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  1. Buffel Saft
    3 Hours Ago 4:28 PM
    Buffel Saft
    In Emerald you feed it lots and lots of blue poffins! The haircut method is how it's done in HGSS, and it takes forever with the daily limit. It's a very annoying method, so yeah there's a Prism Scale on the ground somewhere early and they can also be bought in a mart.

    Oh it's all mons from gen 1-7 with gen 8 partly implemented; they're temporarily unobtainable until all the important gen 8 move and ability effects are done. Dragon/Fairy would be a terrifying typing with Multiscale! Will consider it when I'm designing Mega Dragonite.

    Yeah I'm in Polar's Discord, it's early days yet but what Jaizu's got so far looks good!
  2. Buffel Saft
    1 Day Ago 6:42 PM
    Buffel Saft
    There's a daily gift in the daycare that has a chance to be a Feebas egg, but otherwise it's not available until Route 119. The Feebas tiles work like the ORAS version though (minus the day/night location change), so it's much easier to find. Feebas usually evolves with high Beauty or trading with a Prism Scale. All trade evos have two options now ; either trade as usual or level up holding the required item. If they don't need an item then they'll evolve by happiness.

    It's tempting to add megas for all the psuedo-legendaries just for the silly Dragonite mega stone (would it just be Dragonite? Dragonitite?).

    At some point I'll try to add an extra page to the summary screen that will show IVs/EVs, and happiness. Shouldn't be too hard, but I'm also using this for in-game stats display so you can see base stats, abilities, evo methods, TM/HM compatibility, etc. for every Pokemon you've caught. It makes filling out the dex much more useful!
  3. Buffel Saft
    1 Day Ago 11:33 PM
    Buffel Saft
    So far the only custom mega with a new typing is Milotic, which is Water/Fairy. The others are Butterfree, Lapras, Kingler, Machamp (which are all using their gigantamax designs), Kingdra and Flygon, which all keep their original types. No new ice/Ground mons yet but I will take suggestions for new megas at some point - I've left space for 14 more without any changes to save files, so maybe Mamoswine will get one later on.

    Yeah I'm very slowly playing through Unbound right now, it's really good. A quest log is definitely possible, but I probably won't implement one as it's not really needed for this style of hack I think - it's too similar to the base game for it to be useful for most people. That reminds me though, I do need to look into registering multiple items and a better IV/EV display.
  4. Buffel Saft
    2 Days Ago 3:33 AM
    Buffel Saft
    Yeah it's been quite a while, hope you've been well! I'm good, still working on my Emerald hack, but it's pretty much done - I'm just adding in a few more custom megas (Flygon, Kingdra and some Gigantamax forms recycled into megas) finishing the documentation, and cleaning up any bugs I run into. That HM replacement feature is done - I went with a combination of pokerides and the old system, so you can still use your own Pokemon to clear obstacles, but you won't need to teach any HM moves unless you want to. You'll still need Pokemon that can learn Fly and Flash unfortunately, but they can use them without knowing the move.
  5. Allen Ceedos
    2 Weeks Ago 2:58 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    So glad to know that, and I also think that it's the appropriate way to handle this situation! Cheers to our boredom, mate! So, how is your normal day like?
    Usually starts with some chores in the morning, then I work on the walkthrough or my other projects in the afternoon and the evening time is pretty much my down time where I watch series or dive into a book. If it's a production period then we'll be busy helping the old man prepare for his next round of manufacturing products, like right now he has acquired materials so I suspect this coming week or the next one will be the start of production. Nothing fancy haha what about your day?

    So, if anything happens in South Africa, it echoes in Zim as well, huh? I think that most people are compliant. However, I fear about the day-to-day life of simple people who rely on daily wages and other such people who are involved in small scale businesses. They are going out of business, on the other hand, illegal activities and crimes have increased due to widespread unemployment.
    Just as far as Covid is concerned since the two countries are next door neighbours, but Zim hasn't had the trouble with Covid that SA has experienced during this whole period. The high crime rate, protests etc that's been the result of these ridiculous decisions in response to Covid, the on/off lockdowns, shutting down of "nonessential businesses" and so on. But I think there are still plenty of people who will figure their way around and hopefully get back on their feet, because waiting for the same governments that got us in this mess to fix things is a waste of time.

    Not yet, but I have earned enough money by smashing rocks obtaining gems and other items and then selling it to special NPCs who give extra money. Magearna has a nice typing, Steel/Fairy, I like this typing. Also, you get a Larvesta egg as well somewhere during this TOB puzzle, right? Beware of the puzzles in Vega Minus series. They are cringeworthy in my opinion. I left my playthrough in between because of them.
    If you are planning to get Arceus don't sell off those Shards, because that female Scientist at the Shipyard can convert Shards into Creation Plates and you need all the Creation Plates in order to trigger the event which leads to Arceus' location. But also you can find Plates by ADM mining too. Yes, one of the post-game Missions will reward you with a Larvesta Egg. It requires you to get all the Hidden Items in TOB. Thanks for the tip about Vega Minus, I'll check around for other guides or walkthroughs to see how they handled those puzzles.

    Well, regarding the number of pokemons in a particular game, I think if we choose 50 handpiked mons from every gen then they add up to 450, and I think it's good enough, however, if you also add 50 regional variants then the total number increases to 500+ and that is a perfect mix for a game, don't you think? Also, I think that the best reward to a mission will always be a rare pokemon, a shiny one or one with perfect IVs. I also don't mind a quest that involves an interesting / tragic story for the sake of variety and experience.

    You are most welcome on discord. Do give me a ping when you join there. Regarding Soulstones, it is a completed fan game similar to Insurgence. It has interesting Regional Variants' roster and the story is pretty fresh with plot twists too, I think you are going to love it.
    Who would do the handpicking though? Because the number of Pokemon have varied from generation to generation, plus you have to account for evolutions (especially for Pokemon that got their evolution families expanded in later generations), different forms and so on. That could be why it's better to just select entire generations and leave out the ones that you either don't need or you can't work into the game, maybe that's what happened in Unbound as far as Gen 8 goes and also the Legendary/Mythical Pokemon that are currently absent. I wasn't a fan of them excluding both Latios and Latias, you only get one of them depending on the gender of your playable character. As for the Missions the variety in rewards helps, from rare/special Pokemon to key items, useful regular items, money or advancement in the story etc but the Missions themselves have to be all fun and interesting xD not this nonsense of making some of them that way and then the others are boring and tiresome.

    No problem, I'll let you know once I'm on Discord. Is Soulstones a recent game or it's from some years ago but has been updated over time?

    It's called VCP / VCR, right? We used to watch movies on this player as well. Now it's as good as junk you know (no offences plz). Look at nintendo, they keep coming up with a new console after every couple of years and I think their new games are only compatible with the latest consoles, isn't it a kind of rip off?

    Yeah, I guess Zeraora is the new mythical pokemon, no idea from which gen though. I have stopped caring after gen 5.
    That's right VCP or VCR. I'd be impressed to find someone today who still has a functioning one haha, because it would be nice to watch VHS tapes again and remember the old days. Maybe making the newer console compatible with older games is something that gets more and more difficult to do because of hardware changes. I don't know if the PS5 is backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games, but if it is then that's incredible. In the case of the Switch, what would it be compatible with? Games from the Gameboy era? DS? 3DS? N64? Game Cube? The Wii consoles? So I can understand why it only works with Switch-specific games, or does it also play 3DS titles at least?

    No worries, Zeraora is in Unbound from the video playthroughs I've seen. A Gen 7 Mythical, Electric-type. The ADM is needed for players to trigger the event which leads to it. I'll find out what it can do once I catch it, hopefully it knows some cool moves xD.
  6. Allen Ceedos
    3 Weeks Ago 2:51 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Well, it depends, you know. A lot of peoples have lost their dear ones, while others were just lucky they somehow survived this ordeal. I am grateful to the Almighty that my family and I are safe and sound! My life is kinda boring to say the least...
    I'm counting good luck for our situation too, my family has gotten through this period just fine. Nobody has lost their cool or panicked unnecessarily and I think that has helped us stay focused on just living each day as it comes until this ends. Boring life is the theme for me too here haha, so you are among friends on that front and no judgement.

    Oh, it's difficult to explain. Police brutality is one thing, but if people are left on their own, they will ruin the whole situation in a couple of days, seriously! Some people are hyper conscious about this pandemic, while others are saying "fcuk corona". How are you going to maintain balance, I wonder! I think that people have got tired now because of distancing and regulations. Do you have similar situations there as well, or are people more disciplined there?
    So far looks to be widespread compliance with regulations and lockdowns, probably out of fear of Covid, even though none of these regulations and lockdowns have offered any positives. We're currently in yet another lockdown, it started some weeks ago because of the situation in South Africa. If people have gotten fed up with all this, it's hard to tell. No noise on the streets in the form of protests or out in the neighbourhoods (I'd bet because of fear of the police or military). This has just been a giant test in compliance and sadly many people have failed in spectacular fashion.

    I haven't yet tried TOB puzzles. Now that you have mentioned it, I might skip it altogether. I don't like cryptic puzzles as well, to me, they work just opposite. I left Vega Minus because of those. Likewise, I also agree that explaining how to solve a puzzle might be quite painful. Good luck explaining puzzles, mate!
    Do you already have the ADM? Because the treasures scattered around TOB are what players are recommended to sell in order to make enough money to purchase it. Also the big prize at the end of TOB is a Magearna, maybe you're not interested in adding it to your collection haha. I was planning to play the original Altair/Sirius/Vega series but after finding out that their Minus versions do have some key improvements, I've decided to switch to the Minus versions.

    Well, I think that missions helped in cooling off a bit from the main story. However, the reward system for missions was not to my liking. You get Icy Sandshrew (don't find it cool though) and Ninetales through missions, but I am not happy with just them, although you get a TM for Aurora Veil and by changing the ability of A. Ninetales to Snow Warning and by arming it with Blizzard and Nasty Plot, you get a superb knockout machine! Perhaps, the main reason for my disappointment is that there are no regional variants in Unbound, and because of that it lacks the element of mystery! We get tired of playing with the same pokemons over and over again, don't we?

    I also wonder about the current development state of Adventures Red as well. Maybe you have to join its discord server to know about the latest updates. Currently, I am just following Mirage of Tales and Stranded and by the looks of it, MOT indeed appears extremely promising to say the least. Stranded, on the other hand, is a totally different concept and I would love to see how it ends.

    By the way, I am currently playing a new fan game 'Pokemon Soulstones' in office these days, and I find it pretty interesting. The dialogues are long and painful, but if you can bear with that, it's just awesome. Do check it out, I highly recommend it.
    I guess the creative team just wanted to avoid throwing in "non-canon" regional variant Pokemon on top of 7 generations' worth of official Pokemon. I didn't mind that Gen 8 is not in the game, what's already there is more than enough. Not all the Missions had great rewards, I agree, and I wondered why have such unnecessary content? Was it too much to make all the Missions fun and interesting with worthwhile (or at least somewhat clever) rewards?

    I'd forgotten about Discord xD, I had planned to set up an account there earlier this year but then we went offline. After this Unbound walkthrough is done I'll get back to that plan. MOT and Stranded I know of but not Soulstones. Set in a new region? Any key features that help to make it stand out? And is it a completed fan game?

    Hey, thanks for sharing the VHS pics as well. : ) It's a nice memento of your childhood, for sure, and you might be showing it to your kinds later, lol. Time flies, right? Can you still play it, I mean, do you still have the player to play the VHS? We have moved on from VHS long ago, even CDs and DVDs are going towards extinction. These days, they have even removed the in-built DVD player from the laptops, I guess.

    Also, I have recently watched a pokemon movie where they have featured Zeraora, and I somehow liked it. It's not very musical, yet the story was nice; highly recommended!
    The player is still there, somewhere, but I don't know if it still works. It hasn't been used in well over a decade. Just one of the disadvantages of progressive technology, it's also because the products being made are given such short lifespans to force people to keep buying newer and newer stuff. I've also noticed that about new laptops, that's something to worry about because if you have been backing up your stuff on discs...where will you play them?

    Zeraora is one of the new Gen 8 Legendary Pokemon from the DLCs? I immediately thought of Zoroark when I first read your message haha then read it again.
  7. Allen Ceedos
    3 Weeks Ago 10:34 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Well, hello there, Allen! ; ) Missed you a lot, you know, these times are so uncertain, I was slightly worried to tell you the truth! Glad to know that you are fine. I am also doing good, I guess! XD
    I appreciate that, nothing drastic happened to me (yet?) but at this point I've accepted that my on and off antics are a personal running joke for me haha, until we can finally sort out our internet situation. We are definitely living in uncertain times, however we must not let what's going on depress us. How have you been keeping so far, any positive news?

    In my place, people are usually behaving in two ways; there are those who think that corona is nothing, and they are totally carefree, and there are those who are ultra cautious wearing double masks, maintaining a lot of distance and not even properly talking and so on. I find myself somewhere in between, though. I will do what is necessary but not more than that, honestly! So glad to know that your neighbourhood is peaceful and not ultra concerned about SOPs. Some localities in my place have gone beyond heartlessness because of fear, you know!
    What's the situation in your area, there are police making regular patrols to keep people in compliance? Or things are relatively safe now, no trouble? I'm just grateful to be in a good place, maybe we've just been lucky xD you never know. My hope is the atmosphere remains peaceful right through this Covid situation and we can get back to some form of normality in the end.

    Yeah, Unbound is super cool, I guess most of us would agree on that! Also, it has raised the bar so high in terms of technicalities that old hacks are now going to get obsolete, I guess! Mission logs, Dowsing Machine, Stat Scanner and Reg selecting so many stuffs were my personal favourites as well, especially mission logs. It gave me a feeling that I'm not going to get lost as it is there to guide me on what to do next. Regarding side quests, I agree, some of them were absolutely boring, as you have also mentioned like fighting 1000 battles and so on while some of them were interesting like finding the 5 hooligans and fighting as the boss of Black Emboar gang etc. I enjoyed the puzzles of Unbound very much!, especially the Distortion world puzzle, but unfortunately the victory road Ice puzzle was too much for me and I took online help to solve it, this puzzle definitely churned my brain over and over again!
    The gang Missions were fun for sure. Having your own gang and taking part in that big battle in Antisis City, I enjoyed that even though we lost in the end haha. If I was playing Unbound for fun I wouldn't have minded the puzzles but good grief, doing some of those and then trying to interpret them in the walkthrough wasn't fun xD. The Victory Road ice puzzle wasn't as terrifying as I expected it to be though, not as bad as the Tomb of Borrius puzzles (the pixelating room and then the cracked floor room). I made good use of my emulator's save states, that's how I got through the ice puzzle and also to get the hidden items which are scattered around that room. The D-World puzzle...it was interesting to do but not fun to guide through. I'm just glad all the puzzles weren't super cryptic or required players to be versed in Western pop or internet cultures, because for someone like me whose internet situation isn't steady I would probably be stuck most of the time.

    Regarding missions, being the boss of Black Emboar Gang and fighting for their cause is the only quest that lingers to my mind as of now. I have noticed that Unbound never ventures outside the line, it plays by the rulebook. The main story is liner yet never boring, it's pretty intense to be honest. However, it still gives the vibes of a traditional pokemon game. On the other hand, Adventures Red is unorthodox in my opinion, and it is certainly not gives the vibes of a traditional pokemon game. Some side chapters are still fresh in my memory, especially the Goodbye Steve Chapter. It gave me chills! For the first time in my life, a Pokémon game gave me the experience similar to watching a horror movie. Stuffs like these makes Adventures Red my personal favourite. However, when it comes to giving my verdict, I will give them both 10 out of 10. They are both great games! Aethestode is a Master Storyteller and Skeli is an Ingenious Romhaker, that's what I think! ; )
    Maybe the Mission system is one of the major reasons why it was so linear, but that wasn't a bad thing because of all the stuff to be done in the game. For Adventure Red Chapter I wouldn't have known about a lot of those Bonus Chapters without Lunos' videos and the other videos I found on Youtube during the Exp Pass playthrough. Have you heard any news about when the next release for Adventure could come out? Since it's likely to be a fan-made game and all I haven't kept up with anything related to it since the Exp Pass walkthrough.

    I also liked the second movie, a lot. It has a nice story. On top of that, the Lugia's song is a fantastic tune and I really loved it. There is a remix of it as well, do check out this link-

    As for my personal favourite, it would be the 5th movie; Pokemon Heroes. The story was good enough, but the most memorable thing about it was the "Search for the girl tune" and its setting, where Ash was giving a chase to the Latias Girl! I still remember this scene pretty vividly. This is certainly one of the most romantic as well as serene tune I have ever heard. Check this out-

    Nowadays, none of the pokemon movies give us tunes like these! Now they are more interested in making money than giving us something memorable and lasting!
    I'll check out those songs after this, thanks for sharing them. I watched Heroes as well but at this point I barely remember it. Definitely that was the last movie I was interested in since it came out during the Gen 3 era I believe? And by then it had been some years since I followed the main anime series, so no interest in the other movies which followed....and that's probably why I am not familiar with many of the Legendary/Mythical Pokemon that have appeared later xD because I never watched the movies centred around them! Anyway I found the VHS and took photos of the cover and back :) I would think it still holds up even now 20 years later haha.

  8. Allen Ceedos
    4 Weeks Ago 7:39 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Yes indeed, I was offline again 😂 hello hello. We have 25gb of data which is supposed to last the whole month....yeah, let's see how that goes haha. How have you been doing so far? I hope you're well.

    Well, at least there is still hope left in your country! The emergence of new players whether local or foreign might make the market more competitive and force the companies to lower the prices, this will also lead to better services and promotional offers. Over here, we had enjoyed a very good decade of healthy competition in the telecom sector; prices were nominal, no rentals, superb services, a lot of options to choose and so on. However, with the emergence of this faker, that is in collusion with the current regime, everything has changed in a very short span of time. Most of the telecom companies have perished, and we are left with a couple who are barely able to stand and are incurring heavy losses. Let's just hope that at least one of them survives, magically, otherwise, the telecom sector in my country will turn into a monopoly. When this happens, it's just 1984 in the making, I'm afraid! Maybe I'm thinking too much but with the things that we are currently plagued with and the drama that is unfolding every passing day, who knows...
    Not much hope for us here either, even though there isn't a troublesome company like what you have. But as far as fair pricing and better services, that is not going to happen.

    Well, the protesters are keeping the democracy alive, aren't they? Otherwise, what is the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship? If you are not going to fight for your rights and choices, then who will.
    That really makes me wonder about how many people here are prepared to do just that, to fight for their rights and freedom if they are threatened and pushed enough. I've done my best to be patient during this Covid period, staying away from trouble and remaining at home unless I really have to step into town. Luckily where we live the neighbourhood is peaceful and you can walk around without worrying about being harassed by police or anyone for not wearing a mask. A little bit of freedom but still worth a lot.

    Agreed! Instead of relying on Governments, Agencies or Institutions, thinking that they are our saviours, we should strive to become self-reliant and bond with each other more in these testing times. However, we are divided over religion, casts, race, tribes and so on and divided people pose no threat whatsoever...
    Sad but true and this is not the time for people to be so divided. I don't know how the year will end but I definitely do not want to spend another year of this. 2020 was more than enough haha, 2021 is pretty much a unwanted sequel. No trilogy please!

    Okay, that's too much politics, let's talk about pokemon a bit. Here is the million-dollar question, How would you like to rate Pokémon Unbound? Also, how is your unbound walkthrough coming along? As for me, Unbound is my second best, first still being Adventures Red, partly because it's slight unconventional. Side quests galore in unbound, some highly rewarding as well, did you like any in particular?

    Additionally, speaking of movies, have you watched any pokemon movie, if so, which one is your favourite?
    I'm about 3 quarters done at this point, currently covering Missions which became available after completing the main game. I would rate Unbound very highly: it is one of the most technically sound games that I've played in the world of Romhacks. The features alone are incredible, my favourite being the unlimited capacity Cube/Bag. Being able to Reg. Select 6 items, the Dowsing Machine, the ADM, how Pokemon can use field moves that they don't even know or wouldn't even learn e.g. Dig. Incredible. My biggest worry is that I'm not going to look at other hacks the same way now because they probably won't be as impressive, especially older hacks that I've been interested in playing/replaying for fun or for walkthrough purposes. Adventures Red I'll give it credit for being packed with story-related content but as far as technical features go, Unbound is ahead....until a better hack comes along haha. The Missions system is fine, it really helps when you need to keep track of what to do next and gives people things to do besides the main story. But not all the Missions are cool and fun and interesting, which I really wish was the case after playing through some of the post-game Missions. Ranging from boring (e.g. catching 30 Magikarp) to tedious (hatching 100 Eggs or searching 100 trash cans or healing at the Pokemon Center 300 times or searching for Carbink in the KBT Expressway and so on). And on top of all that there are puzzles, so for those players who not fans of puzzles then this game is not going to be a fun run. The main Mission is the one I like, I'm trying to think of the other Missions but none of them would count as particular favourites. Some were fun, others were really not. What about for you?

    As for the movies my favourite is still Pokemon 2000. It was the very first Pokemon movie I watched, the VHS tape is probably still there in the living room somewhere haha if I find it I'll take a photo and show you. Seeing Johto Pokemon before I saw the anime series which followed Gen 2 was cool, I was young enough to be amazed by those new Pokemon and then Lugia. It is why Lugia is my favourite Legendary and why I have a soft spot for Gen 2 (Silver version specifically) 20 years later. Gen 8 has DLC areas, but Gen 2 had two whole regions in a single game. Beat that :) what about you?
  9. Allen Ceedos
    May 12th, 2021 10:25 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    Well, the service is not that great, however, they are giving internet for free, and it's difficult to resist, right? Ordinary folks don't care about their privacy and online rights, I guess, as long as the internet is free, they won't mind selling their online identity... : (
    Over here, because internet access has become a necessity people will gladly throw their money at internet service providers, even when the prices are pretty much daylight robbery. Nobody's going to challenge the companies, they would rather just find ways to make enough money and pay those high prices. And because the companies continue to make so much money, why bother having fair prices?

    It's not just you, the case is pretty similar with everyone. People are being forced to live like a hermit / house arrested these days. What else could they do? If you question the reality of Corona, you'll be put behind the bars. So, just obey the SOP and psyduck the reason and questioning!!
    Nothing will change until people decide that they've had enough of being forced to stay home. It's the same case here, a combination of people being afraid of the government and being afraid of Covid. So they would rather just do what they're told and hope for the best, but you turn on the TV or look online and see all the protests going on in other countries, people who are willing to fight against all this. You would think that would motivate others to act, but nope :/

    Let's just hope that humanity survives along with the human beings post COVID-19 menace! You know what, millions of jobs have been lost because of lockdowns and what's even more tragic is that a handful of companies has doubled or tripled their net worth. Middle players are gradually evaporating while the big fishes are getting fatter and fatter with all the money in the world, what magic is this? Exploiting the COVID situation to their own benefits or may be directly benefitting from COVID; they would be glad that COVID happened, right?

    Regarding 90s times, I too feel the pangs of nostalgia sometimes and go back to old movies, songs, books, cartoons, animes or places that I used to visit in those times etc. to quench the thirst or just to relieve that moment. It's not the same though, as you have rightly said, we are growing older and this process can't be undone. However, "Old is still Gold" in my opinion. XD The future looks bleak atm and I don't think there is anything to look forward to anyway. My language is pessimistic, but I am seriously hurt because of greed of people and more so because of CRONY CAPITALISM!
    I'm not surprised by how many companies, governments and so on have used this Covid period to their advantage, because it just added to the reasons why it has been so overblown. It's a pandemic but there's still room for things as trivial as elections, or what about online streaming companies making a lot of money because a lot of people have been stuck at home, so they'll watch more online content. Even the vaccines, some countries have resorted to hoarding their supplies haha seriously? I thought we were all in this together, so we should be helping each other in such a terrible time. There was going to be greed, corruption and so on, because things never change, even with a pandemic going on.

    Things are just going to get worse, so you're right about the future looking bleak. Everything will be a reboot or a remake, and sure some reboots and remakes are well done and compliment the originals but others though... Even though we are getting older, I still value older stuff :) so I will hang onto that for as long as I can because it still holds up today.
  10. Allen Ceedos
    May 5th, 2021 6:02 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Standing up?? People are actually joining this faker network in hordes!! Other cellular networks are going in serious losses, I wonder how long are they going to keep up?
    :/ well, can't stop people from chasing after free stuff. Do you know anyone who has joined the network? If so, any feedback that they've given you about the services? I would put a nice big asterisk next to the word "free" as far as that network is concerned haha because I bet the strings attached are terrible.

    It's second wave, actually. Haven't you heard of Indian variant of corona? They are saying that its deadly, may be this time, I'm not sure. We are being fed daily that people are dying in numbers, oxygen shortage, doctors dying, hospitals are over occupied and so on and so forth. Only God knows the truth, I guess.
    As far as current news goes, I'm basically a hermit living under a rock these days so I haven't heard about this Indian variant of corona. The last piece of news I did hear from India was about the oxygen shortage, but that must've been in March. So are you now under another lockdown indefinitely?

    My childhood as well, very halcyon times!! Superb music, movies, cartoons, simple lifestyle, people actually trusting each other and so on... : )
    Hopefully it won't be the last period of relative peace for us, even though a lot has changed since those days, and of course we're getting older. It's why I'm totally fine with "living" in the past, by watching old movies, shows, any cartoons which still hold up even today and thanks to emulators I can also dive back into older games, many of which I didn't get to play during their time. Music too, I mainly listen to albums from my high school days because the sound hadn't turned crappy to what counts as music these days. What about you?
  11. Allen Ceedos
    April 27th, 2021 1:14 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    Well, you have to use some company to use the cellular services. However, if one of them is giving it for free, this puts severe pressure on others to lower their prices or even give their services for free as well. This is certainly not a healthy competition, and might kill all other competitors except the one which has some kind of backing.
    So is there any way that the citizens are standing up to this over there? Because if not, then that company is just going to continue its tactics of giving services for free and killing competition.

    We are now suffering from a severe third wave of Covid. Lockdowns are around the corner, and we still have to attend office, despite all this. What a peaceful times 90s were! : )
    At some point people will have to decide when they've finally had enough of this, because how many lockdowns are needed to fix things? Our most recent lockdown ended in March, but there's always a chance of another one coming even with the vaccine roll out going on. Where did that third wave come from?

    Haha, I would think the 90s were peaceful...that was my childhood right there! Simpler times for sure, and I wonder if we will ever get peace like that again.
  12. Allen Ceedos
    April 17th, 2021 2:30 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Here, the pricing and plans are all the same except one company that gives everything for free. I wonder how are they running it or what backing they have but because of this cheat, the competition has become so cut-throat, that small companies have already vanished and a couple of big ones are already on the losses, therefore the prices are high. These monopoly cheats are destroying healthy competition in my country, and sadly we can't do much about it!
    That's the big issue right there, not being able to do anything about it because whichever company you turn to is cheating you in one fashion or another, whether by pricing or substandard services or both :/ no company giving things for free here haha, private or government-run, they're all trying to hustle people out of their money and again, nothing can be done about it except completely disconnecting.

    Kindly allow me to justify my statement regarding Evees. Firstly, I prefer badass mons over cuties, the more badass the better, and secondly, I always go for dual type mons, and Evees' monotyping does not help its case either. Also, catching Pokémons is so troublesome and boring, I have hardly caught more than 15 pokes in any games I have played so far, it's such a waste of time. However, Insurgence and Adventures Red are the only games where I made a detour and captured some prospective mons to utilize them in the future. Oh, I remembered that tiger poke, its name was Raitora, I guess. Maybe it really meant something personal to Aethestode as you have mentioned!
    With close to 1000 Pokemon (or have we already gone past the 1000 Pokemon mark now??) available, I see why catching Pokemon can be like doing chores haha especially in the rom hack/fan-made game universe where games are stuffed with as many generations of Pokemon as possible. I still have that drive to catch Pokemon, doesn't matter which game I'm playing, and since I pretty much have to catch many Pokemon for my walkthrough work, I'm glad to still have that drive. For most single Type Pokemon in my collection I make use of TMs and/or Move Tutors so that they have a variety of moves to make up for being only one Type. There are a few Pokemon that I would only catch for the PokeDex, otherwise if they aren't in the game no problem, such as Ditto or Wobbuffet.

    Well, you live in a society and society has its rules, you know, it's complicated. Beware my friend, going against the flow has its own consequences! However, I'm with you on this... : )
    Haha I just hope I won't come to regret my decisions and stance as far as all this Covid business goes, I'm just a guy who has grown really tired of it and quite frankly I do not want to spend the rest of my life living like Covid will never really go away. Many people look to have accepted this as their new normal but to me there's nothing normal about any of this, so if I have to go against the "flow" in order to get back some form of normality then I will :)
  13. Allen Ceedos
    April 3rd, 2021 11:42 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Yup. Blatant rip off! A daylight robbery. What buggery is this? : )
    Unfortunately there are no viable alternatives because each mobile service provider has their own plan and prices, so people are screwed every which way, unless of course they completely disconnect and stop using phones (maybe just using them as modern mp3 players or something).

    Well, design-wise, Eeveelutions in Adventures Red were fine with me, however, I've never been a fan of Evees, so never gave them any serious thought, don't like monotypes anyway. Moreover, I also think that Evees are for girls (my opinion, please don't typecast me for thinking like that! :)). Additionally, there was a tiger like pokemon in Adentures Red as well, design-wise it was so ugly, I wonder why Aethestode included it in the pokedex at all. What was he thinking, seriously? Also, regarding Unbound, as I have said in my previous VM, it's a technical marvel. You will know when you start playing. So many refreshing new upgrades over any other hack made till day; its overall feel and the environment is breathtaking. Just dive in, that all I will say for now. I am currently somewhere near 3rd gym as of today.
    You're the very first and only person I know of who has that opinion about Eevee xD! No worries, I won't typecast you. To me Eevee is fine, if it's presented to me in a game I'll add it to my collection and evolve it at some point. In Adventures I just thought some of those forms were a tad bit ridiculous, but I get it, we have to see a form for every type. As for that tiger Pokemon I know it, it makes me of old school anime haha so maybe Aethestode was just inspired by an old anime for the design. I think I caught it, am no longer sure. No rush for me as far as Unbound goes :) I'll get to it eventually. Just have to get through (Old) White first...I'm halfway through Johto on my way to Kanto. The original region of the hack sadly is pretty disappointing, most of the routes are empty of people, it's just players and the wild Pokemon :/

    Now that vaccines have been introduced, there is no need for that anymore, is it? Reports have come out stating that AstraZeneca's vaccine is causing problems in adults like blood clotting, that's why so many countries are banning it. Also, regarding trials, phase I and phase II trials are already finished for Covaxin, our indigenous vaccine, developed by Bharat Biotech, however, I can't say much about the authenticity of the data presented in those reports.
    Yet countries like Britain are still going forward with rolling AZ out despite the reports, what's up with that?

    Well, there is no harm in wearing a mask in public places. I will happily comply, if it helps in any possible way to break the chain of transmission. I must admit, nonetheless, that it sucks, big time. Good thing that you live away from towns. No one in villages and other remote areas gives a damn about corona. Also, glad to know that your father can come up with home-made sanitizers, as we have to purchase masks and sanitizers from stores. I will advise you to not make a scene because of masks and sanitizers as people nowadays easily typecast others into Covidiots and irresponsible persons if they question the ongoing narrative and think otherwise. How dare you question the authority, eh? You are not supposed to think, just go with the flow, seriously!
    I won't keep someone from wearing a mask if they feel that they need one, but what's happening now where even healthy people are being forced into wearing masks and being sprayed wherever they go is what I am against. Carrying my own bottle of home-made sanitiser is just one way that I'm going against the flow :) because it makes zero sense that everywhere you go, you're going to be sprayed by different liquids which might not even be hand sanitiser. Every time. It's funny you mention people in villages and remote areas, because those people here found more natural remedies to counter Covid! So they're questioning the roll out of the Sinopharm vaccine, seeing no point in being vaccinated because they already have a "cure".
  14. Allen Ceedos
    April 1st, 2021 1:55 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Well, I'm using a prepaid plan, and it costs me around 600INR. A bit costly, but overall balanced, nonetheless. My sole concern with the prepaid plan is that one day's data does not carry over to the other. So, on any particular day, I can only use a limited amount of data and if it's not used, it's lost forever. I'm thinking of switching to postpaid plans. Speaking of which, how's the pricing and plans there?
    That issue of data not carrying over is there for mobile data here too, what a rip off huh? The pricing and plans vary from company to company, the internet service provider we are currently connected to has prepay and monthly plans. Like right now I'm online because of a prepay data package, 2GB which lasts 3 days and costs US$2. The data carries over so we have about 6GB now and it will expire on Monday around midnight. The only issue is speeds, very lousy. Otherwise I would be fine with 6GB, it would be enough for mini downloads like podcasts.

    I have already started playing Unbound, and I must admit that it is indeed living up to its hype! It's a spectacular hack from whatever I have seen till now and is undoubtedly going to be the one of the ATG hack. The only stuff that I'm missing is the fakemons, perhaps this is the reason I love Adventures Red the most. The prospect of capturing unusual pokemons like, SwampertX, Icy Snorlax etc. maximized my happiness for sure. However, I'll also admit that the Betamons in Adventures Red were an absolute eyesore!
    Haha yeah, sadly not all the Adventures "original" Pokemon were exactly marvels of design. The multiple Eeveelutions for example. How far have you gone in Unbound so far, what's the story like? The region? Etc

    Agreed! To elaborate the matter further, may I bring to light the heinous practice of testing different types of drugs on Covid patients. They were treated with Malaria, AIDS and several other drugs and this is the foremost reason of so many deaths in my opinion.
    That's insane, even now that has been going on over there? Or now that vaccines are available those drug tests are no longer being done? Over here I haven't heard anything about drug tests, it's mainly been news about the Sinopharm vaccine. All you get is people being told to get vaccinated, but no warnings or information like which ingredients or materials were used to manufacture the product, how many tests (human or animal) have been conducted using the vaccine and also if there are any short or long term health and side effects. Nothing. So I wonder how many people are being smart and are looking into the vaccine online before making their decision.

    The issue of side effect is highly concealed here. Nobody knows for sure what is actually happening. What would ordinary people do? What choices do they have, seriously?
    One major choice is to not comply with all this, even though there's a chance of getting into real trouble with the authorities. I don't enjoy going into town anymore because I won't be allowed entry into shops or other places if I don't have a mask on. At each place you'll find someone present (usually a security guard) who is ready to spray people with what might not even been proper hand sanitising liquid. But it's not like people are going to stop and question that or demand to know why they can't enter without a mask. They've just complied and gone along with this nonsense. So if I have to step into town I carry my own bottle of hand sanitiser, made by my dad. I'm getting to the point where I'm going confront someone about needing a mask for entry because I am sick and tired of people being so stubborn and stupid.
  15. Allen Ceedos
    March 26th, 2021 4:59 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Oh, that's awful, really! I'm using mobile internet, and they allow 1.5 GB data / day at a reasonable speed for premium plans. This is more than enough for my daily requirements, furthermore, I'm also able to download 3 - 4 movies / week, so, I'm pretty satisfied with my mobile service provider, at least for now.
    How much do you pay for that plan? Prepay? Pay per month? For mobile I just get the bundle which is for Whatsapp, because the "general" data bundles don't last very long :/ but it's all dubiously priced so you're screwed every which way.

    You bet! I am saving Unbound for some special occasion as well and hope that it gets some more updates till the time I get my hands dirty with it. Also, I have not yet fully completed Adventures Red, I love it so much I do not want it to ever finish, silly me! (Currently at Siren Side Chapter) :)
    Haha, well I guess it's a good thing to have a big game like Adventures Red to keep you busy in the meantime but I think as far as major updates go Unbound might be done for a while. So you might want to push that "special occasion" forward and prepare to dive in, haha.

    Righto!! Just couldn't agree more with you on this. What the heck is this new normal mate, seriously! The recovery rate in my country is around 98%, and I doubt the number of deaths that they are showing as anyone dying these days is dubbed as died of COVID-19, seriously. May the Lord God help us all against this new normal.
    The recovery rate here has been super high as well, but still the roll out marches on. Covid deaths are something to take with a bag of salt because even those numbers can be cooked up, it's not to say there haven't been people who've actually died because of Covid but how many of them are there? You don't get specifics from the news reports, certainly not mainstream.

    We have two vaccines, one is indigenous and the other is obviously the AstraZeneca's. The same here as the majority of people are not going for vaccination, and it is being wasted in some States or so I have heard. No idea about the authenticity of U.K. variant as of now. But one thing is sure, this is being done to force people to opt for vaccination if they have not yet done so.

    My opinion is that no one knows what is going on for sure and everyone is speculating to some degree, however, these forced lockdowns, ultra aggressive vaccination drives with a heavy annual budget, digital certificates, great reset and so on and so forth seems pretty dubious and even sinister to me. Let's see how the future unfolds itself!
    Have any side effect reports come out over there in response to the AstraZeneca? Or so far there hasn't been any trouble? The way a lot of governments and organisations have handled this whole situation has been a disaster and I highly doubt they will turn around and change for the better because a lot of damage has been done in terms of social life, education, the economy, travel, health and so on. It really is up to ordinary people to decide whether or not to carry on with all this.

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