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  1. The ???
    January 1st, 2015 5:03 AM
    The ???
    well, the thing is :
    - I'm just a beginner in hacking. Infact its not been more than week than I have started with all this.

    so how should we start? maybe first of all plan out a nice story of Team Rocket? more backstory for Giovanni? glimpses of Mewtwo here and there? lets decide the story first.. meanwhile I'll add the new sprites and pokemons like I am doing.
  2. The ???
    December 31st, 2014 8:28 PM
    The ???
    Hi! :D I would like to do a collab and like, join our projects but there are some differences.. I'll state what I don't like about yours, and what difference I have in mine :) Hope you don't mind! :D

    I'll state what your and mine hacks have in common :

    - We both are having an updated Kanto with new features! A little more back story, a little more mischief done by team rocket, etc!

    Now I'll state what I would modify in your hack / what I plan for my hack :

    - I don't like the idea of Mega Evolutions to be in game as normal evolutions.. permanently evolving seems a bit lame and it will also be unfair as we CAN have a team of monsters where all are mega-evolved AND can hold items that boost their strengths further.
    To counter this, what I thought was, we will add some Megas, BUT we won't have them, only special trainers (like E4 second time) and some trainers in Battle Tower etc will have a mega evolved pokemon, we'll just show by story that we didn't found the stones yet. This will also make the game challenging :)
    NOTE : The megas will be different pokemons, i.e NOT evolving from anyone. and not obtainable. Just some trainers will have it :)

    - I don't see it anywhere in your thread, but I plan to have NEW pokemons.. possibly all the fan favorites from Gen IV, V and VI too! I already expanded my dex as well! :)

    - I am using Mr.Doll steak's base, so I have tonnes of new moves and abilities, the movesets are updated as per Gen VI. So I really don't like to give the starters moves like we want. It should match Gen VI exactly.

    - I am also adding 2 new trainer classes (Fairy tale girl and Hipster :P)

    - I am making the overall game a bit challenging and difficult.

    - I plan to make national pokemons available after a certain point in the game. (like after having 3 gyms or 4 gyms). With suitable story ofcourse, maybe team-rocket's mischief makes new pokemons transport here? and so Oak gives us national dex.

    - I am also updating the sprites to DS styled ones :) (Have done quite some already)

    So yeah this is pretty much all. What do you say?

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