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  1. Aisaka
    2 Hours Ago 7:20 PM
    Yeah, every weapon caps at level 3, and the effects are different for every weapon. You level them up by collecting the exp triangles enemies drop, and you lose exp for your weapon whenever you get hit. There's one exception, as there's a weapon you can charge and it levels up the longer your charge it, then goes back to 1 when you fire a shot. I feel like the visuals and soundtrack are where the Undertale similarities end, since I wouldn't say the gameplay is similar at all.

    Yeah, if you give your power to a helper and pick up the sword, then get rid of the sword and absorb your power back from the helper, you can just fight Meta Knight with any power you want. You can also just wait without picking up the sword and Meta Knight will come fight you eventually. The mode where you can play as Meta Knight is pretty fun, since you can't absorb different powers but you get points you can spend on power-ups like healing whenever you want, faster movement, or a powerful screen-wipe attack. I just haven't played the N64 Kirby because I've never had any access to it.
    I've played the N64 Mario Party games, as well as 7 and 8. I used to play 7 a lot with a friend in elementary school, I'd go over to his house pretty much every day and he was really into it, so I enjoyed it with him. I haven't played the games too often, especially not with friends, so I don't think I could pick a favourite.

    The DLC character in 10 plays pretty differently, so it was really exciting using them because I went from the NES games straight to 10, I skipped 7-9. It was neat to play a character who played somewhat differently, so playing them and Proto Man was really neat.
    I've played Crossover a couple times, years ago probably. I don't remember much about it and I don't remember getting very far. It was a cool concept though.

    I think once you reach Mechonis the extra few levels can help a lot. Man, I should get back to playing Xenoblade sometime soon, now that I'm done my big monthly commitment. But then I've got anime to watch, and ah god, haha.
    That's why I recommend the trilogy, you'll be getting the first three games for around that price. There's 6 main titles, but you really shouldn't play them out of order. As someone who played some of them out of order, I kinda regret it.
    I've never played Kingdom Hearts and don't really know anything about it. I haven't had much chances to and when I have, I haven't been too interested.

    I only really use Reddit to find fanart. I'll look up something like "Setsuna Yuki Reddit" and see if I can find a subreddit or posts where people have posted fanart and I'll be on my way. I ended up finding most of the friends I have right now through Instagram, but I think that's also because I went into things like Instagram and Twitter to talk about the things I enjoy and connect with people who are interested in those kinds of things too.

    Reminds me of the short walk I went on a couple or so days ago. It was basically just for a bottle of water but it was nice to go outside. I definitely haven't had anything that severe happen to me, but it's nice to know you're alright and that it was at a low last year, that's wonderful progress.

    I wouldn't know about the quality of either show, I've never really watched them, but it seems like both of them seem to still have a lot of fans.
    There's no way I could keep an avatar for that long, haha. I get the urge to change mine every so often and can't help it, there were times where I couldn't go a couple days without changing it.
  2. Roni
    1 Day Ago 6:49 PM
    ooh i'm sometimes like that depending on the topic at hand. if someone talks to me about computer parts, guitar brands and models, or proper nutrition and workout routines, i can probably write as much as you and Aisaka on a good day lol. still not consistently tho, i'll get fatigued eventually if it goes on for long enough.

    xQc's style of talking is top 1. half the time i can't understand what he's saying because he's spouting like this and i can't keep up. obviously chat doesn't help at all.

    you're the first to ever classify CSGO as a battle royale, and i sorta agree? it's a first person, 5v5 battle royale with terrorists against swat teams. and they all use real life guns. i've actually known Hikaru since 2019 or so since i had a chess phase around that time, and researched a lot about the strongest players. do you know about Soviet chess masters of the 60s like Mikhail Botvinnik? i love that i recognized a lot of the names mentioned throughout The Queen's Gambit, but i dunno if you've seen that one yet.

    planning to blind nuzlocke Pokemon X really soon actually. dunno if that's a good idea but everyone says it's a cakewalk game, so it could be good for a beginner like me. i only really follow nuzlockes in episodic format on Youtube bcs i don't tune into streams as consistently as i want to.

    lol at that clip. guess there weren't any reloading areas close by? i won't even dare play survival games with zombies and stuff bcs i'm admittedly too chicken :/

    ah the commentary stuff yeah. i think it's because i'm already locked into a specific lingo and thus you can really tell if it's me from the writing/speaking style lmao. a lot of irl friends have commented on this.
  3. Aisaka
    1 Day Ago 4:15 PM
    I actually forgot there was a difficulty setting, haha. I'd probably recommend playing on Easy if you've never played though. There are a few sections in the mid-late game that I've had some problems with as someone who's played this game on the best ending 3 times.
    I want to say I don't think you'll end up getting lost, but every area has a few puzzles to navigate and even just the village you show up in after you get through the cave has some secrets to find in it. There's an optional map item near the bottom right of the village that helps in a few rooms. A lot of areas feel somewhat linear and exploration isn't too big of a thing until some of the later areas. If you ever get stuck though, let me know and I should be able to help.
    The Undertale vibe might continue because of the music. Cave Story is kinda known as the game that made indie games popular, and probably inspired a lot of them, including Undertale.

    The computer virus was such a cool boss! I remember when I was a lot younger and I heard people talking about the boss online, I'd never really played an old JRPG so I was like "I don't know what that is but it's awesome people like it!". It was the first game I ever really played myself so it was really cool learning things like not having to use the Sword to fight Meta Knight, or how to collect all the treasures in the Great Cave. Good memories...~
    Even though I'm a big Kirby fan I still haven't played the N64 game! It's just never really been available to me, I'd have bought it on the Wii Virtual Console but that was when I was really young and had basically no money. That reminded me that I have an N64 emulator on my computer (I got it to try out Mario Party with friends online) and I wanna try playing it now! I've seen a couple playthroughs online so I'm pretty familiar with it, and it's one of those games on my bucket list, so to speak.

    I feel like it can be kinda tough to rank the mega man games sometimes. There are some where I definitely like them more than others (like with 9 being my favourite) but if I made a ranking I feel like it would probably change depending on how I feel or which ones I've played recently, so it's hard to make.
    9 and 10 both have DLC, along with things like time attack modes and challenge courses. There's an Endless mode in 9 and 10 that are based off of ROMhacks people made of the NES games, you go through however many screens you can until you die. Sometimes I'll just play the Endless mode of 9 to see how well I can do.
    If you're curious about how Proto Man plays, he takes double damage from all attacks but he has a shield he pulls out when in the air that reflects projectiles and he's a fun high-risk high-reward character. He's unlocked from the start in Mega Man 10 without DLC, though there's a third DLC character I won't spoil that takes his place. The difference in character choices in 9 and 10 make them more replayable and a lot more fun in my opinion, I've played 10 so many times as the DLC character to the point where I didn't beat it as Mega Man until a couple years later.
    I agree with you there though, I think a sequel for Odyssey would probably come faster than any DLC.

    Yeah, I'm nearing the end. I think the final boss is supposed to be around level 80, and I'm close to 70 currently. The name you're thinking of is Lorithia, I think that was a point where I stopped to grind my first time as well, that fight is... kind of a pain.
    I'd say an hour and a half chess match sounds long, but I believe you told me about an 8 hour long one? That's crazy.
    If you're unable to play Ace Attorney through an emulator, the trilogy is pretty widely available on a lot of systems, so I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find. There are 6 games in the series though, so if you want to play them all the way through you might have a bit of trouble finding the 4th if you don't emulate it. Don't quote me on that, I don't know if it got any kind of re-release since the trilogy got ported. 5 and 6 are easily available on the 3DS though.

    Good point, I try to avoid mentioning social media to people I know in person because I just think it's embarrassing to show them a Twitter account where I'll post 20 times a day about Love Live, haha. Facebook for me is mainly friends of mine or my dad's who I met through playing the Pokemon TCG for years, so all people I know in person. Usually I'll just post things related to them or that kind of thing, but it just doesn't happen often now that I've stopped playing it competitively or haven't been able to see them.
    With Twitter I think it's very easy to end up coming across some pretty ridiculous people, and it's why I stopped using it years ago. I'm trying to think of the right way to word this, but there's a pretty extreme mentality people can follow sometimes. A person I used to talk to would say things like "Any people who aren't gay are homophobic and therefore we should kill them" and would add onto or share things related to that on Twitter which drove me away from talking to them at all or using the platform.
    I started using Twitter again fairly recently, like in the past year, and now it's just a site for me to talk about Love Live and other things I like and try to connect with people. I'm avoiding the drama and tried to play it safe to not say anything related to it, and I've been enjoying it. So I think it's fine if you're not trying to get involved in that kind of discussion and stay away from it. I can totally understand how you feel though.

    "Not sadness, just nothing" is a great way I think I'd describe that feeling of being depressed. I think I mentioned before that during it I don't feel outright sad, just feel like I'm shut down, and then start guilting myself for not doing enough, which is what makes me sad. During quarantine I think it's easy to feel like the days are just on a loop, but even before then, I'd absolutely feel like that. Usually I think depression hits me the hardest for a while, usually a few months. Then, something will come along to break me out of that.

    Thanks, I'd been thinking of a new avatar for a little while. I might change it sometime soon, but I like this one for now. On an old forum I had times yearly where I'd think about redoing my signature.

    I haven't seen more than the first episode of MHA but from my understanding it takes place in a school where teens with their own superpowers become actual superheroes, it's probably one of the most popular recent anime. It's a show with... 5 or 6 seasons and at least 2 movies, I believe?
    Popularity is pretty much the biggest reason a show will get a second season. Don't quote me on this but I'm fairly certain there are way more anime than western cartoons because of how much seasonal anime we get every season. There are definitely some anime that have been running for that long, One Piece started in 2000 and I believe it's still running strong.
  4. Aisaka
    2 Days Ago 6:39 PM
    That seems like a really convoluted solution to get it run, I hope you can get it working.

    I wouldn't say The Great Cave Offensive is a MetriodVania because it's pretty linear, and the only time you use powers is for optional treasures, it's possible to beat the game without getting a single treasure. Amazing Mirror is a lot more open and you can explore and do things in different order or use powers to access certain rooms. I played the original Kirby's Dreamland through an emulator and I kinda wish I played it on a 3DS. I didn't realize Spring Breeze was a soft remake of it until I played the original. And yeah, I'd probably say soft remake is the right term.
    I understand having one of your first games be your favourite game, I feel that way with Platinum.

    I didn't find the fights too bad cause they didn't last too long and his attack pattern was super simple. His whistle is one of my favourite things about him, and yeah, you can play as him in 9 and 10. He was unlockable through paid DLC in 9, but the Legacy Collection has a button command where you can just unlock all the DLC without having to beat the game first.

    The progress in Xenoblade has stopped in Agniratha, I haven't been playing recently cause I've been focusing more on idol games and playing other games with friends. I've been thinking about it recently though, so I think I'll pick it up again sometime soon before I start grinding really hard in an idol game (which should be happening soon, an event I'm interested in is happening soon).
    I think the Ace Attorney trilogy is pretty great with story, not all the chapters are the best but there's a nice semi-connected plot and a lot of the important characters are pretty great. I think if it sounds interesting to you, then you'll enjoy it.

    I get what you mean with crafting systems, they can take a while to learn everything you need for just playing the game normally. I think gem crafting was really simple in Xenoblade, but it definitely wasn't explained the best.

    I used to not like making posts on social media often but I find myself just talking about whatever comes to mind on accounts I have at this point, I've warmed up to them since I've had them for a while and have been using them to push myself to talk more. I'm the kind of person who posts a message and constantly checks it for a while to see if there's been any responses, so I admire people who can ignore worrying about that too.

    Of course, I'm more concerned about checking in with her every so often or reassuring her and trying to help. I've been there.
    I don't really have any ideas honestly. I think I'll just end up finding something at some point and then build a theme around that, if that makes sense? With my signature, I just wanted the small Setsuna there, and then I started adding more things, like the signature and the gif and tried to make it all look nice, so I kinda just found one thing I wanted to put in and then add more around it.

    From a quick google search, Death Note apparently has movie that's a Netflix adaptation of the manga? Apparently it's only loosely based on the manga and... isn't very good.
    In terms of anime movies, it's pretty common for well-known shows. I don't know if you'll recognize the names, but a lot of big anime recently (My Hero Academia, Bunny Girl Senpai, Demon Slayer, Made in Abyss, Violet Evergarden) got movies fairly recently, like 2019/2020. The most recent Love Live movie was released in early 2019 after the end of the second season of Love Live Sunshine in late 2017, while the first Love Live movie was in mid 2015 after Love Live School Idol Project's second season ending in mid 2014. A year is a pretty good estimate of the time frame for a really popular anime to get a movie. For lesser known shows, I think people often joke that it's hard for seasonal anime to even get second seasons. An anime only being 1 season of 12 or 13 episodes is pretty common.
  5. Roni
    3 Days Ago 6:06 PM
    from this we can clearly see who's fit to be a writer and who isn't lol. random question, how fast do you type?

    never liked xQc's personality to begin with, thus i only ever see him through yt vids where he's memed on. this one in particular is my absolute fave - https://youtu.be/AFRFH3yh_BA

    i watch mostly CSGO streamers like fl0m, Ahrora, s1mple, and (every now and then) JERICHO. from time to time i'll watch official tournament streams as well. recently i've been into chess streams thanks to Hikaru, and sometimes i'll even watch Nuzlocke streams by small channels if i feel like it. maybe once or twice a week if that. i'm way too casual a watcher rn. i swear though if streaming were this big in the early 2010s i'd probably be more addicted to it than youtube rn.

    so the whole premise of Death Stranding basically is that you're a delivery person in the post apocalyptic future, and you're goal is to deliver supplies to isolated colonies or something. the more you carry the more points you get i guess? but also it's harder & slower to move, and that's no bueno when there's jagged rocks and cliffs everywhere + monsters to fight through. i honestly don't know much since i haven't played the game myself, and yeah literally no one understands what a "strand" type game is lmao. tis why it was such good meme material.

    it's not often i hear someone call me a likeable person, that really means a lot to me Zeo thank you :) i oughta be more like the online me when irl.

    i've used it whenever i remember to back when i was just a regular forum goer. in the sections i go there's almost always a spambot on the loose for some reason.
  6. Roni
    5 Days Ago 9:32 PM
    s'all good mate. i've actually been pretty gassed from typing out long replies all the time haha. if it's aight with you i'mma be a bit shorter with this stuff going forward. (took a peek at your profile and goodness gracious you and Aisaka send terms-and-conditions sized essays on a regular basis. can't be me...)

    i'm glad you're out of there. i didn't think schools could still operate like that even in the modern age. stuff like this is what i'd expect to hear from shady establishments from the 80s-90s, sad to hear it's still ongoing til now.

    yeah i've checked out pokimane a couple times before too. she's literally just a normal person with almost the exact same personality as several other content creators. it's just that she's a pretty girl and she's been streaming for a long time that she was able to garner such a huge & loyal following. lmao stickers?? okay sure poki...

    i'm surprised you hadn't heard of death stranding. it was a pretty big game in 2019. it was made by Hideo Kojima, and claimed to be the first ever "strand type" game. you can already picture how many memes this absurd statement spawned, and boy did dunkey ride that train hard. yup dunkey doesn't like JRPGs, and he's bashed Pokemon multiple times. doesn't mean i'mma hate him or anything.

    thanks so much for the kind words <3 i think i'm doing ok so far as a M&G mod hehe. literally the only thing that's changed for me in that section is that i can now ban spambots myself instead of only being able to report them previously lol. and indeed the mods, admins, and pretty much all the staff don't ride any sort of high horses or anything, and know exactly when & where to be chill and serious. i feel safe to lower my guard on here.
  7. Aisaka
    5 Days Ago 3:33 PM
    This is kinda neat, not what I expected it to look like. That might just because I've never used a Chromebook before though too, I don't know the first thing about them.

    I think a lot of them after Super Star Ultra have True Arenas. It was like the game that started the trend. I love Amazing Mirror, it's probably my favourite in the series just because of how different it is. It's designed more like a Metroidvania with a large map and different sectioned areas with a boss at the end, but you can still explore and do everything in any order. Most of the time when you play singleplayer you just sort of ignore the other Kirbys and do your own thing. It was a mechanic introduced mainly to make it a multiplayer game, but once you kinda realize it doesn't have to be a multiplayer game is when you can start to have fun playing the game, in my opinion. Not to mention, playing multiplayer is pretty difficult in the current day anyways.
    As someone who's been a fan of Mega Man for a while I'm definitely fortunate not every series has a huge hiatus between games or seems forgotten by its devs. That's a super neat about it being released on Saturdays though.
    I definitely see what you mean about the building in Fortnite though, I actually thought that footage was sped up the first time I watched it.
    That's surprising, having one of your favourites be one you haven't finished. What is it you enjoyed about it?

    Sure. Proto Man was the first robot created by Dr. Light and was a prototype, hence the name, so he's considered Mega Man's older brother. He was created but his power source had problems that would mean he'd eventually run out of power, so he was planned to be repaired, though he refused the repair thinking it'd change who he was and escaped Light's lab. He was eventually found and repaired and turned into a combat robot by Wily and began working for him until Mega Man 3, where he saved Mega Man at the end of the game. You end up fighting Proto Man a few times throughout the series though it mainly happens in Mega Man 3, so I believe people just agree on the idea the fights are to test Mega Man to see if he's powerful enough to take on Wily.
    I think Crystal is really the only stage where you'll run into that problem. I think Crystal's the only stage I can say I don't enjoy in that game because of the sections with falling rocks. It takes some practice to get through I think. I've tried to memorize the pattern they fall in, but it seems so inconsistent that I try and just go through it with Star Crash.

    The enemies that only appeared during weather were such a pain to me before, because on my first playthrough I either didn't know that you could constantly skip time to try to see if the next day had the weather you want, or that just wasn't possible on the original version. I actually didn't know about reloading your save when opening chests though, I should try that next time I'm grinding for stuff.
    If you enjoy murder mysteries and you don't mind playing visual novel games, I recommend Phoenix Wright a bunch as I've been into it for years. If you enjoy murder mysteries and don't like playing visual novel games as much, I'd recommend Danganronpa since it has more "action game elements", though really not a lot. I'd consider both of them visual novels.
    I feel like Minecraft is that game where you'll pick it up and play it for a while, and then you won't play it for a long time. I've always gone from playing it a lot to not playing it and back and forth. Now I usually only play it with my boyfriend or in a realm with him and our friends. I've had days where I've just spent 15 hours playing Minecraft before, it's silly how that works.

    Oh I totally know what you mean by that. I've had more times than I'd like to admit where I've checked social media worrying if I got a negative comment. That is pretty interesting, it's admirable how much people put into that kind of stuff. I imagine some people who do act toxic probably just have that "I'm better than you" mentality? That's the first thing I'd think of.

    I have a friend of mine who'll apologize sometimes after she talks about something with people and it'd been worrying to see sometimes. She's been doing it less recently and I've been happy to see it. We all need reassurance sometimes so there's nothing wrong with having to ask people if you're being too much. It's great you don't have the feeling as much, I think dwelling on that stuff is just natural and happens to everyone and we all do our best to deal with it.
    After seeing what a lot of people have done with flairs, I'm considering getting it myself to see what I can do. I don't have any ideas right now, but my flair is just basic colours right now and I'd love to do something bigger and better for the Setsuna theming, cause it's been so much fun. I've been considering changing my avatar again recently, I'm the kind of person to change it often, but I haven't wanted to change it to someone other than Setsuna all this time, which is really heartwarming to me.

    Thanks, I'll check it out!
  8. Roni
    5 Days Ago 11:45 PM
    damn that's unfortunate. sorry you guys had to experience someone like that. you think you can trust someone, then bam they're criminals...

    oh wait her simps are literal kids? i thought it was lonely software devs or something who make a decent wage but blow all their money on her. stealing money from parents is no bueno for sure.

    the Captain America saga is my fave out of the MCU. i love the constant clash between Cap and Tony on who should be the real leader of the team and whatnot. also has my fave villain, Helmut Zemo in Civil War. Thor is awesome too. obviously Loki's my fave character out of all of them huehue. Iron Man series was ok for me, i'm more neutral towards it more than anything.

    Dunkey genuinely didn't like Death Stranding yeah. he made sure to point out things he didn't like in his dunkview and that got some fans mad. we gotta remember that it's called "dunkview" for a reason, and should be treated purely as Dunkey's opinion, not whole-hearted fact. if he says it is in the video, it's pretty obvious it's just his comedic style taking action lol. people are allowed to like things you don't, and vice versa.

    yeah i guess the bait was pretty obvious lol. good to have some more active threads going on in Forum Games, but a lot of them pretty much just devolve into Chit Chat threads after a while lmao. i can see that happening to this one as well. legit thought it was gonna get axed by a mod because it was redundant or something, but i guess it's here to stay now hehe.
  9. Aisaka
    1 Week Ago 4:58 PM
    Yeah, a screenshot would be cool, I know pretty much nothing about it.
    The way I see it, the whole game is already available for free through the freeware version, so when you're buying Cave Story+ what you're really paying for is the new additional content. Personally I don't think that content itself is worth the price of the game since it's a lot of challenge modes and I think the game can be tough enough at points. I can be satisfied just playing the freeware version and not buying the extra content.

    Yeah, it was kind of tough getting 100% in Planet Robobot because of that game's True Arena. The rest of the game is really enjoyable. I think if you wanna play a modern Kirby game, Triple Deluxe or Planet Robobot are really great picks.
    Panel de Pon is one of the SNES games in Japanese on the Switch, but there's a couple games so I'm not sure if we're thinking of the same game. If you're curious, here's the finals match of a tournament from a couple years ago, though I think you only really need to watch the first minute to understand how the game works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU9U3CJZ2zk
    I think Link's Awakening had a lot of cool cameos, like from what I remember there were some 2D platforming sections with goombas or other enemies? I think that makes it really memorable, since I've never played the game past the first dungeon but I remember that about it.

    The levels I usually start with are Charge or Star, but that's because I have Charge's memorized to where I could probably go through the whole thing without taking damage up until the boss, or I wanna do Star first so I don't have to worry about tricky spike jumps. If you're getting overwhelmed by the chicken enemies, you can clear out all the other enemies first, and then shoot the eggs they spawn to get more powerups. When I first started playing 5 I'd always start with Charge so I could farm them for extra lives. There's a couple good farming spots inside the train if you wanna do that. In terms of the easiest boss to fight... maybe Star or Gravity? I think Gravity has pretty easy movement to dodge, and he's not like some bosses where I think you have it way easier by having their weaknesses or need a specific technique to fight them easily. There's a trick to killing Napalm easily, but you need to get in a good rhythm and it takes a bit of practice.
    I've been kinda interested in playing the first X game at a few points, so I might if I get the chance. As for the others, maybe X5 just because I like the music in it from what I remember, and I think it has a really unique idea for a game.

    My first time through I didn't spend much time at all with Colony 6, I think I only reconstructed everything to Level 1, but as I'm playing through the game again I'm trying to keep everything as high level as I can. I think I've got some parts of it at level 2 and some at level 3, and I'm waiting to progress to a higher area to get the materials I need. I think I got an Exp Up gem from the rewards so it's been surprisingly helpful. I've been trying to fill in the collectopedia but I'll usually only end up collecting most of the items before I start thinking "I wanna make more progress", then when I come back I'll end up filling in the rest. I actually took a break from playing one time because I was stressed about how much trouble I was having finding a certain item for Colony 6. I looked it up and I think the rate for it was like 7%?
    Danganronpa's basically a series of games about high school students being trapped in a school where they have to kill someone and get away with it if they wanna escape. The gameplay gets compared to the Phoenix Wright games often, if you've ever played them. Throughout the games, there will be murders where you have to investigate what happened and who killed the victim. Usually they'll have side modes where you can spend time with the characters and go on dates with them so every character gets a lot of content even if they ended up dying early in the game.
    Among Us was one of those games where I realized when it came out that I could still enjoy the "trendy" games my friends were playing because I kinda had trouble admitting that to myself when I was younger. There was another game I felt like that about too but I can't remember what it might have been. It might have been Genshin Impact, because it and Phasmophobia are two recently popular games I've been able to play with friends.
    I'm not sure if my subscription's been better than Crunchyroll since I've only used the free trial from there for a little bit a while ago. Funimation's had a lot of shows I've been interested in watching though and I've been surprised seeing some I've been able to add to my list. I know what you mean, my Switch Online subscription is actually a friend's, since they were already paying for theirs and offered to group me in for free.

    Depending on what game I'm playing, I can be like that too, muting people immediately. Playing anything competitive with random people I get nervous thinking they'd say something about me playing poorly, since I'm already not too confident in my skills with those kinds of games.

    Sometimes I definitely feel like nothing has happened but I'll still feel pretty bad. I actually went back and found messages I sent to a friend of mine a week ago, how I told him nothing really happened but I started being really harsh to myself. Every so often it hits and I'll think stuff like "I'm really annoying" or y'know, just things like that. So it's definitely something I experience from time to time.
    Thanks, and I'm glad I can share and hope I can help.
    I get that feeling that something is just so good the next won't compare, and usually that's when I'll start getting really into something, like I have for Love Live.
    Character theming is something I've always loved doing and used to do on an old site. Things like flairs is kinda why I've started to like using this site a bunch, the old forum I was on didn't allow for any of this and it's a lot of fun customizing things.

    I've often felt a couple years late joining some fandoms cause I wasn't into them on day 1, but I think that's an experience everyone has and it can be cool joining into something late and hearing about stuff they missed from older fans.
    I'm definitely not an artist myself, but I love seeing fanart of things I'm into. I might check out that part of the forums sometime, thanks!
  10. Roni
    1 Week Ago 8:03 AM
    yeah ok i understand that. i forget how taxing teaching is as a profession, especially because all my teachers do so well in hiding how tired they are. still though, it was a pretty ridiculous thing for that one teacher you mentioned to say, regardless. especially towards kids who don't know any better. good hearted teachers have every ounce of my respect. the one who went to prison though, oh dear that's surely an interesting story right there.

    jeez, i mean i get making fun of simps but being outright hateful? it's just a couple of lonely guys who have too much money on their hands... now that i typed that out, why do i get the feeling people are just envious of simps' monetary wealth? ooh i know all too well about pokimane yeah. people donating you hundreds of dollars just for existing must be fun. i finished the mcu too! great stuff, wouldn't watch again ofc bcs replay value on all those films is just meh. to each their own with dunkey, i remember that big thing where one streamer was bashing him for giving death stranding a bad review. dude got so much hate as a result from rabid dunkey fans lmao. it was whatevs for me though, people are allowed to dislike things.

    ooh yeah it died for a bit but resurrected somehow thanks to dank memes back in 2018. also the song is just a bop tbh. it's grown on me through the years.
  11. Aisaka
    1 Week Ago 12:42 PM
    Let me know if Cave Story runs alright! I'm kinda curious, I've never touched Linux or anything like that, so that's kinda interesting to me. I think it's way better to just see if you can load the freeware version and see if you like it, and then consider buying it on Steam if you ever want that additional content. In my opinion it's not that worth it, but I'd also rather not pay that much for the game in the first place.

    I love Kirby Super Star so much, the DS remake is the first game I ever owned so it's sort of special to me. Kirby's Adventure is great too, it's one of those games where I wish I had more of it memorized, like where the secret switches are in some of the levels. I remember having some trouble with the later levels but I figured it was maybe just cause it was one of my first Kirby games. I think the common opinion on modern Kirby games is that the main games aren't very hard, but the side modes can be brutal in difficulty. Boss Rushes where you have to fight 5 of the hardest bosses in the game without any healing or breaks is... unfortunately kinda common. I'm a big fan of Planet Robobot and did get 100% in it, but it meant I had to suffer through that and... that was a stressful day, haha.
    Panel de Pon is the Japanese version of Tetris Attack, if you've heard of it? It's totally not a traditional Tetris game and that's why, it was meant to be a completely different puzzle game, but when it was brought to the west they thought it wouldn't do well with the fairy characters it had, so it was given Yoshi characters and the name Tetris Attack. It's probably my favourite puzzle game, though I can't say I'm great at it. It's more about reflexes and recognizing matches quickly than thinking through your moves. Competitive matches of it look pretty insane.

    Now you can see why 5 used to be my favourite! I think out of the NES games, they definitely knew what they were doing and felt comfortable with 5 and 6, they both feel pretty much the same to play (which is perfect, they feel wonderful) and the bosses have such cool or interesting designs. I could never learn the patterns for the falling rocks, so I'd always just use Star Crash to get past them.
    This is the one with the train level, Charge has probably my favourite stage and music out of the NES games, it's so cool.
    Happy to share what I do know, there's a bunch I've picked up from being a fan of the series for so long.

    100k seemed like a lot to me since it'd been a while since I last played, but I honestly don't think it lasted past Colony 6. I have this thing I do where even if a game gives me extras, I'll try to just keep them instead of using them, so I wanted to keep having over 100k gold before realizing "No, I should just spend it". A good example is one of the Danganronpa games, where if you play the demo it gives you a nail polish item you can use to view a special scene. I refused to go watch the scene until I earned a second nail polish item that I could use instead of the first one the game gave me.
    To my knowledge, there's only one ice slide you're required to go through and the others are optional exploration, but I know what you mean. When I'd been playing recently I ended up taking a lot of fall damage and I think I died once. I didn't even remember taking fall damage after sliding on ice so I was pretty confused.

    Oh I'm totally the kind of person to just restart. I think I mentioned a while ago trying to replay Super Mario RPG, I had an old save file where I made it to the Sunken Ship pretty late into the game, but I just restarted instead of picking up that save file. I kind of don't remember why, but I think it just felt so weird to pick up an RPG after years of not playing it.
    I remember everyone thinking Among Us was a game from 2020 since it only got big last year and I was shocked to find out it came out in 2018. I'm kinda curious how stuff like that happens, like who found Among Us and made it well known? I've played a few games of it and I'm terrible at it, I'm an awful liar.
    I've never heard of YouTube TV until now but... yikes. That's way too much per month. I got a few months of YouTube premium free with my most recent phone and that was wonderful, but it's not big enough to where I'd be upset to go without it. The only streaming service I've subscribed to is Funimation which is what I watch anime off of, and that's $7 as well which... is way more comfortable than $65.

    No worries! Glad I could help. That seems like a really neat tool for trying to improve your games. Even if it's just temporary, go for it and enjoy it!

    No worries on that too. I actually wanted to say it in a way I hoped would be relatable. Dwelling on things like that is something I've faced a ton, and even did last night. I think being able to relate to something helps an issue a lot because both people know they're not alone when dealing with it. Even if you can't express it, I'm used to the feeling myself so I like to think I understand. Thanks though, I'm pretty proud of how well I'm getting through it honestly. If possible, try to focus less on hoping it'll pass and focus more on if you can actively do something about it right now. Waiting it out is fine, but if you can do something about it in the moment, that can take a lot of the pressure off you and help you deal with the wait better.
    This is a pretty well-timed question because the most recent anime for Love Live just ended about a month ago and I keep thinking "man I hope it gets another season I can't wait". I've been dipping a lot into the fanmade content people make, things like art of the characters and even memes people make. Talking about it with other people helps to kind of continue that enjoyment, if that makes sense? If I talk to someone about Setsuna I can continue to get enjoyment out of the things I like about Setsuna which can continue to make me happy. Love Live is a massive series that's definitely nowhere near over though so I'll use another example.
    There's another anime I got really into a couple years ago, I watched the entire show in 3 days but when I was finished I found myself crying (both because the ending was really good and I got so invested, and because I was out of it and couldn't watch anymore). I set my profile picture on a few accounts online of my favourite character and I'd rewatch a few of the scenes I liked or think about them during class. Over time I kinda just found other anime I got interested in watching and got invested in those too.

    Basically, I've always surrounded myself in whatever I've enjoyed until I found something new to enjoy just as much. The more I can get invested in Love Live and talk about it with people, the longer I'll enjoy it, and the more new things I find to enjoy the more varied my interests become and the more I can talk to people about different things. One of the groups for Love Live actually disbanded in 2016, but when I got into the show in 2019 I'd talk to people who were still fans of the group and I could tell they still really liked them after they were gone, and people were still making art or other content of them to show support.
  12. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 3:51 AM
    They patrol places like the beach apparently... and then proceed to get their cars stuck in the sand since they're using vehicles not meant for that lmao. We have a curfew right now so everyone has to be home by 9pm, and alcohol and cigarettes are both banned from being sold/purchased. but yeah... americans like their 'freedom' and I don't imagine a lot of them would take things well. though iirc, NYC (where I'm from) had curfews before? geez my memory is bad

    Sadly some of our family is anti-vax and it's really upsetting. She posted the happy news about receiving the vaccine and they started giving her a hard time.
    god that sucks. I wish people would keep that to themselves. It makes me even madder when they don't vaccinate their kids... please keep your kids out of it, they need this for themselves and to prevent others at school from getting infected by them >_>

    I never enjoy the first day when everybody is unfamiliar. gives me a knot in my stomach.
    OMG same. I dreaded the first day like you have no idea, mostly because I knew 50% of the time the prof would be like 'we're gonna go around the room so everyone can introduce themselves' and it absolutely makes my anxiety explode
  13. Roni
    1 Week Ago 6:11 PM
    a teacher saying that there students won't amount to anything just because they're sleepy? wow what an interesting human being they are... also, imagine using garbage collectors' jobs as an insult. i'd like to see him try to do what they do on a regular basis, if he can ever handle that. sorry if i went off a bit there, but it just irks me when people belittle other people's careers.

    i didn't know about that about Idubbbz. how is he getting hated on for simping tho? or is it solely just because of how he reacted to it? good to hear he's rebounded. i don't watch him personally, but watch a couple guys who're good friends of his e.g. jacksfilms, Internet Comment Etiquette (i think they're friends?). i also love that leafy's still using the exact same avatar lmao branding i suppose. i can't fathom not being able to sit through a Dunkey video tbh. it's also super hard to describe his style of humor, all i can say is that it works so well and is often timeless. not even close baybeee. Charlie was hilarious back in the day for me, but yeah he's more of a solid speaker now than a comedian to me anymore. his jokes (i.e. throbbing, rock-hard, etc.) tend to get repetitive now and then.

    are there memes that've stood the test of time? i'd like to do some research on that.
  14. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 1:37 AM
    it's not great :X cases are rising here and we're in lockdown again atm, curfew and everything. beaches are force closed too and parks should be, but people don't seem to be enforcing that lol. I got a notification to my phone from the COVID app here that said I was in close contact with someone that tested positive on December 30th, but we assume it's probably someone who passed by outside while we were indoors having dinner. bf didn't get the same message and he was the one who signed us into the restaurant with his contact info for contact tracing, so it couldn't have been that. we felt fine too

    and ooh, hope she got her vaccine!! has she felt any side effects from it?

    yeah we usually stay up to midnight anyway so it was the same this year, but went to bed not too long after lol. did you ever get to Korra :O
  15. Roni
    1 Week Ago 9:50 PM
    how the heck did the teacher not see you? lol it's difficult to do that in our campus bcs a lot of professors have hawk eyes and call our attention immediately.

    well Idubbbz can at least take hits on top of being able to dish them out as well. that i can respect. i usually don't condone bullying at all, but i'll make an exception to this one. it seems Idubbbz's response to the hairline video is still up, so i'mma put that on my watch later list hehe. i don't know what leafy's smaller channel's name is tho, but i'm sure i'll find it eventually.

    yeah if the streamer is huge and gets a bunch of donos on the regular, it's best not to donate for the read-outs, they tend to ignore them every now and then with how many they get. might be best to discover some good small streamers since, for sure, they're gonna show their appreciation a lot more. yea i guess AVGN just ain't for me in terms of content style haha. i lean more towards dry/deadpan humor. i've only ever seen Nakey Jakey from Dunkey videos in the past, i'll give him a watch later for sure. do you watch Dunkey btw?

    there's still some interesting versions of the Lamar roast coming up every now and then, but i do agree that the meme is on the verge of dying. once again, thanks to being overdone lol. such is the life cycle for these things. i'm interested to see what the next one will be.

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