendo Switch online. I'm not enjoying the service. Games seem to be added once in a blue moon, and I try to be patient and wait. Particularly with earthbound. But I can just emulate these games on our wii within 5 minutes. I subscribed to PS now and it has over 950 games (some of which are recent PS4 releases). It put things into perspective. I toxic stall sometimes, because it's actually a very good strategy. In emerald I sometimes use cradily with ingrain, toxic, and protect. I used a Bronzong when I played platinum, and accidentally had heatproof instead of levitate. I regret that so much, but was too stubborn to switch. Levitate is definitely better. Have you done any nuzlocke runs of platinum? I tried once, and failed at the elite four. I don't do them often though.

    I have no idea how anybody could beat wily without blowing up the drill bomb. The attacks just kept bouncing off. Also I forgot to mention, but is ring man just ridiculous powerful or something? Every time I fought a boss, my first guess is ring man. And half the time I'm correct. The boss rush was rough. Dive Man and Ring Man guaranteed I was losing most of my health. I used Toad Man and Pharaoh Man as free health spots. (Because you can freeze Pharaoh and he can't touch you). Skull Man kept rushing me down, I couldn't ever seem to predict Drill Man. I was actually doing this over and over, for about two hours. Bright Man was the worst. I have no idea how you avoid him. Are the hidden pathways required, or is it for an optional reward like the balloon? I actually forgot to save after getting the balloon, so I didn't have it in the final stages. Not sure if I would have gotten use out of it, because I primarily used the jet. Jet seemed a bit weaker because you couldn't steer freely, it pushed you in a single direction. I'm guessing this will be the new standard? It's like Dr. Light downgraded his rush jet.

    Yes, I understand that. I remember starting at sword valley, dickson would sell you equipment that let your entire party harm mechon. Suddenly it just came back to me. I found it difficult to keep track of equipment in this game anyways. Reyn and Dunban would be well equipped, and sharla would still be wearing stuff from Makna Forest. Did you ever run into issues with money? Because I did all the side quests, and found myself struggling to get the best equipment for everybody while keeping Colony 6 upgraded. I never understood what Xord was saying until I looked up his quotes online. Turns out he likes to repeat "It feels like a fly bit me". He was an interesting villain, so I hoped he would be reoccurring. I have to look up that trailer, but I think your referring to the Colony 9 attack? I don't remember this game killing off many characters. Thankfully. It would have been heartbreaking if they did something like killing Reyn.

    Sometimes even when I like a series, I just randomly stop watching and can't pinpoint why. I was watching a let's play of Xenoblade 2. I was around episode 30, and turning it on just became sleep inducing. Which is weird because I enjoyed the characters. It hasn't happened with marvel yet. I've found these movies captivating. I started Legend of Korra and only made it to episode 6. I hope he takes his time with Deltarune. I imagine he's getting a lot of comments and emails asking him about it. At the same time, he hasn't made any updates. So it makes me wonder if development is still going. I remember one developer stating the pressure for a sequel caused him to feel burnt out. Speaking of this, what do you think of flash going down? It's been a big deal recently, since it's the end of an era for many websites of the past two decades. Epic Battle Fantasy was a good series which could rival most console JRPG's. I'm sad that won't be as available, but luckily it's still on steam I think.

    I admire magnus and other professional players for the amount of stamina they have. Games can up to 8 hours in length. I feel exhausted after a 20 minute casual game. If your interested, there's a short clip of microsoft founder Bill Gates challenging magnus and getting completely destroyed. Wait, that's really funny and ironic how the card game had a disgusting power creep. Considering the actual games had the same disgusting power creep. Mega Rayquaza was already in the ubers tier, which is basically a place to banish pokemon that are too strong. It was too strong among the banished pokemon, and went up into it's own tier.

    So I mentioned I might have something to ask. How do you handle thoughts that bring low moods? Also I was clumsy and accidentally deleted this entire message. But luckily I saved it because when I've been writing a while I make it a habit to copy into my clipboard.
  13. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 5:18 PM
    I'm trying to get through all the avengers arc movies, i've only watched 5 so far, and there's 23 total. Sometimes they get lengthy, almost always 2 hours and the longest one goes above 3 hours.

    I believe it does tell you about the sail, but I was also playing the game half heatedly and kept mashing through the dialogue. As far as Zelda games go, i'm interested in playing A Link to The Past. I don't enjoy the 2D titles as much though, aside from Link's Awakening. I passed up on A Link Between World's. I think Mipha's ability is the one that fully revived you, which was by far the most useful. Especially against Lynels. Fighting those things were so fun, but just not worth destroying your inventory. Yeah that's a risk to consider. For some people, learning to play pokemon competitively has messed up some enjoyment for playing casually. It makes you aware of all the small nuances, such as catching a pokemon with a bad nature. Out of curiosity, do you find replaying platinum diminishes the difficulty a bit, or are there still some challenging parts? I'm in the minority who has never lost to Cynthia. (But I still constantly lose to wallace in emerald. go figure).

    Soo the good news is I did finish Mega Man 4. I refused to use e-tanks during the boss rush, which hilariously led to me collecting way too many. Also you know how we were talking about the game being vague with what you could do with the power-ups? I had no idea pressing the button a second time blew up the drill shooter. I thought Wily was invincible and I had to look up this fight online. And I clipped my over-preparation. But the cool thing is I now get to start Mega Man 5. This one seems exciting. There was also another wily fight after, but it wasn't hard. The final boss theme was probably my favorite in the entire series so far.

    I considered the half way point to be Prison Island. Just because it seemed to split the story between the more light-hearted tone to a more serious tone. And it also introduced Zanza. Dragon Quest 11 did a similar thing where it introduces the main villain and drastically shifts the tone of the story. I agree that the second half is filled with Mechon, but I don't remember if the game gave you more reliable ways to fight them. In the early portions you pretty much had to be controlling shulk so you could enchant your party members. On the topic of Xenobalde, did you have any trouble with Xord? He does so much damage, however when I played this time I cleared him on my first attempt. It was actually terrifying the first time when you think you've beaten him, and he rushes through the elevator. I remember playing through the mines, finding otharon a bit harsh to shulk.

    I think I'm in a bit of an "off" mood with pokemon to be honest. I haven't been playing anything pokemon related, and I'm not in the mood to start any games. I have an amazon gift card, depending on the price I might place an order for Gates to Infinity. The only one I haven't played. (But idk I also want dragon quest builders). Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up. Trying to make sure, but I'll avoid bringing up castlevania related stuff. Everybody has different views on what a spoiler is. Playing so many plot heavy games, I emphasize with how bad it is running into them. YouTube is the worst offender for this. You look up a song and it shoves the ending into your recommended page.

    No you haven't been confusing about it, don't worry. Actually the conversation interested me so much it inspired me to try and episode of love live. Although I jump between things so much, it's the sole reason I haven't gone back. Right now I'm into marvel, but who knows how long before my interest in that falls. I'm not a fan of seasonal stuff. I'd rather wait and binge the entire thing. That's why I haven't played Deltarune, which is the spiritual successor to Undertale.

    You have it exactly correct about blundering. You need to do it to get better. The best player in the world (Magnus) often challenges rooms full of people simultaneously. He beat 10 players at the same time with a blind fold on. Right now he's in his prime, and is considered by many the greatest player in history. I don't think I would be a good teacher honestly, especially when someone like that exists. I was never very competitive, and mostly played to have fun. I usually didn't care for wins and losses. My only experience with the Pokemon TGC is the old gameboy color game. They had it on 3DS e-shop so I played through the entire thing. It's probably so much different than when that game released.

    And i'm okay, though thanks for asking.
  14. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 7:34 PM
    It's okay. My sleep schedule has become non-existent. Sometimes I sleep through almost the entire morning, other times I'm awake at 4:00 AM. Recently we purchased Disney+ so I've been staying up late watching a bunch of marvel movies.

    I didn't even know the sail existed when I played Wind Waker. I was just taking the boat everywhere at a snail pace, until a family member asked me how I was tolerating this game without using the sail. I stand by what I said a while ago. I wish Wind Waker could be more accessible, because I would really like to try it again. I noticed gamecube emulation has become more widespread, but there's no way my computer is built for that. I was texting my brother (who finished the game where he lives) about the dungeon order. He said the Goron ability wasn't that useful, so I never actually went over there. Have you ever thought about trying a speed run for a game you liked? I actually did once, but it was less "speeding" and more of me trying to beat the game in one sitting. Hylian Shield does break, but it has hours of durability. (Less if you shield surf). Money wasn't an issue in this game, since I perfected the snow bowling mini game and just did that over and over until I was rich. I ended up fully upgrading Link's house, and found most of the story cut-scenes. So I did get pretty far, despite not actually finishing.

    Well, I did finish all the Cossack stages. For some reason I actually thought that was the end of the game, and wasn't excepting a Wily's Castle. Also I was surprised because "Wow a real cut-scene with dialogue on an NES game". He was a simplistic boss, but the room felt cramped so he kept killing me over and over. I did have fun with the boss fight where you had to hop into the machine and shoot the eye. That might be my favorite fight in the series so far. Sorry but if you can clarify, what do you mean by placement traps in fire man's stage? I found the stage a bit unremarkable so I can't remember much about it. I don't know a single thing about Mega Man 8, but just going off what you mentioned, I now assume it's extremely similar to 7. And yeah I noticed the same thing about the boss rush in Mega Man 1. It wasn't even the boss fights I found challenging. It was the platforming and bee enemies that kept taking all my health before the boss fights.

    Ocarina of Time is definitely the game I feel most comfortable with (and by far the only one, to be honest). I've also played it so many times, it makes me slightly hesitant to go back again just because of it. Throwing this in here because I don't remember if I mentioned it, but Paper Mario N64 is my favorite video game of all time (right behind it is Dragon Quest 11). and I've probably finished it between 20-25 times. I usually have no problem going back to that one. Speaking of swooping down, I bet those fire bats would also be annoying. (I think those are called Keese's?). Do you prefer the first half of Xenoblade or the second half? Just asking because it sounded like you speed through the first half, but also mentioned you wanted to reach Melia.

    I think I must have burnt out from Mario Kart 8. I keep trying to go back online, but I always want to turn it off within the first couple races. I was always impressed with how seamlessly the online runs. I can barley remember having any issues with lag, aside from shells not connecting sometimes. Sometimes I go on battle mode, but that feels more like waiting for the ones I enjoy then quitting. I don't like bomb-omb blast or balloon battle (I wish it was elimination instead of point based). However, I love Shine Thief and Renegade Roundup. I don't necessarily remember the mechanics of Super Mystery Dungeon, but I remember it was paced awkwardly. There was a salemence you had to fight in the tutorial section. Even funnier, you could recruit it as a partner and demolish whichever dungeon you wanted. Even though there was a cool down, it just meant conserving it. I think Gates to Infinity had a demo, but I don't know if it's still available. Did you see that the new Pokemon Snap game was announced for April? It looks very cute. When you mention spoilers for castlevania, just to make sure, what do you consider spoilers? People have different ideas for this. Like, some people consider plot related stuff spoilers, and others consider everything spoilers. Such as mentioning game mechanics. Anyways still not exactly sure which one I'll be playing. I might take the time to read about them a bit.

    The same seems to apply for movies. Most people will say the book is the better version and movie adaption doesn't live up. It's interesting that books are considered a better medium for story-telling than movies. From what I've seen, video games are considered a worse medium for plots than movies. I tried to read the Pokemon Adventures manga, but I quickly got confused and quit. Instead I played the rom hack adaptation, which was extremely well made. As you know, I haven't watched anime. However you might find it interesting that some are so well known that I can already name them. For example, One Piece. I'm pretty sure that's the pirate show with the straw hat guy named Luffy? That's as far as my knowledge goes. I saw how many seasons it had and quickly backed off. I think Dragon Ball Z is an anime? I don't know if that's a Japanese anime or an american styled show like Avatar: The Last Airbender. I see and noticed many people into anime are interested in going to Japan. It does make sense, if your into anime and similar things, naturally you would feel more inclined to see more of the culture it's inspired from. Every place as pros and cons to weigh when living, unfortunately I know nothing about Japan. It's been interesting talking about this stuff with you, because I just never got into the Japanese cultural related things. I guess I'm most familiar with U.S related things, and maybe somewhat with Ireland. (My mother actually qualifies for double citizenship, but I don't believe she ever took it up).

    I think chess should be played in any way the person finds fun. Of course if you do play without thinking, you'll probably make lots of blunders. Blunder in chess is just lingo for making a silly mistake, or a terrible accident. Often if you make a blunder, the other person can close the game. Or you find yourself in check. (If your not familiar, check just means your king is at risk of capture). I know this probably isn't the most interesting thing to hear. Honestly I haven't played chess in so long, but it's weird because talking about it, because I still feel fond. Chess is also unique, because the smallest differences in ranking could make a massive difference. By no means am I a "good" player, but I know a couple opening plays (favorite being queen's gambit). and basics (such as setting up a safe position to castle early). I can usually run through someone who isn't familiar with these basics.

    I apologize. I realize I was being dismissive, but I don't like expressing such things too much. If I have any questions I'll ask. In all honestly I don't know what to do. It's hard to break the apathy, and I just sort of became clouded in it. Now it's a constant. Occasionally I'll do something new (like learning how to bike). It's fun for a little bit, but that void feeling comes back. Also, you mentioned your day wasn't well so I hope things got better for you.
  15. WarriorDudeB
    1 Week Ago 1:01 AM
    Its actually not my first Pokemon game, first one I have was on game boy, but I do need advise on pokemon and how to beat Nessa on the new one which is sword

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