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  1. Pudding
    1 Day Ago 6:49 AM
    In all honesty more than half of the partners I’ve had only occurred due to me being this overconfident idiot being all like “I like you, wanna date?” Jesus did those rejections hurt like hell, but sometimes one would be like “…sure, yeah, okay.” Woo! That and maybe if you show them your duel record maybe they’ll just drop everything and be like “stop right there. Why didn’t you just start with that.”


    D: …. D’:

    Yo, but you have a sick setup. I mean, compared to my lack thereof, hahaha. I want a computer and sick keyboard to be in PC with. I will accomplish it one day though. But that aside, it’s a good thing you get along with your father! I’m on okay terms with my parents, but at least I still keep in touch I suppose. We did try living with them for a bit but it didn’t go so well so, we returned to our place. Oops.

    Also, forgot to answer this question, but: I really enjoyed watching the show! I wouldn’t have binge watched it as hard as I did if not <3 I, surprisingly, liked the majority, if not all, of the characters :D I can see where they left room for more plot to progress in the next season, and not to mention I’m in love with the squad that had formed at the end. Ngl Yusei’s dad has protagonist hair though, hehe. And I’m actually excited to see just how much more fleshed out the characters get in this next season :D Giving myself a few days break to let it settle in before binge watching the next season ~
  2. Pudding
    1 Day Ago 4:00 AM
    A test I’m sure you will pass ^ ~^ After all, you’d be surprised how many people you have inspired or days you have lifted with a positive attitude c:

    HMMMMMMM MMMM… my sire, then and than are not interachangeableeeeeeeeeeeee

    Oh, oh no ): When you put it that way, yeah, it does sound very forlorn and saddening. Take care por favor ):

    Sometimes you just wanna lay there and blend with the floor:

    but we gotta live with it anyways since prices are going through the roof and I cant afford anything.
    Preach. Everything is going up over here too and it’s freaking ridiculous. A gallon of orange juice, for example, used to be ≈6 us $. Now it’s ≈8 us $. And with this increase being in every single food item, groceries are ridiculous. So is gas. And buying houses. BUYING HOUSES AAAA. We got lucky with ours’, but when we wanted to make the switch and get a better one it was… yeah it was a no. For example, we bought our house for 80k, but now it’s worth double, and it’s not even pretty or big, it’s a little ugly and small. Sorry for that ramble, it’s just that it really sucks to see all of us and everybody go through this time of life where prices are just insane now.
  3. Pudding
    1 Day Ago 5:48 PM
    It was very recently I carried a negative outlook (in person I mean), and I admit it feels nice to get out of that mentality since positivity and optimism really inject some much needed energy and life into us, you know? Regardless, no problem! Spreading optimism is a nice thing! Thought I’d point it out since it tends to turn a frown upside down, my own included (:

    I-I’m… I'm so so sorry but… it’s just… :
    … *then.

    Jokes aside, I am sorry to hear about your past being in such a state ): But I’m glad to see that it’s turning out for the better now. And I admit that it’s very inspiring to hear you say that, placing others and worrying about others before yourself. But hey, I can understand the feeling of warmth and pride that comes with knowing your sacrifice, no matter how big or small, did make another’s day that much better. So I don’t blame you for pursuing that.

    I hope you give yourself free space and time to rest (: Sometimes we all need that much needed break. Wouldn’t wanna see or hear about you breaking down because you put too much on your shoulders ):

  4. Pudding
    2 Days Ago 10:53 AM
    Oh look at you, somehow you make the optimism sound very chill haha, it’s nice! That and, it’s okay to be an overachiever, if that’s what you meant by doing too much. Or maybe it’s just that you put a lot on your plate at once. But either of those scenarios just translates to you doing your best (: It’s a good thing! I myself am an overachiever and at times a perfectionist.
  5. Pudding
    2 Days Ago 4:18 AM
    Covid survivors unite, woo! Yeah, it was muk. I admit I wasn’t miserable, but what killed me was the duration of it. Several weeks of exhaustion, sore bones, loss of smell, sniffles, all of which was more annoying than terrible.

    Hey, but you can cook! And awe, I see, a busy busy man you are. o:
  6. Pudding
    2 Days Ago 3:11 AM
    Oh! So it was recent! YEAH, covid kicked everyone’s butts ): Some loved how it forced you to stay home, others did not. I was in the middle, tbh. Definitely didn’t like it whenever I did get Covid. Twice. Did you get unlucky and get covid? ):

    Can you cook though? How about bake? Can you make adorable little brownies?

    and have you given other anime a shot?

    I haven’t played that one o: For a short time I was really into Digimon World Championship since it sorta allowed you to keep them in these cute little rooms and train them and pretty much treat them like little pets. I loved seeing them run in circles, especially when they diggivolved to bigger, more intimidating forms and they still jump and run in circles like goofballs hahaha. There was a time where I played the online mmorpg Digimon Masters. Although whenever the servers were getting fixed and merged, all of which happened during a time I was in hiatus from them, I returned to my file erased ; ~;
  7. Pudding
    2 Days Ago 6:23 PM
    How long have you been going to these things? o:

    And whaaaa, I don’t know if I’ve eaten Dutch dishes. I mean, I’m in love with Italian and Japanese dishes the most thanks to uni and their restaurantsssss.

    Haha that’s ironic, finding a character in the worst show. Didn’t see that coming.

    Also. Seeing as how we like Pokémon and I’m dabbling in the yugioh show… do you by chance… like digimon? I’m not a hardcore fan, but I admit I like it quite a bit.
  8. Pudding
    3 Days Ago 7:41 AM
    Oh dear, that large of an event? I have yet to go to an event of that scale, I can’t even begin to fathom what is seems like. Can’t imagine the atmosphere. Is it usually the same gang every time? And alsooooo… did you ever experience something akin to the hangover movies where you guys go on this freaking adventure?

    Ironically I can’t handle my spices despite being born into a family that thrives off of spicy enchiladas, tacos, soups, etc. Posole was a nightmare, Jesus. And it didn’t help my parents were like “eat or starve.” I mean eventually I got pretty got at starving come high school ahaha. It’s one of the main reasons I learned to cook since I would be told that maybe I could just cook my own stuff. Especially in college when I preferred to make my own simple cheap stuff than have my money go to expensive fast meals (although sandwiches from fast foods and restaurants were so damn expensive but my god were they so delicious. A whoopin 8 us dollars for a six inch but hey, it was so freaking delicious. Also helped I’m tiny and that filled me up for hours on end).

    And just like that poor Carly suddenly change roles in the story. I didn’t see that coming, her joining the other side, that was some whiplash hahaha.

    And oh? The greatest yugioh character of all time? Tell me who that is. You can’t possibly think I wouldn’t wanna pester and ask after you said that.
  9. Pudding
    4 Days Ago 1:22 PM
    Okay okay okay… sorry sorry I had to google csgo. Although I envy how you have the talent & friends to enjoy such things ^ ^ Ever met people at those events you still keep in contact or just stick to your squad?

    Spanish? WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK. I am a fantastic tutor of this beautiful and sassy language. Although I don’t speak the fancier nicer castellano (Spaniard ish one. The British of Spanish accents/version). I just speak straight Mexicano. Yeah I like mariachis, they look so cool okay

    I… I think… I’m turning into a fan girl of Jack. You’re hinting at this character development that’s just gonna grip me and I’m like… am I even ready. Not gonna lie, Crow is a snack. Those little kids and how he hangs around them and all sealed the deal for me.

    Oh Jesus. Didn’t think I’d see the day I’d be calling yugioh characters snacks.

    But anyway, oh my gosh, you have no idea. Like, I would’ve never thought the show would be where it is now when I first began watching it. Honestly I can now understand why it’s as long as it is, and I’m excited to see what the future has in store! :D
  10. Pudding
    4 Days Ago 12:35 PM
    Jokes aside, I really enjoyed the trio and I really enjoyed learning about their backstories more than I did any of the protagonists. And the way they “blasted off to space.” And oh? Why Poland, out of curiosity. I understand France, especially when propaganda and social media had long convinced me France & Italy are beautiful spots. But… do you think German language sounds… tough? Like, a better question would be, out of the little bit you know of these languages, which did you like most?

    So okay. I don’t want to bombard you with my thoughts of every single episode. But the last two had moments I just had to share with you because, my god, like… hahahaha! Episode 31 was a wild ride where I did not expect to see Jack be like “fun? What’s fun?” I’m really loving the weird friendship developing between him and the journalist that’s like “THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE SCOOP.” Only for something to come up that she can’t use it. I think it’s sorta cute to see Jack in a different light (and I admit… maybe I’m beginning to like him. )

    But anyway! The other thing I wanted to talk about was Episode 32’s segment where the news showed an “interview” with two eye witnesses to the disappearance of the nazca lines. Omg. “Woooaaah cool spider duuuude.” Hahahaha! It made me laugh out loud, jeez <3

    At 9:14 is when it starts hahaha
  11. Pudding
    4 Days Ago 5:10 AM
    Stahp, you would be a much better spy than the entirety of Team Rocket. I mean have you looked at their disguises.

    -wait, who are they? I swear I put down a picture of Team Rocket, wha-

    My oh my, that’s… eight times! I only left once with the fam to Mexico. Out of them all, which place was your favorite? (:
  12. Pudding
    4 Days Ago 3:55 AM
    No no, I can see a benefit to it… you can be like a spy. Somebody he can confide in and divulge information he would never reveal to me. [i]You can be those undercover agents. A mole. Yessssssssssss.

    Whaaaaa, that’s pretty neato :’P Seeing as how you’re in the Netherlands, have you gone to other countries? (:
  13. Pudding
    4 Days Ago 1:51 AM
    heeeeey, he only did mlm, since when did he do pyramid schemes? Is there something you know that I- you’re working with him! Aren’t you?!?! How could you.

    Oh! Impressive! Only thing I’ll do is clean up my Spanish and dust it off since I haven’t been using it much hahaha. I know a Japanese word though:

    So does that mean English is the only language you speak fluently?
  14. Pudding
    4 Days Ago 1:33 AM
    B-but I already dragged all these ridiculously heavy bags of coins to your establishment??? What am I supposed to do, drag them back home??? My scoliosis will only allow me to do so much Sami.

    Regardless, it’s quite neat you know a bit of several languages :D That’s no simple feat, so more power to you!
  15. Pudding
    4 Days Ago 5:10 PM
    …do you accept cash or credit? Because some stores are beginning to say “exact change or debit.” I only got a muk ton of pennies so I hope you like counting.

    Wait what. How did this come about? How did you end up learning a little bit of Finnish, Polish, German, Italian, French, and Spanish? I mean, I grew up speaking Spanish and English, but here you are able to probably navigate different countries better than I ever could haha.

    I usually teach people how to say “where’s the bathroom?” it’s “donde está el baño.

    cheesy wins
    That’s just too damn adorable.


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This week has been really, REALLY awful for me.

Denied from 5 jobs for either inexperience or unknown reasons, then when trying to sell some old stuff I consistently get offers but when it comes to the eventual day they pick up the stuff they just literally cancel it minutes before the agreement (because thats possible lol)

Dad just said I literally have no luck whatsoever.
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