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  1. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 9:46 PM
    Hatching the first three; in order of trade arrival, I got a Castform (hard one to find, wanted this!), Taillow (which clears the need for me to breed Swellow), and some kind of Zorua (which, if it doesn't have anything unique about it, will probably go away since I have a box of about 15 of them - both plain and with good moves LMAO). Not a bad first trio. ;)
  2. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 9:29 PM
    lol nice. Hopefully you like what's in them, please let me know what you recieved when you hatch them alright?
    Since I've got all but a select few legendaries covered in my other games, I doubt I can be too disappointed (even Arcanine Growlithe finally appears in B2/W2 as a standard low-level catchable in the new area). :)

    Remembering now you mentioned Psyduck; since you have it, I'll skip over that one. Only got a few left.
  3. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 9:23 PM
    That takes care of the initial request, so I'm winging it from here. ;) I'll pick three at a time.
  4. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 9:18 PM
    Ah, Eggs. Something to have for breakfast tomorr-...wait, what? :D
  5. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 9:15 PM
    Remember to use the blue face or exclamation point if I choose something you already have or just choose something wrong. :D
  6. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 9:10 PM
    Did you add my FC correctly? Make sure you added 2538-0207-3336 - not the other one, which is SS.
  7. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 9:09 PM
    No response from you. Is it giving you an opportunity to respond? I'll wait for you to contact me.
  8. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 9:01 PM
    All right, Shaymin and Manaphy can wait if you wish. Alternatively, if you want to lend one at a time, I can trade one back for the other next time. Your call. :) I'll hold the Lugia for now otherwise, particularly since I need to also clone Mew.

    Still in the room waiting for you. And no need to be sorry, I have a lot of breeding to do in any case which means lots of babies to trade. Just looked at Johto; first three missing I have to breed (Hoothoot, Ledyba, and Spinarak, though I can get two out of three in SS; Spinarak and its evolution Ariados are exclusive to HG, but Ariados is in the dark grass part of the Unova Dreamyard post-E4). :D
  9. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 8:55 PM
    Also, I'm in the room; I'll leave my TRADE box set up the way it is right now, and anything else can be another session. :)
  10. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 8:53 PM
    Found the Lugia. Untouched (the clone) Lv.45. If capitalization isn't an issue, it's in the TRADE box.
  11. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 8:50 PM
    You listed a good number of legendaries I can help with (probably missing a few of those, mind). For starters: you really want Mew? Got one. :) It was someone else's Emerald catch, and I don't have a GBA Action Replay or cheat device so I won't be able to catch my own; thus, I am going to habitually keep multiple clones of this one (I cleared them this evening due to making TRADE box space). As for Lugia: I literally just imported a SS clone (the original is NOT leaving that game) and have three more clones sitting in BOX 18 over there. The name is in capitals, so if you want I can use the cheat to rename other Trainer's Pokémon to make it standard capitalization (first letter only) before trading it; if this doesn't concern you, it's in my PC right now. Just have to locate it. I can trade that for a Manaphy or Shaymin to clone (perhaps while renaming Lugia LMAO, I think I'll do that with the rest on SS bfore cloning them any further). :)
  12. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 8:38 PM
    Wait, I take that back. What legendaries do you need? I have a bunch I can clone, some events (I have Celebi and Darkrai BTW). :)
  13. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 8:37 PM
    I'll leave it to your choice; if you want to hold on to Manaphy for the Japanese Ditto, you can do that. I don't have an equivalent trade for both Manaphy and Shaymin, however; just newly hatched babies. LMAO I'm even willing to clone them and trade them back on the next trading session tomorrow (or whenever). ;)
  14. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 8:35 PM
    With that said, Black FC is in my sig. I need yours. ;)
  15. Cyclone
    November 11th, 2012 8:34 PM
    All right, my TRADE box is over half full. Whatever I don't trade you I might possibly get rid of to make room (I can always breed more LMAO), and I know a couple you already said you have, but I'm being thorough. All are newly hatched unless otherwise indicated, and I'm not going to list natures or abilities due to the length of the list.

    Here's the list:

    - Weedle (013)
    - Pidgey (016)
    - Rattata (019)
    - Spearow (021)
    - Ekans (023)
    - Nidoran♀ (029) [Lv.12]
    - Nidoran♂ (032) [Lv.12]
    - Zubat (041)
    - Venonat (048)
    - Meowth (052)
    - Psyduck (054)
    - Poliwag (060)
    - Ponyta (077)
    - Krabby (098)
    - Cleffa (173)
    - Igglybuff (174)

    Long list. :) 16 total, I know you said you have Igglybuff, otherwise not sure offhand.

    I'll put them up in order, starting with the seven (both Nidoran) in the request. After that, if I show one you don't need, use the blue face and I'll move to the next one. :) We won't do the Ditto today, as I'd rather leave the one in the daycare for the time being and thus need to clone this one in my PC on the other system. ;)

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    My real name is Mori, and I have come onto this page because a friend suggested it to me. I've known about Pokemon for a very long time but I never really quite understood the appeal of it. Recently however, my big sister went off to New York for her career as a clothing designer and decided to leave me her electronics and games. Inside the box she gave me was a Nintendo DS Lite, Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Heart Gold, and Pokemon Black. I was astounded by this because I had never seen my sister play her Nintendo DS EVER. So I sent her a very nice thank you card. Any who, this isn't about what's up with me but who I am.

    I'm your pretty typical nerd: Glasses, long brown hair, green eyes, small frame, etc. I've grown up in Blacksburg, VA and am currently attending college at Virginia Tech. I've loved video games ever since I was little because me and my sister would play them all the time. So far my favorite genre of games are fighting games, puzzle games, and newly, Pokemon games. I've grown up here my whole life and I have a few incredibly good friends that I am thankful for. Recently I went through a crushing break-up with my ex from Arlington, VA, so I figured I'd try to move my concentration and mental health elsewhere. And thus the Pokemon games I was given have led me to a whole new world of things, as well as this website.
    Video Games, Movies, Writing and Computer Graphics. If I went into details it'd be much too long for anyone to actually want to take the time to read it. I've currently started my Pokemon games with FireRed, which I am now in the process of playing. I had no idea that Pokemon games where so addictive!
    Blacksburg, VA
    Female ♀
    Apprentice Graphic Designees
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    I'm also known as Riri, my friend Tracey gave it to me lol.
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    Venusaur without a doubt!
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    New to Pokemon...Loving the Endless Possibilities


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