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  1. weedle_mchairybug
    October 27th, 2009 11:08 AM
    Hmm... I never gave it much thought, really.

    The only Animes that I liked and watched were Dragon Ball Z (which was mainly due to Alvin Earthworm's Super Mario Bros. Z franchise) and Pokemon. I have heard of other animes, however.

    I'd like Dragon Ball Z better if they didn't have Roshi's... magazines. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely attracted to females, but still, that's just... bad.
  2. False Flag
    October 27th, 2009 9:11 AM
    False Flag
    Well, what kind of anime/manga do you like? You probably wouldn't like any ecchi, since I don't really blame you. Ecchi's a bit cliche, imo. Grappler Baki has virtually more semi-nude people than Love Hina or Negima, and that's saying something.
  3. False Flag
    October 7th, 2009 11:43 AM
    False Flag
    Don't worry, Grappler Baki's more about martial arts, lol.
  4. False Flag
    October 5th, 2009 11:38 AM
    False Flag
    Candice debuted today in the anime, and I swear her skirt's shorter than Dawn's. Why on Earth would she wear that in the middle of flipping winter?

    Yeah, I agree with you, if it weren't for DBZ and Pokemon, none of the other anime you've mentioned would have even been shown in America.

    In terms of popularity, I'd rank anime this way:

    DBZ (duh)
    One Piece (the pirate anime with Luffy)
    Sailor Moon (shojo, but had a male fanbase, and imo, it had decent fights)

    Yeah, May was pretty crazy. I can't believe she did that. She probably did that on purpose just to tease/flirt with Ash. You know Ash though, he's only interested in winning fights, which Ash kinda won too easily in Hoenn, but at least he actually earned the badges.
  5. weedle_mchairybug
    October 4th, 2009 4:29 PM
    Well, it's popular in the sense that it has conventions, I'll give you that. But in terms of having a significant amount of Ratings? well, probably not. The only shows off of the top of my head that ever managed to get decent enough ratings to air the episodes mainstream outside Japan were Pokemon, Yu-gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, that pirate anime with Luffy, and I think Blue Dragon [that IS an anime, right?]. Oh, and Naruto. Even then, only Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon have ever managed to get actual theatrical releases [by that, I mean they were in theaters for a significant amount of time and not as a special one-day event like the Bleach movie.]. Oh, and the Studio Ghibli films, which I think are the only movies other than Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon to actually warrant theatrical releases outside of Japan.

    Not to mention, in I think "Brave the Wave", or was it "Sharpedo Attack", May stripped in front of company [it was offscreen, of course, but still.]. Yes, she did actually strip and didn't merely wear a bathing suit offscreen [Max's reaction to her doing that implied that she actually stripped].
  6. False Flag
    October 2nd, 2009 7:42 AM
    False Flag
    Yeah man. Cheerleader, French Maid, and now a school girl outfit. What are the writers thinking?

    Seems pretty much every anime girl in anime these days is some fetish archtype or something. I've read Love Hina, and I can see where you would think that Pokemon's going towards.

    That's probably why anime isn't very popular in America. Most people I know think it's borderline hentai.
  7. weedle_mchairybug
    September 30th, 2009 1:08 PM
    Oh, believe me, I have seen candice. She may not have been a school teacher in the games, but since this is the anime, it's irrelevant.
  8. False Flag
    September 30th, 2009 9:53 AM
    False Flag
    If you thought Dawn was bad, you obviously haven't seen Candice yet. She wears a school girl outfit and she's a teacher.
  9. Bagel
    August 11th, 2009 5:41 PM
    Glad to see you got in my group! feel free to start a discussion or add pictures (No exsplict please)

    Nice to see another misty fan.
  10. aipom man
    July 25th, 2009 6:48 PM
    aipom man
    weedle i think you are really cool for wanting misty back so much member me i took up for you when you got in that fight with doctor love i think that was his name he liked lucian alot anyway you are awsome
  11. ShinjisLover
    June 3rd, 2009 6:36 PM
    Yep. And you're welcome. ^^ </randomly viewing profiles XD>
  12. weedle_mchairybug
    June 1st, 2009 5:07 AM
    Oh, so they were more like "aw, man!" than "eww, gross!" in the Japanese version. Thanks.
  13. ShinjisLover
    May 31st, 2009 10:49 PM
    As to not derail the thread, I figured to elaborate here.

    I mean, at least with the feces part in the dub, it was understandable, but their being grossed out at an Ammonite Fossil seemed a bit random.
    They weren't 'grossed out'. What they did meant that they were more. . Distraught than grossed out.
  14. randomspot555
    April 25th, 2009 5:28 PM
    People can't be trusted to filter out their own biases. Even though you might be able to (you can't), no one is actually going to believe that you do.

    Instead of responding to my point about endowed women being forced to choose between too tight or too big shirts, you bring up a completely different issue. That's nice that you "like to point [that] out" but I don't see how it's relevant, or even an apt comparison.

    Ah, another comparison to a historical event. You don't honestly think your that important, do you? Or is your horse really that tall?

    WHOA! ONLINE PETITION! NO WAYZ! The people at Gamefreak, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo must be stricken wit fear.

    That's because he did. He did, in fact, create Pokemon. A simple Google search would tell you he had nothing to do with the anime. It's no one else' fault but your own that you didn't check it out since you were obviously confused by it.

    He is, in fact, the central focus too. Every journey has him as the main focus. He and his Pokemon get more screen time, more development, and so on. Even when other characters get the spotlight every now and then that doesn't change that he's the main focus of the anime.

    Just because sites might list other trio members as main characters doesn't mean they are the central focus. Ash gets much more screen time. His journey is what drives the show. Period. The end.

    Difference is, I didn't unsolicitly post this VM. It's a direct response to something you posted that involved a post of yours. I just continued it because it had nothing to do with Pokemon. You sent me an unsolicited PM about a boycott that I clearly didn't want to be a part of, and it was addressed to the entire club, because I feared your shenanigans were being taken seriously. But it doesn't seem like that'll happen anymore.

    The way you worded it didn't make it sound like an official, medical diganosis. But a guess. My apologies, but it was vaguely worded and you didn't indicate clearly what you had and that it was a real diganosis.
  15. weedle_mchairybug
    April 25th, 2009 3:57 PM
    Hey, you told me that I shouldn't PM or VM you, so why would you try to PM/VM me?

    For someone who's supposedly on this crusade to destroy sexism (by boycotting Pokemon), you sure don't know anything about women.
    I have had various friends in Elementary, Middle, and High school who are females. I have observed how people behave in real life. My observations tell me that most girls appreciate wearing clothes that fit, but do not look like they're painted on. You may have different observations where you live. There isn't an authoratative source that we can go to in order to resolve which of us is correct. Therefore, let's just agree to disagree on this point.

    A key complaint among women who are well endowed is that there isn't nearly the availability of clothes that fit them which forces them to choose between oversized shirts (which are inconvenient for a number of reasons and ugly, people should have the right to look good) or shirts that are too small.
    I would just like to point out that some females, when they try to hide the fact that they are pregnant, wear loose-fittting clothes (hence oversized t-shirts).

    A third party wouldn't be biased, or at least would be less biased about what YOU think of YOUR friends.
    I know my biases, and can filter them out. A third party, not knowing the stranger, would be forced to incorporate the bias the stranger might have. Therefore, a truer picture can emerge if I know and filter out my bias.

    WHOA, 900? I'm sure The Pokemon Company is bleeding money.
    Added onto's various Petitions, that increases to about 30,000. And anyways, people could say that same thing about the thirteen colonies petition/boycott to Britain (I mean, think about it, it wasn't any different. most of the colonies were unwilling to try and rebel against great Britain: Slaves, Quakers, Tories, Noblemen, Country folk. In fact, the only ones who actually wanted to rebel were rich city people. Plus, even IF we actually did muster up absolutely all of the american colonies population, people argued that, since we were insignificant, even to Britain's colonies sake, it won't work [since the American colonies were not a significant part of Britain's colonies, especially if we looked at, like, India [which not only contained Britian's most powerful company, the East India company, but was also the largest producer of British Tea.], our words would fall on deaf ears anyways, and the Britains would ignore us even with the dumping of the tea into the Boston river.].), but did that stop us? no, it didn't. In fact, despite that setback, we still managed to get Britain fearful enough to try and wage war on the colonies to re-exert control, hence the Revolutionary War. If we could do an impossible-by-odds method like that and end up eventually succeeding, we can certainly do the same thing with the Pokemon Company. Besides, I'm trying to get everyone to sign petitions through me, or through other Misty fans.

    Second of all, it's only your fault that you were mistaken. If you just owned up to your mistakes as we all make them, it wouldn't be an issue.
    I do owe up to my mistakes. However, it's still a misleading message, as Created by implies that the person in question had actually created the product in question.

    And finally, the central focus of the anime is Ash. To deny that Ash is the main character is to deny reality. You're entitled to your own opinons, but not your own facts.
    Ok, first off, I didn't say anything about Ash not being a Main Character. I was just saying that he isn't the central focus. (Which reminds me, several sites have already stated that all of the characters who traveled with Ash are the main characters, and thus, central focuses to the show.).

    Taken to VM because it has nothing to do with the topic.
    Remember what you said to me about not PMing or VMing you on SPPf? Well, since I'm not allowed to, you shouldn't do it to me, either. It seems to me that the only reason you did that is because you want to win the arguement no matter the cost.

    Self-diagnosed Asperger Syndrome? That explains a lot.
    No, I wasn't Self-diagnosed. I was already diagnosed as such by a doctor when I was about 4 (I had already lost most of my speech, then.). I don't believe in poking fun at people for things anyways, even IF I am losing an arguement (the only thing that matters is if I end up being correct, not if I end up winning the arguement.).

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