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    The story of my trainer, i got a piplup from the professor and i got an egg from the pokemon center, i beat roark easily and after beating him the egg hatched into a magby and beat gardenia with magby, after the battle she gave me a male nidoran and during training to learn drill peck piplup evolved and during the battle with maylene nidoran evolved into nidorino and she gave me nidorina and when we were battleing a move tutor to teach it a move it evolved into magmar and it relearned thunder punch and defeated crasher wake and gave me two moon stones to get nidoking and nidoqueen and on the way to the next leader prinplup evolved and during the next gym battle magmar evolved and they gave me a rare pokemon from the galar region called toxtricity, i then caught a wailord and defeated the final gym, and during the first battle in the pokemon league toxtricity learned to gigantamax and i defeated the league and became a champion


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