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  1. Sandalphon
    March 11th, 2021 12:17 AM
    Oh dw I don't think I am? Not many ppl know me in comparison to others.
    But I do apologize, you don't need to worry, everyone thinks differently and their experiences shape their beliefs. You're clearly not being hateful so you're totally ok!
  2. Sandalphon
    March 10th, 2021 9:07 PM
    I edited my post ^^
  3. Setsuna
    March 10th, 2021 5:00 PM
    If you hit the button next to C when copying, wouldn't that be X, which just cuts? You could just paste it back after that, couldn't you?
    That's fair, I don't even remember exactly which stages have which letters, except Crystal having V. I kinda just remember where they all are anyways... If it helps, The weapon you get from them doesn't have a range and just locks onto whatever it wants, so you can focus on moving more instead of having to line up your shots.

    The Fireball is useful because it bounces along the ground, and is super good for going up slopes. There are those frog-like enemies near the start of the Bushlands and the Fireball is fantastic for taking care of those. I'm not sure if you remember what the plot has been up to this point, but Sue went missing looking for a dragon that she can use to escape the island. It's still in its egg and hasn't hatched yet, so she needs her brother, who's stuck in the Bushlands inside that building. If you break down the door you can free him and he can hatch the dragon. The Execution Chamber is just named that because it's a room of those enemies that fall down on you and kill you instantly. It's just meant to be spooky or whatever, I don't think it actually has a meaning.

    I forgot Nidoking gets Earth Power instead of Earthquake, that's interesting, especially since it's meant to be a Physical attacker, isn't it? That's neat about Miltank though, especially it being one of your favourites. I might have to give it a try at some point.~

    They're very small. A big amount of people watching would be like, 10. I usually get nervous, but it's made way easier being with a friend or two during it. Then it just kinda becomes a talking session with friends, and I don't really care much that people can hear me. Sounds really rough though, especially yeah, with how Twitch chat can be...
    It's definitely interesting thinking about Unova remakes, and I think it'd be really interesting for a Black 3/White 3 kind of thing. I think Black and White are those games where they'd wanna continue or keep adding to the storyline. It'd be neat to see.

    As far as I can tell, uniforms are a regular thing in Japan, and they can be pretty strict about them. There's a neat trope in some anime or manga about how dying your hair isn't allowed in school dress codes, so a delinquent will dye their hair blonde (because dark hair is very common in Japan) as a sign of rebellion. As for how accurate it actually is I'm not sure, but it's a fun idea.
    That's really surprising to hear though, I've never been bullied over choice of clothes in school, even as a girl. I guess it'd make sense for girls to be more talkative about fashion but... this is the first I'm hearing about any of that. Hope it didn't end up being too rough for you?

    I'd definitely have to use save states if I ever take a break from playing then, thanks for the heads up! I like the idea of those old games having secret skips like the warp zones in the original Super Mario Bros if you just wanna replay a certain point quickly. I wanna say they are in others, but I can't think of any other games besides Kirby's Avalanche, which is kinda just a spinoff. Upon looking it up, they kinda just get cameos, and that's about it.

    That comfort from a game you know really well reminds me of Pokemon Platinum, for a period it ended up being that game I went to whenever my depression really hit, and it'd help a lot playing it or learning new things in it.
    Glad to hear you've got it back. I think it's really easy for people to be ignorant about that kind of thing or make those kind of assumptions. I hear the stuff like "Just don't be anxious" or "You're just being nervous it'll be fine" pretty often and it really hurts to hear people have to go through that often. I'm glad you have that to help you. I'm not on medication for mine but I'm thankful I've learned my own ways to handle it, which can help some.
  4. Sheep
    March 10th, 2021 12:07 AM
    Omg your spinda set is sooo cute!
  5. Roni
    March 8th, 2021 10:22 PM
    heya Zeo i'm loving the new profile and flair designs! it'll take a while for me to stop viewing you as a Whimsicott, but i can see you as a Spinda as well hehe. speaking of, Ash and I are actually Tag Teaming a Whimsicott atm and i've decided to name it after you :p

    anyway, i did peruse your drawings album at some point. you drew a crobat yes? that makes you cool in my book~ about writing, i initially took up mass communication in college because i believed writing to be easy for me a few years ago. turns out, it's only easy if i'm conversing with someone about things i'm passionate about. i'm not that good with poetry, or making articles, or talking about something that i'm not remotely into. i've tried my hand at writing songs, since i'm into music, but lyrics are my weakest link. i compose entire songs in my head and not have any topic for them because i usually can never find the words. i've tried out that "write 100 songs a day" challenge last year where you literally just write about anything for a day, no matter how bad or mundane it may be, and it did sort of pull me out of a writing rut for a bit, but i fell back in when i couldn't be consistent about it and got bored. 'tis the pain of being me. sorry i wrote so much about this, it just came to me and i felt like i should put it out there lol.

    i'm exactly same right now with chess. i refuse to play anything lesser than 20 mins per clock since it takes me so long to look for lines and do calculations. i played a bit the last couple days while i was offline here and got a measly 3-5 win loss record along with one draw. i am now down to 892 and feel like i should really start brushing up on openings and theory if i wanna make any sort of progression heh. i just don't want to be sucked into it like i do with every passing hobby and be completely addicted to it for some point. i just want to be a casually decent player you know? not sure if that's the right mindset to have, but whatever. i haven't actually watched any actual guides from gothamchess, mostly just his collabs with Hikaru on commentating matches or those weird chess variations for content. i will start looking into that other teacher you recommended some time ago. John Bartholomew was it? and yes, Ben Finegold, oh dear. he's one heck of a character as well. one of those GMs who speedrun to 3000 elo or something and destroying scrubs constantly. i have yet to hear his takes on anything, as i've mostly just seen his playing highlights and nothing else.

    trolls seem to be much more quickly banned or infracted these days by the staff. making PC a safe environment for the large majority is one of our top priorities and i really like that. anyway when i was a bored teenager i would go to reddit on my alt accounts (almost always with lewd names) and try to see just how many downvotes i could amass from wrong takes. nothing political ofc, just some random stuff with the niches i was into lol.

    goodness yeah i legitimately thought that Michael Scott sound clip was edited in by John's editor or something lmao. when i realized it was in the game itself i found it even more hilarious. the game devs HAD to have known people would know where that came from. it HAD to have been done on purpose to troll. there's just no other explanation. that scene's just too iconic to be forgotten. i will say that yes i like his attitude. no needless screaming and being afraid. i feel like if i did watch horror videos, i'd go to his ones for the sake of feeling safe heh.

    also wowee i did not expect that i would've been able to type out a reply that long today. feelin' pretty proud of myself! definitely won't be able to keep this up regularly tho, but it's cool to see!
  6. Setsuna
    March 6th, 2021 3:06 PM
    Lost the draft for this reply and had to type it all up again, haha...
    With the chains in Wave's stage, you can stand in the middle of them and not get hit, it's only the ends of the chains that damage you, so you can sorta just slide through them no problem.
    I forgot about the term "walking simulator" and was confused for a sec before I had a good laugh, haha. That's strange for a game to be so up front about having "no hand holding", like they'd expect that to be a complaint of the game before even hearing feedback from people. That just seems strange to me.
    Personally I don't mind handholding in games because I think if a game doesn't go over its mechanics or how it's structured, I'll be more confused while playing it, and want to play it less. Super Metroid is a game I love but it's famous for not telling the player a single thing about the game and I think if I didn't already know info about the game beforehand, I would've hated it.

    That seems like a neat team, I've never used Nidoking or Miltank, what were they like? I'll admit that sometimes I can end up in a spot where I'll have to grind several levels near the end of a Pokemon game and will just hack in rare candies to remove the grind. The way I see it, I'd reach those levels anyways, and it just speeds up the process by several hours.
    I know a decent amount of people who stream on Twitch but it's just not the kind of thing I can really get into. Streams are a big time commitment and I usually find myself being not very interested unless I'm part of the stream, either if I'm playing the game a friend is streaming with them, or I'm talking with them as they're streaming.
    I'm absolutely looking forward to the Sinnoh remakes, as someone who just really loves the Sinnoh games, I'm happy to finally see it happen. I'm gonna try and keep up to date on news for them if I'm able to, and I'm kinda just excited to see Pokemon remakes again since it's been like... 7 years. I think the announcement of the direct was a little sudden, but it made sense since the stream was for their anniversary, and it was a nice thing to have to celebrate.

    Well, I think stereotypes can sometimes develop because of the things people actually do, like the whole "bowing motion" isn't always for greeting, it's just a way to show respect to someone, since that's a big part of their culture. For your instructor, it was probably because that's part of martial arts itself for him and I imagine his students as well, showing respect to your opponent before you fight, things like that. I think in some situations taking off your shoes is just proper etiquette. Things like taking off your shoes when you come inside a house and at school (where there are dedicated "school shoes" people have to use instead) are more about just being polite, I believe. There is another more symbolic thing, but it has to do with darker themes so I'll refrain from mentioning it.
    Oh yeah, I know it's a different state, I was just curious how close the two are since I'm pretty unfamiliar with all the states in the east. That's a super colourful photo though, I like that a lot.

    That seems like a super steep difficulty spike at the end, damn. I'm actually curious to try it out now after that, since I feel like getting through a difficult game like that is an enjoyable challenge.
    Revenge of the King is fantastic, and I remember the final fight being really exciting and engaging. I forgot about that actually, but you're right. They're from Adventures of Lolo, which was also made by HAL, and it's cool to kinda see them be brought into Kirby and be more relevant there.

    That seems like a mess, I've definitely had those days where I've spilled things and felt awful about it because of my mental health at the time. Keep your head up, and hopefully you found something good to occupy yourself with.
  7. Sheep
    March 4th, 2021 8:42 AM
    Marina is so cute!! <3

    and yeah some people are incredibly talented/patient with decorating. I really want a pretty island like that but doing it one tile at a time is so exhausting and slow. I wish Nintendo made it a little less annoying lol, people have begged for it for almost a year now since the game came out, but they don't tend to ever communicate with their players much. oh well :( and yes Kid Cat is a jock! he is too cute and has been a fav for me since New Leaf ~

    yeah it's summer in South Africa atm. not as hot as australia but can still be hot enough sometimes lol. and we don't have AC in this flat, just a fan. next place I'll definitely make sure we get it because summer can be gross otherwise.. same with winter, all we have for that is an electric blanket for the bed ;_; lol

    good luck!! I admire you for doing stuff like that, I just haven't had much energy still, even for drawing which I used to do weekly x.x
  8. Roni
    March 3rd, 2021 9:36 PM
    thank you! doing all that legit gave me the itch to draw again. thank you to Kitty for the thread~

    i can definitely relate to the part with being confused as to which piece is best to attack. it's why i can't play blitz or bullet games because thinking about something like that eats up so much of my time. anyway it's you and me with the "when will i hit 1000" question lol. just seems like you're making far better progress than i am. rooting for you still!

    oof, i believe we wouldn't have been friends at all then if we had met at that time lol. i couldn't handle trolls and online arguments bcs i hurt real easily (i still do to a degree, tis why i like this place bcs it seems devoid of that nowadays). i'm glad you matured, you're really great to talk to.

    just watched that John Wolfe video you linked to. lol i wish i had his level of bravery or lack of care thereof towards those kinds of games. at least the first game in that video was really more a slasher game than a horror one, i wouldn't be able to watch the rest of it for sure lol.
  9. Roni
    March 2nd, 2021 7:53 PM
    wow i didn't even know software that old still existed. you got the spirit of the thread tho! i love the "<--- Crobat" really encapsulates me as a person tbh lmao. i retaliated just now btw!
  10. Hyzenthlay
    March 2nd, 2021 1:12 AM
    You're welcome Zeo, and thank you for yours! I'm really glad to hear that Trivia has been a positive place for you. ^ ^ We always appreciate our regulars keeping the place going, especially when all three of us mods have so much going on! We're still planning a little way to say thank you to everyone - an event of sorts, along with some small gifts! :)

    I've always seen you as Cyndaquil fan, but out of curiosity, what would you say is the Pokémon that represents you most/is your very favourite?
  11. Roni
    March 1st, 2021 6:31 AM
    thanks for waiting for my reply lol. i actually have been typing a couple stuff up the past few days, but i could never get around to finishing it (until now ofc)

    thank you for contributing to keeping that haiku thread i made alive :D really appreciate it. chess really is like that though, one wrong move and, if your opponent is good enough, tides can turn hard. when do you think you'll reach 1000 elo? i've been hovering 950 for a couple weeks now without much success, but it's not like i'm actually actively trying to improve though, so there's also that. someone not opening with D4 almost always throws me off too, but for some reason those are the games i tend to win lol.

    to think i made my account around that time too. i always wonder how i'd be as a community member had i been a regular poster since back when i was 15. i got this gut feeling i would've been banned at some point as a result of my peak teen angst :p and i scrolled back in your account to see if that was real. my goodness it was Her herself who posted that lmao. on any forum i go to i make sure to get a feel of the place and read the rules first before trying to post anything, because it would hurt to get sanctioned/infracted/banned immediately as a new member all because i was unknowingly violating guidelines.

    it's a hit or miss for me regarding long videos (30 mins and above). i'm not above watching them all the way if the topic is super interesting, but if it's something like horror Let's Plays, then i'm pretty sure i'll pass on those. how's John Wolfe like as a commentator? what's his style and comedy per se? anything featuring with monsters/darkness/thrill of the unknown is classified as scary to me. i really just stay away from them for my own sanity's sake (and so i can sleep at night).
  12. Sheep
    February 28th, 2021 3:44 AM
    ugh yeah. I think it's so you don't end up buying too many of them that you make insane amounts of money. they probably wanted somewhat of a deterrent so they made you have to drop them on the ground :( grats on 5 stars!! did you do the festivale event? I forgot to

    I currently have Judy, Dom, Kid Cat, Marshal, Rosie, Raymond, Lucky, Midge (she needs to move ahhhh), Stella, and Poppy. love them ;o; I get feeling bad if they leave but we just don't have enough slots, having someone new move in seems so fun.

    well clearly you're doing something right w/ chess! that's cool!!! I need to get back into my hobbies other than gaming, but it's been hot here where I am and that makes my mood a lot more lazy. when it cools down I'll definitely get back into stuff too. kick those people's behinds at chess ~

    Oh I heard they were doing something with avatar. Don't know if it's a new series or something, just that they were expanding the world of it.
  13. Setsuna
    February 26th, 2021 5:51 PM
    Congrats! I think that was roughly around my time the first way through, it's been a while so I don't remember.

    I'm glad that isn't stressful for you though, and it's nice to hear you feel that way about the people you've met.

    Freeze is definitely the most impactful status, and it's interesting that it's balanced out by how rare it is, I wouldn't be surprised if someone went through a whole game without ever freezing another Pokemon. Good point with Reflect and Light Screen though too, I guess Brick Break is one those theoreticals that's possible, but you won't see often.

    I never really considered it'd be that strong through the game pretty consistently, usually I never hear any mention of how good a Pokemon like Geodude could be, but that's a good point. I'd seen a few clips from Werster but not very many, though he seems like one of the most notable Pokemon speedrunners.

    Makes sense, at that point you're pretty much done everything and have a lot more freedom, especially being in a class with friends like that. Seems like a lot more fun.
    The funny thing about that is I'm half-Japanese, and have a Japanese last name. And typically in Japan, if you don't know someone you'll introduce yourself with your last name. I worry that I could be seen as a native speaker, and it'd be awkward introducing myself as if I am one, but having to explain I'm not, despite being Japanese myself. I'm sure they'd appreciate the attempt though, yeah.

    I guess it pretty much is, isn't it? Japan is made up of a bunch of different islands, but there are 5 main ones. I guess it kinda does look connected if you look on a map from a distance or something though, the gap between the "mainland" and the northern island doesn't look too big.
    California is a place I've kinda always wanted to go, I was planning to attend the Pokemon World Championships in Anaheim but I was a little short off getting my invitation, and now they can't really hold it again for the time being. I've known a few people from Virginia, which is roughly in the same area I believe? I don't know the US too well but I believe something like that was the case.

    I think stuff like Revenge of the King and Meta Knightmare are where Super Star Ultra starts getting more interesting. Those two and Milky Way Wishes are probably my favourite parts of the game. Sounds like you got through True Arena alright though.~
    Having a fully working copy of Super Mario Bros 3 sounds interesting, that's pretty neat actually. That's another game I need to play, I'm not sure if I've mentioned that or not.

    That progress is wonderful to see and I'm happy for you. That seems like a pretty long while to go without one, and that's great to hear.
  14. Setsuna
    February 25th, 2021 4:33 PM
    Hey, like I've said, don't stress yourself to write out a message to me. I can wait a while if it means taking care of yourself or responding to someone else. I'm cool with that.

    You make a good point, Ice Beam and Blizzard are pretty much always seen as offensive threats but Ice just can't pack any defense. The freeze chance seems almost non-existent a lot of the time, but when it actually goes off, that's a fun time. Another thing about Aurora Veil is, can't Brick Break just smash it? Ice types are weak to fighting already, so unless you have an Alolan Ninetales to resist that, you're kinda out of luck and giving them the opportunity to smash a wall.

    I actually didn't realize he started with Scyther. Maybe Stealth Rock could help but I don't think you can actually get anything with Stealth Rock at that point, unless you get the TM from DPPt and trade it over. What do you mean by negating the first half of Johto? Like having strong type matchups against those gym leaders?
    That clip is absolutely wonderful, I'd feel awful being in that position but watching it is just so funny. I remember how cool it was to me learning that you could skip Jasmine and come back later, or that you could even fight Pryce before Chuck. This conversation is making me wanna play HGSS again...

    Not having to speak in a language class sounds great, but I know I also wouldn't get any practice with something important if that's the case. I wouldn't have imagined you to be the loudest person in a class actually, haha. It probably wouldn't, because I don't know a lot of vocabulary. I wouldn't know how to properly say the right thing or how to hold a conversation. But it'd definitely be strange putting it into practice, I've never really attempted to speak Japanese with another person. The most has just been (very minor) translations from reading and listening. Sounds like a nice gym class though, haha.

    Japan is like an entire nation on a small collection of islands, it's really interesting. There's so many people and there's a lot of things that come from there that we hear about, like anime and video games, but it's not the biggest country out there. California itself is huge though, isn't it? I remember hearing there were so many people that it could theoretically be its own country if it wanted to. Cute dog, too! I love her pose in the picture.
    I've only attended the street festival the past couple years I've been able to, since I actually didn't know about it until my dad told me. There's something similar here that happens every summer that I do attend every year I've been able to, though.

    Seems like a tough loss, but you did get close, so congrats on that. This is making me wanna do my own arena run, so I might try one and send it to you depending on how well it goes. Bootleg stuff is always interesting cause of that. I'm curious what Pika Chu would've been, haha.

    I think I know what you mean with leaving stuff as memories sometimes.
    Starting to take medication for something definitely took me a while to get used to. I find having someone around for something like a panic attack helps a lot, I didn't even really know mine were panic attacks before I had one while talking to my boyfriend. It's weird to explain but I thought it was just some "feeling" I got or whatever. It's good to see you're on something that can help at least a little bit with it, and that you're pulling through.
  15. Roni
    February 25th, 2021 7:24 AM
    wholeheartedly agree. it's mind games after all. also interesting that you currently have the same amount of ELO as standard haikus have syllables (5-7-5 get it? no? i'll show myself out). i will confirm that i make a bunch of pointless development moves because i don't always have a plan brewing in my head like pros do. just can't constantly see lines that far. i've tried to and i just got a headache lol. it's only when one side starts attacking and all that i start getting serious with looking for good moves.

    oh yeah i hear Adriana being mentioned around every now and then. would've liked to see Off-Topic like it was back in the day heh. and i think there was also Deep Discussion as an extra section? i've heard about that and when it got merged overtime to OT via the "Serious" tag. interesting changes i do say.

    haven't ever heard of John Wolfe til you linked him and i'm amazed he's already nearing 1 mil subs. it's crazy just how many of these "relatively unknown" channels these days have such huge followings on par with famous content creators from 2013-2016. just goes to show you how big Youtube's become. and yo congrats on SH2! not gonna be on my list of to-play games anytime soon lmao.

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