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  1. Deltios
    September 16th, 2014 12:28 PM
    Ah.. Accidental meetings. Quite funny but may bring forth some good friendships. ^^
  2. Deltios
    September 11th, 2014 8:44 AM
    It appears you have added me as friend.
    I have no idea why, but thanks :P
  3. Mr.Eeveelutions
    August 21st, 2014 7:37 AM
    Hey guys,
    new username, same person!
    Mr.Eeveelutions a.k.a Dodo Hunter
  4. cheriberry7
    August 14th, 2014 8:11 PM
    Lol. yeah I'm already feeling the same way, many of the legendaries are exclusive event ones right? D= Do you even get anything unique for completing the full pokedex? Maybe the assured madness isn't worth it X3
  5. cheriberry7
    August 13th, 2014 5:01 PM
    Sounds like a strong team. Hrmm, I'll finish up climbing the ranks of the Battle Chataeu and try out Battle Maison of course! I hear how insane that can get. Other then that I might actually attempt to complete my Pokedex this time around, never bothered in previous games. lol. Is it true the Battle Maison gets really tough after 40 battles?
  6. cheriberry7
    August 13th, 2014 3:01 AM
    Good to know thanks =) Tried out the friend safari yesterday, nifty. Elite Four was a bit too easy but Mega Gardevoir made me sweat a little! Hit alot harder then I expected. I think it would have been better if each of the Elite had their own mega. ah well. What team did you use for them?
  7. cheriberry7
    August 10th, 2014 7:21 PM
    Let's see, probably Jolteon, Chesnaught, Aromastiise, Blastoise and Dragonnite I'll use for the Elite Four. Hopefully that's a decent mix.
  8. cheriberry7
    August 9th, 2014 12:11 AM
    Sounds good. You can only do the friend safari after beating the game right? Been busy finishing the game, up to the 7th badge, quite the slowpoke I am. Been rotating a couple of teams to try and not get to overleveled. Also, that link is groovy X3
  9. Mr.Eeveelutions
    August 8th, 2014 9:06 AM
    For anyone who views this page ^^
  10. cheriberry7
    August 4th, 2014 11:13 PM
    Oh okay, didn't know that. 6-10pm Aussie time I'm still usually always on, so hopefully you can get the 3rd for yourself. What Pokemon does your safari have?
  11. cheriberry7
    August 4th, 2014 3:39 AM
    Well, can't complain if its a grass pokemon =D The shiny one does look much cooler too, to me at least, lucky bugger! Does my safari have any other pokemon in it?
  12. cheriberry7
    August 3rd, 2014 1:05 AM
    Nice, good to know. And its...a mildly freaky looking thing lol.
  13. cheriberry7
    August 3rd, 2014 12:39 AM
    Errr, what's a pumpkaboo? I've yet to encounter one lol. But grats on the shiny!!!!! =O What type is my safari I wonder?
  14. cheriberry7
    August 3rd, 2014 12:33 AM
    Okie dokie, sounds good =)
  15. cheriberry7
    August 3rd, 2014 12:28 AM
    I tried, but I can't hear much >_< Probably better just to type here lol. All done? I don't have anything else rare or good on me right now, if I do I'll let ya know ^^ Thanks very much.

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