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  1. Starr Leonhart
    April 10th, 2011 1:16 PM
    Starr Leonhart
    Castle of course, lol!
    lol Yeah.
  2. zapdos926
    April 9th, 2011 9:23 PM
    Yeah, I do that to people.
  3. zapdos926
    April 8th, 2011 7:34 PM
    I am still two hours older...

  4. Starr Leonhart
    April 8th, 2011 12:00 PM
    Starr Leonhart
    I love Castle. Well when I watch it. lol
    Meh, nothing much. Just the same old, same old.
  5. zapdos926
    April 7th, 2011 4:04 PM
    Technically, I'm two hours older than you at the moment because I live in Colorado and there is a two hour time difference.

    Because I'm more awesomer than you.
  6. Starr Leonhart
    April 7th, 2011 1:27 PM
    Starr Leonhart
    What's up?
  7. Lati-Fan95
    April 7th, 2011 9:10 AM
    Have you already pwned the Tower Tycoon?^^ If you should make it past him and come to the 49th battle, he'll have an even stronger team!^^

    Well, yeah. But it's so much more fun to build a good Pokemon team!^^

    Yup, yup!^^ I'm glad I don't need that much help from others to solve my problems and stuff because it's all gonna come back to you (meaning, they'll use these problems as arguments against you)!^^ Nah, she seems trustable and is pretty cool (but she is not my crush who started out with about 80% trust which sometimes kind of seems unfair if you consider that not even my family has achived such a level)!^^ And I don't keep them out, I just get along with them good, talk to them sometimes but my problems and certain stuff about me they'd never find out!^^ Oh... I'm pissed with my stepfather, too because he doesn't seem to have any own opinion (but other than that, he's pretty okay), I guess you can be annoyed about a bro and a sis sometimes but that'll be over soon but the immature and disappointed thing I don't quite get!^^ I can't call myself mature, either but I guess I'm capable of taking care of myself, taking responsibilty and making hard decisions, so I'm an adult-kid mix, I guess!^^ She didn't quite say it out directly but judging from certain things and some points of the conversation, there just was no other explanaition but on the other hand, there's also much stuff that makes you think the opposite!^^ That's weird... Usually, I get people pretty well but although she's almost just like me, I can hardly understand her in some ways which is pretty interesting and makes me like her even more!^^ Wow, that does that mean? Seems pretty cool but I think she (and I, too) is a bit different: We both value peace in class and that's why we both try to get along well with the entire class (which works pretty good)!^^ Yup, and Pokemon is something like a Sacred Ash for me (heals the entire party) and if that doesn't help then it's really serious...^^ Yeah but I'm only gonna give up on her when my chance of victory is 0%, don't worry!^^ You're right about that but that doesn't mean boys are prefect...^^
    1.Oh, thx!^^ But she was a good friend where many thought that she's like me that way, too!^^
    2. A student from another country!^^
    3. You're right...
    4. Can't say much about that...^^
    5.Great!^^ It's always good to have some persons backing you in a case like that!^^ Yeah, the awesome thing, I hear it from time to time!^^ It's cool that people think that way but I somehow don't get why they think that!^^ And yeah, I know about that!^^ Hard work usually is rewarding!^^ But thanks for the reminder!^^ Hard work sometimes just seems... hard and... boring...^^ Yeah, unfortunately... But time and Pokemon are the best healers!^^

    Yeah, I guess so!^^ She really seems to be just my type and I hope that I'm gonna have her all for myself on a date sometime soon!^^ Thx for the advice!^^ But I already have "borders" when it comes to suff like that!^^ Thx again!^^ You're a pretty good "Lil' sis", too and thx for the compliment!^^ Listening and giving advice is a duty for older bros!^^ Thanks!^^ I enjoy being here!^^

    Some of them are... But I don't know all of them, I only know the german names good!^^ Game Freak is still a company, unfortunately... Money always comes first in the economy!^^ Too bad... They really have strange type combos and unique design, so it never gets boring!^^ Really!? Too bad... They're pure awesomeness!^^ Video Game Championships!^^ They're being held all over the world and I'm planning to participate with my recently built Pokemon team!^^ Although I'm not that much into competitive battling, I have a lot of confidence in them and I hope to at least win against one trainer with EV trained pokes!^^

    Yeah, it's really been a while!^^ Cool to get to talk to you again!^^ but I'm not sure whether I'm gonna be able to come on often... I'm having a lot to do right now and I want my social life t fill more of my time so I guess there'll hardly be any time left... But I'm gonna try my best!^^
  8. zapdos926
    April 6th, 2011 2:53 PM
    Well, you told me you had a younger sister who looked at this stuff, but nothing else.

    Because I said so.
  9. Lati-Fan95
    April 6th, 2011 10:00 AM
    Great!^^ Hope you´ll be in the Battle Tower a lot!^^ It´s pretty fun there!^^

    Thx!^^ But I sort of put that on hold because of the VGC and stuff...^^

    It´s always good not to trust anyone 100% because you might know the person very well but the fact that he/she is human can make him/her influenceable and/or change all of a sudden!^^ That´s why the number of persons I trust has decreased once again from 4 to 0!^^ Mabe it´s gonna get a rise from 0 to 2 later, there is someone who said that she trusts me and I don´t wanna be an a** so I guess you should give that a try...^^ My personal nickname for myself!^^ Sounds pretty awesome, doesn´t it? That´s great but what do you mean by "emotionally stable"?^^ I also was on the edge to insanity some days (mainly because all I´m 70% sure all she wants is friendship which REALLY, REALLY got me because not even Pokemon (which usually always helps) made me forget about it...) ago if you mean that...^^ Yeah... I fell for some girls right now and all I gotta say is: God is really creative when it comes to heart-breaking!^^ I had 4 different scenarios:
    1. I didn´t do enough for it
    2. Since she was an au pair in our school she didn´t stay very long
    3. She already had someone
    4. Just not interested

    If No.5 (the one I am more serious about than on all her predecessors together because it´s hard to find stuff we don´t have in common) doesn´t work although I gave my all for it then I guess it´d be better for me and better for them (but mainly better for me in that case... Sorry, I just need to be egoistic sometimes...^^) if I keep out of their way (in a romantic point of view, of course!^^) ... As I said, it´s not the women that are the problem, I guess it´s just me being egoistic again...^^ And even if someone like that should come, I can just displace it (I´m a pro when it comes to that!^^)!^^ I know that´s not healthy but I guess it´s better to deal with than yet another broken heart!^^

    Oh, yeah the date!^^ It wa sooo awesome!^^ We really have a lot in common AND I even have her cell number!^^ That´s by far the best thing that could happen to me!^^ The only thing that got me very hard was the point I mentioned above... As I said, the friendship-theory is just plain assumption and has no real evidence, so there´s still hope which I refuse to give up!^^ Yeah, that´s just typical me!^^ The only persons I´m open-hearted with right from the start are a) a crush or b) Pokemon fans!^^ Good thing I registered here, otherwise I wouldn´t have "met" such a nice person like you!^^

    Some English names are weird (this wasn´t very surprising if you consider that they probably didn´t have much time to translate the edition, somewhere they just had to get some spare time, I guess!^^) and so are some German ones but I already took a big liking towards the new gen!^^ I´m even building a team for the VGC this year... on my own!^^ Actually not... You don´t really know the Pokemon from the surroundings pretty well, so N can still catch you off-guard!^^
  10. zapdos926
    April 5th, 2011 1:33 PM
    Oooooh.... I thought you actually meant your little brother...

  11. zapdos926
    April 4th, 2011 6:50 PM
    I laugh at your failure at letting your little brother see semi-perverted interweb jokes :P BE GOOOONE SPELL-CHECK!!!
  12. zapdos926
    March 30th, 2011 5:48 PM
    Not much. I came out of the closet... this morning with a pair of jeans and a hoodie XD
  13. zapdos926
    March 29th, 2011 4:29 AM
    And this topic is over...
  14. Fearless Love
  15. zapdos926
    March 25th, 2011 6:34 PM
    It's hard to use sarcasm over the interwebs.

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