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  1. Fairy
    14 Hours Ago 11:13 AM
    done!! <333
  2. Dragon
    1 Day Ago 5:18 PM
    I hope you're doing okay dear!
    And happy anniversary. <33

    For that enjoyable piece you sent me, I'm gonna give you a little bit of music I listen to here and there too:

    It has no lyrics as this is a pure instrumental piece, but it's pretty emotional all the same. I hope you enjoy it and find it comforting! You're always in my heart, and whatever you're going through currently, I hope that you will persevere. Love you darling~
  3. Soaring Sid
    6 Days Ago 1:12 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Ahh, what a relief, good to know your loved ones are all safe! Also, it's great to know I have well-wishers here too, thanks :) Yes, everyone is happy here. I'll be trying my best in college. It hasn't started yet, so I'm free for now.

    Yikes, I've been away from the Daily for a long time too! Should get back to work...and yes, it's a warm welcome, kind madam Sam!
  4. DragonKing48
    1 Week Ago 1:49 PM
    Oh that makes sense lol...I'm DragonKing #9550.

    Definitely have plenty updates, and I've received so much in SWSD I'm kind of slowing down my big trades until Crown Tundra just to have stuff to trade for all the Returnees.

    Dratini and Zoroark are USUM so Gen 7 works. If you still want Shiny Zoroark then yeah Shiny Milotic is cool lol.

    I'm also building up Shiny Crown Tundra stuff in HOME lately, which I'll show you all about ok Discord. Yeah I'm free most times.
  5. Dragon
    1 Week Ago 6:45 PM
    Yes, that was an amazing evening. <33 I'm glad you had fun too! And aw, thank you so much for the Sunflowers! I adore the sun too. Let me feel your heartbeat, darling~ and my love heat, ohoho. You are forever my one true Queen!

    I hadn't seen the movie, but I would definitely love to see it with you on a future date! I'll be ready for it anytime you are! I hope you have a great night, sweetie~
  6. DragonKing48
    1 Week Ago 11:07 AM
    I'm on the Discord now too but can't find you lol.
  7. The Roniverse
    1 Week Ago 10:26 PM
    The Roniverse
    Wouldn't have ever expected you to be such a Queen fan! Controversy for sure, but I never really liked Bohemian Rhapsody all that much. It's complex and iconic and all, but no matter how many times I listen to it, I can never absolutely love it. It's a great song, but it can't ever be my favorite.

    Haven't actually listened to too many Queen songs tbh, so I haven't taken a gander at Who Wants to Live Forever (all apologies), but some of my absolute faves are Killer Queen, Don't Stop Me Now, We are the Champions, We Will Rock You, I Want to Break Free, and Radio Gaga. Killer Queen just oozes their signature style, and the way they say she's a killer queeEEN GUNPOWDER GELATIN never fails to make me go wild. Don't Stop Me Now I love for its breakneck pace, We are the Champions for perfectly encapsulating the feeling of victory into a song, We Will Rock You for its guitar solo, I Want to Break Free for its beat and message, and Radio Gaga for its electro-ness.

    I love when musical geniuses come together and make magic.
  8. DragonKing48
    1 Week Ago 9:15 AM
    Also, if you have the old BWBW2 , I can teach you how to pull of the "Gen 5 DNS Exploit ", if you're interested in any of them. All events are still obtainable by this method and it's very simple.
  9. DragonKing48
    1 Week Ago 8:54 AM
    Yeah would that be really cool, I have this one perfect shot of Shiny Dracovish and Shiny Dracozolt standing just side by side right in the middle that definitely could be good and entertaining as well, it was too perfect and I think it posted as well. They're great and sooo well rounded and balanced evenly, and their TM and TR and level-up learnset is just amazing actually. I do fully support and condone them now, even though they're ridiculous, I felt the same way about A-Exeggutor but he hits so hard and can take shots so well.

    Yeah, I've seen them all actually I'm pretty sure, just been a while, and having just checked, I've actually got the Carlita's Shiny Hydreigon Japenese vent one also, I have 2 or 3 different Shiny Hydreigon actually.

    Yeah, I got the Necrozma legitimate Japanese from a foreign man who has proven to be one of the most valuable allies of this glorious Draconian Kingdom-he has so much extra stuff he's even helped me trade other allies exactly what they're looking for, and last night we traded about 9 BW events for 10 Shiny Dragons( information coming soon btw.)

    Yeah, that's true. I'm still finding new and updated features btw- now they've made it easier to learn egg moves, and If you have a certain pokemon that just don't have an egg can actually transfer them if you have another pokemon of the same species in the daycare that HAS the Eggmove! This really helps for Shinies and stuff. At this point they've made everything but Shiny factor customizable, and I know we were mad they dropped 75 percent or more of The Royal Army until fall, but with all these new features and how smooth and instant it is- I can make due until then. I can see where people get its flaws from, but it IS the revolutionary groundbreaking update we needed.

    Yeah, Shiny Zygarde is ridiculously cool, the gems or whatever on his neck frills actually sparkle so brightly in battle, which is a sight to behold. I got one from another true ally of the Kingdom from the Summer 18 events, but he does NOT have Power Construct, and I'm not sure if any do Shiny events do, but it's worth a look.

    Yeah...Kyurem's shiny is ridiculously cool as well, Black And White Fusion styles are no doubt some of my top favorites, Black has neon green energy flowing through him which is sooo cool. I might be getting another today actually!

    Yeah, Fairy keeps telling me she's so surprised by how many I've gotten, and were honestly bringing in at least 5-10 a day into the Kingdom these days.

    I actually even at this point have the full complete collection of one of each of each line, like Gibble, Gabite, and Garchomp all Shiny. I believe I just need Shiny Exeggcute and Shiny Poipole and that will be complete also.

    So yeah, last night I received, Seadra, Ampharos, Flaaffy, Charmeleon, Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp, Gabite? Shelgon, and Tyrantrum from the truly valuable esteemed man from overseas. He's just collecting events and mythicals and I was able to help him with many since his brother had reset the game on him so had to restart.

    Reshiram is regal but Zekrom reminds me of myself, big, bulky and hard hitting with great power lol.

    I also got Vibrava last night, but Trapinch would be fine, at this point I'm just stacking up extras and all kinds of different ones. I have 3 Godra, two Noiverb and Emerald still, 2 Haxorus, Fraxure and 2 Axew lol, so extra Trapinch would be fine.

    Really helpful also in case I ever decided to evolve one, I'll still have the other to keep as part of the 3 step line anyways.

    I know you're busy with the goings-on and events of things around us- the rest of the world is by no means as proper and pure as this Kingdom, so I understand, don't worry lol. You are ever -valued as well.
  10. Soaring Sid
    2 Weeks Ago 1:35 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Hi VisionOfMilotic! I was away for a while due to exams. My high school was done and I was selected into a college in this duration, so life is stable here. How about you? Hope you're strong as always!
    I'll be spending more time on PC now that I have a lot of time to spare :)
  11. DragonKing48
    2 Weeks Ago 7:59 AM
    Also...Rose's picture is in the Dragon should definitely look.
  12. DragonKing48
    2 Weeks Ago 12:57 AM
    Shiny Zekrom is here and the collection is complete! All Shiny Dragons including Legendaries and at least one fully evolved or 1st or second stage of every Dragon type! I'm gonna be extremely technical too and get Shiny Necrozma tomorrow and just go ahead and do Shiny Ultra Necrozma because why not lol.
  13. DragonKing48
    2 Weeks Ago 12:17 AM
    Be careful before you buy...I always heard Switch Lite can't connect to the Television, could be wrong though lol.

    Yeah, it's a remarkable incredible improvement from the 3ds...makes me question why they didn't just have Pokemon on the Consoles with the television from the beginning, with RBY on N64 and so on...GF gotta GF.

    Yeah, we had to look everywhere around, then by grace alone Gamestop had one the next day after I called.

    The new ones are great, I've got them all by now too, except Dreepy hasn't evolved yet since we're still all approaching 30. I've got 2 of those Shiny, one's an attacker the other is more utility based. Fun to switch in and out and mix up with.

    Yes, love this green Deino, so smooth on the big screen, and I'm ALMOST to the point of "unlocking " Emerald and The Shiny Fraxure, they're both at 30 and like I said we're almost there.

    Galar is being met with the ever present honor and glory of The King Of All Dragons...and it's great fun.

    Druddigon is great fun as always, and his Attack is crazy strong for this point but he's fully evolved, kinda, so he's above a lot of his comrades.

    I've got both Applins, both shiny and evolved, that the only evolutions we have right now, you know since we're not even at level 30 yet, but they definitely help. Flapplin and Appletun are Physical Attack and Special Attack, and Appletun is slower with defense, definitely useful to have 2 Grass around.

    I'm actually soooo close now. I need Shiny Zekrom, but I know guy who I've traded several times with who's just collecting Gold colored Shinies, doesn't care what they are, so he's great to have at the side and aid of The One True King. Technically I'm going after Necrozma too for his Shiny Ultra Dragon form, and then the entire Shiny Dragon Collection will be complete. I just got Shiny Zygarde from that Golden guy too tonight, and he's an incredible Shiny.

    Also...reluctantly, but I also just got Shiny Turtonator and Shiny Drampa too just now, but complete is complete no matter how much I wanted to exile them forever.

    Got Shiny Reshiram tonight earlier as well. Definitely in the bottom of my favorite list because her collar and tail rings just turn gold.

    Did I mention Shiny Kyurem also from the Golden guy? Talk about breat taking! His eyes turn bright pink and he has Green energy surging through him...

    Speaking again of new know what? Dracovish and Dracozolt are great too, no matter how much I hated their looks...I actually have all Dragons available in Galar shiny...I've had insane offerings and blessings lately. Dracovish and Dracozolt are Shiny too, and it's a big improvement because they both become one color pretty much...Dark grey with grayish black stripes which really makes their looks blend better lmao.

    Great to have more Water and Electric, and yeah...the Kingdom has reached the Dream of taking on Galar with a full Shiny set...couldn't have done it without you , proud warrior.

    Duraludon is another great much needed new addition, with Steel Dragon always being the best way to go. I'm still trying to get him just right, he's actually more of Special Steel Attacker, which is different, but he has Flash Cannon now from a Perserker raid.

    I actually did get a Shiny Trapinch, and I just noticed tonight it's SQUARE! I also got a Shiny Flygon from The Fairy One when I traded her a Shiny Brionne...even she has proclaimed the King's greatness, but I'll take the Shiny Trapinch still, never enough Shiny Dragons.

    We also ended up with Pokerus from this other Shiny Eevee I had gotten strictly for trade value, so that's interesting and now it's boosted everyone.

    So-the full Galar Squad is:

    Shiny Horsea.

    Shiny Druddigon.

    Shiny Rose the Goomy.

    Shiny Emerald The Noibat.

    Shiny Dracovish and Shiny Dracozolt.

    2 Shiny Dreepy.

    Shiny Fraxure.

    Shiny Trapinch.

    Shiny Deino.

    Shiny Flapplin and Shiny Appletun.

    Shiny Duraludon.

    Shiny Jangmo-O.

    Shiny Skrelp.

    Yeah, Shiny Trapinch for the Zoroark is fine, you know you don't have to go extremely out of the way for honor of The King, and don't even worry about anything special for the Dratini, because remember I have 2 of them and The Shiny Dragonair...they're gonna make Crown Tundra incredible.
  14. the Alolan naturalist
    2 Weeks Ago 5:27 PM
    the Alolan naturalist
    Oh, I didn't know about the glitch. Sorry, can't help you there. Also 5 spearows?!?! that's ridiculous! You could always try to trade some away? Yeah I tend to try for multiples of unevolved pokemon to eventually get them at every stage but I don't like when I get more than I need cause it feels like "wasted" shiny luck if that makes sense. Since you have gen 7 honestly you might want to SOS for fletchling and Wormhole hunt Swanna instead...probably much easier no?
    What are you gonna legendary hunt? I don't really like the SR method so I tend to go for shinies I really like (Virizion, Cresselia, Terrakion, Regigigas, Latias, Regirock so far, really hoping for Yveltal next) and then will eventually make my way to the pokemon I'm less excited about (like the lake trio, or pokemon with disappointing shinies like Regice, Zekrom and Zapdos)
  15. DragonKing48
    2 Weeks Ago 3:19 PM
    Also remember the Shiny Zorurark...

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