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  1. Code
    October 23rd, 2009 12:44 AM
    Are you on?
  2. Code
    October 23rd, 2009 12:36 AM
    I'm going on now. See ya there! XD
  3. Code
    October 23rd, 2009 12:33 AM
    You can also join in the story. All the zombies from the zombie topic are in it, and if you want, you can be in it too!
  4. Code
    October 23rd, 2009 12:30 AM
    Vorteld is also writing, but I can't find his entries.
    Your plat FC or your diamond FC?
  5. Code
    October 23rd, 2009 12:19 AM
    Using 1 pokemon or a singles battle?
    Some of the entry's have been written by SilverStilletto.
    Here is the story so far:
    Code enters the room, is silently walking to the center. He spots human limbs on the floor. He is disgusted by them. A horrid gurgling is heard in the background. Code Quickly turns around, only to find nothing there. Darkness falls, and code is still in the room. He sees rotting furniture, a cupoard that should have fallen apart 100 years ago, and a Tv that is on. The tv is just filled with "snow". Nothing on it. Suddenly, the radio starts playing. This startles Code so much that within the seccond a bullet has completely pennetrated the radio. Now code is sweating. He knows there are supernatural beings in the room, ready to attack him. They fear the light. He had planned to use this to his advantage with his flashlight, but tough luck. The battery had run out. *SHreeeeeeeeak!* An earth shattering scream is to be heard in the room. Code covers his ears. Suddenly a silhouette passes him. He is scared beyond recognition. He fires his revolver, the bullet tears through the decapitated flesh of the zombie. Code curses. This is beyond his understanding. He begins to run. He knows his bullets are worthless now, since they go right through zombie flesh, doing minimal damage. Through the hallway he runs, into a corridor. A damp air is in the room, and code is being paralyzed by it's stench. A single candelight is turned on. On the wall, Is a single number, and is the last thing code remembers using his sane mind, before a zombie jumps out and infects him. 1.

    Code wakes up, with a terrible headache. It appears that his disease stopped the zombie virus from infecting and taking over his body, and instead marked it as "useless because of damage" or "unstable". This is the first time Code is glad that he is ill. It is still dark out when he stands up. He remembers why he is here. With the antidote in his pocket, he has set out to save his sister and cousin, who have both fallen to the same fate. Zombies.
    The 11 Antidotes code has stolen from the lab are only experimental, and Code knows that it Will take at least a year to develop an effective one. This is time Code does not have. By then his family will be fully infected, and beyond saving. "Hello? he-...*static*...-re you there?" A friendly voice. It is Pia. "Something was jamming the sign...-*static*...-ut I think it's okay now." Code is glad to hear that comforting voice again. "I'm okay now, Pia. I could really need those blueprints about now." Code says. "i'm sending them now." But code doesn't hear this, because something has just snuck up behind him. Sachie.

    Code immediately turns around and fires his shotgun, but sachie is too fast. The creature manages to rip a tear in codes arm before it vanishes through the corridor. “Craa. Craaa” A crow sits on the windowsill mocking him. Code really hates the crows. For some reason they all seem to gather around this building. Even coming in, as if they don't fear the zombies. Code desides to let the crow be, and begins to focus on more important matters. The inflection started in “the above room”, where sachie appeared out of nowhere to infect others. The room is sealed off, but zombies managed to escape. Code is still puzzled by the infection process, but for now his goal is to locate his sister. She is one of the unlucky victims that didn't make it out in time. Codes cousin, Misty, is still unaccounted for, and code wonders if she is a zombie as well. He goes into the hallway. Carefully making his way to the next room. The air is humid, and some kind of fungal plant is growing along the walls. Code clears the room, and goes out to the hallway so that he can make his way to the next. There it is. Code spots the sealed of door, where the infection started. He knows that the answer to everything might be behind that door, but it can also end up being his tomb.

    Code slowly approaches the door, tries to be prepared for whatever is inside the door. He kicks it, but the door doesn't move. He thinks to himself that the people probably wanted to keep the zombies in when they barricaded it, and he curses at how stupid he is to not have predicted this. He knows he has the equipment to tear down the door, but it will make a lot of noise. This is a risk he is willing to take.
    He sets the pipebomb that he has stolen from TGD (The Darkest Gale) enterprises, and goes for cover. The explosion barely makes a noise, and Code thanks the lord it doesn't attract zombies. He slowly aproaches the remains of the door, And looks inside. Nothing could have prepared him for what he is now seeing. On the wall, Written in blood, is the distinct writing of Codes sister.
    Help me!
    “Pia, we have a problem.”

    Code's journal, 29th September 02:27 Pm
    I have gone to visit my sister, she lives in Fequa. It's in America. She works at the family driven mall. My true reason I have come is because my Uncle wants to ask me a favour. He has given me very little information, but I am loyal to family, and I have come nonetheless. This seems like a very good excuse to say hello to some old friends. And apologize to my sister.

    Code's journal, 29th September 06:03 Pm
    I arrived at the mall just before closing time, and I managed find my sister just before she locked the door. I went and apologized, but she slapped me in the face and started yelling. I didn't blame her. I had left her in this hellhole without even saying goodbye. She said some bad things about our uncle, who had raised us since our parents died. I didn't want to listen. Right before I left again, she said she hated me. A tear went down my face, but I didn't turn around to face her. I just left.

    Code's journal, 30th September 11: 06 Am
    Some strange things were happening at the mall. I heard gun shots, and suddenly I felt guilt so strong I couldn't breathe. I ran to the mall as quickly I could, because I wouldn't let her die with her last words to me being: “I hate you!”. When I arrived, something unatural happened. Humans with rotting flesh were running down the street killing people as they went. But when the sun rose from over the mountain, they started burning. I called Pia instantly. He was a retired pilot in the army. He told me he was going to come, but then our connection was lost. I never saw Uncle Vorteld that day.

    Code's Journal, 1th October 12:53 Pm
    I have found my old friend, Fango Pango. He was hiding in his basement with a baseball bat monitoring the camera's he had placed. He was a student at the medical university of Frequa, and he had been trying to find out how the virus was spreading, and had been trying to counter it. I was glad I found him. His basement became our base of operations. Pia's helicopter crashlanded near Fango's house. He survived. I have never been so happy to see anybody in my entire life.

    Code's Journal, 4th October 08:16 Am
    I have been in hiding for several days. I have found some survivors in the city. The smart ones have stocked up on food and water in hiding places. I talked to my Uncle yesterday. He assured me he had nothing to do in the incident. I didn't believe him. It wasn't unknown to me that he sold weapons in the black market. He told me he would not report to the authorities. If any new people arrived in the city, The Zombies would infect them, and get access to vehicles that could take them out of the city, and into the world population. Uncle was the one who cut off all communications in the city. It worried me that he had so much power. Was it maybe this Silver was trying to tell me?
    I told him silver was at the mall when the zombie escaped. He was sad about this, I could tell he wasn't acting this time. He told me that his people were working on an antidote. It wasn't too late. Acording to the documentation, a person has to be a zombie for at least 1 month before it becomes permanent, but this was only the case of the original virus. After the virus had spread it evolved. If this is the case, then Silver might still be sane, and not fully zombiefied, since my talks with some of the people at the mall tell me that Silver was the first to be infected. Uncle Vorteld told me to stay out of it, and go into hiding. I don't want to listen to him while my sister is in danger.
    Tomorrow I will go to the mall.

    Pia recieves a urgent call from his cousin, Code. He tells him to get there immediately. Pia is puzzled of why Code said he can't go to the Authorities, but he gathers his gear nonetheless. He runs up to the roof, and starts the helicopter. He knows he will be in Fequa in a couple of days, and hopes Code is still alive by then.
    He reaches Fequa on record time, but he is losing altitude. Something is wrong with the engine, but he manages to keep the bird flying. When he reaches Fequa he is horrified. From the sky he can see the wasteland of a city. Rotting corpses all over. Burning buildings. Fungus everywhere. Hold on! The corpses were moving! He couldn't believe his eyes.* Bang* * Ratatatatatatat*. Pia was being fired at. He was really stressed now. “Mayday, Mayday!! Hold your fire! Repeat: Hold your Fire! Requesting permission to land! Repeat; re-” * Booom* The fuel tank exploded. Luckily for pia there was little gas left. Before he came crashing down he cursed this hellhole and everything in it. Blackout.

    Jordy was out in her garden when the guns started a blazin'. She liked the peace and the quiet of her tree, where she often sat in her chair. Her father worked in the military, but she hadn't spoken to him in years. She didn't care. He was a gun crazed lunatic that used her childhood to prepare her for “the apocalypse”. While other kids were out playing, she was forced to target practice and wake up in the middle of the night for drills. He had convinced her that one must always be prepared for the end. Later she found out he suffered from a psychical shock. He claimed that he had foreseen the apocalypse during the war. Short while afterwards, he was put in an institution. Jordy hated him. He had robbed her of her childhood, terrorized her about death, and forced her on numerous drills. But no more.
    Suddenly the fire alarm went off at the mall. She was frightened by this. She saw images of herself lying in a bunker as a child fearing that this time it's real. Gun shots were heard, and she saw more images. She suffered from trauma. She heard people screaming. This reminded her of the nightmares she had. No, she couldn't go out like this. Something is happening at the mall. Whatever it is, she's not gonna hide in a tree like a coward. She gets her gun, then runs for her car. The engine roars, and She speeds to the mall.

    June 22
    Today was my fifth birthday, my first in Uncle Vorteld's big house... it's kind of creepy here. Code says it's an adventure, and some mes agree. I'm not sure if I do... Uncle Vorteld laughed at Mad Scientist Silv when she tried to build a way to get the cookie jar off the fridge without him noticing... he said I had so many different moods. Why doesn't he understand that it wasn't me? People tell me I have something called MPD. I don't know what that is, but from the description, I don't think they're right.

    October *the date seems to be erased by a drop of water*
    Code came to visit me yesterday. Yeah, Code, the backstabber. He tried to apologize, hah! What good is an apology to me? It won't give me back the months I've spent here in this rotten cesspool of a city while he lived in the lap of luxury! I slapped him, too bad that won't help either. Nothing helps. It's hopeless. Yet, somehow, I was glad to see him. Believe me, I wish he'd leave me alone, his very presence is infuriating. He just has to rub my inferiority in, doesn't he? Maybe it's our bloodline. Our bonds... They've always been thinner than water, yet thicker than blood. And Code always was the only one who understood my... situation. I don't have multiple personality disorder, and it's not schizophrenia. Oh well, I guess it's to be expected. I am often told I'm loyal to a fault. And Code's my brother... But still, couldn't he have waited? Until it was possible for both of us to go? Ugh, I'm not feeling good... Wait, what's with the corpses? WAITASECONDHERE!!!! CORPSES???? Why are there MOVING corpses? Ohmigod, what's going on? Something... isn't right. Something inside me is changing! Ohmigod, what's happening to me? What's... *the pen had been dragged down the page, leaving a trail of ink*

    January 4
    Another morning. Another hopeless, lonely day in this rotten city. The weather is icy, almost as cold as my heart. I don't know why I even wake up. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't. But then, maybe Code will come back tomorrow. That thought is just about the only thing that keeps me going anymore. When Code comes back, everything will be good again, I just know it!
    Aw, who am I fooling? Code is GONE. He's not coming back. And nothing is going to go back to the way things were. It's too late for that. I'm too far gone already. Nothing is ever going to change. He's gone. He doesn't answer my letters, he doesn't call... He never even said goodbye. I don't know why this still hurts... It's been so long, yet it's the one thing I'm not numb to. I don't even know... But then, why should I care? He abandoned me, why should I care if he's doing alright?
    I guess it can't be helped. I mean, Code is my
    brother. That has to count for something... Doesn't it? Geesh, all this morbidity can't be good for me. I've got to stop letting the other Silvs take control all the time... It's just... It's gotten harder recently, keeping them in line. At any rate, I didn't mean to go into another rant about Code. I heard something strange today. Uncle Vorteld... I guess he was on the phone or something, but he was saying some stuff that sounded kind of freaky. I may be remembering things wrong but I think he was talking about some local legends. And... he said something about me and Code. Something like "No, Silver's time has not yet come. As for Code, I am afraid I cannot say. You see, he is no longer with us." What was he talking about? And what did he mean, "my time", my time for what? God, I wish I had someone to talk to about this.

    Misty was too far away from the mall to hear what happened. She was working in her flower shop, and getting ready for the day. Silver called. A smile went up on Misty's face. Nobody else called her anyways, so she always knew it was silver, unless it was one of those desperate salesmen. Misty grinned, and thought of their childhood, and their memories together. When they hid in the big bookcases in silver's uncle's mansion, or when they camped outside in the tent. It seemed like only yesterday that they were jumping on the furniture and avoiding falling into the “lava” that was the floor. Yesterday Code showed up, and poured salt on old wounds. “Poor silver”, thought Misty. “She had just gotten him out of her system, and he just shows up out of nowhere to apologize!”. Misty had gotten used to Silvers personalities. She had found that there were Some good quality's to all of them, but most of the time the “evil” ones were just causing trouble. Misty picked up the phone and said with her usual jolly tune: “Hello?”. What met her was a terrified Silver: “Misty, you gotta help me! silver is writing on the with her own blood! She is going crazy! Dead peop-*static*-...rywhere! She is rotting! Help me!” Misty was already in her car on the way to the mall. “Silvy, you still there? Hang in there! I'm on my wa-” Silver “Dead people! Eve-...*Static*...-elp me! *Gurgling sound ** inhuman voice* HeAlp mE!”
  6. Code
    October 22nd, 2009 11:57 PM
    Great, thank you! I have been writing a zombie story, but I don't know when you left, and if you read it.
    If you want I can post it here?
  7. Halcyon
    October 22nd, 2009 10:55 PM
    Well, what's wrong?

  8. Code
    October 22nd, 2009 12:53 AM
    Why haven't we talked? D:)
    I'm getting worried! Where are you? XD
    I just haven't seen you anywhere lately. XD
  9. Halcyon
    October 12th, 2009 3:56 AM
    I saw one ...everytime I enter the forest, well... most of the time.

  10. Halcyon
    October 12th, 2009 3:45 AM
    They aren't that rare to that extent. XD

  11. Halcyon
    October 12th, 2009 12:17 AM
    They appear in Petalburg Forest?

  12. Halcyon
    October 11th, 2009 10:03 PM

    Ummm... it's okay, at least you replied! :D
  13. Halcyon
    October 8th, 2009 9:31 PM
  14. Halcyon
    October 8th, 2009 4:31 AM
    LOL. XD

    Cute. :3
  15. Halcyon
    October 8th, 2009 4:18 AM
    Originally Posted by Seadiga View Post

    I would still call you HSD.
    Don't you?

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