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  1. CiCi Sama
    1 Week Ago 3:07 PM
    CiCi Sama
    Thank you~! Drew this back in 2018 and I still love it today, in spite of a few annoying flaws.

    It goes well on my end! How about for you?
  2. bobandbill
    1 Week Ago 9:24 AM
    Ah, Xenoblade, I played that on the wii years back (friend lent me his copy). An excellent game. And I think I can guess at that boss. :V

    I had a presentation thing to give last week, only that got postponed (maybe this week?). But separate to this conference talk.
  3. bobandbill
    1 Week Ago 7:37 AM
    Congrats on the previous exams, and good luck on the next ones!

    What JRPGs are you playing?

    Diing fine, just busy overall (good sort of busy though). And got granted a (short) talk at a conference in a few months, so that'll be good.

    I suppose he'll be pretty good, but have to see what poke he has and all.
  4. bobandbill
    1 Week Ago 6:06 AM
    How has your exams gone so far?
  5. TheAlmightyBlaziken
    2 Weeks Ago 1:51 PM
    I've made about $3800 haven't failed to get it in a single day for now.
    and since where I work there's an annual video game tourney in my workplace... its weird I don't know why we need one but I'm dominating in it (The Winners gets a raise don't ask me why it's my managers doing)
  6. TheAlmightyBlaziken
    2 Weeks Ago 5:09 PM
    My resolution is to make $100 every day which is going to be ok
  7. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 7:30 AM
    I'm good, ty. No problem with the changes, in fact it's relieving. I was so unhappy with my previous major that I began feeling stuck, as a result of that feeling I was failing all my classes. But doing fine now anyways.

    When I went in and got it changed it was like a weight was lifted. I had been thinking about it in excess for a long time, but wasn't sure what I would change it to.
  8. Rynamite
    3 Weeks Ago 9:47 AM
    Thanks! It's from life experiences unfortunately. The more awareness and knowledge that can be shared the better the future can be molded.
  9. Nanusmightyena
    3 Weeks Ago 2:28 PM
    Sorry for the late response, things are hectic with work lately. Yeah I feel that lol. I was the weird kid in highschool who would play Pokémon at school lmao. Highschool sucks but it’s usually the easiest part of life. I actually haven’t lifted weights in ages not as much as I’d like. I’ve kinda let myself go, lmao.
  10. Dawn
    3 Weeks Ago 7:06 AM
    It's a placeholder until I do a profile collab xD

    But yes, there is only suffering.
  11. bobandbill
    4 Weeks Ago 10:53 AM
    Accepted! \o/
  12. CiCi Sama
    4 Weeks Ago 9:39 AM
    CiCi Sama
    I'm well! How are you? :D

    Hehe, I'm on a Lucas Baker kick atm :P <3
  13. Aquacorde
    4 Weeks Ago 7:44 AM
    you're busy busy, huh? hopefully you're able to get everything done!

    i'm doin' fine, just trying to survive winter haha
  14. bobandbill
    4 Weeks Ago 1:11 PM
    Sheep linked it to me today too, haha. I approve!
  15. Nanusmightyena
    4 Weeks Ago 3:12 PM
    I’m alright. What about you? Yes! Mightyena is my favorite. As for Nanu, he’s basically me in every aspect. Except I’m not an old man. How’s life going? I see you’re a young buck, only 17. How’s highschool

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  • About Soaring Sid
    Quick Self-Introduction
    I'm a student who loves Pokemon and practice meditation
    Playing Pokemon games since 2008. Pokemon pearl was my introduction to Pokemon and i've not stopped playing ever since then, covering all main series games till 2018.
    In my opinion, the sense of adventure, curiosity and thrill one feels in pokemon along with a bunch of values is very rare to find in other games. This is why I stuck to the franchise.
    This was the franchise that introduced me to the power of love and companionship, so it means a lot to me. Like many of you here, I grew up with Pokemon, which naturally leads to a lot of nostalgia.
    Nothing else to say, I've not seen enough life yet.
    Reading books, paleontology, Kabaddi and gathering stones apart from gaming.
    Lion’s Abode
    Male ♂
    Student, Pokemon trainer
    Also Known As
    Siddharth, Sid, Sidd
    Favorite Pokémon
    Monferno, Crobat, Staravia, Sceptile, Zoroark, Oshawott, Decidueye, Meowstic, Garchomp, Cinderace, Dragapult, Machamp, Corviknight, Zekrom
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    Go Team
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    <~Trent says Haychel created the avatar. He loves it!


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Eiscue, the 'Penguin Pokemon'. This Pokemon keeps its heat-sensitive head cool with ice. It fishes for its food, dangling its single hair into the sea to lure in prey.

An ice cube on a penguin. Nice. Wow. This is one of, if not the dumbest designs ever made in the history of fiction, at least in my opinion. The Ice King from Adventure Time looks better, in my opinion. If he ever needs an assistant, Eiscue will be ready, I guess. What's...