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  1. Roni
    3 Hours Ago 11:44 PM
    I get that a mood a lot Zeo, don't even worry about it haha. Just a matter of if you're still having fun or not~ I could never do what you do and be distracted while playing for sure. Do you regularly do blitz/bullet games? For sure that'll keep you focused for the sake of not flagging down, but then again, like me, you might not be able to think fast enough to make smart moves. At least you understand perfectly where your weaknesses lie, and thus you can tackle it head on.

    Also, in terms of converting to a win when you're up material, the main thing I try to do from there is force trading pieces off. Get them down to just pawns while you still have attackers left. I usually get really aggressive when I'm in that position, e.g. if they block with a piece when in check, I go ahead and take it, especially if it's of the same rank.
  2. Sheep
    1 Day Ago 8:06 PM
    Mareep is always good! <3 I wanna try using Pancham too but never did... maybe in my next run. So many options tbh. I want to play XY again now too, you're making me miss the 3DS games so much omg

    Glad you're doing well :D I got my booster yesterday and other than a sore arm, feel pretty okay. Also got some cream and antibiotics from my doctor because of the redness on my face I've developed, apparently it's perioral dermatitis. Bit annoying but hopefully within a month or two the redness will be gone. Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing flushed cheeks/nose lol.

    I think the first Pokémon forum I joined might have been Serebii..? But for forums in general, probably Neopets's, it's not just a forum website but they had a very popular one attached to the game itself. Fortunately they're both still up, though I haven't posted on Serebii in forever. It always sucks to see websites you were attached to as a kid close no matter what, so I would be pretty sad.. I still miss Ever Grande City forums too. so many memories ;^;
  3. Roni
    2 Days Ago 4:17 AM
    Great motivation, play away my dude~

    I'm not consistent enough to hold games daily lol, perhaps weekly or twice a month would be cool :p Tournaments also sound fun!

    I have not deviated from e4 for so long because I'm too scared to try new things lol. I've been playing for a while now, yet I haven't studied opening theories enough to memorize even the standard ones. Wouldn't know how to play out the 4 knights either :p
  4. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 10:25 PM
    Electivire is ehh.. not my thing either. Neither is Magmortar it just looks too weird and not very good. :x Mareep would be the best! I totally approve!! Can't believe Legends is so close either, time is flying ;__;

    Aww, that sucks. Yeah I remember when Flash was a big part of the web and it dying is still pretty major news to me. Big websites I visited all the time as a kid (like Neopets) relied on it, and now they're forced to update everything to be more modern. Understandably of course, but still..! rip part of childhood

    You definitely fit in, I can say that much <3 I know sometimes it can be hard to feel positively about yourself if you struggle with mental health (as someone who does also I totally get it) but I'm not lying when I say that to you. You're super valued here.

    (omg those titles... T__T This honestly is so sad to read. Makes me think of other communities that shut down over the years too, must have been really sad for people who got attached to them.. ><)
  5. Sheep
    4 Days Ago 11:11 PM
    I didn't want to make a new one since I prefer all my files be attached to the primary account, especially if I want to do any online things since I have NSO on my main account. ;o; But it's definitely an option if I get desperate!

    That's a good teab tbh!! Exeggutor is an awesome alolan and I wanna use it at some point too but yeah it's catchable a bit late lol. I love how it's too big to even fit in the screen, pretty cool to see a model that large, especially knowing they usually scale the big Pokémon models down (so Wailord looks smaller than it should be for example).

    omg, what forum was it? ; ; awww that sucks :(
  6. Roni
    4 Days Ago 7:57 PM
    Interesting. I guess you just don't wanna end your game sessions on a down? When someone just pushes pawns and nothing else, they usually leave their main pieces undeveloped/vulnerable. I tend to capitalize on that & focus on checking the King, who, at that point, doesn't have a wall to protect them, even if they castle.

    If another Chess Club were to exist, I'd say just take in members, put up a weekly question/discussion post, allow memes and Chit & Chat ofc, and perhaps once a month or every two months, hold a little tournament (winners get points but I've no idea what the points can be used for lol). Sounds easy, but again, the consistency to post weekly or even monthly might not be something I can see in myself...
  7. VisionofMilotic
    4 Days Ago 7:38 PM
    This is an interesting discovery truly, and it makes Anne Frank's story I think even sadder and that much more complex, if her family's whereabouts were revealed this way, by a desperate man in a lose-lose situation, either you and your family go to a concentration camp, or betray others--who will be condemned to death in your place. I think most people would save themselves, but I think you would probably never be alright after doing something like that. In some of Anne's diary entries she talks about how she feels bad that her friends and neighbors are vanishing, suffering in dehumanizing conditions and being killed, and expresses anger at herself that she has a safe hiding place while this is going on. She feels guilt just for surviving, though she's not causing anyone's suffering, and shouldn't feel that way. I think if you gave the Nazis the names of people to persecute, including a family with children, even if you did it under threat, then you would probably be haunted by what you did. The situation reminds me of the Salem Witch trials, and how people would get accused of witchcraft, and the only way to not get executed was if you gave a false confession to being a witch, and then told the authorities the name of someone new to investigate for witchcraft.

    That was a good read, and different from what I was expecting. Thank you for sharing. I know that you enjoy history, is WWII an era that you are find of reading about?
  8. Roni
    4 Days Ago 7:27 PM
    I'll predict that within the next 5 days, if you keep playing with the same consistency, you should reach 1000 ELO already :)

    Indeed Hikaru goes supersonic in his Scrub Stomping series, but then again I don't think that's for education anyway. I feel he's one of those GMs who'd have a hard time teaching because of how fast he thinks, and he expects his students to be able to think at the same speed. Danya all the way. Good luck though to you figuring things out on your own~

    Yeah that Club idea was just a super at-the-moment thought for me. Now that I read back, I realize how inconsistent I'd be if I ran one (esp by myself). I aspire to be someone like ReKoil, who never forgets to update stuff.
  9. Roni
    4 Days Ago 7:37 AM
    Really? I guess I didn't give it enough of a chance. Might do some later. Also just saw that you're about less than 50 ELO away from reaching 1000, rooting for you!

    I was predicting either Hikaru or Danya on that link, and I'm glad I got it right haha. Yeah I binged his series a while back and it was pretty informative. But to be honest, I just had way more fun looking at how he just easily stomped his foes. Just so magical to see~

    This is a random question, but would you be down to, say, run a Chess Club in the Clubs section with me? I don't know if it'll have consistency or anything regarding content, but it just seems like a fun idea to me atm.
  10. Starlight
    5 Days Ago 12:47 PM
    I do! That was some promo.

    Demons suck and they never leave you completely even when you hope they have.

    Are you looking forward to the rumble Zeo?
  11. Sheep
    6 Days Ago 3:07 AM
    You should play them :3 I'm not the biggest fan of not being able to battle wild Pokémon but the gameplay was still pretty fun, plus it was really cute. I wanna replay it honestly, but don't wanna restart my file.. but may do it anyway.

    oof!! Yeah Leafeon has a good defense stat, but its special defense is pretty low so fire/ice works well against it. I really liked using it in DPPt because of the awesome attack + defense! Sorry you're struggling against it though, hope you find a solution ;w; What's your team right now?

    Oh dang yeah 10k is a lot. I still can't believe I'm so much above that at this point, no lifing for many years ftw :D I'll be there to celebrate when/if you hit that!!!
  12. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 11:29 PM
    Yellow is worth it, I know people like to emulate but there's just something so cozy about playing games on their original consoles. I still need to beat mine and buy Crystal at some point too I think, not sure when though. But totally worth the price!!

    And wow, really? I'm not sure I lost to Hau before but I had no idea it kept going after that :O I thought you'd black out and have to start over.

    I do like some of the leaked mons but some of them are soo weird. Like that Sneasel thing? Its legs are so long and I'm just like omg whyyy must this exist. I hope I like it more than I do now because I just....really...don't like it....

    also! congrats that is just awesome!!!
  13. Roni
    1 Week Ago 11:21 PM
    Wishing you the best of luck! Puzzles are interesting because I can find the mating patterns fine in them, but during real games it's hard for me to realize when there's a good line to pursue.

    I can relate to that when watching videos analyzing Mikhail Tal's playstyle. I loved his over complications and unorthodox moves, but when I tried them for myself, I ended up blundering pieces over and over lmao. That tactic is reserved for grandmasters who can see lines and strategize further than anyone else.
  14. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 12:46 AM
    Yeah back then Snap was soo good. We only had the first couple of gens so Snap was absolutely amazing looking when all we had to compare to were pixels. my friend and I played soo much ;3;

    There have been so many leaks, I'm honestly overwhelmed! Not the biggest fan of some of the leaked Pokémon but hopefully once I see them in the game they will look a bit better..... can't believe it's coming up so soon aaaaaah

    And it was just super clunky. The camera was weird, the world was very bland, how to do things was very unclear, etc. It was clearly made in a rush with little effort, and I'm surprised it even got released. Fantasy Life was awesome back in the day too, even if I never actually finished mine.. woops ;__; I think there's a mobile version of FL now but not sure it's rated massively well?
  15. Roni
    1 Week Ago 8:43 PM
    Oof that's unfortunate to hear... I've learned to prefer lichess over chess.com specifically because of all the content that's locked away behind a paywall. I haven't felt it worth it to pay for chess lessons yet, and if I did I might as well just get an actual tutor haha. Anyway I forgot about you being a platinum member, let's definitely stick to chess.com :) I'd love to play a bullet game soon haha. Might get a heart attack from all the time pressure.

    Thank you~ To be honest it's been harder these days trying to find names that pair well with "roni", but I'm so glad "blunder" was one of them haha.

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