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  1. Volga
    January 24th, 2015 10:35 AM
    Hey, I edited my post to answer your Gulpin question. Just letting you know so you don't miss it.
  2. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    January 16th, 2015 9:33 PM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    Let me know if I can add you to the skype chat. vwv (You have to click view conversation before replying or I won't get the message.)

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  • About FeralSlaaneshi
    I'm the kind of person who's prone to sarcasm, swearing, and ranting about really stupid stuff for the sake of exaggeration. Take that in stride and we'll get along beautifully. <3
    Got me a degree that says I can officially consider myself a writer, but what it really means is that I have a lot of ideas for stuff I want to write that spans many different genres, but I don't actually have the willpower to get these stories written. So as you can tell I have a shining career as an author ahead of me. (Don't take my RP entries as proof of my ability. RPs are for fun, so I allow myself to be a lot more lazy there.)
    Never did grow out of that 'I'm going to use lyrics to describe how I feel' thing. Sorry. I'm only somewhat ashamed.
    Did creative writing and philosophy at uni, so that's fun. But if you talk to me about how great Nietzche or Dadaism was/is then we can't be friends.
    I have a crippling fear of spiders, flying creatures (except moths and bats apparently), and creatures with more than 4 legs.
    And clowns. Clowns are agents of the devil. But no I'm not scared of Pennywise from 'It'. You get desensitised after you get shown the same picture of him for the hundredth time.
    Blue Stahli is love, Blue Stahli is life. But I do like other bands, don't worry.
    As hinted at, I enjoy writing.
    Also reading but not as much. Not for any particular reason, I'm just not the kind of person who can sit down and blitz through a book/video game/TV series.
    I'm open to most genres of music, but particularly partial to the rock/metal/alternative scene.
    On the topic of music, Blue Stahli currently dominates my music life, but other bands/artists I enjoy include Skunk Anansie, Garbage, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Rammstein, No Doubt, System Of A Down, aaaaaand a whole bunch of others.
    Into dem Warhammer games, too. Fantasy more than 40k. Khorne can suck one. Slaanesh all the way baybeeeeeee~
    40k armies I'm into: Dark Eldar, Sisters Of Battle, and Daemons. Got time for Noise Marines, Alpha Legion, Carcharodons, Lamenters, and (occasionally) Space Wolves but little else in the 40k 'verse.
    It's quicker to list what Fantasy armies I don't like: Empire, Dwarfs, Ogres, Orcs and Goblins, and High Elves.
    I haven't played in quite a while.
    Favorite Pokémon
    (In no particular order)
    The Gastly line
    The Aron line
    The Ralts line
    Go Team
    Do not display
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    Monotype Challenge (Poison) - Pokemon X


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