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  1. Pudding
    1 Hour Ago 2:47 PM


    Your group knows Jacinto? Dunno the film or anything about it, just stumbled upon the little gif via Reddit.

    Let me try again. One you haven’t seen. Hmmmmmm….
  2. Pudding
    1 Hour Ago 2:08 PM
    I am a novice in the practice of mukpostery, you see. I had social media outlets long ago, like facebook & instagram, but no more. Deleted them. I found Reddit to be enough for me. And PC, too, really. Both take up most of my time other than the family and hobbies.

    It’s cool, at least you had a twitter to begin with and actually use it. I only had it because one college class forced me to make one for an assignment and just bullmukted until the class was done then I never touched it again haha.

    S’cool, maybe some very short shows or short films could sneak in there? I don’t like films for the reason that I don’t like setting aside two to three hours of my time unless it’s very anticipated from my end. I mean, I could name several shows I would rewatch that could take up my time, but I can count them with the fingers on my hands, so not many.

    Look at this THEN:
  3. Pudding
    2 Hours Ago 1:46 PM
    Awe drat )’: And oh? Did you now? Hehehe well, I just wanted to find a Jack pic or gif for my “o really” reaction. Glad to see it did something, even if it wasn’t what I expected hahaha. although twitter is dying tbh so

    Haha, I remember when I used to have moments where I just lay down flat for a bit when Minecraft kicks my ass or games just really press my buttons. Oh the joy of gaming. Same with films though. I can really get into movies and shows. I think that’s where most of my gasps and “wtf” come in. The Boys was a good example.

    It’s a lengthy video, wasn’t sure if it was wise to use it. Albeit… the “SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER” part gets to me every time. Still does. Sorry (‘:
  4. Pudding
    5 Hours Ago 9:57 AM
    Did you, by chance, ever play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

    Ah! What flashbacks?!? D: What I do?? Sorryyyyyyyyyy

    Going into absolute gibberish sounds like a sight to see :D No worries though, I get too focused on things sometimes as well. To the point I lose track of time.

    And that is a freaking cute lizard. And a nice tune <3 for the record, I listened to 15 minutes of it.
  5. Pudding
    7 Hours Ago 8:09 AM
    It’s an exhilarating experience when with another or a group :D I like messing around and kinda just, well, goofing off haha. It’s because of things like that that, with other people involved, I’m willing to try most games (I mean unfortunately it’ll have to wait until I have more time, but can’t wait until the opportunity presents itself later).

    But at least with Minecraft I can be the boring person and collect every single plant alive in survival mode. I’m a completionist with games I get into okay


    I mean you sure did hahaha. I could never bring myself to do streaming or any of the sort. I’m not that entertaining. I’m a silent gamer when alone, but I guess with others I’m very animated that way I can get their reactions. Same applies to films.

    Oh my god what did I just watch xD
  6. Pudding
    9 Hours Ago 6:03 AM
    Heeeeeey, I like Terraria! Played it back when my siblings had a phase when they really got into. I liked helping him reach his achievements since all I wanted to do was spend time with them and have some fun.
    Pew pew pew?

    DO YOU WANT ME TO FIND YOU A THERAPIST, BECAUSE I CAN FIND YOU SOMEBODY WHO CAN HELP YOU ADMIT DENIAL. The first step is always the hardest. There’s no shame in that.

    Omg that was cute haha.

    An extra for sh*ts and giggles:
  7. Pudding
    11 Hours Ago 4:29 AM
    Oh? Are Animal Crossing and Minecraft in that roster of your’s? Or not your type? I suppose since I’m more casual it’s what I fall back into. Tried other games and enjoy them definitely, but it usually takes for another join me in order for me to return haha.

    Darn, so it looks like it was just a coincidence. My list looks like thissss:
    - Bisharp
    - Togetic
    - Deoxys
    - Minior
    - Metagross
    - Swampert
    - Teddiursa
    - Clefable
    - Golisopod
    - Inteleon

    It’s okay Sami. Sometimes some stages of grief last longer than others, and denial really has a hold of you it seems: ACCEPT THE TRUTH.
  8. Pudding
    21 Hours Ago 5:58 PM
    I’d… drop nothing. I’d probably drop the brownie I’m holding. Haven’t played games in forever so there’s nothing for me to drop ; ~;

    Okay, I’ll bite. What’s your top ten? I’m really curious now. Wondering if we got lucky and it so happens one of our favorites is in each other’s top ten or if there’s more o:

    How dare you. Although hey, at least from where I stopped in the show, Jack lost to Yusei. Boi lossssst.
  9. Pudding
    1 Day Ago 1:13 PM
    I admit I’d play the heck out of it, especially if it comes equipped with the heavenly music that the fandom already developed <3

    D-does… is Bisharp up there? Haha, Bisharp is my #1, but Golisopod is in my top ten. Dunno, I just like the design and how it evolves from such a scaredy cat haha maybe I’ll evolve into a courageous warrior too

    Pffft, if my little pony taught me anything, magic is needed to make the elements of Harmony. Magic is the ultimate weapon. Maybe Jack will be nicer and earn himself the element of generosity.

  10. Pudding
    1 Day Ago 8:00 AM
    OH MY GOD. I stumbled upon their wiki and the Brass Kingdom history is insane, yo. There’s a map. AH, A GREAT WAR.

    Oh dear me, that looks so nice, that setup and everything o: I love the keyboard! I used to have one where the letters would glow all rainbow like, whereas my younger brother has one where it’s just a freaking rainbow moving beneath his keys haha. (I love Rayquaza and especially Golisopod)

    Yusssssss, I’m glad the dumb mitosis joke worked. Woo!

    B-but… friendship. He respects friendship! Friendship is magic.

    Haha I know right, the heart shaped memes are the best. The artists, Tommy, has created so many more of these haha. They make me chuckle.

  11. Pudding
    1 Day Ago 6:41 AM
    Jesus, haha. Soon I’ll be sucked in, that’s for sure. It’ll be a grand day worth celebrating. but until then, I’ll jam out to this music <3

    Try me. I’m ready for these foretold gargantuan images. Watch: it’ll be a walk in the park.

    I USED TO LOVE MATH, YOU SEE. And science too, lookie: what did one cell say to his sister cell that stepped on his toe?

    You stop right there, Yusei is turning out to be this freaking sweet guy who believes in the power of his cards. Everybody’s cards, for that matter. He’s already made me go “aaawwwwweee” over how he treats people & cards alike. Except Jack, he really doesn’t like Jack.

  12. Pudding
    1 Day Ago 6:07 AM
    Gosh darn it, for a split second I thought it was a legit website or something to buy merch hahaha. But thanks to that video (music slaps tbh, I like it) I then stumble across a freaking Tuba Samurai Boss Theme. The comments are just… hahaha <3

    “while you were playing the woodwinds, I studied the brass.” And the LORE people inject to this character behind the song is just *chef’s kiss*

    I have now found a new place to surf through for days to come. Dear lord wish me luck.

    YEAH THAT IMAGE IS PRETTY BIG BUT THAT’S OKAY. Opening the image in a new tab condenses it down to a smaller image so it’s all good haha. At first I was like “did he mean to send it upside down?” But when I finished reading I’m just there like *face in my hands, head low* It was such a cute meme I can’t-


    Yeah, it’s quite a bit of episodes in a short time, but I admit the moment they began to start implementing actual conspiracy theories and so on I was like “well damn. Okay okay okay.”

    I’m a tinfoil hat person. Weeeooo weeeooo.
  13. Pudding
    1 Day Ago 4:27 AM
    I - I can’t. I just - I love the Tuba Warrior subreddit omg haha Hadn’t realized the community itself is taking it seriously and talking about projects and so on. Quite impressive, I really wonder how far it will go. (:


    I am on episode 10, so watch out, maybe I’ll get to the end sooner than later (; (I mean others can binge faster but I’m going as fast as I can )
  14. Pudding
    2 Days Ago 1:54 PM
    YOU STOP RIGHT THERE. YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME. That video, I just watched it since I always check the “what are you listening to” thread and checked out the last few posts to discover new music. And I kid you not, I went down this hilarious rabbit hole when I looked up your entry. Imagine my happy surprise when it took me a while to come to the realization that it was a group of people conjuring an amazing world together. AND THAT VIDEO THERE is the one I was replaying and still was when I returned to PC. My god, hahahaha.

    I hope you have Reddit though. Or if not it should work too:


    Jack has no chill. And even though I didn’t quite catch their name, I really enjoyed the short clown midget character. His voice and mannerism is just so sassy I love it.
  15. Pudding
    2 Days Ago 1:00 PM
    Pfffft. Do it. Try it. I have an arsenal of jokes and memes at the ready. Okay now, Imma test some waters here, but.

    What does a deaf gynecologist do? I hope maybe you know what a gynecologist does
    He reads lips

    I mean… I just seen Jack be a freaking savage towards Yusei. Poor Yusei didn’t need to be burned like that man.


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Dad just said I literally have no luck whatsoever.
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