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  1. Ivysaur
    19 Minutes Ago 12:10 PM
    (I'm going to add that I have way too many colourful admin stories- it's admirable how better and tamer PC got ever since I left while throwing a hand granade at the staff forums)
  2. Ivysaur
    20 Minutes Ago 12:08 PM
    You're getting close to The Fun, then. Now it's when the adventure picks up and, frankly, sucks you up in a big rush. I suggest you start doing any sidequests you want by late chapter 6 - as soon as it's doable in chapter 7.
  3. Astromancer
    2 Days Ago 7:36 AM
    nope, being admin is super boring and nothing ever happens ;)
  4. Ash Ketchup
    2 Days Ago 5:26 PM
    Ash Ketchup
    Tysm! <3
  5. Astromancer
    3 Days Ago 12:23 AM
    Haha yea i was, staff for a decade, but recently retired :)
  6. Ivysaur
    4 Days Ago 2:08 PM
    Chain attacks have two uses. One, the more level 3 specials you use, the stronger the enemy becomes. At some point you have to 'clean up' before it gets out of hand.
    And second, with unique bosses, well, it helps if you can remove half its lifebar in a single turn. They can get nasty otherwise.
  7. Ivysaur
    5 Days Ago 12:55 AM
    To chain, you have to press + when the team bar is full (and you have done a few Lv3 specials to create elemental orbs around the enemy), and then play some pokémon-style "destroy the orbs by using blades of the opposite element". It... takes a while to get going, sadly, but it's something you have to learn. You have to use it at one point.
  8. Sheep
    6 Days Ago 4:21 AM
    By then COVID should be mostly contained with all the vaccines hopefully! You're gonna have so much fun :D Ireland seems like an amazing place to live tbh... but I want to experience so many places in general lol

    Yeah same. I always can't think properly when I'm anxious and it stinks. Mine started developing around my early 20s so it took a while too. Getting diagnosed is a great step for sure and I'm glad it helped you, but in my case realizing that this was actually a mental health issue made me feel even more ashamed/embarrassed. Even though I knew there wasn't anything to be ashamed about. It was just so tough to feel like there was something wrong with me.

    Mostly bad oils that are unhealthy for you and an insane number of salt, more than what people need. Other things too but I'm not good enough with the terminology to know how to explain it well. But food that's too greasy/fried with too much oil, overly salty, or deep fried (french fries, chicken nuggets, nachos to name a few) never tends to be good and should always be had in moderation (or better yet not at all, but I know that's hard for people ahah). They increase risk of heart attack and many other problems if you keep having them regularly.

    we didn't see them but saw bunches of other stuff at the animal parks/reserved we went to on our trip recently! Elephants, tigers (including a white tiger :D), warthogs, hyenas, hawks, lions, honey badges, snakes, and other cool stuff! I saw hippos last when I was in Kreuger national park, which was like 2 years ago almost.
  9. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 11:45 AM
    finally back! was on a road trip across the southern coast of south africa, sorry for slow replies!!!

    and awww I understand. ;_; Needles are tough and so many people get anxious around them, even to the point of passing out and stuff. I was terrified of them for ages too. Nowadays am more calm, so perhaps over time that will happen to you too? either way if not, that's completely fine and nothing to be ashamed about! I don't get particularly nervous about them anymore but some of my face/neck does get red on instinct lol, and sometimes the nurses will ask me if I'm okay because of that hahaha.

    yeah, I didn't know zinc had side effects like that either. but taking it with food (and perhaps at a smaller dose if you prefer) would probably be fine! personally I don't think there's such a thing as too much water unless you drink so much you can't hold it down and get sick. I need to drink it more often tbh... I only ever drink water and tea, but still probably could drink a bit more in general throughout the day. D: oops

    good job cutting out soda!! I knew people who lost so much weight doing that, since it was almost all they drank. It's really bad for your body and teeth. always happy to see people cut it <3

    fast foods are bleh most of the time. I'll eat them occasionally, like french fries if I happen to be ordering a burger from a place if out with husband and his friends, but that's rare. 99% of the time it's mega eh. I hate the stuff it's made with. x_X

    And agreed. People definitely should have made a bigger deal about it, but the switch continues to sell ridiculously well and sadly that joycon drift issue is still present in some systems. it sucks.
  10. colours
    3 Weeks Ago 7:17 PM
    i'd say okami has a strong plot but that's me, personally. =P you're probably giving up on it a bit too early.
  11. colours
    3 Weeks Ago 6:45 PM
    i love okami ❤

    the game starts off pretty slow but i think it picks up pretty quickly the further you progress. c:
  12. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 1:08 AM
    Yeah sore arm is very common it seems, most people I know get it! hope it goes away soon, grats on getting the first one \o/

    ohh yeah I think the highest amount of 'tolerable' zinc is 40mg, so 30 is definitely fine. But if you take it on an empty stomach you can definitely feel sick. I took 40mg of zinc for a while and on the first day I took it just 30 minutes after dinner since I forgot to have it with, and felt so sick I could barely sleep. Next day I tried it together with a meal and felt muuuch better. It can be overwhelming to take that much zinc at first if you're not taking it properly, but hopefully your body will be ok with it! not a doctor so idk 100%

    yeah it depends on how it's cooked, companies usually use cheaper products for theirs so it's always good to read the label to make sure all 3 of these are checked off: 1) Trans fat is listed as 0g, 2) There are no 'fully hydrogenated' oils in the ingredients, 3) there are no 'partially hydrogenated' oils in the ingredients. I try to be careful, esp in the USA, since if a product has less than .4g of trans fat, they're allowed to round down and put 0 for....some stupid reason. So I always check ingredients. Sweets from grocery stores can be especially bad too, by having bad oils and then whipped cream can also be a source of really bad trans fats! There are still many good food producers that know the risks of trans fats though and make their food free of it, just gotta find which companies they are \o/ Air fryers are good vs frying on a pan usually too, since that means you don't really need to use cooking oil (many of which are bad, a lot of people aren't educated about which ones they should/shouldn't buy..)

    and ooo I have it on Switch but mine has no drift! fortunately lol. I got mine in 2019 and the drift issues I think are more present in earlier versions??
  13. Setsuna
    3 Weeks Ago 3:48 PM
    You don't have to pick hard for the best ending, thankfully. Game's tough enough as it is, haha. I think the Polar Star is worth carrying around that long, since you can upgrade it before the Outer Wall, and carry it for a decent while in the endgame. The tough part is just getting through the Sand Zone without the machine gun, I think, as well as the first room of the Labyrinth. Once you get through that you should be okay.

    Good to hear you've got a new appointment. I'm always happy to take advice, doesn't matter people's age. Friends who are younger than me have helped me out a bunch before. I try to stay positive the best I can, so the advice is really nice to hear, I agree with it.

    It's not really crafting. You pick up bolts (which are basically currency) and then bring them to the shop to spend them to make items. It's just a normal shop system really. The secret exits definitely aren't hidden, they're more tricky to get to (things like Centaur's requiring Rush Jet Adaptor) and I prefer them like that. It makes you think more about what order you fight bosses in instead of having to look for something. 5 having some hidden walls was cool but honestly unless you knew where they were there wasn't really any way you'd be able to find them. In 6 it's just a matter of "there's this breakable block in the way, looks like I need a power for that" and the reward for it isn't so massive to the point where you're missing out if you don't go for it. Beatless Mega Man 6 is perfectly fine.

    Oh, I'd thought you'd played through Super Paper Mario before. Yeah, it's a great time and I enjoy it a ton. The villain characters are really enjoyable and I like all of them. Have fun, if you buy Gen 1 on 3DS, I have a virtual console copy of Gold I haven't gotten around to playing, but playing Gen 1 a while ago for the first time was... an interesting experience. Not bad, just very strange.
  14. Setsuna
    3 Weeks Ago 5:39 PM
    Congrats on beating it, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's a game I've really started enjoying ever since I finally decided to beat it so I'm happy to see it not being overlooked. If you wanna go for the best ending, here's how you'd go about that.
    - Play the game normally up until the Labyrinth. When you cross reach the gap where Professor Booster falls, ignore him and continue to the right. If you fall down, you won't be able to make it back up unless you've got the Lv3 Machine Gun, which is why there's a save spot above where you come in. The jump across is pretty precise too without the Machine Gun, and if you wanna keep the Polar Star through the game (which I recommend you do) so just be aware of that.
    - When you reach the Core, check the very bottom of the room before the boss fight begins. There should be a sparkling object at the bottom, grab it. This is where you grab the Tow Rope so you can save Curly from drowning after the room floods without the Core keeping it powered. Once she gives you her air tank and you regain consciousness, tie the tow rope to her and escape with her to the Waterway.
    - In the Waterway, after the large room with the jellies and the water currents, bring Curly into the room at the top. Take a rest on the bed and check the computer to learn the room has a book about how to drain flooded robots. Go to the bookshelf and read the book, then drain the water from Curly. Once you're able to, make sure you take her with you. Exit the rest of the Waterway like normal. Remember to pick up the upgrade for the Polar Star back in the First Cave if you're able to. When you reach Arthur's House again, you'll receive the Booster v2.0, which you're gonna need. Helps a lot. Then continue like normal until the Outer Wall.
    - This part isn't necessary for the best ending, but it'll help. When you get to the Outer Wall, go into the door under where you enter and speak to the little people inside to learn Ms. Little's husband is missing. We're gonna trade the Blade for the Nemesis once we find him.
    - Once you're able to use the Plantation teleporter to go back to Arthur's House, head to the bottom right of the Plantation to meet with Curly, who's lost her memories again. Turns out there's a mushroom you can get to restore them, which can be found in the Mimiga Cemetary. Enter the door in the top-right and speak to the mushroom, who will ask you questions. Answer Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No. You'll receive the Mushroom Badge. Open your inventory, check the badge, and speak to the mushroom again. You'll have to fight it, and it'll be added to your inventory once you defeat it.
    - While you're in the cemetary, pick up Mr. Little near the bottom-right of the area. He'll just get added to your inventory until you bring him back to his house, where he'll offer to trade the Blade for the Nemesis.
    - Head back to Curly in the Plantation, give her the mushroom, and her memories will be restored. She'll give you the Iron Bond, which is the last item you'll need for the best ending. Continue with the game until you kill the Undead Core and the island starts to collapse.
    - While the island is collapsing and you're escaping the balcony, enter the house and you'll see a gap in the floor. Hop in to enter the Blood Stained Sanctuary and all I'll say from that point is I hope you know how to use the Spur, your missiles are at level 3, and you still have your Life Pot.

    Hopefully everything with the vaccination's gone okay, and the days in may/june aren't too bad on you as well.

    I think the decline is subjective with the series because it's just that they changed some stuff that people don't tend to agree with. The shop system was introduced in 7, where enemies drop bolts you can use to make items. In 8 bolts were no longer dropped and instead there was a set number of them you could find in different stages. 9-11 brought back the shop but they work the same way they did in 7.

    Game Gear was actually one of the other side games I did play. I was curious what it was like since I'd never played anything on the console and emulated it and it was... okay I guess. I'd really rather just play the original NES games.

    Super Paper Mario is wonderful, probably one of those really iconic childhood games for me, I hope you enjoy it.~
  15. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 2:34 PM
    Omg yeah I read today! But still, that’s such a small number. Birth control pills for women also have a clot risk and my friend was on one of the ones with a slightly higher risk than even others for 10 years, and had no issues. I’ve never had issues either. Hopefully you can get another or something soon @[email protected] millions of people have gotten these vaccines so 6 doesn’t seem like much, but still, I can understand the worry. All medication does have risks.

    It’s not so much the pizza itself but more that many food places use cheap oils that have trans fat to make them, which is horrible for people and can lead to heart attacks among other things. Same for baked products. It’s upsetting how many people don’t realize and just eat all this bad stuff, makes me so sad and I wish I could educate everyone D:

    Yeah I think new games were around 30 for the gbc, 40 for gba/ds, and now it’s a whopping 60 and consoles are at least 2x more expensive, ugh.

    Yaya Okami was good!! I got the switch ver on sale and still need to finish it though, but I did play the original on ps2 ~

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